Stack OverflowWhat is your favorite "programmer" t-shirt?
[+166] [116] Joe Lencioni
[2008-10-10 19:43:41]
[ fun ]

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This one is pretty good, especially for Star Wars fans [1]:

$DO || ! $DO ; try

I don't get it...nor do I see why a Star Wars fan would like it any more than anyone else. - Thomas Owens
(16) I understand it, but it's too geeky. I would never wear that. - OregonGhost
(45) "Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'" - Jedi Master Yoda - Joe Lencioni
Thomas: My thoughts exactly. - thesmallprint
Yup! I like it too... but, too geeky... You will need to carry around an explanation with it! - Adhip Gupta
Waaaaaaaaay too geeky. - Farinha
(27) I like it. And it requires no explanation. The whole point is to say "I understand something that you do not." That other guy may have the hot women, but he doesn't get my shirt, therefore I am ultimately superior. - Jeffrey L Whitledge
(2) Reminds me of 2B | !2B. - Gamecat
Somehow, looking at all these t-shirts makes me depressed. I think I'll probably always be a developer sans the "culture". - MrBoJangles
Jeffrey L Whitledge. You're great! ja!. and yes you're right. No matter what the people say, no matter what they think, if they can't understand the shirt. - unkiwii
(13) Error in comments: too geeky not defined. - annakata
It's written in PHP? command not found, does that even echo from the cmd line ? - alex
Man i went through and upvoted all the shirts i have.. made me realize how many i have. - Ólafur Waage
@myself - ... or PERL - alex
What if $DO is not defined? Then a try does exist - WTP
@alex how about good old plain sh? You know, the inspiration for Perl (and I guess PHP too in some weird way). @Koning don't know if Perl or PHP do it that way, but (ba|z)sh certainly don't (of course, the shirt require the system not to have a "try" command (in the user's PATH)) - Jürgen A. Erhard
(1) @Joe Lencioni, I wonder how it is that everyone forgets the full quote: "Try not. Do, or do not; there is no try." - zzzzBov
(1) Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a stack overflow t-shirt? thanks. Cheers, - 437704
[+195] [2008-10-11 16:53:57] David Grant [ACCEPTED]

alt text

ya cant see it, although it should be working. The img tag isnt even rendering in the markup - mattlant
thanks - there we go. had to use their other image construct. - David Grant
(2) i like the "made in the usa". nice touch. - Epaga
oh PLEASE post the link for buying this shirt! - Aaron Fi
The link is at the top of the post: - Robert Gamble
My name is Jörgen, it contains the german character 'ö'. I hate the inferior ASCII for not being able to spell my name and all people too incompetent to use Unicode correctly. - Mnementh
(2) Joel Spolsky wrote an article about Unicode and how easy to use it is: - Mnementh
[+147] [2008-10-10 20:17:27] ZombieSheep

Another one... BSOD

I actually have the full core dump version of this shirt, but I hardly ever wear it. For some reason it doesn't look this good ^ on me. ;)

This one is only nice on this model haha - Daok
(42) Incoming votes for boobs in 5 4 3 2... - Robert S.
(99) Upvoting boobs. For a site with "stack" in the name, there sure aren't many pictures of boobs here. - Mike Powell
There are quite a few in this post! ;) - Adhip Gupta
Wonder why this got down-voted. confused - ZombieSheep
(4) We need more pictures of boobs - cciotti
(2) Blue Screens have never been better. Up-voted. - moffdub
(3) man, i wish MY windows would "boobscreen" like that ... i'd have it crash ALL DAY LONG! :) - steffenj
(27) or you could rightfully say: i have a crash on this girl ... ;) - steffenj
(42) This, right here, these comments are why programmers have a bad reputation. - stalepretzel
@scottjames: cheap, but funny :) - annakata
(5) These comments really reflect the demographics of the site :P - bigmonachus
(45) If that was low cut, would it be a stack overflow? - Skizz
(5) No mention of dual-boobing, err, booting? - Jonathan Sampson
(3) @stalepretzel bad reputation? Quite a lot of people have reputation in the 10s of thousands. ;-) - Jürgen A. Erhard
I comment for BLUE SCREEN of death! - effkay
I love BSOD.... - zengr
(7) @stalepretzel these comments also reflects the lack of programmer girls on the field... - JuanZe
(1) Anybody still wants a completely flat monitor? - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
Was this pic for boobs or tshirt .. hmmm !! - Arpit
I suppose none of the comments above were outright sexist, but some did make me feel uncomfortable. </gay feminist geek boy> - TRiG
[+138] [2008-12-18 08:44:10] Brian Rasmussen

I like this one: free the mallocs

alt text

(1) Where did you get that one? - Will Mc
(3) Syswear: - Brian Rasmussen
(2) Too much WoW… I read that as "Free the Murlocs". >.< - Ben Blank
(13) +1 first one that made me laugh :) - Roman Plášil
[+137] [2008-10-10 20:03:10] Robert S.

I'm a real programmer. I'm too fat to wear t-shirts.

(2) my sentiments exactly! - Mark Lubin
(16) Favourite programmer muu-muu, then? - Rob Howard
(1) that made me laugh thanks for this one! - Johannes
Brought tears o my eyes .. lol ! - Arpit
[+128] [2008-10-10 20:22:34] Daok

alt text

Sucks that it's sold out in XL at the moment :-( - Michael Stum
Nice one, but "all my base are" would have been enough. therefoer I don't like it. - Nils Pipenbrinck
I has that :D Its lovely - Ólafur Waage
(41) Any good CSS geek would write that as "#F00" and "#00F" :) - Bobby Jack
(2) that is so freakin' awesome. And poetic. - Ronny Brendel
Great! The second best for me But It's hilarious :D - unkiwii
Where can I get it? - Dan Hewett
where do they sell this shirt? :) - rick
Always been one of my favourites. Which is hard to admit, since I make a living selling gaming t-shirts, and unfortunately, this isn't one of mine! - Gary
Roses may sometimes be #FF0000, but violets, however, are #550055, I am sorry guys. They are always violet. - Pavel Radzivilovsky
[+128] [2008-10-11 00:18:26] Blorgbeard

And if you're a girl, these:

(20) Upvote... For the ear-rings. - Adhip Gupta
love the ear rings where can i get them? - Scott James
(2) here:… - Blorgbeard
+1 for the head tag earrings! Awesome! - Tom Leys
[+116] [2008-10-10 20:05:16] WolfmanDragon

alt text

(29) I like this one more... There are 10 types of people in the world: those who can read ternary, those who can’t and those who mistake it for binary! - Adhip Gupta
(1) I have this one ... - John Rudy
(1) This is a classic - Farinha
I have this one too! - milot
only 101 up votes ... - h3xStream
(2) There are x kinds of people in the world - those who understand base x, all the kinds who think there are (x-1) kinds of people, and those who can't count. ;) – - moonshadow
there are two types of people in the world - those who understand recursion and there is one type of person in the world. - Omer van Kloeten
10 kinds? What about the other 1000 ? - some
I'm wearing that shirt right now! - Zifre
There are 10 types of people, those who are tired of that joke and those who have never been on the internet;P - Oorang
abs luv this one! this used to be my email signature for quite a while - hangar18
[+115] [2008-10-10 19:59:17] Michael Stum

Call me a Fanboi, but I think i'll actually have a Visual Studio T-Shirt made, like the one on my Gravatar.

Apart from that, a T-Shirt that just contains the Letters "FCKGW" came into my mind as well, as a hommage of all the PC Technicians who had to deal with customers who did not (want to) understand why you are not able to install Service Pack 2 on their Windows Version. But i think i'm 7 years late for that idea.

But one of my favorite already-existing Shirts has to be this:

alt text

(18) Nice. This comment is enough social interaction for one day. - OregonGhost
Cool, This reply is enough social interaction for one day. - Ólafur Waage
(11) FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-... mm.. i don't remember any more.. ja.. i'm just amazed of how much people have this copy of Windows. - unkiwii
Anyone who's gone to a few tech eds has WAY too many visual studio t-shirts. - Aardvark
(15) Am I the only one who always, unconsciously, hears "FCKGW" pronounced as 2 English words? (The 2nd one is "Windows") - Adam Liss
I always heard the last word as "Gateway" - Stuart Branham
[+110] [2008-10-10 19:52:09] moonshadow

Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script

Very useful in day-to-day dealings. With this T-shirt, a meaningful look is enough ;)

One of my TAs has this shirt... and about 100 other programmer joke shirts. - TM.
Tagged as belongs-on-serverfault - Aardvark
omg..hillarious - Suraj Chandran
[+96] [2008-10-10 19:47:01] ZombieSheep

The most useful one...

No, I will not fix your computer

haha... cool one! - Adhip Gupta
(4) I really need to get one of these... - Farinha
I want it. i'm tired of ppl bringing me old comps to fix. I almost want to tell them its not fixable, go buy a new one so i don't have to see it in 2 months - WalterJ89
(11) I've got this tshirt. Whenever someone who I haven't heard from in a while unexpectedly invites me round for dinner, I always wear this :) - Rob Levine
Wore this on my xmas doo :) - Pace
I actually have this one.. But when you wear it, people will remember, and ask you to fix your computer when you wear your another geek shirt.. Its better to say you are a pilot! - Arcturus
[+90] [2008-10-10 20:18:01] Robert S.

There's no place like

Hot girls always get modded up . . . - cciotti
Yeah, a girl like that would wear that shirt... - moffdub
(1) I want to see one with: "There's no place like localhost" "There's no place like" "There's no place like ::1" - Brad Gilbert
Think geek used to/have these printed on female panties as well. - Cory Dee
(56) There's no place like localhost? That doesn't make a lick of sense. It SHOULD read: "There's no place like ~". - chazomaticus
(5) Um, it's "home." As in, the machine you're on. - Robert S.
mm... i want to go to her :P - alex
(1) I actually do like ~ better, but it almost seems /more/ nerdy - to the extent where not even many self-proclaimed nerds will get it. I think I like it that way :) - Matchu
well, Im not a native english speaker - but couldn't this actually semantically mean: "There is no better place than home"? - Gnark
@Gnark Yes. It's from The Wizard of Oz. - Maxpm
@Maxpm. It's not from the Wizard of Oz. "There's no place like home" is a very old phrase. - TRiG
[+71] [2008-10-10 20:18:46] dmeister

I like this LISP/Scheme-Shirt of the "Upsilon Pi Epsilon"(UPE) at UC Berkleley: alt text

Unfortunatelly, these UPE guys didn't want to ship it outside Berkeley.

(1) the only one that made me LOL :-) - Jonathan Rauch
(3) Damn, I want that one! :< - Peter B. Bock
You can also make a "you complete me" joke with this one before the "let's cons." - mandaleeka
(1) I need to ask one of my buddies at Berkeley to get one of these for me. - Don Werve
(24) Picture of hot girl with geeky t-shirt. Then a picture of her shirt. Now we need another pic of the hot girl :-> - Commander Keen
This is awesome. Truly geeky. - Beska
Image broken :( - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
Image link fixed - dmeister
[+66] [2008-10-10 19:54:52] Gamecat

I like reverse engineer. It's so like me.

reverse engineer

(5) Shouldn't this shirt just say "reenigne" ? - Joe Lencioni
(10) Does a reverse engineer see a reverse psychologist when he is depressed? - 1800 INFORMATION
(1) Nah, I'm never depressed, I'm only reading disturbing code. - Gamecat
[+56] [2008-10-10 20:15:03] BoltBait

This shirt:

Based on this comic:

(3) You can get that on a shirt at You may want to grab the real images... - Jack Bolding
Wait... someone downvoted me on a subjective question? What a jerk! - BoltBait
maybe they didn't know it was a shirt - Ryan
Or maybe they just didn't like the shirt... isn't that what the down vote is for? (for the record, I do like it) - Turambar
I'm wearing this shirt right now! - PatrickJ
[+55] [2008-10-11 00:12:41] docgnome


Regex... Nice! But again, too geeky for the common populace! - Adhip Gupta
That's the point. =) - Erik Forbes
(2) There certainly a lot of Shakespeare references. - Brad Gilbert
That regex is wrong! It says "Two 'b's or Two 'not b's". It should be /(2b|[^2][^b])/. - 1800 INFORMATION
"to be or to not b" is equivalent to the original. - sep332
(4) @1800 INFORMATION: Should it not be (b{2}|[^b]{2})? - BenAlabaster
@sep332 - Except for the Star-Trekian grammar error. - Chris Lutz
(2) I think it should be /2b|[^2]b/. 1 800 INFORMATIONS sounds like "to be or not to not be", and that don't make a lick of sense. - tj111
question="/(bb|[^b]{2})/" - Cerin
[+55] [2009-04-20 23:43:39] NotDan

Not a T-Shirt, but Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" boxers are pretty funny...

I'm Feeling Lucky Boxers

[+54] [2008-10-12 04:54:21] jjacka

alt text

I have a clue. therefore I am not a user. - Brad Gilbert
hahahahahhahahaha - acidzombie24
(26) The correct spelling of the table name is 'managers'. - Jonathan Leffler
[+53] [2008-10-11 18:08:35] bk1e

I like this one even better than the one that David Grant posted.

alt text

( link [1])


Agreed. This one is awesome. - Jeff Davis
[+50] [2008-10-11 00:35:43] Chris Boran

RSA - Restricted Munitions Shirt

[+49] [2008-10-12 20:05:12] Telos

I can't believe no one posted this yet:

alt text

Where can I buy one? Did you photoshop this? - Josh Stodola
You should be able to find it somewhere on Jeff Atwood's blog... not sure where at this point though, sorry! - Telos
[+49] [2008-11-28 13:40:58] Fredriku73


alt text

[+48] [2008-10-13 20:34:34] KPexEA

alt text

(65) Is it just me, or is that shirt partially see-through? ;) - gnovice
(1) it might not be just you, lol - Idan K
(2) I see them! Unless its two convieniently places stains. - xenon
(1) I'd buy the shirt just for this picture! lol I don't get out much. - Rick Ratayczak
(7) Nice nipples ;) - Andrei Rinea
(1) Subliminal Message received, buy shirt! - Ioxp
(1) 404 doesn't work!!! I have seeonly partial access! - Behrooz
[+47] [2008-10-10 20:25:53] Adhip Gupta

I like this one a lot:

alt text

(2) dead + 1 = 57006 - Gamecat
(4) deae, more like it. - Adriano Varoli Piazza
(45) 1, if you're one of the group of 0xdead people, otherwise zero - there is an AND in there. - CAD bloke
@CAD: hahaha, good point! - Dan
Very nicely done. - romandas
excelent ! :) ajja.. i have to use my calculator to see how many - unkiwii
[+45] [2008-10-10 20:06:14] Daok

alt text

a rare clever t-shirt with a well-thought out front, back and content! LOL - DarenW
[+44] [2008-10-10 19:50:47] OregonGhost

Though not exactly for programmers, try this Wi-Fi detection shirt [1] from ThinkGeek.

Wi-Fi detection shirt from ThinkGeek


that is kickass! - Bryan Denny
no dang way! that is the coolest thing I've seen all week! - Jared Updike
Really ... it comes with animation! ?? - Arpit
@Arpit: Not an animation. It shows the current Wi-Fi signal strength. Of course, this is animated when you're moving, or when the signal moves... - OregonGhost
[+42] [2008-10-11 00:31:55] Toby Hede

I made this one because the question is the ultimate trump card in any language/framework/architecture debate.

but will it scale

where I can I buy this one? (preferably a European shop) - Ronny Brendel
I must have this shirt, link please! - Chris Ballance
Here: - Toby Hede
got to remember this question... could be really useful. - Arnis L.
[+41] [2009-06-14 21:02:24] Kevin D.

There are many "programmer shirts" I like but these are my favorites:

You shouldn't be able to read this... Thou shalt not follow the Null pointer

Using comments in HTML to make text unreadable is the worst security hole I've ever heard of in my entire life. Sorry. - WTP
[+39] [2008-10-12 01:47:33] community_owned

Think Globally. Act Within Local Variable Scope. [1]


(5) My second-favorite, behind Declare variables, not war. - Maxpm
[+35] [2009-07-01 02:10:33] Stan R.

holy cow, i can not believe nobody posted this one yet. One of my favorites !! alt text

+1 Wish I owned one of these! - giddy
[+34] [2008-10-10 23:31:25] Simon Gillbee

Im a pogramar
Iam a programer
I'm a programor
I write code

alt text

(3) I have to say, I don't get it.. Is there a stereotype about programmers not being able to spell that I'm not aware of? - Blorgbeard
Yes there is. It may be unfair to the small amount of those who can spell, but the stereotype is mostly true. We make good poets as well.;) - WolfmanDragon
(14) Most of the good programmers I've encountered in my career have had excellent spelling. I am completely surprised by this. I mean, look at most of the stuff on stackoverflow (ignoring dumb questions and English novices) as an example. As an aside, one of my grad professors used to dock points for bad spelling in code. - Stuart Branham
(4) All of the programmers I know have excellent spelling skills. Some of them have trouble with spoken English, but they can spell everything. I think it's an attention-to-detail thing. - Martha
(11) Sorry, but the stuff on stackoverflow has mostly crappy spelling and grammar when it first arrives. There are just hordes of obsessive-compulsive correcters making the site readable. - Svante
(3) I made an LJ icon which is is similar, but says "I rite code; I right code; I wright code; I hack" - Brian Postow
(1) That stereotype is so unfair. Why, I can spell tens of words! - Oorang
plese send me teh codez! - james
[+28] [2008-10-12 01:12:32] Ryan

I bought this shirt on as soon as it appeared...

alt text

This shirt was designed by my friend Paige. :) Here's a link: - Philip Durbin
Link is bombed. - new123456
@new123456 thanks, fixed - Ryan
[+28] [2008-10-12 21:33:53] starec


Jay I like that one - WTP
(1) And a hat with <head>, and shoes with </body> - yuudachi
I wanna this one :D Link to buy ? - genesis φ
The markup is invalid. - Dan Abramov
[+27] [2009-06-14 22:05:18] Ólafur Waage

I failed the Turing test

Link to buy. [1]


[+27] [2009-05-07 13:58:39] binOr

Reality is where the pizza man comes from.

[+26] [2008-10-24 13:37:33] milot

I have this one and of course this is my favorite:

alt text… - superUntitled
(1) shouldn't it be "do { success = try(); } while(!success);" for "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" ? - SnOrfus
This is's fault -> - milot
(2) will not work in Java, try is reserved - medopal
will not work in C++ either... - missingfaktor
(7) if( ! success() ) { try { try { again(); } } } - Carson Myers
Shouldn't it be succeed == try()? - erikric
[+26] [2008-10-12 20:45:49] Ichorus

I wish they were still making this one...

Chairman Mao RTFM

(1) They still are:… - Nick
[+25] [2009-03-31 17:59:33] Adam Pope

They say when you play that Microsoft CD backward you can hear satanic messages ... but that's nothing. If you play it forward it will install Windows.

(3) -1 =( Was expecting a funny t shirt! not MS hate. - giddy
(1) @giddy Mac users... they can't do anything write. :) - muntoo
[+24] [2009-06-14 22:06:16] Ólafur Waage

No comment

Link to buy. [1]


+1 I have this one :) - del-boy
[+24] [2008-10-12 04:42:17] Robert Gamble

alt text

+1 for SMTP, one of my favourite geek jokes - Andrioid
(1) Taken from the MS Exchange blog's tagline. - tsilb
alternate idea... you had me at <hello world program>, referring some programming language.. - rao
"...So, you come to this foo() bar() often?" - Maxpm
[+24] [2008-11-28 13:50:42] Slee

alt text

I'd rather write

programs that write

programs than write


Is this a LISP hacker shirt? or a compiler writer shirt? - Jared Updike
(1) You can do code generation in any language that can write out a text file - and indeed you should. - Daniel Earwicker
(8) Jon Skeet does this all the time. His program-writing programs even ask questions on SO. - WTP
(4) I'd rather write programs that write goto: programs that write - Liran Orevi
@WTP which he has to himself answer - Suraj Chandran
[+24] [2008-10-10 20:31:46] lajos

one up

(1) Not exactly programming related, but I'll pretty much upvote anything Super Mario. - John Rudy
[+23] [2009-05-29 22:30:17] Hamish Downer

another xkcd great:



Original cartoon [1]


This is the best ! - Yassir
Just bought this t-shirt! - xenon
[+22] [2010-01-14 09:38:49] effkay

My favorite:

alt text

nice one same here :) - Salil
A friend of mine has this one too. - WTP
[+22] [2008-10-10 20:21:46] Bob Somers


Here's that shirt. I have it too. (This is not me, though.)

alt text

haha, yes that's it! only mine was light blue. - Kon
(10) I love the un-intended finger - ceretullis
can you post a link please? - Kyle Trauberman
had one in light blue that i wore to a job interview (i got it) - Triptych
[+21] [2008-10-10 20:24:55] lajos

do not expose to direct sunlight

alt text

My network admin has this one. :) - Bill the Lizard
(2) Adam Savage wore this once on Mythbusters! - TomA
[+21] [2008-12-13 01:52:06] ceretullis

alt text

[+19] [2008-10-11 15:37:50] Moishe

Google SREs all got t-shirts that read

I have root @google

Simple & bad-ass.

That would go for hundreds if not thousands on ebay. Anyone have a pic? - sep332
(6) @sep332: $100-$1000: root @ google or the t-shirt? - Jared Updike
[+18] [2008-10-16 16:17:43] seanyboy

I like this one...

alt text

AHA! That explains so much about C++ ! - sep332
(4) After reading 1984 I couldnt help but read c++ as C double-plus. Damn you Orwell - Neil Aitken
lol, this one is cool - xenon
(3) Doubleplusgood 1984 reference - Hooked
FYI, you can buy this from - Anirvan
I'm so proud of myself for understanding the reference. - Maxpm
[+17] [2008-10-12 02:04:42] Matt Hanson

alt text

(22) I always hated this one, because DOS uses backslashes, not forward-slashes. - Brad Gilbert
Good call. That subtle difference really does take the fun out of it. - Matt Hanson
(2) Indeed. I love the idea, but the loss of backslashes robs the maker of a sale... - Robert K
[+17] [2008-10-11 17:16:36] dave

Image Link [1]

alt text

No, I mean to act like this, it's not a bug.


You'll have to file it under "feature request" - Jimmy
[+17] [2009-05-29 23:34:16] Thomas Levesque

I can't believe no one posted this one [1] yet !

$ man woman $ No manual entry for woman

$ man woman

$ No manual entry for woman


(8) Why does the second line have "$ " in front? - community_owned
[+17] [2009-05-29 20:59:11] Canavar

These two are nice for caffeine junkies:

definition of programmer

(1) The second one should read: 'an organism that turns caffeine and sugar into software'. (As in coffee and doughnuts. :-) ) - RobH
It's all a reference to Erdos anyway... - Brian Postow
[+16] [2009-04-19 22:26:37] superUntitled

(2) lol, oh yes little bobby drop tables we call him - xenon
(1) whoops, s/drop// - xenon
HAHAHA LOL. +1 from me. - the_drow
(15) Except, they called him "little Bobby tables" : - SnOrfus
[+15] [2008-10-10 19:48:10] Bill the Lizard

alt text

I happen to own this one. Have to be careful the audience though. Some folks have no idea what it means. ;) - Abyss Knight
Isn't that the point? g - OregonGhost
(1) @Abyss Knight - I hadn't even thought of that! Funny the assumptions you make when you're in one domain for so long. :) - Bill the Lizard
(3) This will get you slapped in Australia. heh heh - CAD bloke
(1) My very favorite sweatshirt - it helps filter who's who :) - scraimer
(1) Yeah me too - here in Scotland someone once asked me if it refered to some new street drug. - Cruachan
[+14] [2008-10-12 10:40:14] CAD bloke

RTFM from ThinkGeek

Yes, I wear it all the time and yes, people actually ask what it means.

(1) Or the modernized version: - Chris Noe
(1) Someone I used to work with (and coincidentally Chris too) used to have it as his license plate. - CoverosGene
RTFM license plate - I like it. Kudos. Also, there's a somewhat less polite alternative to Chris' modern version I'd wear that t-shirt. - CAD bloke
So do you tell them Read The Friendly Manual, or the other version? - kastermester
(1) it depends .... actually, "friendly" never occurred to me. I do, however, tell some clients that WTF means Waiting To Finalize. - CAD bloke
Of COURSE people ask what it means! - Daniel C. Sobral
[+13] [2008-10-12 19:03:29] Kasper Vesth

I see dead pixels :)

(1) I saw that in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', wanted it ever since - johnc
Buy a Beamer =) - WTP
[+13] [2008-10-10 20:14:18] Rudi

"Linux Cheat Shirt" from

[+13] [2009-05-29 23:14:22] Sander Marechal

A coworker of mine came up with the phrase. I created the design and ordered a couple from cafépress. If you want the original hi-res version with transparent background then let me know!

Schrödinger's cat is <blink>not</blink> dead

I based the colors on the wombat color scheme for Vim, by far my favorite.

(18) not W3C compliant ;) - Thomas Levesque
Hmm, wombat is nice :) - Roman Plášil
pretty smart, like it. - Pim Jager
(9) This makes the second appropriate use of blink that I've seen. - community_owned
@Roger, what was the first? - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+13] [2009-07-23 12:24:09] community_owned

Knuth is my homeboy

alt text

[+12] [2009-07-23 12:19:35] plinth

Microsoft was giving away write-on shirts at PDC 2008. This is how I did mine:

alt text

( link [1])


[+12] [2009-05-29 20:37:48] Oorang

I'm old school :)

It sounds dirty, but it's not

+1 for memories long forgotten. - Metro Smurf
ahh the gold old days. - Neil N
[+12] [2008-10-10 19:58:15] Jason Etheridge

The "code monkey" shirt from ThinkGeek [1], which I wear to work on a regular basis...

alt text


Like that. Unfortunately ThinkGeek's shipping is not particularly cheap, if living in the EU ;) - OregonGhost
[+12] [2008-10-12 02:03:41] Marcel Tjandraatmadja

alt text

(2) That's neat. I really like it because it has style (not like all the other geek shirts: white font on black) and has a serious wish in it :D - furtelwart
somehow she is not hot enough above neck - Suraj Chandran
[+11] [2008-10-16 17:43:06] mpez0

I have a tee shirt that I wear when leading tech classes.

It is just "/nev/dull"

[+11] [2009-12-16 09:58:40] jhwist

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.

[+11] [2009-07-23 11:51:26] brianegge

`That's weird! It works on my machine

[+11] [2010-03-10 06:09:15] Simon Lieschke

alt text

[+10] [2009-12-16 12:36:55] Robert Grant

There's only one that fits the bill:

Well? What part?

what is this? (too small to read easily) - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+9] [2009-06-14 21:41:54] Kyle Cronin

alt text

(7) Only a silver badge for that? - alex
(9) Anyone who would wear this shirt most certainly is not. - WesleyDavid
[+9] [2008-10-12 22:17:22] Edo

Will that even compile?

alt text

From The Daily WTF Gear. (Apparently no longer available.)

[+9] [2008-10-12 21:05:13] Vicent Marti

Call me a fashion victim, but I like programming t-shirts which actually look good. These ones for instance are stylish enough for my nerdy desires:

alt textalt text

(3) A hammer going at it with a wrench is stylish? :) - Will Mc
You should not be permitted to buy clothes and you should be banned from ever working as a stylist. - foljs
Isn't that shirt at the left the Monad.Reader logo (Haskell) or did someone misappropriate that from the T-shirt? - Jared Updike
@foljs: you want to encourage a programmer to be a nudist? - Jared Updike
(4) Hey, where can I get the right shirt? (a specific link would be nice :) ) - Liran Orevi
(3) The left shirt makes me think of a tool-wielding Gordon Freeman... - Kyte
[+9] [2008-10-11 15:43:07] mattlant

My fave

alt text

THIS SHIRT BELOW IS PHOTOSHOPPED! I did this so I could show what it would look like on a real T-Shirt. I plan to make one of these sometime when i stop procrastinating!!

alt text

In case you dont know, it's dave's T-Shirt from Code Monkeys [1]


Links broken :( - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+9] [2008-10-10 21:11:23] Michael Zanussi

alt text

[+8] [2008-10-22 19:42:59] Tim Scott

alt text alt text

@TimScott: Dupe. - Ande Turner
(1) @Tim Scott : Dupe from me with about 20x more vote :P - Daok
(1) The human wearing it should be in a CDATA block or he will be parsed. Ouch. - WTP
[+7] [2008-10-12 19:34:05] Hauge

I've always wanted a shirt that used MS's phrase from msdn: "This behavior is by design"

[+7] [2008-10-10 19:56:16] Dave Ganger

I like this one from ThinkGeek [1]

alt text


(7) R.I.P. Douglas Adams. - Matias Nino
(6) Yup... ever tried… ? - Adhip Gupta
(2) Yes, I try that once in a blue moon ( - Myrrdyn
How many roads must a man walk down? - unkiwii
DNA FTW:) But still it's not really a programmer shirt, just a geek shirt. - Oorang
[+7] [2010-03-10 06:09:31] Magwich

The classic "Hello World" geek t-shirt.

A classic programmer's t-shirt!

Simple and awesome. I WANT IT. - Maxpm
Here is a link to the page:… - Magwich
[+7] [2010-03-19 18:09:30] jasonk

alt text

Half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging.

alt text

[+6] [2009-05-30 00:05:06] Brett

My friend and I in college had this idea, never put it on a shirt though.

Nobody likes a deadbeat parent process. Please fork() responsibly.

[+6] [2009-05-29 22:44:48] Robert Munteanu

insufficient memory

Since I'm a java programmer :-)

[+5] [2009-05-29 23:06:39] Jonathan Leffler

I have an ancient shirt that reads:

The reference to Palm dates it (long before iPhone - or maybe it was enormously prescient and predicting the Palm Pre).

[+5] [2008-10-10 19:59:14] Daok

alt text

I would definitely look good if you wear your undies out like Supercoder!! - Arpit
[+5] [2008-10-10 20:00:34] Daok

alt text

[+5] [2008-10-10 20:45:02] S.Lott

I'm Not Really a Wizard, I Just Use Python

From PyCon 2007

And I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. - Michael Myers
[+5] [2008-10-12 22:00:58] Joe

I rock at basic! [1]

alt text


[+4] [2008-11-28 14:07:52] milot

This is also interesting, I have this one but it's not fully programming related:

alt text

This just looks like one of those they give out on seminars - melfar
Link broken :(... - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+4] [2008-12-13 02:16:05] Hamish Smith

alt text

I've been wearing this to work for years.

I like 1337-666-700 better. - WTP
[+4] [2009-12-16 10:22:56] Stringer

alt text

Not available commercially.

(1) The only thing missing from this t-shirt is the sickle and hammer or the soviet star ;) - ceretullis
[+4] [2009-07-23 12:15:49] plinth

alt text

Oberlin Computer Science Department Shirt in 1989. ( link [1])


I got there in 90, and was very envious of everyone who had these shirts - Brian Postow
[+4] [2009-07-23 12:16:19] Dusty

Oldie but goodie.
alt text

[+4] [2010-03-19 18:06:14] jasonk

best ever Maternity shirt

[+4] [2011-02-24 05:46:47] Elland

Quite like this one

[+3] [2010-05-26 13:28:05] Gary Willoughby

alt text

(1) Store link, please - Pavel Radzivilovsky
Added a store link - Gary Willoughby
[+3] [2009-06-14 20:50:44] Mark Harrison

Here's a collection of Tcl-wear:

and shirts that go way back, at the digibarn:

and my personal favorite, for obvious reasons:

so so classy, how fashionable. - thomasrutter
[+3] [2008-10-16 16:12:10] Vijay Dev

"If all else fails, manipulate the data"

[+3] [2008-10-16 16:24:19] unkiwii

This is certainly my favorite t-shirt, i have to say that it's from my invention but is a modification to this [1]

Don't give up

PS: The language is Python


(35) "succed"? FAIL! - Simon Howard
@Simon Howard: lol... +1 for comment ;) - ceretullis
(4) It doesn't look python unless you drop the unnecessary parenthesis. - utku.zih
[+3] [2008-10-16 17:41:05] Milner

As a DB guy...

alt text

(3) was already there. - codymanix
[+2] [2009-12-16 10:20:01] Pavel Radzivilovsky

There's no place like

(1) Duplicate. Saw this earlier but with an actual image... - Frank V
[+2] [2010-05-26 08:42:12] Bertolt

I'd love to have this one:

[+1] [2010-06-01 13:50:17] Jamie

Now this is my kind of logic!!!

(4) The real test is how many people come up to you and critique the code: "The == true is redundant, you know." - Richard Morgan
@Richard Morgan +1 For reading my mind:) - Oorang
Agreed, the == true redundancy kinda ruins it - yuudachi
Seems like it's an infinite loop, unless end_sleep(), end_cry(), start_cry() or start_sleep() sets still_a_baby to false. :-) - Victor
[+1] [2011-01-25 06:13:30] KingofBliss

enter image description here

[+1] [2010-03-18 06:34:41] Arkapravo

Idiot Inside

alt text

[+1] [2010-03-10 05:51:36] kyoryu

A few years ago, NewTek had a shirt at a GDC that said "Piss Off, I'm Coding." On the back of the shirt, of course.

[+1] [2009-07-23 12:18:04] plinth

alt text

Oberlin Computer Science Department Shirt, 1988 ( Dragon Curve [1], rendered in PostScript) ( link [2])


[+1] [2009-07-23 12:05:59] Vicky

I get mine printed myself. My favourite ones are

/* programmers */
do {
} while (1);

and one that has my initials in ASCII binary.

I also have one that simply says "THAT SOFTWARE WOMAN" which was how a client once referred to me when he couldn't remember my name, and I thought it was quite a good way to refer to me really :-)

[+1] [2009-07-23 11:37:57] fandelost

This one, but it needs your help to be real [1].

alt text

(based on this [2])


[+1] [2009-07-01 01:51:42] fakeleft

this one when the PHB pisses me off:

alt text

A stapler? Care to explain the joke for us aliens? - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
@Thorb It's from a great movie called Office Space. - Maxpm
[+1] [2009-07-01 01:56:05] glasnt

Anything from xkcd store or

[+1] [2009-05-29 23:46:27] bug-a-lot

One that has the following text written: "It's not a bug. It's a feature!"

It's not a feature, it's a bug! - WTP
[+1] [2008-10-10 20:55:52] Kluge

Still my favorite shirt (from now-defunct

Never write a line of code that anybody else can understand.

[0] [2008-10-11 00:27:29] Paul Croarkin

Back when it looked like Apple might discontinue Objective-C in favor of Java, some wags printed shirts emblazoned with:

[objective-c retain]; - Quinn Taylor
Objective-C > Java - WTP
[0] [2008-12-13 02:07:34] ceretullis

alt text

[0] [2008-12-18 09:29:23] Stephen Belanger

I also have another one that says "If at first you don't succeed, burn the evidence.", one that says "I void warranties" and another that says sudo tail -f /dev/null | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n...and so on and so on.

[0] [2008-10-12 21:06:41] Joeri Sebrechts

If you can read it, the message isn't meant for you.

(6) translated: you are dumb - Brad Gilbert
ASCII or UniCode? - WTP
(1) Koning Baard XIV: write "unicode is not an encoding" 1000 times on the blackboard ;) - Roberto Bonvallet
(In case you meant UTF-8, it's the same as ASCII in the 0-127 range) - Piskvor
@Roberto Bonvallet for (int i = 0; i < 999; i++) { puts("unicode is not an encoding"); }. - WTP
[0] [2009-05-29 20:50:42] Vin

This for all those who are in to Code Generation

"Generator generates the generated code"

[0] [2009-06-21 12:10:28] Stewart Robinson

I break for control loops