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[2008-11-21 19:14:07]
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I am having several problems deploying my Asp.Net MVC application with my current web hosting and I am thinking about trying a new one.

What is in your opinion the one with best quality/price that allows to easily deploy ASP.Net MVC applications?


(3) I would LOVE to hear the answer to this. I hate pretty much every host I've been with. The only good one I've ever had got bought out by morons. - IainMH
[+8] [2008-11-21 20:30:15] Ryan Eastabrook [ACCEPTED]

I host my sites with Server Intellect, they are extremely helpful and fulfill all of my custom modification requests. The hosting plans are very affordable. If they don't already have MVC available I'm sure they would have little problems adding it for you.

ADD: I have also hosted with Crystal Tech (the host for StackOverflow) and they do a great job as well.

I have been with Server Intellect for just over a year, very good host, and VERY quick with their support. - Tom Anderson
(1) yes, I was having a problem with payment and they would like to call me to kuwait - Anwar Chandra
Did you really successfully deployed ASP.NET MVC installation on serverintellect shared hosting? I am having troubles with URL routings, basically every View apart from Index is ending with 404. I've tried using the ".mvc" routing workaround - no success. - Darius
(1) Yes, I had to have them add a wildcard mapping because they are still using IIS6, they had no issues doing it:… - Ryan Eastabrook
(1) I also managed to get everything work. Their support is ultra-fast! - Darius
Memory available per site shared hosting plans? Hitting 200 MB limit on discount :( / seems no one say anything about that (only you browse the support forums ...) - eglasius
[+5] [2010-05-11 19:31:44] Burke Holland

People - be very careful of DiscountAsp. They have a great reputation, but they are pricey and there is NO sql server included by default - thats 10 bucks extra a month.

Just do your homework. I did not and I paid 40 bucks to learn a hard lesson.

I also fell for their reputation only to experience that their server was actually very slow (SQL server was ok, but the web server was definitely not), and their staff just kept blaming my app for the problem instead of trying to help. After I switched to another host, there were no more problems, so it seems that the problem was at their end after all. Also, since I left DiscountAsp, they keep spamming me to "win me back". There is no unsubscribe link and they do not react to my requests to remove me from their mailing list. Very unprofessional behavior IMO. - Adrian Grigore
[+4] [2009-05-12 17:25:09] hyperslug

I am hosting an MVC app with ServerIntellect.
At time of writing, $15/mo ( Tier 1 Shared Hosting Plan [1]) will get you

  • 1.5 GB storage
  • 250 MB MSSQL
  • .NET 3.5

MVC is not explicitly advertised. It can work if you:

  • bin deploy a few MVC assemblies. Phil Haack explains here [2].
  • have ServerIntellect switch your site to Full Trust. Their Medium Trust mode was too restrictive to allow standard MVC applications (a Reflection conflict, they claim).
  • modify the Route Table. ServerIntellect is using IIS6 on their shared hosting which does not allow the new ASP.NET Routing. I modified Global.asax.cs as shown in Listing 3 on this page [3].

Others have claimed that [4] offers Full Trust and MVC out of the box, but I have no experience with them, and they do cost slightly more per month if you include MSSQL.


Nice profile image :) - ripper234
[+4] [2008-11-21 20:34:34] MrJavaGuy

I have hosted an ASP.NET MVC with discountASP.NET, they do a good job.

[+3] [2009-01-31 08:51:52] cottsak

I host my aspnet mvc app with unlimited bandwidth and like 300gigs of space for US$20 a month (thats 300g server space and 3gb MSSQL space). i think thats pretty good (not any more, see below)

they have good 24/7 Live Chat support people which is important to me. they help me sort out issues i'm not totally savvy with.

yes, mvc is bin deployable, but the routes will not work without wildcard mapping, which the wethost4life support staff will gladly set up for you (like they did for me).

some good mvc deploy info:

EDIT: I'll be honest, their support is not fantastic.. but after having looked a lot, you really cant find ASP.NET 3.5 IIS6 or 7 hosting with 3 MSSQL DBs and 3gb of MSSQL DB space for less than 20 bucks a month.

ANOTHER EDIT: Their support is crap!
I've had the worst experience recently after they "migrated" my services ( mvc sites and 100's of mailboxes) to a 'new platform' place in Hell even satan fears to go. Check out these [1] links [2] - i've virtually had the same problems as the reports on those sites. Stay away! I Beg you!


(3) Unlimited bandwidth is always at best a blatant lie. - Gregory
@Gregory: do you think you could expand on that? - cottsak
It's "unlimited" until you start using too much of it... I used to have webhost4life and I really didn't like them, servers ran way too slow for my liking. - Shawn Steward
I'll admit that the server does not seem that great performance wise. - cottsak
I've also found Webhost4life'sservers to be getting slower and slower as well and I've been with them for 4 years. However, one really good thing about them is that you can setup multiple web application roots (although each extra domain costs per year, and that isn't so transparent to begin with). I'm trialling at the moment and they only support domain pointers which suck. - Junto
@Junto did you notice them migrating to new hardware and a new Control Panel recently? im not saying this will improve things, but i was just interested if it's happening for all customers? - cottsak
(4) all: Webhost4life officially sux in my book! Since they "migrated" their hardware; customer service/support team; and all morals and ethics, value has bottomed out for me. I'm trying to figure out how o can move elsewhere. Ref: and: - cottsak
I used to be a big fan of webhost4life; hosted with them for years, always thinking that the reason my sites were slow was as a result of using the-performance-nightmare-also-known-as-DotNetNuke. After ridding myself of that PITA, I deployed my sites using simpler ASP.NET code, and realized just how bad their hardware really was. I switched to GoDaddy for hosting, and it was much better as far as speed. The downside is that their shared hosting is fairly restrictive with regards to the trust issues. C'est la vie! - Jason Bunting
[+3] [2010-06-13 03:36:36] semmy

Let me share you my experience too.

So far I have been with 2 of hosting companies and I would like to share what my real experience with them.

Web Host 4 Life For Support I would give them 1 out of 5 They were good with their support in past, but with new platform, they seems to be very bad with support, even critical issue like website down is taken very lightly, It takes about 2-3 days to solve such a critical issue, and their chat support is only good for solving small issues

For Price I would give them 3 out of 5 There are many cheap web hosting provider with same service they are providing.

Arvixe For Support I would give them 0 out of 5 They attract us by low hosting price but their support is worst, rude and sometime no support at all. If you believe me, you would find them very unprofessional in dealing with your site issues. Later i figure out they are newbie in hosting, so nothing better to expect from them...

Price wise they are good, but again without proper support nothing goes good forever.

I agree about the support comment for Arvixe, it is terrible. Their control panel is really wonky too, often doesn't work. - Sean Haddy
[+2] [2008-12-24 02:14:21] metanaito

I use SoftSysHosting. I have not tried any MVC sites on it, but normal sites work well with them.

MVC is supposed to be bin deployable so I would think it would work.

I'm interested to hear what host you went with and if they are good.

Update: I've since deployed a couple of sites using mvc and they work well on softsyshosting. I really have nothing but good things to say about them, especially support.

I have a VPS with SoftSysHosting, and so far (3 months) the experience has been enjoyable, the one time I needed support, they were prompt and effective. - Gregory
[+1] [2010-05-05 22:00:54] Adrian Grigore

Since discountASP gets a lot of good rep on SO, I'd also like to add my own experience with them.

I've tried discountASP.NET for 2 months and was very disappointed by their server's performance.

The SQL server was very fast, but the web server seemed to be overloaded. During busy daytimes even trivial web pages in an almost empty test ASP.NET MVC project would take anywhere from 200 ms to 5 seconds to load.

Their support only tried to find excuses and blamed my software (even though it was just a trivial test project).

Then I moved to a dedicated server. It was only marginally more expensive since I required quite a few of the extras at discountASP and now the site is blazing fast at all times. I would not go back even if discountASP paid me to do it.

Update: To make things even worse, they now also send me an automated spam mail every month trying to win me back as a customer. There is no unsubscribe link and they do not react to my e-mail requests to remove me from their mailing list.

[0] [2008-11-21 21:19:40] Steve Sheldon

I've hosted with crystalTech for about 8 years now. Unfortunately in the last year or so they've fallen behind again. They don't offer Windows 2008 or SQL 2008 on shared hosting and haven't really explained when that will change.

[0] [2011-06-02 02:54:05] Oliver Jansen

I am happy with I have hosted my site with them for about 1 year. Now, they have supported ASP.NET MVC 3. I have paid for around $60/year, very reliable. I also got MSSQL and MySQL db. I like this provider as they only focus in windows hosting.

[0] [2009-12-21 16:55:37] Mariano

I am using a very good and cheap one.

[0] [2009-12-28 01:30:04] Toran Billups

I just switched to

Full Trust so you can run NHibernate w/out having to do anything special
.NET 3.5 SP1 + MVC Support
2 GB disk / 30 GB bandwidth / 2 MS SQL databases - $31.87 for the YEAR with domain name


This host is now running IIS 7 on Win Server 2008 including SQL Server 2008 R2. The bottom price plans include a lot for the money ($20) a year w/out domain name

I'm running full trust apps on IIS 7.5 + MVC2 and it's rock solid so far


budget host warning - at times my VM was down a ton and they can be slow to get back with new customers

Your comment has led me to give them a try for a client's simple home-based-business website. I'm hoping to use the new ASP.NET MVC based Orchard CMS framework, which requires full trust. They now have Win. Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008, and that's what I needed. I hope it goes well. My only comment/concern thus far is that out of the 5 emails generated within the first 10 minutes of my placing the order, none of them indicate whether I am going to have to wait 24 hours or more for the hosting features to kick in - almost 24 hours later, the account details indicate it is still pending. :( - Jason Bunting
I just bought 1 month of Basic Plan (5$) to try it out. My status is also pending... How much time did you have to wait? - Paulo Manuel Santos
Here's a downvote for HostingFest. I just registered 6 hours ago and haven't gotten my account setup yet. Their phone number is also disconnected which is never a good thing. - Jordan T. Cox
Honestly I've had my share of issues w/ this host - I will update the above to warn people. I'm still with them and haven't had any downtime issues in the last few months but a while back my VM was down every other day ... - Toran Billups