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[+45] [19] thr
[2008-09-21 16:00:51]
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What free version control service would you recommend? I'm not looking for a complete project management service like Sourceforge, just something so I don't have to run a SVN/GIT server myself.

[+73] [2008-09-21 16:51:28] Stefan Rusek [ACCEPTED]

I've made this a wiki page so we can put all the info in an easier to manage format.






SourceAnywhere is a commercial version control system marketed as a replacement for VSS. It has a permanent free plan (…) available. - community_owned
[+10] [2008-09-21 16:42:34] Armin Ronacher

Surprises me that nobody mentioned bitbucket [1] so far. It's one of the best services of that kind. It's similar to github with an integreated issue tracker and mercurial as version control system.


[+5] [2008-09-21 16:07:09] Brent.Longborough

Assembla [1] may be want you need.

Update, 24 Oct 2008: Apparently, Assembla is no longer free...


Assembla is no longer free for private projects. - Vitalie
it is free for small private projects again - Wojtek
[+4] [2008-09-21 16:01:48] Florian Bösch

Github [1] seems to be all the rage these days


[+3] [2008-09-21 16:03:30] John Millikin

I'm a big fan of Launchpad [1] -- comes with all the usual amenities like bug tracking and branching, plus some extras like translation tracking and "blueprints" for storing design ideas.


[+3] [2008-09-21 17:02:21] Hagelin [1] has a free plan with both svn and git hosting.


[+2] [2009-09-11 16:56:53] community_owned provides free private git hosting.

[+1] [2008-09-21 17:25:03] Panagiotis Korros

I would suggest to add a small description for each service, like: Offers free private subversion or git repositories and project management tools for up 2 persons and 200MB of data (can be upgraded with a monthly fee)

Can someone please integrate the text above with the list? (because I don't have enough reputation to do so)

[+1] [2008-09-21 16:42:41] strider24

Assembla [1] is probably the best suited for your needs. Its got both SVN and git support.


[+1] [2008-09-21 16:08:01] Vyrotek

I use for their free SVN and task management even if Im then only one working on the project.

edit- Heh, looks like Brent had the same idea ;)

[+1] [2008-09-21 16:09:49] Ilya

Check out this [1] thread.


[+1] [2008-09-21 16:11:04] KPexEA

I use for my free hosting and I am very happy with it. They use Subversion.

[+1] [2008-09-21 16:13:17] macarthy is pretty good value SVN hosting

[+1] [2008-09-21 16:14:03] Can Berk Güder

We use Beanstalk [1] at my company. It offers a free plan, and great Mac integration using Versions [2].

OTOH, I use GitHub [3] for personal projects.


[0] [2008-09-21 19:47:16] Richard

I believe Perforce link text [1] allow use of their public server for non commercial projects - their scm is super fast with a really nice branching implementation - you can get a 2 user / 2 workspace version of the server for free - after that its not the cheapest but is an excellent system - Ms used to use it internally (referred to as the Depot) but I guess they dogfood TFS now


[0] [2008-09-21 19:53:15] Andrei Savu also provides free private subversion hosting.

Seems to be switched off - Grzenio
[0] [2008-09-21 17:22:56] Jamie Eisenhart

MS provides CodePlex [1], which has some nice features but requires an adapter if you want to use an SVN client.

You should probably add SourceForge [2] to the list as well :)


[0] [2010-01-13 23:00:58] M4N

Origo [1] offers free subversion hosting for both open- and closed-source projects. In addition you also get additional tools, such as an issue tracker and a wiki.

Now also supports GIT as alternative to SVN.


[0] [2010-04-21 13:57:51] Sky Sanders

Fog Creek's Kiln [1] is a great private Mercurial/FogBugz stack that is free for 1-2 developers.

There is a great Visual Studio scc provider [2].

There is an open question with some good information r.e. hg and eclipse/netbeans here [3]

But... TortoiseHG [4] has good shell integration for those with command-line-o-phobia ;-)