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[+840] [227] Dan Williams
[2008-09-17 15:34:11]
[ fun pop-culture ]

Personally I like this one:

alt text

P.S. Do not hotlink the cartoon without the site's permission please.

(218) It's unfortunate that it prints it out without line breaks. - PintSizedCat
(1) He seems to write it that way but he should at least have two spaces at the end. - Dan Williams
(4) Also: who uses the 1 <= 500 range? Most programmers I know would use 0 < 500. - Joel Coehoorn
(1) "It's unfortunate that it prints it out without line breaks." That's why the teacher said nice try. - Brian R. Bondy
I wonder why hasn't this question been downvoted harshly as many others. It's an almost dupe as well - Vinko Vrsalovic
(1) There's no telling what will get upvoted or downvoted when you ask a non-technical question -- but the thread is fun, at least. - Guy Starbuck
(2) 500.times{ puts "I will not throw paper airplanes in class." } - J.F. Sebastian
I think he should tighten that scoping up too on count - Marshall
main()'s declared wrong too. Must try harder. - dajobe
Easy reputation hunting. Let's make this site into a programmer's playground! Delete old questions, if one replies they don't get any reputation. - ΤΖΩΤΖΙΟΥ
(1) you should put your own suggestion in an answer! - Oliver Giesen
(3) @Marshall & @dajobe, it's C, what's shown is perfectly correct. - KTC
(2) This is certainly a fun question, and I'm not without a sense of humor, but the 1600+ points of reputation 'earned' are hardly in the same league as serious technical questions that advance our collective engineering knowledgebase. The pitfalls of blind democracy.... - Dan
I thought you could only earn around 250 rep per day? - Dave
(1) No one is earning anything on this topic. It's already entered wiki mode. - epochwolf
(1) Dang, I actually did this when I was a kid to get out of lines. I claimed I typed it in. - Petesh
Shouldn't this function return a void? - David
Need braces around the printf block for better maintainability - David
(4) I'm embarrassed to admit that I've actually used this trick once in the 4th grade. It was the early 80s so our teachers were not tech savvy, and I asked my teacher if I could type it and print it instead of handwriting the line. I did introduce random typos to make it convincing. - Uri
(18) Can you PLEASE take this stuff to It has no business here. Do not turn this site into a newsgroup please. - TheSoftwareJedi
(2) agreed, this is reddit stuff. - Echostorm
I'm with David. It won't compile - a Void function trying to return an integer ? - CAD bloke
(10) rolleyes main() in C has to return an int, and returning 0 indicate sucessful termination. - KTC
(7) It's perfectly legal C. What would be incorrect would be "void main(void)". - Joe Pineda
I bit of humour is ok. Consider that now it´s turning into a serious programming debate about C language... =) - Seiti
(1) Close this question please, not related to programming. - zamfir
My introduction to Stack Overflow. Thanks for this. This site is truly for 'my people'. - Dan Esparza
Great thread! Understanding programming humor always implies being on the 'inside'. - unclerojelio
(2) Close? A Question with 454 Upvotes, that is favorited 346 times and been viewed 101.000 times? I don't think so, I think the community is quite clear on that. - Michael Stum
(12) If everything was fair game the site would be a digg/forum clone. But since it's a programming question and answer site, some discipline has to be exerted over articles that have a lot of views. Naked pictures with programming code on it, would get a lot of views, but what does that really say? - Mark Rogers
given that it's currently the only "off-topic" question on the front page, I dont think it's a problem. - Zeus
Regardless of votes or topic or how bad you think the question is, posting the comment "please close" to ANY QUESTION is a bigger waste of bandwidth than the question you'd like closed, close it yourself, if you don't have the rep, down vote it. The entire point of voting is to avoid these debates. - Dan Williams
It's funny how pissed off people get that others are enjoying something. I'm getting really interested in the way people react to this type of question.. It's a trip. - Bill K
(4) "The entire point of voting is to avoid these debates" I guess you don't use stack overflow much - Mark Rogers
This is the post of Site. It humor overflow. - Sharique
Closed guys!? Seriously!? - Andrew
I actually once asked my teacher if I could type my "lines" on the computer for typing practice and print them for him... following his acquiescence I wrote a short program to produce the lines in about 3 minutes. - Software Monkey
(4) I support m4bwav's naked pictures with programming code on it idea. - James McMahon
If there were a way to delete duplicates (or better, make people actually read the whole thread before posting), I wouldn't mind keeping it open. But I voted to close a couple of months ago, so my opinion doesn't really matter anyway. - Michael Myers
Great question to my mind :) Plus, fun to look back at. - YogoZuno
Girls ALWAYS talk so much, what about <?php while(++$i<501) echo ".."; ?> to get it done? :) - merkuro
ah closed...and deletable in 2 days - Steven A. Lowe
Who's voting to migrate it to MetaSO? This question isn't about SO! If you don't think it belongs, just vote to close. It certainly doesn't belong on MetaSO. - gnovice
[+1819] [2008-09-17 15:39:53] Rick [ACCEPTED]

Another one from xkcd [1] Exploits of a Mom


(18) I have half the mind to give my sone the same middle name. ;) - Haacked
(136) My last name has an apostrophe in it. I feel like lil bobby tables half the time since 50% of what's written out there breaks on apostrophes. - William OConnor - csevb10
(212) We ran across a Mary Null once that reeked havoc on a legacy system of ours.... Too many LastName != 'Null' conditions... - Bloodhound
(1) I was thinking to show this one, too... I love it! Funny, with a good lesson... - PhiLho
(108) William, your comment is particularly ironic given how your name shows up here. - A. Rex
(1) Also, along the lines of "Mary Null", a university I attended forgot to remove some "Ima Sample"s from their rolls one term. - A. Rex
(8) [This maybe a little off topic] I once heard in an interview that the 80's pop band 'Erasure' once had all their tapes from a recording session erased by a technician the following day. This was before the band was famous and the technician thought the label was just an instruction. - Jawad
(1) Definatly my classes and my favorit cartoon. - Matt R
(1) Funny! (I hate the 10 min characters limit for comments!) - Adhip Gupta
My personal favorite. - yoavf
seen this, and loved it! - alex
My favorite as well - Electric Monk
'Erasure' - good comment - RSabet
This is definitely one of my favourite xkcd comics. - Rich Adams
This is one of my faves. Ive posted it at my last 2 jobs - phsr
(2) Ah, good old Bobby Tables ... my favorite =) - Evgeny
(20) I was thinking to call my future kid 'Null Pointer Exception'. My girlfriend isn't too hot on the idea though. - christian studer
Brilliant, not seen this one before lol - danswain
(2) This is funny, but I don't like it because it's not technically correct. If the attack was successful (as indicated) then that code would not be showing up in the database field. I guess some of the fields could have been sanitized, but not all. - sjbotha
I love this one, but I must say the ending isn't that good. - Eibx
(1) @sjbotha: Wouldn't the school have some other record of the kid's name that they could use to figure out the problem even if it totally wiped out the table? - Chris Upchurch
I couldn't stop laughing... And my colleague (sysadmin / non-developer) doesn't get it :-) - LeonZandman
(7) @sjobtha: That would come from a log, not a row in a table. - JoshJordan
this is really great, one of my favs - pomarc
(1) Sad that everything seems to be either from Dilbert or the dude from NASA. - adolf garlic
(1) Or just use bind variables. - Kimbo
(6) This one is starting to get old. - Joel Coehoorn
A. Rex, it's not ironic, it's coincidental. - orlandu63
Is this the highly voted answer on the site ? - Stefano Borini
1213 votes, wow - es11
(1) I love that this cartoon has it's own website: - Si
This is one that made day the first time I saw it - Rob
yay... 1337 votes... That makes me way happer than it should! - Iain Galloway
(15) In Poland we have a nice real life variation of this cartoon: 1. The problem: car radar reads licence plate and display a message "XXXX slow down" - 2. The problem solution: - cetnar
My mate reckoned he read about someone who had a custom license plate that was NULL... and he reckoned he never got any tickets! - alex
(1) I finally got it - dboarman
(1) 1500++;//i did it - Behrooz
(1) Used this one in several presentations and always a success! XKDC is the best - ChrisR
(1) haha very nice one - eMgz
(1) I laughed and laughed when I was doing some reading up on SQL injection and ran into this.. - filip-fku
(1) This one is a classic :-D - Séb
In all my applications I use FirstName FathersLastName MothersMaidenName to more precisely identify a customer by name. We also avoid characters like: ñ á é í ó ú ’ - Frank Computer
[+1374] [2008-09-17 15:39:30] mrinject

This has to be one of my favorites of all time! - Mitchel Sellers
that is beautiful! - Vidar
Printing it out for my cube as I type this. - Aaron
hehe, I have this one hanging up in the office :) - Arthur Thomas
Is the advertising on top of the cartoon for everyone? or is it just me? - Rismo
Yeah, the ad covers it up for me, too. - Scottie T
ritgh-click->view image in firefox will let you read that panel :) - mrinject
(1) Have to vote for this one, I use it so often in many of my training sessions! :D - AviD
this is a classic! - therealhoff
so true :) my favorite. we had this in the office too, now I only have one on my "Pictures" folder - Dragan Panjkov
every single image completely true - brilliant - Chris Ballard
Classic and true - Jonas Gulle
(22) Does anyone know who's the author? - Tamer Salama
(1) A company I used to work for paid a branding consultant to rip this off and make it the front page of every single document we ever sent to clients. I'd love to find out where it originally came from. - tjrobinson
(4) I don't think it has a single author. I have seen a version with only 4 frames in about 1992. - community_owned
(4) I actually found this printed on a t-shirt back in the '70s. It was only 4 in the series back then, but I bought the one with the two ropes on either side of the trunk (no cutout). ;-) -R - Huntrods
I mean xkcd is filled with win and all, but this really is awesome. (then I cried a little inside) - MacX.dmg
genius. and sad, but true. - Typeoneerror
Forever my background at work. Cheers my up when I get ridiculous change requests. - mdm
It's on the wall of my manager's office ... - Evgeny
where's the image? - balexandre
Dude! I cannot stop laughing! People in other cubicles are coming to see what's wrong! - Ronnie Overby
Anyone knows the original source of this? It's brilliant, though. - Arve Systad
Story of my life!!! - Cube Pirate
(27) - Zack Peterson
My dad brought a xeroxed copy home from work sometime in the mid 70s. I suspect it wasn't new then. - I. J. Kennedy
lol, this is SO true! - pavsaund
Perhaps it was just all the exercise I had this morning leaving me light headed but that is about the funniest thing Ive read in a very long time. An absolute classic! This is my sense of humor too a tee. - rism
(6) It's been traced back to 1970 in books - but it was a well known old joke then so might be 50years older. See - Martin Beckett
the author could consider to be a manager! - vittorio
Note that while 1.0 wasn't usable, the programmer was actually very close, and 99% of the solution is salvageable, and there's an easy operational work-around, which could be performed on-site by any qualified tech. If they had only allowed the programmer to talk to the customer directly, or better yet make a site visit, the solution would have been perfect. Yes, I am a programmer.... - Chris Thornton
-1 for making me look at it the gazillionth time - das_weezul
"How the project was documented." The best one :P - eMgz
thats actually sad... - Gabriel Guimarães
[+941] [2008-09-17 15:35:41] Haacked

I like this one:

alt text

(Proper User Policy apparently means Simon Says.)

I like this, +1! - Ray Hayes
(14) this is a sysadmin cartoon :-) - Cristian Ciupitu
(2) Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Literally. - Paul Tomblin
amen! . - username
As do I, Paul Tomblin. - TraumaPony
+10 if I could, but since I can't, +1. - Unkwntech
Can someone explain this to the non sys admins out here? - Toby Allen
(3) - Dour High Arch
(28) To explain the humor, its easy to forget you do not normally have the privilege to do things like mount a new drive or use a package manager to install new programs. My console sessions always look like "mount somedrive" "[You must be a superuser to do that]" "sudo mount somedrive" "[done]" - Jimmy
I think this one's my personal favorite. - Christian Nunciato
I'd try int but I can't remember the password. - unclerojelio
(14) I didn't understand it, untill I used Ubuntu for two weeks. - Eibx
(10) I actually wrote a program on Ubuntu called make-me-a-sandwich. If you run it without root access, it will output "What? Make it yourself", but if run with root, "Okay." :p - DeadHead
(1) Hey, this belongs to serverfault! - Pavel Shved
(2) @Jimmy You need sudo !! :-) - Will Boyce
+1 - This is the first one that actually made me laugh :) - Pete
(14) for all those who think you have to retype the entire command: sudo !! will rerun the previous command with sudo prepended. - Cryophallion
I remember when I read this one and didnt know Linux. Took me a year to understand :P - eMgz
hahahahahaha !!! - pop850
[+806] [2008-09-21 00:33:33] Craig Pickering

alt text

(77) It's funny because it's true. So, very, true. "Why can't we hide this field by default?" > "Because it's mandatory." > "Why is it mandatory?" > "Because the customer might need it later if they buy this other module we have." > eye-stab - Joeri Sebrechts
That honestly looks just like my company's app, scary. - Tim Matthews
It looks exactly like an application we use at my work. - tj111
(1) I'm building an app like this right now... I would be worried but really, those fields are needed. This aint no fancy apple ipod or google searcher, it's a domain specific UI. - Karl
So very, very true. - John McCollum
(145) hmmm... who gave you permission to use our company's screenshot ?? - Newtopian
This reminds me "Why software sucks" by David Platt - Arnis L.
(4) wow, that book's website sucks --^ Seriously, frames which grab pages from unrelated domains? - thomasrutter
I love the awful magenta fields. It's funny because it's true! - Zack Peterson
(10) So ... Apple and Google products are simpler because they don't deal with personal information? - Alec
(22) Apple and Google products are simpler because they don't have to deal with a business process. - Robert Harvey
(1) Actually, now all of them should have rounded corners… - takeshin
[+748] [2008-09-17 15:38:35] Bryan Roth

The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute

now that's funny! - therealhoff
lmao, I haven't seen this one yet. - TheXenocide
I was once amused by the code that WTFed itself: if( $userId < 1 ) die('WTF!?'); - Omeoe
(32) Didn't Joel actually tell a story about Bill gates and his 'fuck count'? - Treb
(9) @Treb, yeah, it's called "My First BillG Review" at - Robert Gamble
(6) I have actually used WTF/M as a metric when looking over a legacy system designed by a less than talented developer - Neil Aitken
(4) Used in Clean Code by Uncle Bob - Ruben Bartelink
(1) What is WTFs meaning? - Anonymous
(28) WTF = Where's The Formatting ;) - Sk93
(2) WTF = World Taekwondo Federation - ZeroCool
(3) WTF = Worldwide Tomato Farmers - AviD
(1) I like that even the good code has a couple. - steamer25
I thought WTF was What the Fuck? - John Isaacks
Very true in my company FML heh - eMgz
wtf = what the foobar - Quonux
[+680] [2008-09-17 15:51:56] epochwolf

I wrote a production website that has the path /dev/random/ return 4 because of this comic.

int get_rand_number(){ return 4;}

Just great:) Thanks for this one:) - Antonio Louro
(89) wow. compromising production applications in the name of humor... .. i like it! - stephenbayer
(7) It hardly "compromised" the system. It was a Ruby on Rails application so I just created an additional route and an action in frontpage controller. :) - epochwolf
haha... This is by far the best. If only I had votes left. I just added a route as well. =) - Till
I thought it was 42? -
Everytime i stumble upon this, I marvel at it. - peterchen
(5) This was because of Debian's early 2008 bug :P - igorgue
I really like it. - Loai Najati
Awesome. Just added this to an upcoming web app :D - Henri Watson
It's remarkable how many people don't get it randomness and integer multiplication:\%28int\%29\s*Math\.random\%28\%29 (from - Rich Seller
(9) If you ask the GNU C++ for DOS compiler for the process ID, it always returns 42. - Eric J.
LOL . I liked this best . - Ahmed
[+672] [2008-09-17 15:37:54] Dillie-O

I've always found this one rather obligatory 8^D:

(52) It scares me that this describes my day-job! - Mitchel Sellers
(18) turtles all the way down... :) - jop
(4) oh so true, and sadly so. - Calanus
(2) i've had this soooo many times with customers! lol - nbolton
YES very true! maybe clients/bosses ask u to do something without knowing what the requirements shld be... - iceangel89
This one, I clipped out of the paper a couple of years (maybe 3) years ago and had it hanging at my cube. Got chuckles and "Oh My God This Is So True" from visiting customers. - Christopher Mahan
I have this one on the cork board in my cube - RMorrisey
so true, often get "but I need to see it first" - ontangent
Although, it seems like the solution to this problem is to write a program that prints out a set of requirements describing what the program itself does. - MiffTheFox
the guy in the cartoon is my boss.. - hallie
AAAH! I had some customers like this too... they have driven me crazy - Nort
[+618] [2008-09-17 18:02:43]

My favourite Dilbert of all time.

I think mauve has the most RAM.

(1) Oh my God...I'm laughing by 5 minutes now... - luiss
(42) Perhaps I should ask SO which color has the most RAM... - Jon Smock
oh god, I love this one! - Malfist
i have a t-shirt with this strip on. my colleagues and geek entourage simply adore it. - Berk D. Demir
(4) laugh not laff (comments need to be at least 15 characters long so I'm typing this in parenthesis to meet this strange requirement) - Bambax
lol my boss is like that. - WalterJ89
This one is a classic! - Chirantan
(12) We should use XML. - Kalmi
pointed haired boss looks and acts just like the dean of engineering at my college. God we hated that guy. - DJTripleThreat
lol makes me laugh....delete from all_idiot_leaders_who_think_like_that - crosenblum
it hurts how close to home this hits. - Matt H.
[+601] [2008-09-17 15:37:03] roo

XKCD Comic 303 - "Compiling" [1]

('Are you stealing those LCDs?' 'Yeah, but I'm doing it while my code compiles')

I have this one pinned to the wall facing the entrance to our office :)


Beat me to it. You win. - Chris Marasti-Georg
heh, its during 'compiling' that I sit on SOF. Sometimes I do a clean build just for a little more time to form an answer - roo
downvoted for lack of attribution. - rcreswick
(3) Can you please add a link to the original site, which includes the title, and Randalls alt-text commentary? See for the license. Thanks. - etchasketch
quite right, I have added the link, alt text and attribution - roo
obviously, they're not using Delphi... ;) - Oliver Giesen
I second that about Delphi. Sometimes makes me wish I was working in another language.... - Graza
(4) I have this shirt. :D - TraumaPony
It's interesting how we demand attribution for xkcd, but then blatantly post Dilbert and such. - A. Rex
It happened to me, while I was working on a laptop on a large .NET project in VS 2003. It took about 25 minutes to compile everything. - Cristian Ciupitu
This is a good one. +1 - Dave
I do it all the time...legitimately slack off that is. - fasih.ahmed
I use this excuse all the time. - Rich Adams
(2) I have time to post a comment because my code is compiling! - Seventh Element
This needs to go up in my cube - phsr
(49) The only reason NOT to use dynamic languages! - abyx
I've got a 'shopped version of this stuck near my monitor at work; we use an internally-written CMS that can take up to five minutes to "Publish". (It's great when you're trying to debug something in the template logic; everything needs to be published before being run.) - Rob Howard
I don't compile - I write Python. Instead, my #1 excuse for legitimately slacking off: "I'm waiting for my query to return." Damn, I waste almost a whole day each week testing SQL queries :( - Greg
This was over a year of my life at a previous job (I was on the chair). And we aren't programmers. We made a coke can fort, because everything was running fine and we got bored. - mrdenny
I suppose it's good for productivity, but I feel sad that as time has gone on, compiling slack time has diminished (at least for me) to the point that it's not worth doing anything but twiddling your thumbs. I miss the bad old days of half-hour compiles. - Robert J. Walker
(2) There should be a follow-up for databasefolk such as myself: "My query's executing" - Gausie
Compiling is a long process. - fastcodejava
Some have sword fights, I visit SO. - Stephen
And people say developers don't need fast computers. :S Anyway, a more modern version would be: "The unit tests are running!" - thSoft
i have that one as wallpaper at work :D - y34h
[+547] [2008-09-17 16:00:06]

(261) Worth noting that the spike appears between 1.2 and 1.4, closer to 1.4. Specifically, the spike is at .1337 :D - Asmor
this is the only way I made it through university! :¬) - Richard
(28) Randall Munroe, the creator of xkcd, discusses how he actually tested this theory during a talk at Google: -- start at 8:26 or so. The talk is also exciting because Donald Knuth asks the first question! - A. Rex
Oh Steve Baller, always to butt of everyones jokes. - Dave
(1) I've found exactly the same effect with playing pool in a pub. Substitute programming skill with pool-shark factor and I've been there :) - Drew Gibson
This is so true. Takes me back to my university days. - Rich Adams
(7) printing, and leaving on the boss's desk as we speak. - GordonB
(5) Apparently this carton formed the the complete basis for the plot of the movie Swordfish. - RBarryYoung
I wanted to upvote Asmor, but right now it's 133.. I am hesitating, keep it or let's all upvote to 1337? - BalusC
TG for beer in the fridge! - Fry
[+523] [2008-09-18 17:31:39] Lark

I love this one almost as much as Johny Tables - TheXenocide
(81) Because random raptor attacks are something everyone should worry about. - Keithius
ahh, man. I still deal with these. - lamcro
Programming productivity and raptors have a direct relationship - Holograham
(7) +1. I found a GOTO in some C# code just last week! Where do we find these contractors??? - rally25rs
I like the reference to Cryptonomicon... - Andreas
i know someone that still uses goto's in .net......... - GordonB
One of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. - z8000
(9) LOL. Was horrified ~10 years ago when the linux kernel hackers added gotos into "my" (ok, the huge company I work for's) driver. Got used to it though. Don't hate gotos instinctively anymore. Even use them sometimes. Good enough for Linus, good enough for me. - smcameron
(12) :D - Dave
(2) Didn't get it really, what raptor has to do with goto?? - Jahanzeb Farooq
(5) @Jahanzeb Farooq -- Reference to Jurassic Park and chaotic systems -- read the book or see the movie. - Hogan
@Hogan. Got it. Thanks :) - Jahanzeb Farooq
[+511] [2008-09-18 08:53:30] Pierre-Jean Coudert

This is absolutely great! - Pop Catalin
(76) have to say I've done that. - WalterJ89
what??? I doooon't get it! - hasen j
link broken? I just get "alt text" - Svish
(6) I printed this off at my last job, and kept it by my desk, and when ever my boss asked for a change like that i use to refer to that cartoon to the other employees. (yes i use to work in a real life dilbert office) - Audioillity
good advice for future - Angel.King.47
Laughing out loudly! - Jahanzeb Farooq
(10) Date sback to the Cavendish lab in the 1920s - they added a multiturn vernier potentiometer to all experiments to give Rutherford (a notorius destroyer of experiments) something to fiddle with. The point being it wasn't ever connected to anything. - Martin Beckett
It's how I work with my dad - TrentEllingsen
[+489] [2008-09-23 12:20:25] Seb Nilsson

Oh! There can be only one:

It's sooo funny, because it's true :)

"What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being wrong!" I have this on my office wall. - Phoenix
Its a terrible to yourself reflected in a cartoon. - AnthonyWJones
It won't let me upvote this more than once!!!! Hahahahaha - I just had that conversation like 5 minutes ago! - BenAlabaster
(7) Classic, I love this one. :) - chaiguy
This was put up the day of the Youtube outage.. (Where PCCW readvertised prefixes that were being advertised by Pakistani Telecom) - Sargun Dhillon
As I tell my kids daily, "If it's on the internet it must be true!" - unclerojelio
(3) I sent this one to a couple of friends to ... uhm... hilight their compulsive correcting tendencies. Guess what? Didn't work. haha. - slothbear
(94) not programming related - apphacker
(18) This is indeed Stackoverflow... - Curt Sampson
I just sent this to my girlfriend. Two seconds later I asked myself: why? - drvdijk
@Curt it truly is :) - pavsaund
@slothbear - highlight, not hilight.... ;-) - Jesper
This is my all time favorite! - Kimble
It's not a programming cartoon really, just a nerd cartoon. Randal forgot the long hair, but I assure you, he made this one about me. - mcv
That's what happen on iternet, all fields - tiboo
I think this will convince my wife why I'm so much on SO till late. - this. __curious_geek
this is a meta cartoon that describes most of the people that frequent SO - Anonymous Type
[+477] [2008-09-17 16:01:36] JK

alt text

I have this posted on my office door :) - zigdon
Am in pain from laughing :-) - Jonathan Webb
I wish the corresponding tee had a "real" regular expression on it. It seems like a perfect opportunity to play off the "regular expressions look like cursing" thing. - A. Rex
(6) Man, I wish I could save the day with Perl. - Dave
(193) I wore this shirt to work one day, and someone asks me, staring at their screen and apparently not having noticed my wardrobe, "DOES ANYBODY KNOW REGULAR EXPRESSIONS!?" It was a heroic moment. - Robert Elwell
(17) After reading this I actually learnt regular expressions, just so I could use that line. - Neil Aitken
Hey, I resemble that remark! - unclerojelio
(8) An Algorithms and Data Structures teacher once rephrased this as the "fun roommate" problem: what do you do the night your roommate removes all the punctuation and spaces from your senior thesis to be "funny"? - Peter Nore
(54) @Myer - I'd just get the latest version back out of SVN... - BenAlabaster
This is a great one. Three cheers for RegexBuddy. - Brian
(1) It always bugged me that he's using Perl to save the day. Perl may have saved the day, but it will ruin many weeks in the future. - Deniz Dogan
(5) T͉̘̤̜̜ͫ̄̿ͨh̦̠͊e <center> ̜c͓̗͎̐̓̉ͧ̋a̱̙̺̲͚̗̓ͭ̂̾ͯ̿n̐̆̄̄ͣ͌n͖̔̌̐̓̾͑̾o̒̋ͣț͍̗͈̻̖̱ ̮̜̯̻̤̤̻͛ͩh̝̭ő̖̠̜̯́̒̿͑ͩ̿l̟͔̽d͕͉̹̐ͩ̑ͫͬ̽ ̻̖͑̌̍̚ḭ͉̩̪̮̳̔t̀͂̽̃ͯ̈͆ ̼͖̼̟̂ͪͫ̈i̯͊̑s̰̬͍̬ͬ̐ͪ̌̑ ̱̗͚ͫ̿̌̏ͅt̪̻̞̮͔ͧͫ̔oo͔͕͈̘ ͆̎ͧ͑ͫl̖ͨ̔ͬ̐̃̍̚a̺̩͔̬̲̮̯͊̓̆ͭͫͨte̺̰̹̳̻̐͊ - Meinersbur
Regular Expressions always save the day! - crosenblum
"Some people, when confronted with a problem, think 'I know, I'll use regular expressions.' Now they have two problems." --jwz - old Ixfoxleigh
[+464] [2008-10-04 17:45:02] Bill

alt text

(55) it's so sad this chart is true... - ya23
(7) Not so true. It seems old. - alexmeia
(106) In my environment, I still need to support Internet Explorer 6. I think the "Swearing" part needs to be extended. By about 800%. - Michael Stum
this is me on any given day - Jason Miesionczek
(6) This one maked me lol alot, before i realised that I indeed have spend the last 2 days trying to get a site working in IE6. - Pim Jager
(1) The yellow part is sooo true. I would have broken it down to 95% IE6 and 5% IE7. - Mehrdad Afshari
(1) True if this was five years ago :) - Arve Systad
oh my god, i hadn't laughed that hard in probably a year. Perfect after a day of css/design hax0ring. Hopefully jQuery's position() method will save the day. - TJB
(2) I saw this what seems like ages ago. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I realized it's still true today, Here's hoping IE8 is better. - danswain
(1) laughs And this is why I don't like Web programming. - Paul Nathan
(1) downvoted because of using tables - apphacker
the yellow part needs to be extended :D - Gushiken
(1) Maybe I'm missing something but... THIS IS NOT A CARTOON! - victor hugo
(2) no, this really is still so true! haha IE8 is far superior to IE6 and better than IE7, but still far too many people using IE6! :( - danrichardson
(2) just found out key customer has IE5 in use in some segments of the company... time to investigate alternate career paths - larson4
(2) Don't appreciate the comment on Bill gates - RN
No regrets here about developing for thick clients during that era, then jumping on the ria train ;) - James Cadd
Dead link to the image. - Orange Box
@d0ugal Dead link? - Camilo Martin
Well the tables part could be true... I mean, if a layout takes 1/4 of your dev time and it doesn't work, I'd use tables. However there are some nice frameworks to deal with that now. - Camilo Martin
Reminds me the dark ages of IE 5 and 6, this is classic! - Jay Zeng
We Programmers need a Nelson Mandela to give us a IE Free World. for me and for you and for the Entire Human Race. - user256007
@Pim Jager Awww, a lol alot! Can it make me laugh?… - cofiem
[+462] [2008-09-17 16:18:48] Graeme Perrow

(26) This one was pure GOLD. - Gishu
Damn series of tubes! - David
Dilbert is awesome! - Adhip Gupta
See how the cable looks chewed through? Looks like the wireshark struck again. - Matt H.
[+456] [2008-09-17 15:47:39] Daok

About Agile Programming, Makes me laff every time.

Equilibrium between a smile and a frown. The complaining has already begun... - Gishu
Classic. Great parody of Big-A Agile and all the marketed methodologies. - MrBoJangles
I actually have that pinned up in my cube. - RobH
LOL - this is one comic strip that was reality for us. What a joke! - Diogenes
I don't get it :( - hasen j
I'm just getting a dead link... :( - Sakkle
OMG, this is so true! ;-) - RBarryYoung
(27) The FRASCATI technique - Forget Requirements and Analysis Start Coding And Then Implement. I actually have this on my CV and am dying for an interviewer to ask what it is. - user126795
[+445] [2008-09-18 12:26:59] Yuval

Not a cartoon per se, but still good:

This really tickled my funny bone for some reason. - MrBoJangles
I'm saving this one to show my customers, next time they show me something they think they want and really, really don't. - Kevin Conner
This just saved my day. errr... night. THANKS - Aleksandar Dimitrov
I think I will make this the splash screen of my app. :) - utku_karatas
Is that a fogbugz? =p - Artur Carvalho
That's fantastic! - Rich Adams
Good stuff right there. - Trae
(43) Bugs have 6 legs - but maybe it's a bug... - sdfx
One of our guys put this one on our project manager's desk a while back. He liked it so much that it sat there for all to see for several months. (@sdfx: Some people lump arachnids and insects into the same group and call them all bugs.) - RobH
(23) In early versions of Minesweeper, you could pause the game by hitting Esc - the window would minimize and the clock pause. In Windows 2000 the clock would stop but the window would remain, so you could play out the game and your time would be whatever the clock said right now. It was obviously a bug but Microsoft documented it as if it was a feature. - Hugh Allen
(20) @hugh: unfortunately, this feature has been removed in Windows 7. Should I open a bug report? - configurator
The image seems to be no longer available. Does anybody have a copy? - kzh
@kzh: fixed, 10x for the heads up. - Yuval
This is 100% True - user256007
@sdfx: technically, insects have 6 legs; "bug" is informally used to refer to any arthropod, including non-insects like spiders and scorpions. - Lèse majesté
Have seen a few well dressed bugs and they were all featurefull indeed :-) - ZXX
Image is broken - Gabriel Guimarães
[+419] [2008-09-18 05:55:05] Henrik

Dilbert's random number generator.

(17) I think that particular RNG was featured in a Beatles song. - joshperry
(2) actually it was beethoven... - Gnark
this /dev/f**urandom was supposed to get one more push before its birth. - user256007
(4) If you don't get the joke: - Douglas
@Douglas: Are you sure it's that deep? :) - Longpoke
@Longpoke: I reckon Scott's read Feynman :) - Douglas
Thanks Douglas, never made the connection although I have read about Feynman before. - Stephan Muller
(1) @Douglas: Thanks, that link ended up to be an hour and 20 minutes of Math on Wikipedia. :p - Josso
[+390] [2008-09-17 15:40:28] typicalrunt

This has actually happened to me. A boss mistook my resourcefulness in scripting for laziness. link [1]

alt text

UPDATE: link [2] to original. Sorry about that.


(11) A common problem when working with non technical managers.... - Mitchel Sellers
Like it! Dilbert is so realy and funny - Daok
(8) Any task that can be automated in a timely fashion ought to be automated! - Jon Ball
(140) Laziness is one of a programmer's greatest virtues :) - Thomas
(1) I once wrote myself out of a job. lol Don't make yourself redundant is my only warning. - _ande_turner_
and the link to the original work? - Aaron
@Ande Turner: I bet you never saw it coming :) - user20358
(16) i had a boss that used to say that "google is for lazy people".. - VP
(25) i literally got fired for doing this lol - nbolton
I'm so sorry I can only upvote this once! - Dinah
(3) @Nick Bolton somehow I'm not suprised. i've worked with a few people who's response to automating a few tasks you do in your job, to be more effiecient and take far less time to accomplish, would be "well what do i need you for anymore?" I'm afraid it might be one of the main reasons for "planned obselencens" crap. i'm a firm believer that you should not make your program fail in a few years just for greed. - Bryan
Has there ever been technical Managers? - Angel.King.47
Did not you stop and think what that kind of thing does to your KLOC metric???? - Jim In Texas
Same with my boss, he sends me two sql sentences per day for about 2 months to fix what a broken application is doing to the DB, when i asked him: "Why don't we try to fix the app?" He sayd: "You see, you don't want to work, go to your desk and run that sql" !! - Burnsys
(7) In 1976 I was the most junior programmer on a project (early email system) and so was relegated to testing. The 'testing book' went on for 150 pages (something like that) and, since it was across a network (Tymnet) the only way they knew to do it was to run each test manually and record the results. I had to do the whole book once per week. So I wrote a program that captured my keystrokes and the resultant output, then another that reran the keystrokes and looked for any changes in the output. Instant regression testing that took about 5 minutes to run. And my boss was pissed. Go figure. - Peter Rowell
Well, in this case he should have spent the 3 hours on SO while pretending to work. - Camilo Martin
@nbolton I don't quite belive what You wrote, but still upvote Your comment :D - naugtur
Yesterday my manager actually asked me to automate something. I was surprised and happy. - Dennis
[+390] [2008-09-17 18:20:15] Scottie T

Religious debates are always fun!

(40) The original XKCD alt text for this comic is: "Real programmers set the universal constants at the start such that the universe evolves to contain a disk with the data they want." - Pat Notz
Thanks, Pat, I'll add that. - Scottie T
(4) Vi vs. emacs... here's an entire video game I wrote that is nothing but a big joke about the (switch to somber jedi voice) emacs vi flamewars. - smcameron
I must say.. vi is far away the best editor I've ever use (I have never used emacs) - unkiwii
I once spent a whole afternoon trying to kill my former boss' emacs session on our integration server (the integration server was a Ti Book that had literally been run-over and the screen no longer worked and was sitting on his desk), so that when he opened a new emacs session a script would run the 'say' command in OSX and sing him a chorus of 'Vee eye is the only editor for me!'. - lewisblackfan
Just realized (months after the fact) that the last panel is a pun on "M. Butterfly" - egrunin
The whole point of vim is the powerful commands do many things in few keystrokes. Even if it was possible to program with butterfly, it would be the worst way because you have no control and no power. - hasen j
@hasen j, the whole point of the joke is these hypothetical "real programmers" have so much control and power that they can let a butterfly flap its wings only once and flip a single bit. "Real programmers" don't make mistakes, so they use the most convoluted tool. Of course, this is a fallacy. Actual "real programmers" make mistakes and take advantage of tools to minimize the impact of their mistakes. - Scottie T
[+343] [2008-09-17 23:27:30] zvikara

This one from 1995, still one of best.

Computer holy wars

(8) awesome. awesome to the max. - jakemcgraw
(1) Ahh, the best... strokes goatee knowingly... JB - Jonathan Bourke
(2) Dang my uselessness at growing beards!! - Hyposaurus
This one is posted on more than one office door here at work. - unclerojelio
This one is so true - Andy White
This is definitely one of my all time favorites. - vezult
(1) I just failed a statistics class from a professor just like that. - Shadow
Was happy to see this one on the cover of Stevens' Unix Network Programming book. - jkf
(1) Heh, came here to psot this. - smcameron
"post" even. (and it wants 15 chars for no good reason, wrecking my joke. Thanks.) - smcameron
You can just hold down space bar until its 15, post, and it strips off the spaces. - Mk12
this one is on the cover of the APUE book (but without the colors) :-) - p4bl0
Just woke up my daughter I was laughing so hard. - lewisblackfan
I used to work with a dba who looked like that guy - suspenders and everything. He would come into work on a harley and sit FAR away from everyone. Very anti-social. - DJTripleThreat
This one is still on my cube wall!!! - Joe Zitzelberger
[+333] [2008-09-17 15:46:25] paiNie

alt text

(31) This is the ideal world where devs are looking for bugs. Test should be out there holding the mouse by the tail while dev is in the corner building something with tinker-toys. - Aaron
What is this from? - Steve g
(2) image is missing, photobucket killed it - drye
(1) Wow, it's awesome. That's what I'm really feel as being a developer. - Ahmed
(1) Had this one as my background. :D - Arnis L.
Pretty good :D Where can I find this one? - felipec
@felipec: Largest I've found: Original: - voyager
The idea's cool. @voyager thank you. - Zeck
[+299] [2008-09-17 19:34:46] zgoda

Of course, xkcd [1]!



(65) This has found it's way into Python's source code:… - rossp
(14) Well, as of Python 3, it's print("Hello, world!"). - Cristián Romo
I've seen this one several places. It must be the official Python cartoon by now. - unclerojelio
I first discovered xkcd when finding the link to this comic in the python repositories. - MitMaro
(15) The weird thing is that every actual Python feature mentioned in this carton actually also worked in BASIC 30 years ago. - RBarryYoung
(26) Including anti-gravity? - Martin Beckett
[+286] [2008-09-17 23:54:46] KTC

alt text


hahaha how can one miss this one - chakrit
I've seen profs do something similar - Dave
Most of my undergrad physics tutorials felt like this - Rik Garner
One of my all-time favorites. -R - Huntrods
A physic teacher usually used it when I was in university... I tried in my exam and it worked :) - Vinze
(1) We call that "hand waving" here at work. - unclerojelio
You have to do it in undergrad classes. You cant expect them to be able to explain the actual process. - Karl
(36) I got 7 / 10 on a proof in undergrad discrete mathematics using this technique... - Ian McLaird
Dead link to the image. - Orange Box
Not anymore. :) - KTC
(6) Quote: "What’s your favorite PROGRAMMER cartoon?" - Camilo Martin
[+282] [2008-10-12 20:29:16] Midhat

alt text

That's so so coooool!! :) - sundar
omg, this is one of the funniest comics I've seen in a while :)... - Sandman
(4) I wish I can vote you twice, best thing in a while - Eduardo
(13) Not really programming though, but still good. - Artem Russakovskii
I second that. Excellent. - n3rd
I have a t-shirt with this on :) - Sir Graystar
(2) somebody explain the meaning plz - Avadhesh - Midhat
(1) - Midhat
π is an irrational number, which means that its value cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction m/n so - be rational -> get π - shahjapan
[+263] [2008-09-17 15:37:10] jop

alt text

Bushing jop! Welcome to StackOverflow :) - Jon Limjap
(3) Love the double reference! - unclerojelio
(1) +1 for the double reference! - Clay Nichols
(1) Where's the double reference? I only see the "A new hope one" - Thrawn
I see more than 2 references >.> - Hazior
[+256] [2008-09-17 17:19:11] Jana

Agile Programming Methods:

(14) dilbert's boss shrunk? - Kevin Conner
(2) Stuck this on my PM's wall lol - danswain
[+248] [2008-09-17 16:51:29] JK

I knew it was true. XKCD #224 [1]

"We lost the documentation on quantum mechanics. You'll have to decode the regexes yourself."


(16) "We lost the documentation on quantum mechanics. You'll have to decode the regexes yourself." - JK
(2) I especially like the last sentence. - Brad Gilbert
(6) That would be the punchline then? ;) - Benjol
This one is great! - Brian
[+245] [2008-09-17 15:44:02] Jon Limjap

Baseline Expectations

Taken from, Sept 12 2008 [1]


(1) +1 : This one is laminated and stuck to my monitor, it's the underlying issue with my current place of work. - Pat
(4) it's the issue in many places, where the unexpected is not accounted for - Alexandre Brisebois
Been there done that! - Stephane Grenier
Always be like Scotty, and never give optimistic completion times. :-) - RobH
(3) One Badass Development – Near deadline time everyone winds up going to the one badass of the company for help. In the end, the badass finds that everything that everyone else has done is crap and winds up doing the entire project by himself in a few days without sleep. - Richard J. Terrell
Broken image - imageshack no longer hosting? - Brian
This must be the 3rd answer in this question that has done that... When will people learn to stop using disposable image hosts? - Lèse majesté
[+229] [2008-12-13 05:50:48] Andrew G. Johnson

alt text

Formerly from here [1].


Made me think for a moment -- but yeah, every base is indeed base 10! - Jon Schneider
Ya definitely a bit of brain teaser at first but kind of a neat idea. - Andrew G. Johnson
(28) All base 10 are belong to us. - Windows programmer
(1) Don't want to be a pedant, but if the alien was using Base Binary, then there would be 100 rocks - johnc
ah, 123 10 would be base 10, I get it - johnc
(2) @Iagerdalek, it isn't that there will always be 10 rocks, its that describing any base would be base 10 - Andrew G. Johnson
(1) damn, still don't got it =/ - José Leal
(22) @José, when expressed in base X notation, X is always 10, regardless of the value of X. 2 in base 2 is 10, 8 in base 8 is 10, 16 in hex is 10, everything is base 10 from the inside, by definition. - Wedge
(2) soooooo true. So if we had more than 10 digits, what would be the one after 9? THAT is what we should call what we're calling 'base 10' now. Maybe 'base A'. - thomasrutter
(70) This means that aliens have 10 fingers, just like us. - tuinstoel
Seek out the 12 Multiplication Rock. The Alien has 12 fingers and twelve toes. You know, when I was 7 in 1975 I didn't quite get it. Make perfect sense now :) - David Chappelle
Very nice, made me lol. - Pim Jager
(20) @tuinstoel no it does not. For those that don't get it yet that's just sad; call yourself programmers. The aliens have four fingers and therefore they count by saying 1 2 3 10 we count by saying 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so for both of us we percieve that we both use base '10' but 10(alien) != 10(human) --> 10(alien) == 4(human). I hope that makes more sense to everyone. Sorry for those who got it but i felt the desperate need to explain the wrong logic some people seem to have. - Robert Massaioli
(28) @Shhnap, If you ask an alien how many fingers he/she/xyz/it has he/she/xyz/it will say 10. - tuinstoel
I wish I could upvote this one twice. - Pete
(4) @Shhnap: whoooosh! - hatfinch
Oh? What about base zero? Most useful number system ever devised. - Coding With Style
@Shhnap, no matter the dispute about everyone simply using "their" 10, you have the implication the wrong way around... - dionadar This was by far the best.. because it's so complicated.. - Irfy
(1) @tuinstoel, you are making an incorrect assumption, if the aliens use base 4 and the aliens have 2 fingers on their hands, they will respond "We have 2 fingers", if they have 4 fingers on their hands they will respond "We have 10 fingers". - Nathan Koop
(2) @NathanKoop - why do you think we use base 10? Anything to do with the fact that we have 10 fingers, perhaps? - Kirk Broadhurst
@wallacoloo - Why? - Andrew G. Johnson
@Andrew - Because I wasn't thinking right :D (I'll delete it) - Wallacoloo
(1) @Kirk Broadhurst: Why did the ancient Sumerians use base 6? - Michael Myers
(2) What about base 1? :/ 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000, 000000, 0000000, ... - badp
Looks like the host is down. Mirror? - tj111
@tj111 - forgot to reply but I fixed this a day or two ago - Andrew G. Johnson
[+221] [2008-09-25 18:12:15] torial

I can't believe someone hasn't put this one:

alt text

(5) Anything that disses Micro$oft is damn funny in my book! - unclerojelio
Haha, I like this one. - LeonZandman
(1) nice hahaha =D really really nice. "i feel like i should send microsoft some of this" - thephpdeveloper
[+216] [2008-12-12 13:26:33] mezoid


(2) lol, this one is so great, I love it - A.Rashad
lol, awesome cartoon :D - Chaoz
(1) Haha!(Typing spaces doesn't work to make it at least 15 chars anymore) - Mk12
@Mk12: ? - voyager
@voyager: comments have to be atleast 15 characters, before you could just add spaces but not any more so I just said that instead of saying hahahahahahahaha. - Mk12
(1) @Km12: ;) - voyager
(1) :D - voyager
[+209] [2009-07-20 17:15:09] Reuben Mallaby


XKCD hits the button every time.

(25) One of the best ever. - Boydski
(4) I had a boss that called these "Microsoft Minutes" - LaJmOn
(1) This is sooooo true...I think it's part of the WTF/M paradigm - dboarman
Man I love that one! We also use microsoft minutes at work, whenever we have no f*****g clue how long it is going to take :) - Morlock
in the old times of W98 i saw over 65000 hours to go. (Was it a sizeof(int)?) It should move a progressbar about 10 pixels by now ;) - naugtur
[+203] [2008-09-17 15:59:20] daniel

(I hear this is an option in the latest Ubuntu release.)

(7) "I hear this is an option in the latest Ubuntu release." - Douglas Leeder
It is missing something without the mouseovers - Steve g
(8) I actually added most of this to my Wifi auto-config scripts. - Unkwntech
Actually, I think it's just missing the "Zealous Autoconfig" title. The mouseover is there (maybe it was added). - Chris Burgess
They should've made it WPA2, WEP is crackable in a couple of minutes. - Daniel
unfortunately the latest (8.10) ubuntu release broke wifi autoconfig - Pete Kirkham
wifi works great on my laptop. which uses 8.10. - Svish
[+198] [2008-09-17 15:48:52] Daok

Manager and programmer :

alt text

(7) Sounds familiar :S - Rismo
(8) This reminds me of my internship. :) - epochwolf
This hangs in my office. - Cory Dee
Ah, an instant classic. This hung on my cube wall too. - Cory House
I guess that Dilbert lacks one of the main qualities of a good programmer: laziness (see the Camel Book for why). - Cristian Ciupitu
yep, had this lol - nbolton
[+194] [2008-09-27 15:45:20] Ted

I didn't know...

Listen to Yourself

(28) I would actually pay money to see that happen. :-D - Tomalak
(39) Apparently, you haven't visited Youtube recently: - Randy
(10) +1 because it's real! - Tom
(19) xkcd posted it and then it became real. WIN! - Henri Watson
(3) This is soooo much funnier because YouTube placed a "read aloud" button right where the "post comment" button used to be. And you weren't allowed to post the comment until it finished reading. Fortunately, they removed it after about a month. - Michael Dickens
(4) Fortunately???? - Kevin Panko
+1 That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Thanks. - Matt Davis
[+188] [2008-09-18 11:05:28] epatel

Didn't see this classic

Just to say: OUCH! - Gamecat
(3) My C++ professor has this one hanging outside his office. - Strozykowski
(11) Don't get this... - David
(19) - Samuel
@David - whoosh! - Matt Huggins
[+172] [2008-09-17 15:51:14] kbrinley

On victory:

alt text

Damn you, I was going to post that :) - johnc
(22) There's something rather unrealistic about this cartoon, I wonder what it might be. - kronoz
Nailing a particularly piece of tricky code perhaps? :-D - The Wicked Flea
(5) @kronoz: you're just beeng sexist.. oh wait... - David Lay
(4) @kronoz: of course, the fact that he has a girlfriend. - Anton Tykhyy
(16) He? Look at the second panel. Looks like boobs to me. - Michael Borgwardt
@Anton: They're room-mates. PhD Comics. - Greg D
and they're both girls ... - ldigas
(4) @initial comments .. it figures... No programmer has a PhD.. - Jus12
[+157] [2008-09-18 21:09:42] HockeyInJune

(3) I wonder if ebay buys their shipping quotes on ebay? - Ellery Newcomer
[+156] [2009-02-13 13:47:46] adam


Windows 7

Mmmm.. godwin's law... intentional or what? - Ellery Newcomer
lol brilliant.... - James
hahaah, awesome! - knoopx
this is one of the most lols here. - YourComputerHelpZ
(3) He could be Charlie Chaplin. - RamyenHead
(7) - alex
This is rather awesome :) - Morlock
[+147] [2008-11-12 11:48:09] alexmeia

I really like this: alt text

I LOL at this one. - RobH
(10) need ... caffeine - Sam
I did this once out of spite at my old place of work. I don't even drink coffee. No one falling asleep, but lots of complaints of headaches. - Darthg8r
Not programming related. - Nitrodist
The programmer's mantra: "Coffee is life!" - Thomas
Darthg8r: you'd need to have a serious caffeine dependence to get headaches from drinking decaf. - Lèse majesté
[+140] [2008-09-18 12:17:41] CobolGuy

Dilbert is the top favorite, but I've also really enjoyed the xkcd comics the last couple years. I've got a couple of those posted up in my cube... I try really hard to live by this one.

Compiler Complaint

or write Ruby/Python/whatever :P - thenduks
oh, that's so cool! - rpr
(7) This the best xkcd strip ever. @thenduks: I've managed to cause a segfualt in ruby :) - the_drow
I've seen a segfault in Python. :P - Earl Bellinger
I got a segfault in Python when I changed the recursion limit to 100000. - None
[+139] [2008-09-19 10:28:02] Željko Filipin

"When I started programming, we didn&squot;t have any of these sissy &squot;icons&squot; and &squot;Windows.&squot; All we had were zeros and ones -- and sometimes we didn&squot;t even have ones. I wrote an entire database program using only zeros." "You had zeros? We had to use the letter &squot;O&squot;." -Dilbert (Scott Adams)

I love this one, i have it framed in my office. - Eric Labashosky
I had seen the text before, never the actually comic. nice - Steve g
I'll have to whip out a copy of this next time instead of retelling my stories about having to program with punch cards. - unclerojelio
(5) Kinda reminiscent of this Monty Python piece: - Jonik
(10) I always heard this joke as "You had ones? All we had were lowercase L's". (Old typewriters sometimes omitted the "1", and you were supposed to type L) - David Chappelle
oh man.. my stomach hurts.. - Adyt
(4) @David Chappelle: In that case, perhaps LOLcode is the oldest programming language. - amphetamachine
[+136] [2008-09-22 20:17:51] community_owned

I wonder how much cash it makes them? - danswain
(9) The main thing is who got the money?... Anyway I didn't get any money. - THEn
that's funny :) (uh uh) - nightingale2k1
Image doesn't show (anymore). - Jesper
[+134] [2008-09-17 16:16:33] Graeme Perrow

Internet full

Not programming related, but still a good one. - Matt Huggins
[+131] [2008-09-24 08:13:05] Jawad

Terms and Conditions cartoon from

I'm guessing that this would probably never happen, as agreeing to the terms and conditions is more important than actually reading them (from the software publisher perspective).

(10) Earlier versions of Windows NT required you to scroll through the text before the agree button would enable. 20 servers and you had to scroll through the license on every one of them GRRRRRRR - Brad Bruce
@Brad Bruce: :-) - ragu.pattabi
(8) There's a few apps around that make you scroll to the bottom before accepting. - Aupajo
(12) Either TheDailyWTF or the Interface Hall of Shame has at least one screenshot where actually such a message was displayed ("wow, you are a fast reader") including the measured time. - OregonGhost
I first encoutnered the scroll to the bottom thing on Napster - I quite like the time thing actually :D - Ross
(1) I remember a piece of software (but sadly not the name of it) that I used once that popped up a "Are you sure you read all that? It only took you 1.002 seconds." or something like that. - Valerion
Reminds me of working for the Federal Government in Snow Crash. - user51498
(1) World Of Warcraft will not let you 'Agree' the TOS unless it's scrolled all the way down. - LiraNuna
i've fantasized about this lol - nbolton
Some apps require a time down and scrolling to the bottom. Can't think of any right now - jim
I took an online driver's safety course (to get out of a ticket) in California that was like this. I heard this was because you are required to spend 8 hours on it, just like as if you went to the class in person. - Dolphin
(1) I actually habitually scroll down through TOS just to make sure this doesn't happen! hahaha - pageman
(3) hmmm so all you people actually don't read when you scroll down?? I guess in my next release I will have to make you pass thru a multiple choice test (with negative marking) about the TOS after you have scrolled down before showing you the "I accept" button. - Jus12
[+126] [2008-09-23 07:02:40] Sandman

Bob the cobol programmer. A classic.

(4) This is indeed a real classic. We used to have it hanging on the wall of our office with the face of a colleague photoshopped over Bob's head :-) - LeonZandman
(3) It really made me laugh. - Loai Najati
[+123] [2008-09-20 10:32:22] Pat Notz

I love this one. Put it as a background for my work computer at my last job! - torial
Damn, I can't stop thinking about the solution to this one. Someone's to help me, please? - MartinStettner
(3) try:… - torial
interesting problem... whats the answer? - Jus12
Here's a good explanation of how to do this sort of problem: - Tim Goodman
[+118] [2008-09-19 14:12:34] Prakash

Rubic-cube bra


let me add that the title of this picture is "FRUSTRATION" which makes it even funnier! ;) - steffenj
The alt-text reads "I can do it in under a minute." - Cristián Romo
(100) Only smart men will notice that this is a front opening bra. - LiraNuna
(2) I'm really glad that I learned to solve Rubik's cubes. - samoz
with the Fridrich method - 27 seconds - - pageman
This is sooooooo true :) - Siblja
(8) Gotta think outside the box here. Scissors are the correct solution. - thenduks
(1) @pageman but can you do it without looking at the cube? It is on the other side of the woman. - Nitrodist
I'm really glad I learnt to pull Rubik's cubes to pieces. The 80s... gotta love 'em... - Mark Bannister
(2) Why do you care about the bra's opening? It's already off! - pablosaraiva
If I ever meet a girl who has this I'll solve it and marry her. - Stephan Muller
[+118] [2008-09-17 17:12:11] ceejayoz


(5) One of my favourite dilbert frames - the last one: "You could have warned me" - "that's not how experience works". - Javaman59
[+112] [2009-03-24 15:01:34] Robert Claypool

Classical learning curves for some common editors

Thanks to f3lix [1] for finding the original source [2].


(4) The source could be… The date of the blog post matches the date in the ilustration and Steve Rowe writes in his post "A friend of mine put this together" - f3lix
(8) Learning curve of Notepad should be like vi. Curve should rest on X axis. - Luc M
nano4life!!!! =D - Time Machine
Oh, the days it took me to figure out to use C-x C-c instead of C-z. - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+111] [2009-05-08 23:53:04] Artur

One of my favourite :)

If androids someday DO dream of electric sheep, don't forget to declare sheepCount as a long int.

(12) hm... there is an old chinese proverb: go to the extreme, and it will be the exact opposite. - 動靜能量
wish they were saying "aaab" when it overflows! - Damyan
[+108] [2008-09-19 21:51:27] community_owned

Doctor Fun...

[+107] [2009-05-13 13:51:53] David Basarab

Can't and shouldn't

If all bugs were so easy to close.

(1) aaargh I just posted it :D deleted and upvoted :P - Andrea Ambu
(58) I'm afraid that over time, the entire xkcd corpus will appear in this thread. - guns
(13) There is nothing to be afraid about xkcd. The more places it is, the more people will read it and discover its greatness. - David Basarab
(1) xkcd is so funny :) - Donar
[+104] [2008-09-19 16:01:51] Cameron MacFarland

Dilbert - Numbing Try googling "Dilbert Numbing" if the image doesn&squot;t appear.

lol, i hadn't seen that one before - Joel Coehoorn
(4) This is so true. I was fortunate enough to narrowly escape my own numbing. - thenduks
horrible, horrible but aww so much fun! - Hugo
I mainly escape these, but have had it happen once.... The horror.... - Colin
[+103] [2009-01-15 17:34:08] El Cheicon

alt text

Hate you too. Yup, that's me and flowcharts. - Elise van Looij
There shouldn't be a "YES" leading from "GOOD" to "LET'S GO DRINK"; it should just be an unlabeled arrow. Or, even better, the "GOOD" box shouldn't exist, and the arrows leading to it should instead lead directly to the box after "GOOD". - Matt Huggins
[+102] [2008-09-23 10:31:57] Sreenath

One more which I liked: No offences.. :)

how it works [1]

alt text


(13) When a girl did the same thing as a guy, the critic generalized from "one" girl being bad at math to "all" girls being bad at math. He didn't make that same generalization when he was talking to the guy. - DOK
(35) I shared this one with the guys at my old job, explaining that this is how it feels sometimes. I got some blank looks, and one confused "So all girls are awesome at programming?" - Donnelle
(84) Thanks, DOK, we'd all be lost without an explanation. - Pool
Is that... is that sarcasm!? - Erik Forbes
(3) @ people that +voted Donnelles comment: lawl. - jim
[+100] [2008-09-17 15:44:28] xan

Without a doubt...

State machines

I admit: I don't get it.. - Anheledir
I imagine it's funny, but so esoteric... - Guy Starbuck
(5) @Anheledir: you can't parse arbitrary nested parentheses with classic regexps. - J.F. Sebastian
(1) Particularly when numbers of opening and closing parentheses don't match :-) - alastairs
(2) If I hadn't done some compiler engineering and also some Scheme as part of my degree I'd never get this... however, I personally think it's obscurity is part of what makes it so funny! - xan
Well, if you restrict the depth of the expressions to something reasonably large, the automaton can handle it. I remember Martin Kay telling us in one class that he spent half a year of his life on converting CFGs into limited-depth FSAs. - Torsten Marek
(1) But you can never handle arbitrary expressions of that type with a FSA as you essentially have to construct a different FSA for each and every possible case of the problem. On a seperate note, does anyone know WHERE this comes from? Found on a random-image thread, but I never knoew the source. - xan
I laughed a lot with this one! - milot
xan: You can always construct a bigger FSA, but the point is whether or not ONE given FSA can handle ALL expressions of this kind, no matter how long. - Adrian Grigore
Where does this come from? I only find links to blogspam and image hosting sites for it on Google. - Johannes Hoff
Likewise. I never knew where it came from originally. - xan
[+96] [2008-11-20 22:25:49] Darren

As a project wears on, standards for success slip lower and lower

("40% of OpenBSD installs lead to shark attacks. It's their only standing security issue.")

(1) This is what Jeff's "new server" saga on the podcast has reminded me of. - Chris Hanson
(1) Mouseover text please? - Michael Myers
Really feels like this some times, though not so often when computers are involved :) - Torandi
@mmyers - glenn jackman
@mmyers, added the text. - David Thomas
@ricebowl, thanks. I must have left that comment when I was at work and I forgot about it until now. - Michael Myers
[+90] [2008-10-01 08:41:19] Jacek Szymański

I like this one (found on [1]):

evolution of language


(1) What a sad tendency. - AnSGri
(2) XML probably would have tags with lowercase. And yes, MathML basically looks like that. - Jared Updike
(12) er, <>, not (), right? :) - Ivan Vučica
(1) those are <>; it's hard to tell with that font - Vuntic
(1) Actually, they're a mysterious mixture of parentheses (()) and angle brackets/chevrons (⟨⟩). - Jon Purdy
[+88] [2008-09-18 08:40:46] Andrew Dashin


Nothing funnier than binary humor - Steve g
(5) binary humor with 8 bit graphics! - Jiaaro
anyone get around to translating what he's saying? - Troy Howard
(6) Translate to what? He's already talking binary, what more could you want? ;) - sundar
this is hysterical :) - Yuval A
Someone explain ! - Vijay Dev
This link appears to be dead. - GuiSim
Thank you, fixed! - Andrew Dashin
(3) I tried translating it, but a byte is 8 bits long. He's talking with 5 bit characters. What strange form of binary is this? -
lol, I love the nerdy jokes. - A.Rashad
01001100010011110100110000100001 - Wez
1111!11!!!111!! - Randell
[+86] [2008-09-19 02:31:11] The Hoss

Fax me some electricity, please?

Dilbert Fax

[+86] [2009-04-29 20:33:58] Geries

I'm An Idiot

(83) osascript -e "set volume 10" - Ryan Neufeld
(1) @Ryan: Read the Human Interface Guidelines. Do not make your application set the volume :] - Time Machine
[+86] [2009-04-09 05:45:02] Bill B

I guess this isn't technically a programming cartoon, but it's one of my favorites.

alt text

More of a Sysadmin comic, than programmer, but still funny. - mrdenny
I laughed so bad at this joke, I fell of my chair. - voyager
I usually say 'my glass is too big'. - Stephan Muller
[+85] [2008-09-17 22:52:58] Ali


probably lost them at his last job - epochwolf
(7) I'd say my life. That way he won't get any of my money; even if he kills me. He's contractually bound not to. That way, killing me has no use; so he may as well just sod off. - TraumaPony
(2) @TraumaPony: he'd probably kill you anyway for making him look dumb. - Joeri Sebrechts
Robbers initially took note of this and started saying "Give me your money or both your money and you life", but they soon shortened it to simply "GIVE ME YOUR F****** MONEY!!" - Ali
(4) I love that the robber mouse starts crying in the last frame for no apparent reason. - Deniz Dogan
skurpur, the idea is that it's so sad that the robber mouse is crying. - Coding With Style
(23) I have "HUMAN" tattooed on my left bicep. - Cirno de Bergerac
(25) @TraumaPony: he said "your money OR your life", not "your money XOR your life". - Evgeny
[+83] [2008-09-17 15:43:58] Quintin Robinson

alt text

alt text

(2) BTW, I us PHP too! =P and didn't mean this as a putdown in anyway. Just found it amusing as a fanboy style comic. It could apply to any languages in either role. - Quintin Robinson
(23) Some PHP weenie marked it offensive - Simucal
(2) Who's the weenie? Downvote him/her now! - Andrei Rinea
(1) .NET Rocks! <- That's also a podcast! - Bobby Cannon
(3) Awesomely not funny. - Typeoneerror
Seeing as (afair) Stack Overflow was actually built with .NET, I have decided to retroactively start respecting people who use it - Jens Roland
(302) Wow even comics about .NET suck. - thenduks
(1) I rolled my own DAL and 'architectural solution for repurposing business logic to a desktop environment'. But when I get irritated by the irredemable failure of compile-time type checking (or anything else), jackass PHP fanboys tell me it's because there's something wrong with me, not PHP. - chaos
(3) not funny, and anyone suggesting running sites on IIS for performance reasons, on servers that have an entire GUI OS installed on them, well, no comment - apphacker
(3) apphacker: if i dont remember right windows server2008 can be installed in a mode where it only has a console? - Petoj
(8) @Petoj Windows 2008 does have such an option. Another thing to consider is that is running on pure MS technologies, Windows/IIS7/MSSQL/.NET and for the number of requests it receives I would say it performs decent. - Quintin Robinson
This comic is kind of mind-numbing. - paniq
(32) Yeah, this comic is pretty moronic. Take away the specific technology (in this case, .NET) and it's like a third-rate slashdot comment from 1999. "Hur hur our technology is better." But the worst part is the fact that the technological jargon they spout isn't even impressive. Moving code between web apps and desktops? Separating database code and logic (which is what a DAL is)? who cares? And it's not like VB is a paragon of type saftey. - Chad Okere
@theduks you win; - DFectuoso
(4) 1) Doctrine, 2) not sure 3) Dynamic typing, but there is type hinting if you need\want it 4) Server architecture+bytecode caching. Just sayin' - notJim
(12) That just wasn't very funny. - Jonathan Prior
(4) "Architectural solution for repurposing your business logic to a desktop environment." Wow. Just wow. - Deniz Dogan
This is just lame... - Alex. S.
(7) If anything, this is a point for PHP: Absence of marketing B.S. - Pekka
thank god things are simpler now. - YuriKolovsky
(5) I'm a .NET dev and am embarassed by this. - Will
[+81] [2008-09-19 23:29:52] Fusion

Manager humour...

(5) Another one I've seen and felt in so many different companies. Bad managers suck so hard. And yet this strip is so funny. - Jens Roland
[+77] [2009-03-09 10:36:47] Diogenes

alt text

This strip first appeared on Sept 17, 1995, back in the days when 28.8K modems, a 66Mhz 486DX, and a soundblaster card were state-of-the-art.

I worked for a start-up called Telebackup at the time and guess what we were trying to develop? Scott Adams must have sat in on one of the management/developer meetings.

(3) "if you have a sound card it swears at you", priceless - amischiefr
This made me lol so hard! - Statement
[+73] [2008-09-17 17:23:55] muloh

Anybody in web development can appreciate this one...

alt text

(4) FYI - this is from the book "Dont make me think"… - Sameer Alibhai
(3) This almost made me cry. - fatcat1111
That's a very good book and not just for web design. - geofftnz
Never has a cartoon been closer to reality. - danswain
Funny and so real! - Meta-Knight
hahhahaaha... thats reallly real funnnyyyy - Enjoy coding
[+72] [2009-05-08 19:42:25] AtariPete

Quite demonstrative of why metric based incentives and engineers don't go hand in hand.

alt text

[+70] [2009-03-20 18:17:15] compie

It's not really a programmer cartoon, but as a programmer I regularly have to deal with people who think JPEG is suited for everything. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this [1].


It's funnier with the mouseover. - Michael Myers
Hm. This is a fake XKCD cartoon. - Jesper
(11) It's not a fake XKCD cartoon... stick figures existed before XKCD you know. - davr
I've sadly seen these people. And then they wonder how I can make such good looking screen shots and mockups - Earlz
Ughh... I've had my run-ins with these types too. Usually the response I get is "LOL! It's just for the internet; it doesn't need to be super high-quality!" And then they proceed to tell me that Portable Network Graphics are only used by professional graphic designers for backing up their hi-res print files. - Lèse majesté
[+70] [2008-09-21 06:04:34] benjaminperdomo

alt text

[+66] [2008-09-18 00:49:49] Andrew

alt text

The image seems to be no longer hosted at that site. Can you link to the original so the original author gets attribution, please? (Not that we don't all know who writes Dilbert, but still...) - Bill the Lizard
[+64] [2009-06-18 14:01:42] THEn

alt text

(2) Really good. Looks like Vista's logic with windows 98 theme. - Auxiliary
(2) Their main problem is that the screenshot is a JPEG - Earlz
(1) @Earlz you mean The Real WTF is.. - Nitrodist
Even better--they created a transparent GIF, then turned it into a JPEG, then saved it again as a PNG--you get the best all 3 formats! - Lèse majesté
[+63] [2009-06-05 04:07:25] Peter Stuer

alt text

(22) If someone's personal webpage uses ASP.NET, I give them -20. - Deniz Dogan
(8) It's nice to see that most ignorance is outside of the Microsoft camp. - John Gietzen
Where is this from?! This is awesome! - sixtyfootersdude
(1) The last one is so true! I hate people using mixed tabs and spaces!!! - Asuka Kenji - Siu Ching Pong -
(1) @Deniz: Nothing to be proud of - abatishchev
Why the hate for ASP.NET? Let me guess... PHP? - Liggi
Rails, PHP or Surely Django! - Marcus Whybrow
[+60] [2009-06-17 22:12:46] Kevin Hakanson

John Martz has a blog entry [1] to go with this. IE6 denial message


(13) Where's Google Chrome? =[ - Time Machine
(3) Presumably the comic was made when only those browser existed. Google Chrome and IE 8 were created sometime after 2008 and the other browsers existed before 2008. IE 7 existed in 2005... - Nitrodist
IE7 is just as bad as IE6, if not worse. - YuriKolovsky
(5) How is IE7 worse than IE6? - Lèse majesté
[+60] [2008-12-12 12:55:30] mezoid


While not specifically about programming per se....wanting to program games is what got me interested in IT in the first place....

anyway this one made me laugh so hard when I saw it!

i'd have better luck at this version. i recently tried - bobobobo
on quakelive: incompatible browser (chrome) - Ewan Todd
Alt text: I'm sure a discussion of the reason for the disappearance of adventure games in favor of RPGs would be fascinating - Doppelganger
Mezoid, that's what got us all into IT. If someone told every kid they're gonna pass the rest of their lives coding boring business software, there wouldn't be a single programmer on earth. - Petruza
[+60] [2008-10-02 07:05:24] splattne

Cloud computing - simply explained

alt text

[+58] [2008-09-17 17:42:05] community_owned

alt text

That's rich. I really identify with the Elbonians here. - MrBoJangles
(4) I worked at a startup that wanted to do this. They went under. - Abtin Forouzandeh
I sleep all the day and work at night. Yeah, sometimes I want to pretend I died - valya
This was exactly what was happening in this place I worked. Every morning it was fun(ny) talking to the guys overseas about what they exactly didn't do. - PPTim
[+55] [2009-01-15 19:20:10] Bill the Lizard

Here's a new one from Dinosaur Comics [1]:

ladies and gentlemen: mr. stack overflow!


[+53] [2009-02-03 00:48:11] community_owned

Mouseover text, please? - Michael Myers
Why don't they consider using a Cold boot attack? - Alexandre Jasmin
[+53] [2009-11-18 08:08:54] Kyle Rozendo

This has made my year.

Some engineer out there has solved P=NP and it's locked up in an electric eggbeater calibration routine.  For every 0x5f375a86 we learn about, there are thousands we never see.

Some engineer out there has solved P=NP and it's locked up in an electric eggbeater calibration routine. For every 0x5f375a86 we learn about, there are thousands we never see.

(1) Yep, sad facts of life I guess. - Biosci3c
[+52] [2008-09-28 20:21:21] dimus

alt text

[+51] [2008-10-09 15:00:15] community_owned

[+51] [2008-09-29 12:58:30] Keith

Someone has to post something other than Dilbert and XKCD ;-)

development flowchart

direct link [1]


link doesnt work. - ragu.pattabi… - Tom
(1) Hey! And it's funnier than most of the dilbert and xkcd! - Ellery Newcomer
(4) It's true. Look at Firefox! - Charlie Somerville
(2) 404 - not found - NARKOZ
@Narkoz - yeah, it looks like the site's gone down :-( - Keith
[+51] [2008-09-18 17:24:46] Tamer Salama

Bit old but still one of my favs:

Particularly relevant as I saw a Microsoft Surface table today - harriyott
The surface computing thing is all over shows like CSI now. - Frank Szczerba
@Frank: Not to mention movies, like James Bond: Quantum of Solace. - RobH
"Welcome to LCARS menu system" Um, except LCARS actually came out OK on Nokia's internet tablets - Ivan Vučica
(5) All street fighter characters? - Ali
Finally someone found this out, too! Touchscreens will never be useful exactly because of this reason. - Daniel
Touchscreens are perfectly useful. The millions of them in use in portable gaming consoles, phones, tablet PCs, digitizing tablets, and hundreds of other applications attest to this. This comic only illustrates why touchscreens are impractical as an input device for desktop systems. - Lèse majesté
(1) This cartoon is not about touchescreens. It's about touche_less_screens. Check out TED talk -… - Tamer Salama
[+50] [2008-12-24 21:08:11] Quaky

alt text

(13) That triangle thing in the lower right corner actually looks like Purple Tentacle on his quest of taking over the world (Day of the Tentacle, anyone?) :-) - LeonZandman
@Stingray LOL, I see it ! - GuiSim
@Stingray LOL * 2!!! - Colin
[+50] [2008-09-19 22:36:53] rodbegbie

Another great Foxtrot comic. Possibly the most incomprehensible-to-non-geeks comic to sneak into the newspaper funnies.

(27) Nothing like a null pointer exception to start the day. - Kevin Peterson
Link is dead. - Macha
I like the for loop: for (int i=1;i<=numBrainCells;i++) { turnOn(brain[i]) system.out.println("Yawn"); } - splattne
What is it with Foxtrot and starting iteration at 1 instead of 0? - Michael Dickens
(1) numBrainCells should be 0 for this to work. - Sorin Comanescu
(1) I'd like to know why the functions getCurrTime and isitaWorkday both either return void or their return value is never used.... - mezoid
(1) personally, I'd use brain[i].enable(); or brain[i].activate(); over turnOn(brain[i]); - Wallacoloo
@Sorin Comanescu actually brain has to have been initialized and is pointing to null. First brain must be initialized. Also, numBrainCells has to be declared! - Nitrodist
[+48] [2008-09-21 09:07:01] knight_killer

I love this one:

[+48] [2008-09-17 15:41:21] Dan Dyer

alt text

[+48] [2009-05-23 14:03:52] yelinna

alt text

This is my everyday.

You work as support? - Statement
[+47] [2009-10-01 08:53:48] xxxxxxx

(it's how people feel)

alt text

(8) Being a C# developer, I fail to see the joke. Not because I want to defend C#, but because I don't get it? What has Ruby and Lisp coders against C#? - Statement
(3) @Statement It's C#! - Ast Derek
(3) @Statement It's not free. - amphetamachine
@Statement it's simply this: Ruby is currently the "coolest" language at the moment. Lisp, as you know, is the revered language. The cartoon implicitly implies both Ruby and Lisp are cool. C# on the other hand is a "mainstream language", so, it's not "cool." I also think the cartoon is implying both Lisp and Ruby programmers are fanatics? - ShaChris23
[+45] [2009-03-04 22:40:38] sjbotha

Old black and white version (there's nothing new under the sun)

(2) That one is the best and depicting the market perfectly.. - Braveyard
It's pretty similar to this one… I'm not sure which one came first - Doppelganger
@Doppelganger: This one: Mar 4 '09 at 22:40; the other one: Sep 17 '08 at 15:39. You do the math. - Andreas Rejbrand
040409 < 091708 - zod
@Andreas, these pictures are decades old. - sjbotha
This is good too: - sjbotha
[+44] [2008-09-18 16:00:37] Slavus

Geek hero is new but good. Geek hero Geek hero

Computer users should never be allowed near Word until they have spent two years using a plain ol' text editor. - Jared Updike
(1) That brings back memories. One of my first jobs involved using Word for DOS as a text editor. Every once in a while my code wouldn't assemble because I forgot to save as text. I finally fond and downloaded a free text editor from a BBS system. - Ferruccio
(18) One of the new developers on the team was using Word to edit his java files. He couldn't figure out why they wouldn't compile. - Sixty4Bit
@Sixty4Bit I wonder if that person had actually done any programming before then.. - Nitrodist
I was waiting for someone to post Geek Hero! Great series, while it lasted and before its visual improvements. - Dennis
I've used Wordstar for DOS as a text editor before. It had a useful column-editing mode that was quite rare, at the time. - Mark Bannister
[+43] [2008-09-17 18:39:15] workmad3

The 1337 set of comics from xkcd, starting with: The main thing I love is the thought of Stallman engaging RIAA agents in sword fights towards the end :)

[+43] [2008-09-23 21:37:05] André

The very first bug bash [1] is great!


[+43] [2009-06-11 14:39:31] joe

alt text

(3) just like my workplace :) except maybe it shld be "windows is starting up" - iceangel89
Waiting on a response from internal support works too, often. - Stephan Muller
[+42] [2008-09-21 07:30:16] benjaminperdomo

alt text

alt text

alt text

Heh, I actually do this. Probably after hearing too many horrorstories from people who've worked for hours without saving, and then have their computer crashing on them. - Jonta
(11) My editor auto saves whenever it loses focus, does that count? :P - thenduks
@thenduks: I'd still save every minute or so anyway... - configurator
@thenduks: WHy do you ever leave the editor? - Deniz Dogan
@skurpur: Perusing Stack Overflow, why else? - tj111
@blahblah: irc, SO, reddit, HN, shell, music, photos, to name a few :) - thenduks
(6) Ctrl-S is hardwired into my left hand, I don't even notice I'm doing it... - Benjol
I learned to do this when my computer's power supply began failing. It crashed on average 2 times every 3 hours for a week straight. I'm glad I got in the habit of saving so early on in my career. Everytime I tab out of a program, I press Ctrl-S as well. It leads to some funny side effects when I'm tabbing between FireFox and Python. But I've never overwritten my Python scripts with Web Pages :D - Wallacoloo
(1) Theres also the flip side of deleting too many lines and accidentally saving it away, breaking your code. Save-as is just as important! Also, everytime I see the brunette I think he's a guy.. until later in the same comic. - PPTim
(8) @Benjol: don't you mean :w? - Xiong Chiamiov
@Xiong: Don't you mean C-x C-s? - Jon Purdy
[+41] [2009-02-18 09:53:20] Canavar

LOL :) - Thiyagaraj
(3) I had a friend in school who was convinced you can produce a virus on a floppy by vigorously shaking it. - Wez
@keyboardMonkey, LOL this reminded me of someone who thought that if you left CD's out of their cases they could get viruses. - shuttle87
(1) -1 for being JPG. - Andreas Rejbrand
[+40] [2009-03-11 12:03:18] Jason Baker

Signs your coders don't have enough work to do

+1 I guess this is why the tread got bumped :) - Dead account
(7) Alt Text: "It's even harder if you're an asshole who pronounces <> brackets." - Coding With Style - Doppelganger
[+40] [2008-09-21 08:11:46] benjaminperdomo

alt text

The link is broken. - Kyle Rozendo
[+40] [2008-11-19 09:31:04] Željko Filipin

Real Programmers Code in Binary

According to author of this image is Chris Kania and original is at but the entire site is down at the moment.

Looks like that keyboard has one key too many. (Comment from - Željko Filipin
@Zeljko: No, that's the FILE_NOT_FOUND key. - configurator
the 1 and 0 on the keyboard should be swapped (Just preference, but on all the keyboards I've used, it's been 0,1,2,3,...) - Wallacoloo
This is nothing to make jokes about. This is actually how I wrote AlgoSim: - Andreas Rejbrand
(1) The Enter is unnecessary. \r is 00001101. - amphetamachine
With correct timing, the zero is unnecessary too. - Petruza
[+37] [2009-03-28 01:23:02] Paul Morrison

I've got a war to fight!.

[+36] [2009-02-04 05:36:27] Charles Faiga

alt text

[+36] [2008-10-24 06:46:55] ravicini

Not a comic, but a must see for everyone The IT Crowd [1].


Yeah and it's back this week! Roll on Friday! - Valerion
Love that show! you can watch it on the IFC network here in the US - TJB
(3) "The internet doesn't weigh anything!" - Wez
[+36] [2008-09-17 15:48:28] Jeff Thompson

Hulk MMO Cartoon

(4) I have that book. - TraumaPony I'm <Nelson LaQuet>, BTW. 'Nuff said :D - nlaq
@Nelson: I'm about 80% certain you got trolled. - Aupajo
(8) There should be a support group for those of us who want to kill Timmy. - Marius
(3) Do you have a higher resolution picture, because this one has an unreadable text? - Cristian Ciupitu
(7) I can read it. I guess you need higher resolution eyes! - Valerion
<Ctrl-+> is your friend. :-) But seriously, even zooming the size up has its limits. The text does get a bit fuzzy at larger zoom levels. - RobH
[+35] [2008-09-17 16:55:38] Peter GA.

Check this From Apple Desicion on APP.alt text

this would be a lot funnier if it weren't so true - Jared Updike
(3) do they use CSS to hide all the bottom on their site? clever! - alex
(1) @alex, no they simply publish a 1151real.jpg without all the bottom; your way is good too though. - configurator
It took me a while (and had to read the edits) to wonder what I was talking about above! - alex
[+35] [2009-07-29 20:28:15] Robert Greiner

alt text

[+34] [2009-11-19 17:37:23] joerage

Linux is evil:

alt text

(2) well... kill: not enough arguments really (which is funny too in a way) - Otto Allmendinger
(3) Not as funny: `kill: 3: Usage: kill [-s sigspec | -signum | -sigspec] [pid | job]... or kill -l [exitstatus]` - kzh
[+34] [2008-10-24 13:49:08] thismat

Can't help but love it...

alt text

Mouseover text, please? - Michael Myers
According to google (Pi) - (9^2 + (19^2)/22)^(1/4) = 1.00714725 × 10^(-9 ) - Varun
[+33] [2009-01-29 08:53:07] Midhat

Made for grad students, but applies equally to programmers

alt text

PHD Comics - Brain on a Stick [1]


[+33] [2008-09-18 21:25:20] community_owned

alt text

[+33] [2009-07-19 15:19:27] ArsenMkrt

alt text

[+32] [2009-03-08 19:10:10] Burkhard

alt text

[+32] [2009-11-01 21:18:54] streetparade

This Is my favorit. alt text

painfully true.. - community_owned
(9) Even worse if they make a "screen capture" with a digital camera. I've had that happen more than once. Also, if there is a bug/issue tracker involved, they may opt to merely give the path to the word2007 doc instead, yep, with a path like c:\documents and settings.... Had that happen last week. - Chris Thornton
[+32] [2008-09-18 06:07:16] Mihai Lazar

Programmer life

omg it's like poetry! - crosenblum
[+31] [2008-09-20 10:39:52] Pat Notz

"Emacs Thumb" from User Friendly [1]

Emacs Thumb


If you still have it, you might want to provide the link to the actual strip in question. - RobH
Ahhh, they change the image URL... fixed, thanks. - Pat Notz
[+30] [2008-09-22 23:53:37] mike511

alt text

[+30] [2008-09-17 18:12:08] Pascal Paradis

My favorite : Cloud of doom

[+30] [2009-03-09 10:24:00] Diogenes

The Agile methodology was first called extreme-programming, evoking images of dudes with baggy pants, skateboards and inappropriate body piercings coding the company payroll. One of the most controversial practices was 'paired-programming'. Scott Adams explains why... (from Jan 9-11, 2003)

alt text alt text

[+28] [2009-02-22 11:21:26] amit

alt text

Image link is dead - alex
[+28] [2009-09-29 16:46:35] Zannjaminderson

I'm surprised this one was missing:

A Bunch of Rocks

Simply brilliant. - Kevin van Zanten
This may be the single most beautiful thing I have ever read. - amphetamachine
[+28] [2008-11-17 07:23:00] Gerhard

The doomed project

a nice collection [1]


[+26] [2008-09-20 02:57:07] livingtech

My all time favorite is probably xkcd's "Sudo make me a sandwich" comic, but there are SO MANY good webcomics out there that I thought I'd throw some others out for fun:

A co-worker pointed me to Sticks and Stones [1], which just got started pretty recently. It's sort of an xkcd ripoff, but there's some good stuff in there. alt text

Hackles [2] is frequently about programming. This one's probably my favorite: Hackles, by Drake Emko & Jen Brodzik It's not quite a programming comic, but I also really dug this strip from Full Frontal Nerdery [3]:

Full Frontal Nerdity by Aaron Williams


You should split these into separate posts so they can be voted separately. - Frank Szczerba
(1) Having sex with a computer is efficient? - Ellery Newcomer
[+26] [2009-06-06 02:52:11] ldigas

C++ forest [1]

alt text


(3) Beautiful image. - Andreas Rejbrand
[+26] [2009-02-04 06:12:03] Blorgbeard

(sequel to this [1])


Hilarious! Second panel is the best. - Nitrodist
[+25] [2008-09-21 00:16:59] community_owned

Hackles is (was) a great cartoon..

The image will show once your reputation is high enough. - Frank Szczerba
@zibri: Thanks for introducing hackles. It is really great cartoon. Not sure why they stopped doing it. I am going through the archive. - ragu.pattabi
[+24] [2009-01-08 03:39:33] John Clark

I can't believe 6 pages of answers and no one mentions the banana jr 6000 [1]. How quickly we forget.

The other one I love and couldn't find the image for has the punchline "Failure Mr. Jones, is hardly original. Now sit down."

Also from the Bloom County strip.


The image is very small and I can not read the text. - Biswanath
I felt very subversive when I first discovered Bloom County. It was like Peanuts, but every character had a stash hidden under their bed. I really miss it. - Matt H.
[+24] [2008-11-06 15:49:34] community_owned

makes me lol

link [1]


(3) I love the panel regarding the soul. :-) - RobH
(1) I love omni-wheels :) - configurator
[+24] [2008-10-13 10:13:57] Joshi Spawnbrood

(2) -1 for duplicate comic - Robert MacLean
+1 for the last one though :) - Matt
I removed the dup since this is a community wiki. - gradbot
[+24] [2009-09-05 17:20:41] p4bl0

I didn't see this one which is one of my favorite xkcd :

Donald Knuth

(His books were kinda intimidating; rappelling down through his skylight seemed like the best option.)

I would like to know why i get downvoted, this is actually one of my favorite "programmer" cartoon... What have i done wrong here? - p4bl0
Agreed, it made me laugh! - Wez
[+23] [2009-10-15 07:48:25] Dilip

Flash developer

alt text

(2) Wow !! wat a sense of humour you got man.. - solairaja
(4) Unfortunately i know some people who are close to this... - Siblja
yeah you are correct he is one of close friend - Dilip
[+23] [2009-05-08 19:12:09] leeand00

alt text

[+23] [2009-12-02 21:32:28] streetparade

Hello my favorit is this one

alt text

(8) ahh ruby programmers... total d-bags! - DJTripleThreat
(3) Is it bad that this makes me want to learn Pearl? - Hazior
(8) lol, The perl god is standing on a pile of spaghetti. - deft_code
I've never used perl, is spaghetti code common with it? - Dennis
(1) I didn't got the haskell part, I guess it has to do something with purety? - FUZxxl
I'm a Haskell programmer. I don't know how other Haskell programmers look like. I feel so lonely. - comonad
(1) @FUZxxl - The box is empty ;) - Nick Knowlson
[+23] [2008-09-22 23:54:38] mike511

alt text

(5) Ugly, Smelly, Too, P U - Nick Stinemates
[+22] [2008-09-18 04:40:04] community_owned

alt text

Achewood is SUCH a good comic. Every last bit of it. - Stuart Branham
(11) Not like I want to know, but why is the manager only wearing a speedo? - Ellery Newcomer
@Ellery excellent question... - samoz
@Ellery I wondered the same thing... - Jeremy Roberts
(3) 1) He's also wearing a pendant and glasses. 2) He's the pal, once he becomes the "manager", he puts on a shirt and tie. 3) It's Ray. That's just the way he rolls. - Plutor
[+21] [2008-09-17 19:46:00] not-bob

alt text

That was so true in the company that I work for back when it was just a start-up. - RobH
this actually hurts - Bogdan
[+21] [2009-08-05 16:33:51] David Basarab

alt text

[+20] [2009-07-11 01:11:40] Kevin Hakanson

I'm going to show my age with the this 1993 classic: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. [1]

alt text


Your profile tells your age anyways :) - waqasahmed
It's really that old and yet so relevant. Learn something new every day... - flq
[+20] [2009-03-29 18:37:45] ldigas

This one [1] hasn't been here yet. I would post it, but it's a little too big a picture.


Unfortunate that, from personal experience, you can add management to the first as well ... - James Skemp
404'd! :( - could be seen as a commentary, however. - Matt Ball
@Bears - Oh, well. Nothing lasts forever, I guess. On the other side, somebody did post the exact same comic in the answers below, if I remmember correctly. - ldigas
[+20] [2008-09-19 18:08:07] Mike Hordecki

[+20] [2008-09-29 02:33:59] Mauricio Scheffer

What?! No PhDComics? Check this out [1]: alt text

Remember this was 1997!!

Also read the following strips... Hilarious!


[+20] [2008-09-19 22:57:10] Geir-Tore Lindsve

alt text

All strips at - Torbjørn
Whoa, this looks exactly like Order Of The Stick. - Tom
ahh.. just noticed he does have a small comment of OOTS at the bottom. - Tom
[+20] [2008-10-15 20:07:56] Adhip Gupta

Not technically programming related (coz almost all of them are already covered)

A very recent Dilbert one:

alt text

[+19] [2009-07-02 07:26:15] Donar

not directly something about programming, but i guess every programmer knows flowcharts xD

alt text

awesome! it really is helpful, and humorous - Chris B.
I actually have this one posted on my office wall as well as the horse flow chart from graph jam :) - Fry
I wish I could upvote this twice. - harpo
(10) @harpo: you can, I think this comic appears twice in this thread! - dreamlax
[+19] [2009-06-08 10:05:25] Oorang

Edited for grammar :P

Ah, irregular web comic. One of my favorite webcomics, and this is partially why. - Biosci3c
[+18] [2009-05-23 06:10:07] 動靜能量

alt text

which language is he using? (or which company is he working for?)

In response to that last sentence in parenthesis, probably EA games - alex
It's italian. It means "coffee that makes you focused" - Andreas Bonini
That's not Italian at all. It's English it means exactly what it says: concentrate of espresso. And, by the way, the question referred to the programming language! - nico
Actually in spanish, "concentrate" does mean "focus" (imperative). Anyway, don't know the language or company but he sure doesn't have any clue on how to use a mouse. - Petruza
[+18] [2009-03-13 08:10:43] controlbreak

alt text

Could have happened to me (as an UI designer...)

[+18] [2009-02-04 05:31:47] Charles Faiga

alt text

Pepperoni.pzz has expired. - MarceloRamires
[+18] [2008-09-17 17:20:20] DavidGR


Nice BTTF reference - thomasrutter
-1: not related to programming - Péter Török
Too long, did not read. - ing0
[+17] [2008-09-19 19:30:03] community_owned alt text

[+17] [2009-03-10 02:19:50] TFD

alt text

[+17] [2009-11-17 18:53:42] Ondrej Slinták

Lately I started reading Geek Hero Comic. My favorite parts so far:

alt text alt text

[+16] [2008-09-22 23:54:06] mike511

alt text

(guess you have to work on sev zero bugs to get this one)

[+15] [2008-10-03 06:26:18] Mihai Lazar


This is something I found reading about anti-patterns.

[+15] [2008-10-04 23:09:03] pookleblinky

Offtopic, but necessary:

I can't help but notice a large amount of hotlinking of these images.

Golden Rule, people :(

What is the golden rule? - ojblass
the "Don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself"? - frgtn
(2) Awesome, I haven't heard the term "hot linking" since the Clinton administration. - I. J. Kennedy
[+15] [2009-02-17 10:41:57] community_owned

This is old, I'm totally not sure about the permissions and I'm ready to remove it.alt text

[+15] [2009-02-03 20:47:15] Yuval

alt text

(1) like the 'suspicious sounding names' best - thomasrutter
[+14] [2008-09-17 21:07:41] Aidan

So anything on XKCD or Dilbert... WHO would have guessed!

(2) Hmm this answer isn't a programmer cartoon... -1 - thenduks
Fight the power dude! - Aidan
what did you expect ? no alternative cartoon... hmm -1 - MarceloRamires
i don't know who the power is, but i'm coming back for the -1 - PPTim
[+13] [2008-09-17 23:34:33] Steve Hanov

I like these ones (link) [1]...

.. but it could be because I wrote them myself.


[+13] [2008-09-23 07:16:03] Joel

I read this yesterday... made me laugh... FoxTrot Comic

They are beginners, else they started at 0000! - Gamecat
No, 0000 would be where they stand before jumping to 0001. If I remember my hopscotch correctly. - Adriano Varoli Piazza
That's interesting, I've always written binary to read left to right not right to left.. - Ben Daniel
(1) @Ben, so you haven't actually been writing binary at all then have you :P - thenduks
[+13] [2009-02-24 14:14:22] Jason Baker

I think the IT consultant's image is the best:

Reasons why people who work with computers have a lot of spare time [1]

(linking because the picture's pretty big)


[+13] [2009-03-14 08:17:12] SteD

alt text

(6) Wow, that's stupid. - guns
(15) heh its even wrong, in this case head is before <html> :\ - jim
(49) His tattoos are deprecated by current standards :S - Dmitri Farkov
(4) Dmitri Farkov comment is funnier than the picture :) - Robert MacLean
is this HTML, XHTML, or XML? - thephpdeveloper
(4) That's not a programmer.. he's too skinny - 0A0D
(3) ..or not skinny enough - adam0101
[+13] [2009-10-12 03:47:17] yuku

advertisement at stackoverflow

Its the arrow that does it - bobobobo
That is freaking awesome! - orokusaki
I am sure it is marked as accepted :) - Emrah GOZCU
Does it have 0 votes cause the solution is in perl? - intuited
It's about that ad, that giant arrow is pointing at. - comonad
[+12] [2009-09-30 19:05:17] Phil Brooks

LabVIEW programmers would write it this way...

alt text

[+12] [2009-04-29 20:24:05] Charles Faiga

Ten reasons you know you're living in 2009

  1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.
  2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.
  3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.
  4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.
  5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.
  6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home.
  7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.
  9. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.
  10. You're reading this and nodding and laughing. :)

(13) Wrong thread; try the programmer jokes one. (And none of these are programming-related anyway.) - Michael Myers
(1) So true.. almost all of it! It's actually sad to realize this!! - bdhar
(2) When a hack am I living? I do not laugh :( - alemjerus
-1. First, not a cartoon. Second, it's not about programming. Third, it's been swirling around the interwebs since before 2004. - Christian Mann
-1 Not the right place. - Daan
[+12] [2008-09-22 20:59:53] epatel

Just had to put this here

From here [1]


[+12] [2008-09-17 18:45:46] [ebarrera]

I love this one! And it all started here:

Yup, someone delete it - AlbertEin
[+11] [2008-09-21 18:21:46] Jason Baker

When NOT to put a book's author on the cover [1]

Not a comic, but it should be!


That's a great book though - John Nolan
Doesn't he look very professional? - Jonas Gulle
One of my favorites, but you might be right about the photo. Check all of his book covers at… - DOK
I learned a lot from that book! - Colin Mackay
BTW, if you want scary book covers: - Colin Mackay
[+11] [2008-09-25 14:17:40] Palad1

Debugging is a state of mind

From [1]


That is frighteningly close to the visions in my head when I go forth and hunt for bugs. - moffdub
@fatcat1111: now THATS ironic. - BBetances
(1) They've either taken that one down or moved it. :-( - RobH
[+11] [2009-03-09 13:33:07] nEJC

Link fix for InkTanks " Debugging is a state of mind [1]"

alt text

(can't comment - low reputation)


[+11] [2009-10-08 13:45:46] mcintyre321

alt text

from… - mcintyre321
add esp , 8;don't forget anything - Behrooz
-1 for being JPG. - Andreas Rejbrand
[+11] [2009-11-17 07:22:14] flybywire

alt text

(10) duplicate posting - jchapa
[+10] [2009-12-16 13:37:06] Armen Mkrtchyan

alt text

(5) duplicate posting - jchapa
Real programmers enter the ASCII code for new line and carriage return and need no stinkin' Enter key. :P - Petruza
[+10] [2009-05-31 01:53:44] Gabriel

For an Agile shop ... THIS is fantastic... As a dev, it just speaks volumes.

Great Fun: from Implementing Scrum [1] by Clark & vizdos.

alt text


(2) Not programming at all. - Hugo
lol... Over course it isn't. Not related to programming in the slightest. LOL. - Gabriel in the end, the comic made itself be programmer related :P - Andy
Shocking. :D ... - Gabriel
[+10] [2009-07-07 19:01:39] Robert Greiner


Cutting Edge

I dont get it...... - Chris B.
(1) it's from a game called Portal, very cool game. - Robert Greiner
(2) Not really programming. - Hugo
its too much of a stretch to think programmers play computer games - PPTim
(1) Programmers also breathe. Mostly. - intuited
[+10] [2009-05-01 05:45:34] tsps

Not really a programming cartoon. But I think (some) programmers go from enthusiastic newcomers who want to crash it out with technology and become rockstar programmers end up as the cynical manager types. A little bit like this cartoon about lawyers. From the Queen's Counsel

alt text

[+10] [2009-05-19 17:41:13] 動靜能量

alt text

[+10] [2008-11-08 21:10:35] community_owned

I just love

alt text

[+10] [2008-12-07 17:56:00] sundar venugopal

You vs Technology

[+9] [2008-10-13 10:33:47] community_owned


[+9] [2009-07-25 06:25:16] ArneRie

Howdy, this is my favourite. (Also displayed in my office!):

alt text

(16) This is a duplicate. - Michael Myers
[+8] [2009-08-19 15:04:29] David Basarab

It is hideous but I can't look away.  THE KRAMER

[+8] [2009-06-05 06:18:44] ArsenMkrt

alt text

[+7] [2009-08-11 17:50:27] David Basarab

alt text

Was I can do stackoverflow in a weekend [1] the inspiration for this cartoon?


[+7] [2008-11-06 09:04:18] szeryf

From Bug Bash [1]:

alt text


I don't get it. Is the punchline that she has a moustache? - intuited
no, she doesn't have a mustache... - szeryf
[+7] [2008-10-02 14:33:58] Mamut

There's a Russian version of [1] at [2]. What they do now is they take favorite quotes and turn them into cartoons or comic strips. Here's one of my favorite ones: Tester

  1. We've got a clever tester now -What do you mean?

  2. He's found bunch of stuff... A funny symbol there, a weird key combination here. He's real good

  3. But sometimes... I really want to smash his face

Link to site:


(4) thats...not really funny. In Russian OR English. - BBetances
(1) Neither is Doonesbury. Actually this is funnier than Doonesbury. Actually sticking a freshly sharpened pencil under your eyelid and blinking fiercely is better than Doonesbury. - adolf garlic
In soviet Russia jokes laugh at you. - Petruza
[+7] [2008-09-17 22:05:03] Manrico Corazzi

I don't know about my favourite (xkcd and Dilbert are the obvious candidates, or course) but I found Mandatory Fun quite disappointing (sorry Alex, I really do believe that The Daily WTF [1] is one of the best sites for developers out there in the 'net, and I hope the comic will stand up to expectations sooner or later).


me too, the mandatory fun days are'nt that funny. - Nick Masao
No, but at least the responses are....well, used to be. - Bloodhound
Not funny at all... - Benjol
The comic was awful, but the user-submitted versions were often brilliant. - Valerion
[+7] [2008-09-18 16:02:03] Slavus

Geek hero is new but good. Geek hero Geek hero

(8) Duplicate of your own response here on this question. - KTC
(8) In high school i had a "science for the engineer" class and one of the teacher told us that code could be written in any text editor and then gave us a list of examples: "notepad, word...". Then I stand up and left the room. - p4bl0
One of my favorite geekherocomics. It was better at the beginning... - Siblja
[+6] [2008-10-16 00:13:08] Robert Rossney

Tragically, my favorite cartoon is too old to be on the interwebs.

It's from Datamation. (Remember Datamation?) A man is sitting at a desk. There are bits of electronics everywhere. Rubble is strewn into every corner of the room. His face and hair are singed.

He is thinking "It's never done that before."

(1) Had that up in my cubicle for years; wish I could find a copy of it - SqlACID ? - Unreason
[+6] [2009-09-24 05:38:34] fixxxer
    UP VAR!!1

Taken from : KTHXBAI!!

-1: No cartoon. - Reshure
+1 no cartoon but funnier than all of the posted geekherocomics - Stephan Muller
[+6] [2009-07-02 07:09:37] MiffTheFox

[+6] [2009-03-06 06:10:38] Ravi Wallau

alt text

[+5] [2009-06-04 19:59:16] joe

"Helping" out fellow programming co-workers [1]


[+5] [2009-09-25 22:21:44] tbischel

This is my personal favorite... and the name of all my alpha releases! alt text

original link [1]


[+5] [2009-12-28 16:20:00] community_owned

This [1] would be the better link ..


[+5] [2009-10-22 17:49:15] Dinah


Always practice safe RAM. - Mike
[+5] [2008-09-20 04:20:03] Jonas Follesø

The Contiki Strip

A comic set in a small Norwegian software company. All text in English. Check it out at

Contiki Strip Contiki Strip

Oops, that was me last week after TechEd :) - johnc
[+5] [2008-09-17 18:30:15] community_owned

alt text

[+4] [2008-09-19 14:15:01] community_owned

Check out [1] for more


(5) Except input is a self-closing tag. - Dmitri Farkov
(3) and input cannot be in the head D= - thephpdeveloper
XHTML requires all tags to have corresponding closing tags as well... - Kaji
@kaji except self-closing elements like <input /> - Stephan Muller
[+4] [2008-10-10 03:41:19] community_owned

alt text

“In addition, Professor Hopp has discovered a drug that eliminates the human need for sleep.” -- Andrejs R. Strikis ’62

I've had this cartoon, originally published in the Harvard Lampoon, on my bookshelf for more than thirty years.

(1) Image 's broken. - Tchalvak
[+4] [2009-01-08 17:02:04] Veynom

[+4] [2009-11-16 22:05:21] No Refunds No Returns

I wish I could find it: Some suit is doing his drive-by management of the dev team saying "You guys start coding. I'll go find out what they want."

[+4] [2009-05-03 10:24:54] outis

How about a math cartoon [1]?

alt text


[+3] [2009-08-11 03:41:09] MrValdez

Babbage and Lovelace Vs The Client

Includes historical notes


[+3] [2009-06-18 04:39:08] community_owned

I like personally.

[+3] [2008-09-19 12:26:49] whiz

[+3] [2008-09-19 21:34:33] community_owned

Sweet! (Darn 10 char minimum...) - RobH
[+3] [2008-09-19 17:04:13] Mike Hordecki

[+2] [2009-12-02 14:40:20] hkshambesh

alt text

I just don't vote it down because I need another 5 rep. Seriously, this is not half funny and it's a very old image of the "nerd" type of guy. Also the artwork is from the 90s at best. - Camilo Martin
(5) This is a duplicate. - Reshure
[+1] [2009-10-19 15:56:16] Ravi

alt text

(3) Wow, I never thought Bill Gates is left-handed. - Jronny
This is as funny as getting a BSOD on windows. - Petruza
[+1] [2008-10-16 04:49:29] Gerald

I liked the O'Reilly book Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell [1]


[+1] [2008-10-24 14:34:00] Skizz

This is my favorite IT Crowd moment: You Tube Link [1]. Oh, and the smoking room storyline in series two.



[0] [2008-11-03 20:04:24] community_owned

Manageability [1]


[0] [2008-09-20 16:32:07] community_owned

I like the My 25 Percent [1] episode about Acronyms... [2]


[0] [2008-09-18 10:09:54] David Plumpton

alt text

This is from Steve Yegge talking about the verbosity of Java [1].


(3) Steve Yegge talking about verbosity. How ironic. - Konrad Rudolph
[-1] [2008-11-10 14:39:30] BobC

Waiting for Bob

It's not exactly a programming comic, and it's been on "hiatus" since 2002, but some of the stuff holds up well. Lots of pop culture references, albeit dated at this point. I'm hoping for a return, but alas.

alt text

(1) So it's fair to say you're waiting for waiting for bob? - Erik Forbes
Why don't they just use headphones like normal people? - intuited
[-1] [2009-02-03 00:47:34] community_owned

alt text

(8) -1 for being duplicate - Péter Török
[-1] [2009-10-16 21:02:30] Shawn Miller

alt text

(2) Why the whole site? - Ravi
(1) Why not? Everyone's submitting them one at a time anyway, right? - Dinah
[-2] [2009-05-09 08:26:40] a paid nerd

in which we discuss the philosophy of computer science and programming architecture by the seemingly-defunct Standard Out [1]:

in which we discuss the philosophy of computer science and programming architecture


[-3] [2009-05-21 20:27:18] Fredard [1]


(2) This post isn't relevant at all. - Wez
[-3] [2008-11-25 17:12:00] skiphoppy

(1) Is that a humoctopus in the last panel? :-) (Check, or Google it if you've never heard of a humoctopus before.) - RobH
Fun, but I dont quite know how it's programming related. - Brian
I guess folks could see how this is programming related if their management was as inconsistent about what they want them doing as mine is. You mean nobody else has this problem? - skiphoppy
[-6] [2008-12-09 12:20:00] mezoid

For those who have worked at Accenture has some awesome ones...

Here are just a few:

Bold New Changes [1]

Advice [2]

Dinner [3]

Hit and Run [4]

Tech Support [5]

Quitter [6]


Links no longer work - David Laing
[-6] [2008-09-17 16:14:19] Jana

Test Driven Development (TDD) Smiley:

(6) You might want to upload the picture and link to that.. we can't see your c:\ :P - Blorgbeard
[-6] [2009-10-01 08:50:52] Mahin

I liked it very much :) alt text

[-30] [2008-09-17 16:57:07] Laserallan

alt text

lol, but HAX0RING SI ILLEGAL!!!11ELEVEN - Blorgbeard
(36) There should be a badge for having posted something as unpopular as this :) - Laserallan
+1 for Jeff K. Goony goon goon. - Stuart Branham
Well, I thought it was hilarious... - Matt Grande
wyh all teh down votes? Hwo's never written "teh" instead of "the"?! - Hugo
(3) This is brilliant, I don't know what it's been down voted. - LiraNuna
lol pretty good - Sam152
JEFFK IS TEH BOMB!!!1!!!11one!11!! - Kieveli
(5) "You just won the "unpopular" badge. see your profile for details." - Camilo Martin
(2) well, its funny in the "wtf" sense -- and what's even funnier that its got 22 downvotes. that's just - bobobobo
He pronounced lunix wrong. - intuited