ArqadeAre there any good modern X-Com/Laser Squad clones?
[+12] [9] Apocalisp
[2010-07-17 01:38:55]
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I loved Laser Squad and the X-Com games. I wonder if there are any modern takes on this genre.

[+7] [2010-07-17 11:56:01] meo [ACCEPTED]

Actually there are a lot of them around!


(1) I played UFO:Enemy Unknown for years. A brilliantly designed turn based tactical game with an engaging research technology tree. Positioning bases around the world/designing them/recruiting plus XP attainment of individuals soldiers was miles ahead of its time back in 1989! The followon of the original XCom:Apocolypse was pretty average. I haven't found a comparable project since. - giulio
[+4] [2010-07-17 01:55:31] user1105

The guys who made Laser Squad and X-COM did this game, too:

[+3] [2010-07-17 08:45:34] Seboss

Silent Storm [1] is a pretty good squad-based tactical game. Its source of aspiration is more Jagged Alliance than XCom. I understand it's pretty much the best game of this genre published in the last few years. Beware, it gets very challenging at some point; that put off a lot of people I know.


i loved this one to. But as you mentioned it not feels like ufo. More then a combination of commando and Jagged Alliance - meo
(1) +1 for the crazy lazer robot mechs in WW2 :D - Alan
[+3] [2010-07-17 21:24:57] Jon Quarfoth

It's still under development, but Xenonauts is looking good so far:

wow i did never heard about this one! Looks like the DEV team is very active, i hope its gonna see the light! Nice +1 - meo
[+2] [2010-07-17 02:50:28] Chris Nava

UFO: Alien Invasion [1] is a freeware clone of Xcom with better graphics.


(1) Pretty faitful clone with some interesting additions. Too bad it doesn't have environement destruction. It may seem a small detail, but razing buildings to the ground with demolition explosives is half the fun in XCom for me. - Seboss
[+1] [2010-07-17 10:03:43] el_tone

There is another UFO series developed by Altar Games, the latest being UFO: Afterlight [1].

All the games in the series are now available on

Afterlight was released in 2007 so I guess you would call it semi-modern.


[+1] [2010-08-05 10:22:57] community_owned

For a Laser Squad clone with multi-player, online gameplay, take a look at Stellar Forces [1] ( It includes most of the classic missions (The Assassins etc...) plus loads of others, and has a good community.


[+1] [2010-07-17 01:51:35] community_owned

The UFO series, latest incarnation: Extraterrestrial is at

is pretty good. It's a little outdated in terms of graphics, but then again, they started programming it in 2002. They're also creating a follow on, at

[0] [2010-07-17 20:46:01] community_owned

UFO: Afterlight is frustrating hard nad loses too many key elements from the original franchise.