Stack OverflowDesign patterns: when to use and when to stop doing everything using patterns
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[2011-02-18 11:18:38]
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This question arises due to comment of FredOverflow in my previous post. Design pattern used in projects [1]

I am quite confused by the comment. I know design pattern help in making code reusable and readable (may lack in efficiency a bit). But when to use design patterns and most importantly when to stop doing everything using patterns or carried away by it ?

Any comments from you will be helpful.

tagging programing languages too to cover broader audience.

(16) An expression for an over used pattern; "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail." ;) - Peter Lawrey
:) design patterns cover a broad spectrum and you can solve almost all the trivial problems using that. So when we shouldn't be carried away by this? - honeybadger
@honeybadger: Of course, there is nothing wrong with using patterns when it gives a benefit. The bad thing is to apply them thoughtlessly, just because they make your code look cool. - 7vies
I retagged with .net instead of javascript as I think design patterns translate much more neatly to .net than JS. - El Ronnoco
One point of design patterns is they do not depend on language - Mark
(2) @Mark: They usual GOF pattern, IMHO, imply a narrow mindset using OOP-only languages such as Java or prehistorical C++/C#. Many patterns become irrelevant in more modern langugages, especially if you have higher-order functions. - Macke