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[2009-01-22 15:01:53]
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What would be the last words of particular kinds of programmers?

For example, a Perl programmer:

I don't have to write documentation. The source is formatted so well, I can read it later...


I'm just going to write a regular expression to find this, then I'm done...

(2) Another candidate for the "FSQ" close reason. - Paul Tomblin
(3) Aw c'mon, this is sort of funny and different. - MusiGenesis
(7) We need more humor on SO. My name is Cody Brocious and I support this question. - Cody Brocious
@Paul Tomblin: If you don't have humor anymore stop coding in JAVA ;-) - Peter
(1) Yeah, I like this question. Keep it alive :-) - unforgiven3
(1) It's obvious (to me, at least) that we need another category on SO for "fun" questions... - Yar
Subjective and argumentative? Are you serious? - Jason Baker
Apparently I was able to reopen this on my own (high rep is cool!) - James Curran
(6) @Daniel, I would agree, but these fun questions end up as badge-grabs. I received a gold badge for posting an XKCD comic. That's not what Jeff intended, I think. - Robert S.
(1) But was the XKCD Comic the correct answer to the question? - Omar Kooheji
Imagine stackoverflow without this kind of questions...conflict is what make us stay! - Rulas
@omar, click my name and see for yourself. @rulas, that's just sad. - Robert S.
(16) These type of questions are ego-driven for the asker to rise to the top. Why should someone rise in the community for asking a cultural question, in a programming questions website. Usually these get like a million up votes, but they never actually help anyone. - Mark Rogers
(1) @m4bwav, Actually, questions like these are quite helpful. They're a fantastic mechanism for identifying people with no sense of humor :) - Cody Brocious
(8) @Cody Brocious ha ha lol, you got me there. No really, this site is supposed to be limited to content about programming questions, it explicitly states so [not a forum etc]. I believe the intention was to create a content rich site, and questions like these just pollute it and the community. - Mark Rogers
e.g People that go around closing questions - Chris S
1st I'm glad to see, there are programmers which have still humor, which might be before oder afterwards a problem ;-). 2nd I didn't ask that question to catch badges, I asked to get a little distracted. Ask a moderator, to delete all badges I get for a lot of us having fun... - Peter
(3) There are plenty of forums you could utilize in order to gift the programming community at large with humor, why hurt a neo-programming questions site by asking the question here? If the community doesn't remain vigilant against questions like this, it could easily devolve into a regular forum. - Mark Rogers
(4) Voted down and voted to close. The first twenty or thirty joke-questions were okay, but now... - Michael Myers
Another reader here in support of the funny questions. I think SO can handle a few of these questions before it descends all the way to 4Chan. - Electrons_Ahoy
@Electrons_Ahoy: That's kind of what I said. "The first twenty or thirty were okay..." ;) - Michael Myers
(4) The only way this website will ever gain the reputation it deserves is by sticking to real questions. A lot of people already dismiss the credibility of this website based on these questions and I don't want to see it any more. - EnderMB
"The only way developers will ever gain the reputation they deserve is by lightening up a bit. A lot of people already dismiss developers as people who can't take a joke and I don't want to see it any more." I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself ;) - codeinthehole
@codeinthehole: Point well taken, but if these are the jokes others are going to judge us by, we might be better off not telling them. ;) - Adam Bellaire
We had our fun with this question, now let it drop off the front page. - Robert S.
out into space, who r u - community_owned
no longer relevant? - Robert Gould
Can someone explain to me what this question is asking?? - Blankman
Given that this is tagged as "subjective", "fun" and "offtopic" - People who don't have a sense of humour should make use of their ability to ignore certain tags and add these to the list of items they don't want to see... lighten up people. There is life outside the edges of your screen you know! - BenAlabaster
I had a kick out of this question, and its on the all times favorites page, however now its just using up a slot on the Hot page. Time for recycling IMHO. - Robert Gould
Voted to reopen, well received question and it is fun. We can have fun every once in awhile. Don't wanna see this question on the chopping block. - Simucal
You should change the topic to "Dying words of a programmer"... - John Leidegren
(4) This is noise, not signal. Let the rest of the Internet -- and Experts-Exchange -- have the fun. - Cal Jacobson
The grumpy comments make questions like this all the more fun! Thanks for the extra comedy, joyless people. - squelart
Why not make all questions with the fun or offtopic tag not to give any rep to anyone? This way we can have some fun from time to time and nobody get illegitimate badges. - The Disintegrator
@cal Jacobson Well said. - George Stocker
(1) This is not about programming, this is about programmers and their culture. Humor is great, just do it in the right venue. Additionally, it's naive to believe programmers fit in such neat little boxes as "Perl programmer". - community_owned
[+508] [2009-01-22 19:22:42] Nick

Pre CSS:


This and Nikron's made me lol alot. - Pim Jager
(54) Make sure you upvote Nikron's if you upvote this one. - Epaga
@Epaga why? This was the original, and it was funnier/more true. - TM
(3) The two work well together as a pair. - Rob
(1) make sure you upvote nickf's comment in Nikron's post if you upvote Epaga here - hab
lols... people are even voting the comments in pairs.. - Jeriko
[+508] [2009-01-22 19:38:51] Nikron

Post CSS:


THis and nick's made me lol alot. - Pim Jager
(2) Well played sir! - Bob Somers
(53) hahah that definitely made me LOL. If you vote this up, make sure you also vote Nick's up so they stay in this order. - nickf
ROFLOL. That's what I see everyday when maintaining old code - community_owned
lols... people are even voting the comments in pairs.. - Jeriko
[+407] [2009-01-22 15:24:04] Brad Barker


if (launchMissiles = true)

(1) I hope those weren't aiming in my direction... - Michael Myers
I did something similar ones, thank god for our testing server. if(deleteclients = true){ deleteclients(); } - Pim Jager
HAHA! Nice real version of this scenario Pim. - Brad Barker
pretty destructive - Perpetualcoder
(1) So subtle, yet so funny. - John MacIntyre
So true, so true - Dan Blair
(5) in the case of booleans, this is why you should never check them against true and false, but just do if(launchMissiles). of course doesn't works so well for ints... hopefully you'll get a compiler warning. - rmeador
(2) What check? That is an assignment statement. - EvilTeach
(23) That's why you should always write: if (true == launchMissiles) - Milan Babuškov
(22) @Milan-That's the joke! The assignment is why this is the 'famous last words' .. it's a bug that kills us all! - John MacIntyre
@EvilTeach: I meant that you'd never have made that typo if you weren't trying to test the value against true. - rmeador
(3) That's why you should just write "if (launchMissiles){ FireNukes(); }". - luiscubal
Should put a pragma to ignore all warnings at the top! - Chris Smith
@luiscubal you dont even need the curl braces around fire nukes. if(launchMisiles) fireNukes(); - Tim Matthews
"Should put a pragma to ignore all warnings at the top!"... How funny :) - Aaron
Brilliant. Almost wet myself. - Brent.Longborough
(9) wow, I didn't get it at first!! :/ which makes it all the more dangerous - hasen j
(21) My thoughts: "Wait, shouldn't that be a double equals? Otherwise, it'll run every single t... oh..." - Smashery
(16) @hasen +1 it does not make it more dangerous, it makes you more dangerous :) - flybywire
Best last words so far! - Victor Hurdugaci
but I'm le tired. - Craig
@Rhythmic Algorithm, if(launchMisiles) soundAlarm(alr_ICBM); fireNukes(); yeah, that's sa- - David X
This code is the same in Java. So you could have written Java/C/C# - Shervin
dammit.. if (true == (true == launchMissile)) - Pavel Radzivilovsky
[+375] [2009-01-22 15:07:39] glenatron [ACCEPTED]



(4) Hehe. Reminds me of - Herms
Yeah, I had to laugh, too ... but if this happens, the code should presumably be refactored. - Svante
really nice said - Schildmeijer
(50) I think you missed one. :) - Brandon DuRette
(5) Could also be the answer to: Last lines of a Lisp program. - T Pops
@Brandon: I see what you did there - Christian Hayter
@Brandon : LOL.... - community_owned
(1) @Svante: Not possible. - RCIX
(4) @Herms - does the theory that one could inherit the brackets one's parents used count as a parent thesis? xD - glenatron
(1) That isn't funny, I always end my lisp programs like that (give or take a couple of parens.) - daramarak
[+209] [2009-01-22 15:13:41] TGnat

It worked on my machine...

If I had a penny for every time I heared that line... ;-) - ISW
At which point you run it on their machine, and it still doesn't work. - Kibbee
(1) then they say "it ran before" and you find out they have failed to notice it hasn't even compiled for a while so the final build and the code don't even match >< - Ric Tokyo
(101) Let's ship it with your machine then! - Genericrich
(10) if i had a penny for every time that I say that... :-) - Baget
Haha! should make it into a catch-phrase :) - Dacto
(1) oh ... i think i always say that ... - iceangel89
Hilarious comment, Genericrich =x - Pavel Radzivilovsky
[+187] [2009-01-22 17:42:54] Jakub Šturc


(25) Is their a question that XKCD does not have a comic for? - Pim Jager
(2) @Pim Pager: Maybe, but not likely. - luiscubal
(5) @Pim Jager - the exact question you just asked? - Damien_The_Unbeliever
(1) I've added title and alt attributes to the image. - J.F. Sebastian
(9) "Is THERE a question..." - Fixed. - Richie_W
That was the funniest shit I've seen all week. - Rayne
(1) That happened to me once... Or was it a dream? - JohannesH
I'm looking at it, but I still don't get it... - Alix Axel
This cartoon is included in PHP's documentation on GOTO. - Andrew Grimm
[+157] [2009-01-22 15:47:24] user17541

I'm 90 percent done!

lol, that's how it always goes - kitsune
(20) Now the other 10% will take op 90% of the time. - Pim Jager
(7) Yep, I've been two days away from completing this for the last two months. - Arkadiy
+1, but I've always found it to be 95% done... :) - technomalogical
Hahaha! Tomorrow he will say "80% done". - grayger
(2) The last 10% takes 6-8 weeks ;) - ristonj
[+135] [2009-01-22 15:30:35] James Curran

"It's a hardware problem"

(54) Dude, this is going on my tombstone. - Patrick Johnmeyer
That went up in my office today. Nice one! - Gerard
Come to think of it, it is WAY better as an epitaph than last words. +1 to you, Mr. J. - Ishmaeel
(9) It usually is a chair/keyboard interface problem ;) - Thomas Levesque
User: all software above yours. Hardware: all software below yours. - Pavel Radzivilovsky
[+131] [2009-01-22 15:07:38] Cody Brocious

Every programmer, everywhere:

What? That can't be happening, I didn't touch that part of the code.

(I've never found a statement that angered support staff more than that)

"But I didn't CHAAAANGE anything!!!" - Arkadiy
(21) I'm guilty of saying this. /penance - Greg D
I just admit that I changed, probably everything. - John Leidegren
"It's working fine on my PC." - also very common :D. - virious
[+121] [2009-01-22 15:04:11] Cody Brocious


One more layer of abstraction and this problem should go away...

(9) Or "one less layer of abstraction and the performance will be good enough" ... :-) - Mendelt
(12) Or "do you have the correct CLASSPATH"? - Ric Tokyo
(2) "maybe I need one more framework for this..." - ammoQ
[+115] [2009-01-22 15:05:43] Arkadiy


"128 characters should be enough for this message, right?"

Haha, this is my favorite by far. I hate hate hate looking at legacy code like that, where you know that is exactly what the original programmer was thinking. - unforgiven3
(3) also valid for SQL - "80 characters should be enough for name field, surely?£ - Noel Walters
(9) "640K ought to be enough for anybody" -- Bill Gates - Tim Matthews
(26) To be fair, Bill Gates actually never said that. It's completely misattributed. - Matt Olenik
(6) @Matt: [citation required] ... oops, wrong site - Joachim Sauer
[+113] [2009-01-22 23:48:50] too much php

SQL n00b:

DELETE FROM big_important_table_with_no_backups WHERE CustomerID = 100 OR 101;

(1) or WHERE CustomerID LIKE ... - Ric Tokyo
OOoh now that is a good one! - David
ahh, you can roll that back. Truncate table XXX so bad - Nathan Feger
(13) You assume that I knew what a transaction was when I ran that query. - too much php
(16) Er, I mean, you assume that the SQL n00b knew what a tranasaction was. - too much php
+1 for Peter comments. - Mark Pattison
In what flavor of SQL does that query work? Postgres rejects it with a type error. - Barry Brown
(8) hmm i dont really get it, tho it might need to be CustomerID = 100 OR CustomerID = 101... oh icic the OR 101 part will always be true? - iceangel89
(10) @iceangel89: Yes, so it deletes everything in the table. - user9876
(1) WHERE CutomerID IN (100, 101) - titaniumdecoy
(2) .. LIMIT 2 .. - bobobobo
[+107] [2009-01-22 16:39:23] Null303

Java people don't die, they wait for the garbage collector to get them :P

(19) But the garbage collector can only get them if no one else knows they exist... - Michael Myers
(14) So they die as soon as their last friend dies. But he knows it's friend...typical problem GCs have on their daily work :-) So if the GC is good it just kills the whole clan :-) - rstevens
(11) @rstevens: Do Java programmers have friends then? :P - BenAlabaster
(5) Isn't it: you don't have to bury a java programmer when he dies, the garbage collector will get him. - Nathan Feger
@rstevens what if one of them is static? - luiscubal
[+84] [2009-01-22 15:37:55] Fluff

To be a little poetic:

/(bb|[^b]{2})/ that is the Question.

(8) Actually... That translates to "Two B or Two Not-B". - DanM
@DanM: That's even more poetic ;-) - Jasper Bekkers
2B || ~2B is a variant on it. - Davy Landman
(12) No, it should be 10b | ~10b - Alnitak
(16) I have a sign saying "2B or Not 2B" on my front door (I've live in apartment 2B) - James Curran
(18) /bb|(?!bb)/ = negative assertions - porneL
(13) My proofreaders reduced it to ... 1 - gbarry
DanM: Same here - everytime I see it I think it's yet another bad translation of Shakespeare. - peterchen
cleaver, non the less - John Leidegren
[+67] [2009-01-22 15:06:46] Arkadiy


delete this;

(1) I upvoted this, although in intrusive reference counting systems (e.g., COM objects), delete this is indeed the right thing to do as the last action, when the refcount drops to zero. - Chris Jester-Young
(2) Didn't the question say "the last words"? :) On a more serious note, the intrusive ref counting does go awry, and the issues of memory ownership are the most thorny issues in C++, IMO. - Arkadiy
(4) I have used this in real code and it made sense... - Dan
Beat me to it. Probably with a comment above: //TODO: Fix this later. - Johnsyweb
@dan, it's great nevertheless. - Pavel Radzivilovsky
Shouldn't the intrusive_shared_ptr object do a "delete m_data" rather than having the m_data do a "delete this" ? - Jeremy Friesner
[+65] [2009-01-22 15:05:55] Dmitriy Matveev

I don't need to rerun all of the tests after this minor changes.

(3) AKA "my test suite is too slow and cumbersome to be much use" - Arkadiy
(4) I don't need to grammar check this comment after these minor edits. - mozillalives
[+57] [2009-01-22 16:27:10] BeowulfOF

Maybe already there but I think those comments are famous last words....

// this can't happen

Also found as: (thx to Pim Jager)

//This should never happen.

(2) In my code find you can find this quite often as: //This should never happen. - Pim Jager
(4) If you've thought it through carefully and still think it should never happen, you could put in an assert. Your program will fail earlier and will be easier to debug. - Albert
I once had ancient FORTRAN that output, in Portaguese "It's better to be a live donkey than a dead doctor." - Brian Postow
(3) Joking aside, it's better to use assert() here: assert that the thing is not happening, don't just state in a comment that it shouldn't. - user60628
(1) hahaha, just added one of these not too long ago to my code - Petey B
(4) assert(!"This should never happen"); - pierr
[+56] [2009-01-22 15:54:28] DWright

Perl & PHP:

die("So long, and thanks for all the fish");

(11) Yay for Hitchhikers refrence. - Pim Jager
(1) works in PHP as well - eliego
[+54] [2009-01-22 15:27:31] Andrei Krotkov

Wait, WTF?

(4) Universally applicable. - Joachim Sauer
[+53] [2009-01-22 15:09:29] RandomNoob



(11) Needs a probabilistic call to Thread.Dream. - zaratustra
(6) Pfft, I go in and out of comas all the......................... - DisgruntledGoat
[+52] [2009-01-23 08:32:44] Orkun Balkancı
   LHC.Collide(Particle1, Particle2);
catch(Exception e)
   if(e is BlackHole)

(11) Mr. BlackHole should own his own 'catch' block. :/ - Arnis L.
Haha, good one :) Now, wait for November-restart ;) - user44964
[+51] [2009-01-22 15:49:27] Kev

Mars orbiter team circa 1999:

Yeah, so feet and inches who uses that any more...?

(20) Americans still use that!! it's sad - hasen j
That and their strange gallon size :) - Kev
(7) and the Fahrenheit!! When I hear the temperature is 50 I have no idea whether that's supposed to be cold, nice, or hot! - hasen j
(5) - Kev
(1) the UF strip is hilarious: "metric to standard calculator". WTF! - just somebody
[+51] [2009-01-22 16:44:43] axel_c


/* The commented code below was DELETED because, even though it was commented out, 
it was  being executed anyway. */

I've actually seen this...

(13) ASP.NET will still execute even if its wrapped in '<!--' and '-->'. The trick to commenting out ASP.NET markup is using "server-side" comments instead: <%-- ... --%> - Juliet
Yes, I know that, but it's still a funny ASP.NET wtf :P - axel_c
(7) So if the code below is gone, what's the point of mentioning it? - TM
(7) /* The comment I left below was DELETED because, even though the answer is 6 months old, it was commented anyway. */ - James M.
[+50] [2009-01-22 15:17:54] Davy Landman

A programmer who was happy with his life:

return 0;

A programmer who wasn't happy with his life:

return 0xDEADBEEF;

(3) When I read "DEADBEEF", I always thign of a juicy steak... - peterchen
(3) it's DEADD00D over here. - MaxVT
(16) He really should have said return (EXIT_SUCCESS); in the first one. You know, in case they change it later. - Jeff Kelley
In communications programming, it's 0xDEAF - Cylon Cat
[+49] [2009-01-22 15:09:25] Glennular

It should work.

(4) This is pretty much banned in my office. It was the favourite phrase of one of our less talented programmers, since he left we're not allowed to use 'should' - Neil Aitken
(5) What do you say instead? It will work? C'mon we're all anal retentive programmers and cannot make a statement like that when we know it's possibly false! - Stimy
Was going to say the same myself. "I checked in those changes... it should work now" - Dead account
This is why I just say, "Try again." - Mike Daniels
(1) @Stimy - no - the point is this is something idiots say to make whoever's complaining go away. Its all in the intonation they use: Compliant: "The doohickey's malfunctioned." Idiot: "Hmm. It should work." Real annoying. - bobobobo
[+48] [2009-01-22 15:06:23] Cody Brocious


Huh, that code wasn't supposed to be self-modifying...

Hahaha, too true! - Sukasa
(2) Or better yet, self modifying code that ends up running the old version (and not the one in memory) due to pipelining! - Brian Knoblauch
... said just before the programmer's newly sentient creation turns on him. - Jeremy Friesner
[+47] [2009-01-23 00:05:28] Matt Ephraim

"It's ok, we trust our users"

"SELECT * FROM User WHERE User.Id = " + Request["id"]

(1) Request['id'] = "1; DROP TABLE User;" OR if you wan't to be nice: Request['id'] = "1 OR User.Id LIKE %; DROP TABLE User;" so you they will get all the data one last time. - Pim Jager
(4) - musicfreak
Why Avast Antivirus reports every file I download from as a virus? - Jader Dias
(1) Why are you using antivirus? - Longpoke
[+37] [2009-01-22 16:34:41] bobince

PHP tutors:

It's only aimed at beginners, the security stuff can go in a later chapter...

PHP site developers:

It's only a prototype, we can worry about that escaping business later...

PHP site users:

I'll just browse this site using IE...

[+33] [2009-01-22 18:23:52] Nailer

A C++ programmer on his deathbed is haunted by a memory leak.

With his last breath he wispers:

"Is that you 0xfaccface?"

(1) he must be writing 32-bit, right? - Behrooz
facc face? i don't get it. - Ralph
(3) f*ck face in hex? - Nailer
[+29] [2009-01-22 15:14:28] Cody Brocious
// XXX: Fixme

[+27] [2009-01-22 16:11:23] Eric Palakovich Carr

I'll just copy these 50 lines, search and replace, and presto I'm done!

(6) Just a commit and I'm out of here! - Andrei Krotkov
[+27] [2009-01-23 06:39:57] David Stafford

From an old cartoon: It's a grave-side scene immediately after a funeral. The sky is dark and threatening to rain. The young widow, dressed in black, is looking down at the grave. Her little boy stands beside her, holding her hand and crying.

A stranger approaches and asks, "I realize this is an awkward time but did you ever hear him mention the words 'SOURCE CODE'?

(2) Strictly speaking, these are not the programmers last words, but I'm upvoting this one anyway. - NealB
[+26] [2009-01-22 19:28:11] Casey

Windows Engineer


I actually had to click the <kbd>edit</kbd> link to see how you did that! D: - MrValdez
Doh, me too. Then I noticed, wow, I'm > 750 rep :D - furtelwart
its a neat little trick. You can find more here… - Casey
(5) Windows "Engineer"? - Nolte
(8) +1 for using <kbd> - Ates Goral
Ionno, I use Ctrl+Shift+Esc these days. - Ralph
[+26] [2009-02-20 12:50:40] community_owned
mysql> UPDATE users SET password = '123456'; WHERE username='MyName';
Query OK, 4858210 rows affected (0.51 sec)
Rows matched: 4858210  Changed: 48958210  Warnings: 0

ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE username='MyName' at line 1

(4) That one actually made me break out in a sweat... kudos :) - Taeram
(1) Once I did something similar to this. I wrote "Update a_table set a_column = 12345" and I went to take a coffee. When I turned back to my computer I executed the query. It took a while to execute the query then it printed "10000 row affected" That was not my last word :) I had a backup a very very recent backup. - JCasso
[+25] [2009-01-22 19:34:47] tj111


php_flag register_globals on

There, that should make my life easier.

And the crazy thing is, it doesn't make anything any easier. - eyelidlessness
[+25] [2009-01-22 17:05:10] Pim Jager

Lolcode (


[+24] [2009-01-23 15:44:10] splattne

"Of course I have a backup!"

"Ofcourse I have a backup on my Machine!" - user274915
I think it was only 2GBs.(it took me 10 days and so on.and this is not a joke). - Behrooz
[+22] [2009-01-28 00:48:13] JohnFx


(1) You should take a screengrab of James T. Kirk and adding this text to it for more impact :D - Michael Stum
(8) Thank you for summing up the Photoshop skills of 95% of the userbase here, including me. - T Pops
(1) Photoshop?!? Mister, I work for a living! I used Hypersnap DX (screenshot tool)! - JohnFx
[+21] [2009-01-23 08:00:27] bitschnau

"I copied this from the internet."

[+21] [2009-01-22 15:07:31] Sam

Nearly there!
Just two more minutes and I'm done!

[+19] [2009-01-22 15:19:24] Berzemus


Let's use frames !!

(3) I never understood why ppl hated frames - acidzombie24
@acidzombie24 - watch the number of HTTP requests... frames can bring a site to its knees in no time. - scunliffe
(2) There's also the fact that frames break the back and forward buttons on web browsers. Granted, AJAX heavy pages do this also... - quanticle
[+19] [2009-01-25 13:15:25] Michael Borgwardt

Maintenance programmer new to C:

"Oh my god, it's full of stars!"

(2) Usually pointers to a multi-dimensional arrays, of dimensions 1 by 4 by 9 by ... - Beska
/******************/ - I hate this kind of comment - tsilb
[+17] [2009-01-22 16:07:24] ISW

Language-independent: That's a feature, not a bug...

oh damn already posteed... :/ - Filip Ekberg
[+17] [2009-01-22 15:52:12] nezroy



[+17] [2009-01-22 17:29:00] John Gietzen
MessageBox.Show("This should never happen. Tell a programmer.");

[+15] [2009-01-22 19:53:16] Milhous

Who put triggers in the database!

(6) delete table where id=4 // 1 row(s) affected // 0 row(s) affected // 14 row(s) affected // OMG what did I just do? - tsilb
[+15] [2009-01-29 19:51:21] Brian Postow

I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned:

Quick! someone switch back to "More Magic"!

[+15] [2009-02-01 12:44:18] Brent.Longborough
  1. Death speaks: "... I was surprised to see him here at Mountain View, for I have an appointment with him tonight in Redmond."

  2. "I have found an O(1) solution to the Travelling Salesman Problem, but the margin of my Moleskine is too small to contain it."

darnit! they won't let you double-vote something :) - warren
@warren: donworry, it's only fun really (;->) - Brent.Longborough
(1) Is the solution "sell on ebay?" - Matthew Scouten
[+14] [2009-01-22 18:53:17] community_owned
//catch(Exception e)
////This can't happen

(4) This would be more realistic if the catch block wasn't commented out, because 1) it won't even compile if doStuff() throws checked exception (as Exception implies) and 2) a common mistake is to do just that: catch (any) exception and do absolutely nothing about it - Jonik
[+14] [2009-01-22 15:19:02] GvS

Since life is a bug, it must be reproducible

And indeed it is. Well not in a karmic sense. - jcollum
[+14] [2009-01-22 15:17:16] CodeMonkey
//Do not touch!

[+14] [2009-01-23 07:18:35] nickf
// todo: implement this later.

[+14] [2009-01-23 07:50:20] PolyThinker

Happy programmer:


Unhappy programmer:


(3) side note: VI's "quit without saving" is an odd command as it requires touch-typers to perform 6 consecutive keystrokes typed with their pinkies: <esc>,<shift><colon>,<q>,<shift><!> - James Curran
Perhaps it's a way to prevent accidental quitting without saving? I've no idea, but yes, it's a bit more difficult to type than other commands. - PolyThinker
Kind of awkward to type in ! with only ur pinkies... - Ikke
Shift-colon is worse, are you supposed to use the same finger?! I always use 4th and 3rd fingers anyway... - DisgruntledGoat
grep 'map ; :' $HOME/.vimrc || echo 'no wonder I'm a disgruntled goat' - William Pursell
Clueless programmer: ZZ - William Pursell
Happiest programmer: C-x C-s :D - Razor Storm
That's a feature, not a bug. Especially these days, quitting without saving is just lazy. I try to always save my files, and rm the ones that I don't need later. That way, I tend not to delete things that I need later on. - quanticle
[+14] [2009-01-25 00:41:45] HeretoLearn

Noooo, Dont cast me into a void....

[+14] [2009-01-28 16:27:56] Mike Robinson

[+13] [2009-01-22 15:18:56] Jason Baker

Python programmer:

You know, I bet we could use a list comprehension/map/filter/reduce for this.

This is usually followed by writing some incomprehensible Perl-like one liners.

(1) I do that a lot and am still ali - pi
you are still ali? I thought you were pi - johnc
(3) he died mid word but still had the muscle memory to click "add comment" /respect - Tanj
LOLOL (that means that i actaully laughed out loud out loud) - Harry
[+12] [2009-01-22 15:18:46] _J_

Any object-oriented language (Delphi syntax below):


aka, the suicidal C++ delete this; - Omry
[+10] [2009-01-22 16:05:16] community_owned


cat /dev/urandom >; perl; echo $?

result: 0

UUOC, and it will not terminate. Better to use dd. - William Pursell
[+10] [2009-01-22 15:04:35] MusiGenesis


Either this desktop wallpaper goes, or I do.

(with apologies to Oscar Wilde and Echostorm, who correctly pointed out that it was not George Bernard Shaw to whom I should be apologizing)

That was Oscar Wilde - Echostorm
Good thing they're both dead. - MusiGenesis
[+10] [2009-01-22 19:35:25] Ricardo Villamil

UNIX programmer:


See Jeff Atwoods post:

[+10] [2009-01-22 20:22:10] community_owned

Any (real) programmer:

"It works on my machine"

(1) Oh, this drives testers batty! - tsilb
[+9] [2009-01-22 16:29:40] community_owned


if($me->getLifespan() - 30 <= time()) {
    $dying_words = 'I have no regrets.  Well, except for ';
    $dying_words .= implode($regrets, ', ');
    $dying_words .= ' and... nah, that\'s it. Bye.';
} else $me->rockOn();

Nice. although wouldn't a lot of regrets become a problem? - Pim Jager
(2) I suppose the key is to keep your regret list small... the performance of Human::rockOn() declines as the size of $regrets increases, after all, so you could be onto a more widespread problem. - community_owned
Purely a preference, but you switched the arguments in implode(). "Note: implode() can, for historical reasons, accept its parameters in either order. For consistency with explode(), however, it may be less confusing to use the documented order of arguments." -- - iddqd
[+9] [2009-01-23 13:22:48] ahoka

The C programmer:

I hope this string is NULL terminated!Fz}${%UOE)Ad0DL@+:zs]-i34ow74Segmentation Fault

[+9] [2009-01-23 01:07:52] PeteT

Just going to put skynet online.

(1) Very nice!...that one just gave me chills - Egg
[+8] [2009-01-22 16:54:38] Aaron Digulla

I'm always testing these changes in production! How else would I know they are safe?

This gives me nightmares - epochwolf
The only way to trust a company is never to work there ... - Aaron Digulla
We do that all the time. drives me batty. - Brian Postow
[+8] [2009-01-22 15:23:48] Zeus

It'll be finished for the release, no problem

[+7] [2009-01-22 15:18:32] Phill Sacre

LW of a Java (JEE) programmer:

"This new framework will revolutionise the way we do things! We'll be able to do more with far less code..."

(1) ROFLOL......(15 chars) - community_owned
[+7] [2009-01-22 20:45:44] Ólafur Waage

Bash programmer

sudo rm -rf /

Don't forget you need to be root! "sudo rm -rf /" - epochwolf
!!!! This has been my warcraft 3 LAN screenname for at least a year now. - Razor Storm
[+7] [2009-01-22 20:10:26] Billy Gray


[soul release];

[+7] [2009-01-23 06:17:45] Peter


Jon Skeet asked for a feature request, to import a little, trivial thing into the .NET framework...

[+7] [2009-02-04 10:11:36] Simon Hughes

Spot the bug:

    case One: ShowLight(Green);
    case Two: ShowLight(Amber);
    case Three: ShowLight(Red);
    case Four: FireNukes();

(6) I got it: Your defcons are backwards and you're missing 5. Defcon 1 is WW3, defcon 5 is peace. If you fire nukes at defcon 4, you're in trouble. DEFCON 4 = "Increased intelligence and heightening of national security measures". - tsilb
(2) Actually, the cases are missing the break; statement. This means the cases will flow to the next one regardless. So if its defcon Two, we'll showLight(amber), and Showlight(Red) and FireNukes(). - Simon Hughes
Lol, it's a "nukelight"! - RCIX
[+6] [2009-01-23 07:11:10] Greco

Valid for any language:

"This behavior is by design."

[+6] [2009-01-22 16:59:11] community_owned
    $john = '';
    header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");

[+6] [2009-01-22 17:25:50] Sam Meldrum

For fans of Terry Pratchett's Granny Weatherwax

while (!deadyet) {
    print("I aten't dead");

[+5] [2009-01-22 19:47:14] Michael Kniskern

"Dr. Falken, would you like to play a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War?" - WOPR

[+5] [2009-01-22 15:13:26] user17541

This code is never used..

[+5] [2009-01-23 05:32:56] Mark Harrison

For Jeff:

Stack Overflowed.

[+5] [2009-01-23 05:44:02] Click Ok


[+5] [2009-01-23 11:40:00] dmajkic



This could be inside a using statement and thus not suicidal. - Loren Pechtel
[+5] [2009-01-23 12:18:06] Chris

"The problem isn't with the code, it's the data you're supplying"...


"It's only a quick change it shouldn't impact anyone else"

an actual comment found in code I inherited:

// Please, for the love of God, WORK!

[+5] [2009-01-23 14:24:44] yx

Last words of a java programmer:

catch (Exception e) { 
    // this shouldn't happen

Was that intended to be all on one line? (If so, it bring up it's own interesting question....) - James Curran
[+4] [2009-01-25 05:20:43] user58670

exit('stage left');

[+4] [2009-01-28 16:21:55] cbeuker

For the "Testing is for wimps" programmer:

"If it compiles, ship it!"

[+4] [2009-01-25 21:53:13] Ryan Townshend

"Do not disturb my circles".

Archimedes [1]


[+4] [2009-01-23 01:30:06] community_owned

You did code a failsafe, didn't you?

[+4] [2009-01-23 03:05:06] Xymostech

Wait, you're not supposed to use gotos for loops?

[+4] [2009-01-23 09:54:10] sth

python programmer using vim:


[+4] [2009-01-22 19:04:48] Erik Forbes

How about: "I quit."

[+4] [2009-01-22 16:35:05] user32459



[+3] [2009-01-22 19:33:34] Patrik



[+3] [2009-01-22 20:58:29] Igor

Objective-C programmer

[self release];

Already said! :)… - Filip Ekberg
[+3] [2009-01-22 15:44:27] Rulas

It is out of the scope

I used to use this one all the time at my last job. - Nolte
Hahaha...sometimes it is...sometimes is not =P - Rulas
[+3] [2009-01-23 11:37:17] AndyUK
// "That's All Folks!"

[+3] [2009-01-23 06:32:04] Click Upvote


if (! mysql_query($sql))

[+3] [2009-01-23 08:39:52] Steven A. Lowe

DBA: i believe in reincarnation, so I'll just rollback and retry

[+3] [2009-01-25 22:05:35] Ubersoldat
}catch(Exception ignore){
   //This won't happen

[+3] [2009-01-28 00:40:42] JohnFx
main() {
        printf("goodbye, world");

[+3] [2009-01-27 12:03:13] huitseeker

Coq [1]: Yep, Q.e.d., it's true. I mean, if you prove this simple, obvious lemma ...


[+3] [2009-01-25 21:37:06] keithwarren7


Set Me = Nothing

[+3] [2009-01-23 12:59:55] Lonzo
C# Coder:

Console.Write("I promise to code better if you give me more days!");
catch(NumberOfDaysRequiredOutOfRangeException e){
if(numberOfDaysExtension<=0) {

[+3] [2009-01-23 13:23:47] Daniel Emge



Yeah, I just found this in some code that a contractor released into our production evnironment. I am not a happy man. - Jonathan
[+2] [2009-01-23 13:45:38] martinus

An overflow is impossible.

[+2] [2009-01-23 13:58:01] timday

sudo shutdown -h now

(2) This answer belongs on serverfault - William Pursell
Serverfault didn't exist when this was posted. Hmmm... So far as I can tell noone seems to have posted a corresponding "last words of a sysadmin" question over there yet... - timday
[+2] [2009-01-24 08:12:34] Movaxes

If it was a php day I probably just: die;

[+2] [2009-01-29 10:38:27] community_owned

it was working on my machine ..

[+2] [2009-01-28 00:58:09] Vin

Reminds me, couple of comments that I saw in production few years ago

// 'programmer name' commented here because it was giving error 
// incorrect code goes here

One more,

// Added by 'programmer name'

This comment is particularly annoying, because the programmer has cared enough to say who added the code, but not what the code does or it's purpose

catch(Excpetion ex)
  // This should never happen, but if it happens
  // we need to use Exception logging mechanism
  // As of now, we do nothing

and 3 years later, the catch block continues to live

...successfully catches exceptions since '99! - Groo
yeah you bet :) - Vin
[+2] [2009-01-28 01:06:09] WOPR
using(Programmer p = new Programmer(Programmer.Flavours.CSharp))

[+2] [2009-01-23 06:26:45] Tim Post

Yet another one in C:

life_id_t life;

life = fork();
if (life == 0) {
  memset(brain, 0, sizeof(brain));

This is clearly a fork procedure. - zaratustra
Agreed. Modified :) - Tim Post
[+2] [2009-01-22 22:41:01] nzpcmad

catch (exception) {

// No way code will ever get here }

[+2] [2009-01-23 03:29:22] Bernard Dy

Programmer that never has to support his code:

Documentation isn't necessary. Documentation is overrated. Documentation is foolish.

Programmer that has to support the above programmer's work:

Where the $%#! is the documentation?

[+2] [2009-01-23 03:57:14] klyde

ruby and perl, ruby and perl, and all I ever really wanted was a little calms

[+2] [2009-01-22 17:03:28] gnovice

DROP TABLE mankind

"You feel dead inside." - Kuroki Kaze
[+2] [2009-02-08 02:19:27] David Pokluda

Picture of a license plate [1] rm -rf *


[+2] [2009-08-21 02:59:56] tsykoduk

ruby programmers never die. They simply learn to metaprogram themselves into beings of pure logic.

[+2] [2009-08-20 11:05:56] Jonathan Prior


import antigravity

# everything seems to be set in miles, blasted imperial measurements
# setflight(milestotravel, speed, epoch)
antigravity.setflight(929571303.6, 670616629, 1348401600)

Kudos to those who can work out the significance of those numbers.

The second one is the speed of light i think... - RCIX
[+2] [2010-03-26 21:30:40] George Edison
//TODO: fix later

I don't know how many of these I've put in my code.

[+2] [2009-02-20 09:56:44] grayger


  // TODO Auto-generated catch block

[+1] [2010-07-05 19:31:46] Maister

It compiled. Let's ship it!

[+1] [2010-05-20 00:10:38] Lajla

Indian Scheme programmer:

(reincarnate (karma (car lives)) (cdr lives)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Star Trek programmer:

Computer, end life

Star Trek programmer in troublesome times:

Computer, end life
>> unable to comply, codes have been encryped
>> ending life

Python programmer:

export life

Haskell programmer:

To lazy to change my state to death

APL programmer


HQ9E+ programmer:


Microsoft programmer

//Fuck Bill

BASIC programmer

Goto hell

Prolog programmer:


[+1] [2010-05-31 14:33:06] ponzao


public class MayanCalendar extends Calendar {
    // ...

Calendar calendar = new MayanCalendar(2012, 11, 21);

...actually any code that uses java.util.Calendar or java.util.Date.

Actually, the Mayan calendar's current long count ends at December 21st 2012... - hleinone
Thanks, the premature end of the world is now fixed. - ponzao
...and propably you wouldn't initialize the Mayan calendar with years and months since those concepts are inexistant in the Mayan calendar. ;) More like new MayanCalendar(14, 1, 0, 0, 1) (for compatibility with GregorianCalendar some of the fields are zero and some one-based) - hleinone
Let me guess, they used weeks? If so were Mayans the first people working in HR? - ponzao
Mayas used days, 20 day periods called winal, 360 day pariods called tun, 7,200 day periods called k'atun and 144,000 day periods called b'ak'tun. Now we're pretty close to the end of 13th b'ak'tun. - hleinone
You Sir are better than Wikipedia. - ponzao
[+1] [2009-11-11 22:42:37] Muxecoid

[+1] [2009-12-14 02:46:05] fastcodejava

C/C++ programmer : My program is still leaking memory, but I was almost about to fix it.

[+1] [2010-01-28 17:32:44] Luc M



Imagine someone yelling it.

[+1] [2009-03-12 00:37:09] Chris

But it works on my machine.

[+1] [2009-07-01 10:05:29] mcm69
// this code somehow works

Hey, that's the comment I use for most code... :) - rozon
[+1] [2009-02-08 02:38:03] chaos

Thread programmer:


[+1] [2009-02-01 12:57:32] Eduardo León

Last words of a C++ programmer:

"Yeah! I finished it! I'll compile it..."

(2587 compiler errors)

"What can be wrong here? This can't be happening to my beautiful code!"

(forgot a semicolon in the middle of a template class)


[+1] [2009-02-01 12:35:08] Ryan Bigg

Segmentation fault

[+1] [2009-02-08 02:41:48] chaos

COBOL programmer:

MM/DD/YY is a fine date format. It's how I write them in real life, isn't it?

[+1] [2009-02-10 05:40:38] Jeremy Ricketts



[+1] [2009-02-10 06:20:00] user60628


my $removeMe = "/useless/useless.527824";
$removeMe =~ s/useless.+//;     
system("rm -rf $removeMe"); # gets rid of useless dir. right?

Ouch! Please make it stop. - Tom
[+1] [2009-02-10 06:27:20] Dacto


protected void SortEternity(string Time, double Alive)
    for (int a; a > 1; a++)
        for (int b; b > 1; b++)
            for (int c; c > 1; c++)
                for (int d; d > 1; d++)
                    for (int e; e > 1; e++)
                        for (int f; f > 1; f++)
                            for (int g; g > 1; g++)
                                for (int h; h > 1; h++)
                                 //I think it is time to get some coffee

(1) Since the integers will wrap, this will end. - George Edison
Huh? All the for loops do nothing as the termination condition is true. The final While won't compile. - Loren Pechtel
[+1] [2009-04-16 03:21:11] community_owned

Bill Gates :


[+1] [2009-04-16 03:31:43] Dan Breslau

Old Scheme programmers never die; they just go out of scope.

I promise.

... To be continued...

[+1] [2009-01-22 17:31:06] Chris
//HACK: insert your, "i will fix this later" excuse
//FAKE: insert your, "he/she/it isn't completed yet, I'll just hard code this for now" excuse

[+1] [2009-01-22 17:39:14] Sven Lilienthal


[+1] [2009-01-22 17:40:43] user47554

java programmer:


[+1] [2009-01-22 16:48:16] Sliceoftime

Vb programmer: all I wanted was to be loved!

Thats ok... OnErrorResumeNext - scunliffe
[+1] [2009-01-22 16:32:38] Stroboskop


DEL /S /Q * .txt

[+1] [2009-01-22 16:12:07] Tom Moseley


[+1] [2009-01-22 16:15:46] leeand00

Any Coder: I REGRET NOTHING! (With his life flashing before eyes...which was just hours and hours of writing code and not much else...)

[+1] [2009-01-22 22:06:34] Gerard

Response to "Why doesn't it do...?"

"Wasn't in the spec"

[+1] [2009-01-22 19:50:30] Filip Ekberg

I just need one more day.

[+1] [2009-01-22 15:56:27] Echostorm


using(LifeSupport ls = new LifeSupport())
  Patient p = new Patient(me);

How can you use ls outside the using() ? :O - Filip Ekberg
Stopped breathing due to lack of scope... - seanb
Filip - Exactly. - Echostorm
(1) This one won't compile. - Loren Pechtel
[+1] [2009-01-22 16:01:40] Tony Lambert



[+1] [2009-01-22 15:48:01] plinth


exit(natural_causes() ? 0 : cause_of_death());



[+1] [2009-01-22 15:49:12] Skizz

Bill Gates1 last words: "Oh, fancy meeting you here Mr Beelzebub."


  1. s/Bill Gates/<your icon of evil>

[+1] [2009-01-22 15:07:03] leeand00

Java Guy: System.exit(0)!

[+1] [2009-01-23 05:15:57] Harry Programmer "But i was so close to getting rid of the Line Continuation Character!"

[+1] [2009-01-23 05:20:08] Nrj

its not a bug.. its a feature !!!

[+1] [2009-01-23 05:20:30] Harry

Google Programmer talking to the Devil "Wait! But... I DID NO EVIL!!!"

[+1] [2009-01-23 05:45:01] MrValdez

Visual Basic:

Microsoft has decided that Visual Basic .NET will not be backward-compatible with Visual Basic 6.0

[+1] [2009-01-23 05:49:23] Jared

I trust the completely unknown users' input when they would enter and run their own sql on this public facing website.,-Other-Sensitive-Data.aspx

[+1] [2009-01-23 00:52:13] Marv3lz

Sorry, that's not in the contract!

[+1] [2009-01-23 00:59:34] Ash



[+1] [2009-01-23 09:25:42] Simon Knights

OK, that's the beta-test finished.

[+1] [2009-01-23 09:43:54] Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Memory Fault, core dump

[+1] [2009-01-28 15:51:47] Sam152



[+1] [2009-01-25 22:13:00] Don Branson

I saw this comment in Axis code - "I'm not sure if we need this code any more, but I'm afraid to delete it."

[+1] [2009-01-26 00:12:35] Relic

For you Java sci-fi fans:

void destination() {
  if (!hope) {

[+1] [2009-01-27 11:45:20] Shraptnel


This program has performed an illegal operation, the secret service has been notified, you have 30 seconds...

Two buttons - [Run now] [Disappear later]

[+1] [2009-01-29 19:36:22] Andreas Petersson

of a wicket framework user:



} based on a true story. cust copy/pasted from the file i was editing right now. the bizzarre mix of } }} ) ; and their different sematics drives me insane.

[+1] [2009-01-28 21:48:33] community_owned


return 0;

[+1] [2009-01-28 00:21:07] Kyle G



No... wait..



[+1] [2009-01-24 18:47:37] Alex Baranosky

"Whatever you do, don't press the red WinForms button."

[+1] [2009-01-23 14:21:46] Irwin

public class ToBeDisposed:IDisposable {

override Dispose() { base.Dispose(true); } }

[+1] [2009-01-25 13:24:22] eran

PowerBuilder programmer:

See you in heaven. I've done my time in hell programming in PB.

[+1] [2009-01-25 21:32:53] GeoffreyF67

// TODO: This really shouldn't be done this way but I don't want to bother fixing it right now...

[+1] [2009-01-25 08:58:17] Konstantinos


Human Live()
Return this;

[+1] [2009-01-25 13:11:16] pablito

Catastrophic failure

[0] [2009-04-16 04:30:28] ldigas

Hmm, this is interesting ...

[0] [2009-07-01 08:14:32] Groo

Must... click... commit...


[0] [2009-07-01 09:15:15] MiffTheFox

Perl programmer:


[0] [2009-02-08 02:39:34] chaos

Socket programmer:


[0] [2009-02-08 02:32:38] chaos


sudo kill -9 -1

[0] [2009-07-29 15:33:06] Bart Roozendaal

The take over bid of my company is worth $100 per share at a total of 100.000 shares.

[0] [2009-03-31 12:47:31] FerranB

"It's better to don't write comments to achieve faster compilations"

[0] [2009-08-21 14:30:08] Jared



doubles as Lua too! - RCIX
[0] [2009-08-28 14:40:30] pierr
//This is a temporary solution

[0] [2009-10-05 03:45:02] Ricardo

It's the user's fault. They don't know what they're doing. This runs Ok on my machine.

[0] [2009-10-16 15:20:25] Mo

[0] [2010-03-13 02:04:46] Ropstah

I don't do design

[0] [2010-01-03 16:43:37] RCIX


(code version)

self = nil

(non-code version)

Aww shoot, i knew we should have sealed those metatables!

[0] [2010-01-28 17:06:26] Kyle Rozendo

Any programmer:

"Bottom of the Heap, moving to the top of the Stack"

[0] [2009-12-14 02:33:57] Vinz

Database Developer:

Who needs foreign-key constraints? My app will ensure that only correct values are inserted!

[0] [2009-08-20 11:21:59] codevourer

This was his last code he wrote... you can be sure ;)

StringBuffer iCalendarRequest = new StringBuffer(
        + "PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 9.0 MIMEDIR//EN\n"
        + "VERSION:2.0\n" + "METHOD:PUBLISH\n" + "BEGIN:VEVENT\n"
        + "\n" + "DTSTART:"
        + dateFormatter.format(start)
        + "T"
        + timeFormatter.format(start)
        + "A\n"
        + "DTEND:"
        + dateFormatter.format(ende)
        + "T"
        + timeFormatter.format(ende)
        + "A\n"
        + "TRANSP:OPAQUE\n"
        + "SEQUENCE:0\n"
        + "UID:040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E0080000000000278000000000000000\n"
        + " 000004377FE5C37984842BF9440448399EB02\n"
        + "DTSTAMP:"
        + dateFormatter.format(now)
        + "T"
        + timeFormatter.format(now)
        + "Z\n"
        + "LOCATION:Conference room\n"
        + "PRIORITY:3\n"
        + "CLASS:PUBLIC\n" + "END:VEVENT\n" + "END:VCALENDAR").toString();

Not the worst one, much clear than most code in my company - Kamarey
(2) I don't find this funny. I've actually seen code like this. I died a little that day. - andymeadows
Was he/she an ex-VB6 developer by any chance? :-) - Christian Hayter
[0] [2009-08-21 02:43:37] community_owned

Surprise to his team - Crucial Module delivery at integration time after worked on it several weeks!!!

/* Module Name: abcd

Very Imp - I have written this module which is platform/language independent. This code SHOULD work on all platforms and languages even in dynamic/functional - tested using C#, Java and C/C++. BUT THIS COMMENT AND OTHER COMMENTS MIGHT GIVE COMPILATION ERRORS.


[some code]

[0] [2010-05-31 14:37:44] SchlaWiener



[0] [2010-07-04 19:31:15] user256007

Hmm He should run an SQL statement in a transaction that fails so that he can get back to the previous position after the rollback.

[0] [2010-05-21 04:50:48] Dmitriy Matveev

Today I've seen how our continuous build of some product on windows machine have failed. It seems funny to me:

cp -rf /home/hudson/.../etc/pymodules/Win32/* /home/hudson/cpptest.win32.x86/hypnos/product/Win32-4.0_i486/bin/lib/
chmod -R a+x /home/hudson/.../Win32-4.0_i486/bin/lib/lib-dynload/*.so # Makes no sense on windows but does not hurt
chmod: cannot access `/home/hudson/.../Win32-4.0_i486/bin/lib/lib-dynload/*.so': No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [pymodules] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/hudson/...'
make[2]: *** [all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/hudson/...'
make[1]: *** [cw] Error 2
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[0] [2010-05-31 13:41:25] Inno

Last words of a programmer:

"I stay until the problem is solved."

[0] [2010-03-26 21:36:17] bitc

BASIC programmers don't die. They Gosub without Return.

Terribly lame!! - George Edison
[0] [2010-03-26 21:57:34] Foole



(1) Fixed that for you. - jeffamaphone
[0] [2010-04-29 22:28:40] Waltzy
if (!(--life)) return 0;