ArqadeRecommend an MMO(RP)G with very little grinding
[+11] [5] kevint
[2010-10-21 13:44:47]
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What persistent multiplayer online games are there that don't require a lot of grinding to gain levels or unlock the really fun content?

Bonus points to a "flat" skill tree. In other words it's not about how long you've been playing the game, it's how you make use of your options, of which there should be a lot.

Do graphics or pvp matter to you? - jsmith
I too would be interested to hear anything like this. IMO I don't think such a thing exists because the whole purpose of a MMORPG is about leveling and advancing, and making that process fairly easy just defeats any real challenge to the game. - Viper_Sb
any game goes. graphics are unimportant. I do enjoy PvP but I'd say I'm more of an explorer-type player. PvP is definitely not the most fun part of online gaming for me. - kevint
(1) @kevint I too wish something like this existed. I am assuming you may be asking this question because you are a WoW hater, however, I have played the majority of MMO's, and I agree with Nicholas' suggestion that WoW in it's entirety, is the least grindy for the content. - jsmith
Yeah but grinding isn't really challenging is it? It's just a huge time-sink for the player and I guess game devs just don't spend enough time thinking up other ways to accomplish the same. Limiting game content like that is EASY, which I think is the only reason why developers stick to it. That and the fact that time = money. - kevint
@jsmith No WoW hater here. I've never played WoW. I played Eve for quite a while and that's about it. - kevint
(3) I'm guessing this question will be closed for being subjective/argumentative. there's a lot of hate towards game recommendations on this site. Sad really because the stackexchange software is really useful for these types of questions. - kevint
(1) @Kevint no, its not. - tzenes
(3) tzenes, y'know, some of us just disagree with the argument. The software seems just fine for repositories to me. - clweeks
(2) @clweeks If you think they're fine, can you please visit that Meta thread and provide your counterpoints to the issues brought up in it? I really encourage the pro-rec people to actually support their argument instead of just stating a baseless "It works fine". - Grace Note
[+10] [2010-10-21 14:34:42] Aeo

Sounds a whole lot like you are looking for Guild Wars [1].


(2) +1 Was going to suggest just this when I read the description. To briefly elaborate: there is very little in terms of endgame gear upgrades besides cosmetics, skills learned are simply trained / earned through quests (with some powerful ones learned through boss/named mobs), and the max level capping out at 20, which is very easy to achieve. Basically, you hit ~80% of your potential very fast, and spend the rest of the game "sandboxing" your character build(s)/equipment and getting the hard-to-find skills. - TheQ
(1) +1 for Guild Wars, dead on - Elpezmuerto
I agree that GuildWars fits the description. Does GuildWars still require you to basically buy every expansion? Or have they finally given a way to get all the content through a couple purchases? - jsmith
@jsmith There's package deals available for all of their expansions, but in terms of getting all of the unlocks (like skills / gear) you'll still have to actually play the game. - TheQ
[+4] [2010-10-21 13:54:41] Nick O'Neil

World of Warcraft is the largest scale deployment of its kind and I feel over time the leadership over at Blizzard whom produce the game have learned that grind is not fun and have reduced this drastically over the years of this games evolution so it would get my vote.

IMO they have not reduced grinding but rather have found clever ways to make it feel less like grinding. You can certainly enjoy WoW without grinding, but to "max" your character there are still grinds: reputations, emblems, crafting recipes, gear, heroics, honor, etc. - Wikwocket
@Wikwocket Sometimes it feeling less like grinding is enough. It sure felt like grinding to me though. - C. Ross
[+3] [2010-10-21 14:45:07] Patricia

kingdom of loathing [1]


KoL is a truly exceptional game. It's not a traditional MMORPG, sure, but it still has strong social aspects. - peacedog
[+2] [2010-10-21 19:23:05] corroded

How about a basic browser game?

Dragon's Call is a good one, although it is now limited to just three classes, it still is a good MMO IMHO(you can do it in the office!)

Good advice, play games while at the office. Get yourself in trouble! - jsmith
Ive been playing Dragons call and it has minimum grinding. You have a free bot system to work ur char offline, auto battles, buy xp with game gold and a whole lot more. Check it out seriously. - Mugen
[+1] [2010-10-21 15:48:28] Task

I would have to recommend EVE [1].
It's the only MMO I play because there's no levelling and nothing really needs to be "unlocked".
There's a bit of 'grinding' if you just want to run missions to increase standings, but it's not bad: some people grind missions for fun and profit!


(2) -1 EVE learning curve is incredible and there is some serious grinding (EVE style) to get to get to the good stuff - Elpezmuerto
Sure there's a steep curve, no argument there, but the OP didn't mention that as being an issue. What grinding is there between a player and EVE goodness? I was jumping right into all the good stuff I could ask for right away, no delay. - Task