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[+45] [16] lonegunman
[2008-09-23 05:07:01]
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Do you watch video lectures? MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and lots of other universities provide online learning materials,lectures.. What are your favorite ones?

[+34] [2008-09-23 05:22:22] Esteban Araya [ACCEPTED]

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs [1] MIT course, by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, is truly a timeless classic.

Also, UC-Berkeley has a very similar course that can be found here [2]. I have only watched the first few lectures of the UC-Berkeley course, but so far they've been just as good.


Probably the best there is!! - Joce
+1 - thanks - had no idea they existed - Faisal Vali
The UC-Berkeley's Lecture is tooo good. Highly recommend it. - kunj2aan
[+8] [2008-09-23 05:12:09] p5ycho_p3nguin

While they're not all directly related to CS, I like the Google Tech Talks [1]. They're almost always interesting and well-done.


On a similar vein, a lot of the TED talks are related to tech and are very good. - Esteban Araya
[+8] [2009-04-30 20:33:54] Jake Stewart

The Programming Paradigms [1] lectures from Jerry Cain at Stanford.

The first few lectures are a great overview of memory management and generic programming in C. He describes complicated examples clearly and covers quite a lot of material in an hour.

Later lectures introduce other paradigms through examples in C++, Python, and Scheme.


[+4] [2008-09-23 11:59:53] Ferruccio

YUI Theater [1] has some great lectures on JavaScript.

Channel 9 [2] has some good discussions on Microsoft technologies.

MIT TechTV [3] has some interesting videos.

Stanford has a good iPhone programming course [4] on iTunes U.


None of these are really 'CS'. I like the YUI theater and MIT TechTV links, however. - Esteban Araya
[+3] [2008-09-23 05:12:15] TraumaPony

The SICP [1] lectures are my favourite.


[+3] [2009-06-27 16:13:33] amit

MIT's Introduction to Algorithms [1]. Btw, an almost complete list of online lectures is captured in this blog [2].


[+2] [2008-09-23 06:36:33] Fossmo

It's not exactly a lecture from a university, but I watch the 10-minute web casts from dimecast [1]. You don't have to spend a lot of time getting a intro (sometimes more advanced) to different topics.


[+2] [2008-09-23 06:51:14] Kaushik

I tend to use Berkeley's and MIT's. OCW tends to be more centralized and organized, but it's quite easy to find the actual course websites for Berkeley classes for lecture notes and so on (in addition to lectures from here [1]).


The link should be - - strider24
[+2] [2008-09-27 15:02:24] strider24

There is a good list I found here [1]. It consists of Programming Methodology, Programming Abstractions and Programming Paradigms. I really am enjoying the programming paradigms lecture series.


[+2] [2011-04-30 19:20:46] puttaraju

My favorite Computer science and Electronics videos are here:

Hundreds of topics discussed from TOP IIT lecturers:

Data Structures - Naveen Garg Computer Graphics - Sukendu Das Alogrithm Analysis - IIT Bombay Networks AI Multimedia systems Image Processing DSP ......

[+1] [2008-09-27 14:29:46] Michael Dorfman

Knuth's Computer Musings.

They used to be available at Stanford Center for Professional Development, but seem to be offline at the moment. I imagine they are still on Stanford iTunes, though.

[+1] [2009-06-27 19:32:23] Ibn Saeed

I am presently following Standford's course CS106A, Programming Methodology [1]


[0] [2008-09-23 05:12:16] Kyle Burton

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming lectures [1] by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman. They are a nice accompaniment to the book, and enlightening.


[0] [2008-09-23 06:43:03] Wayne

The CERIAS Security Seminars [1] at Purdue are fantastic.

The weekly security seminar has been held every semester since spring of 1992. We invite personnel at Purdue and visitors from outside to present on topics of particular interest to them in the areas of computer and network security, computer crime investigation, information warfare, information ethics, public policy for computing and security, the computing "underground," and other related topics.


[0] [2011-12-09 11:15:00] raikrahul Why don't people check these [1]

This a better tool for beginners


[0] [2012-05-24 11:51:15] Alexander Bezrodniy

Automata Theory [1] - presently following, not bad. Interesting material.