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[+52] [9] Mike Robinson
[2011-04-01 16:04:39]
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While performing some regression testing on the site, I found a number of issues with IE3. I've taken a look at the CSS and HTML, and most of it is pretty standard. We're doing a little bit of javascript compilation and I have some custom jQuery UI components, but I can't figure out where the rendering error is coming from. I've attached a screenshot just in case.

Please help I have to fix this today!

IE3 Error

(22) April fools...? - wsanville
IE3!!.. opps i don't even have one to test it :(..are you fooling us ? - Shekhar_Pro
well IE-3 i dont know but i prefer some kind a editor breakpoint enabled like Visual Studio and debug your javascript and it will show u where is the error - Marwan
(3) +7 vote for an Antique!!! I never saw this browser before! :O - Jalal Amini
(5) Hmm, I'm not sure on the issue, so whilst you're busy fixing it I'd suggest putting this up so everyone knows you're working on it! - SeeSharp
When was the last time you did your regression testing? - Daniel A. White
@Shekhar, Windows XP users can obtain IE3 through the now-discontinued Multiple IEs tool. - Lord Torgamus
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IE3 ?You should update! - lam3r4370
For those of you who are not part of the elite group of people who use IE3, you can download this robust browser in the Evolt Broswer Archive. - Peter Of The Corn
(1) Newsweek has an older demographic than most and a heavy dentist contingent, so I have to make sure that we support all browsers - Mike Robinson
This question has the poorest answers ever. Bunch of spoilsports. - BoltClock
IE3 has known issues with Javascript and CSS. You should roll back to IE2, which is a stable version. - lunchmeat317
[+38] [2011-04-01 16:06:56] Oded [ACCEPTED]

Try updating your DOS to 6.22 - may help.

(2) is there a service pack for Dos ? - Dmitriy Naumov
(13) @Dmitriy - Yes. It's called 'Tres' - Dan Esparza
Thanks this fixed it. I can't believe it was something so simple! Now I just have to go upgrade my users systems. - Mike Robinson
[+18] [2011-04-01 16:27:31] CanSpice

IE3 cannot support jQuery. What you want to do is render your site in a modern browser, then run a screencapture program to capture your animations. Turn the capture into an animated GIF, then use that (and that only, using an image map [1]) as your website.

IE3 users around the world will thank you for thinking of them!


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[+8] [2011-04-01 17:02:16] Peter Of The Corn

JQuery does not yet support IE3. There are plans to add IE3 support in version 1.6.

In the meantime, you can just take a screenshot of every webpage in a supported browser and have IE3 users navigate the site with an image map [1].


That's actually rather brilliant! - chris
(4) Best solution ever, might consider that for IE6 - murdoch
[+5] [2011-04-01 17:02:32] Richard JP Le Guen

It looks like your site was implemented with JavaScript Style Sheets [1] - no versions of Internet Explorer support JSSS, so you'll want to use a more modern technology instead.

You might want to try using vbQuery in conjunction with ie3-js:

<!-- Add this instruction to tell non-IE compliant browsers to skip over the VB modules
    Dim jsss = $FIND "style[type='javascript']"
    $REMOVE jsss
    Dim docHead = $FIND "head"
    $APPEND docHead "<LINK HREF=\"STYLE.CSS\">"
End Sub
[1] http://Sheets

[+5] [2011-04-01 16:06:36] Eli

I am hoping this is an April Fools joke, but jQuery does not support IE3.

[+1] [2011-04-01 17:27:02] Mike Cavaliere

I dont know what you all are talking about - that screenshot looks just fine.

If it ain't fixed don't broke it.

[0] [2011-04-01 16:06:43] webarto

Your .css is not linked, and I know it is 1st April :)

[0] [2011-04-01 16:07:32] Chris Sobolewski

Keep in mind that IE3 only supports CSS1. I would imagine JQuery uses CSS2?

[0] [2011-04-01 17:03:25] VoodooChild

This is a known issue. They can not fix it till the nuclear operations are lessened.