ArqadeWhat games let me do Parkour?
[+13] [8] Jeffrey
[2010-07-08 14:03:58]
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I saw a special on TV about Parkour [1] - crazy street running and jumping. Are there any video games that let me do this?

What platforms are you looking at? - Lucas Jones
I'm a PC gamer mostly - but I'm curious about anything out on the market. - Jeffrey
ICY TOWER! maybe not as cool as you were hoping for though... - Mechko
This, in my opinion, is not subjective and argumentative. It asks a specific question -- either there is a game related to Parkour, or there isn't. It's not asking "what is the best Parkour game?". - Juan Manuel
(1) lol I just came back to this question and desperately tried to upvote the comment with icy tower, until I realized it was me... :D - Mechko
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[+35] [2010-07-08 14:06:16] Brandon [ACCEPTED]

Mirrors Edge [1] for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 heavily features parkour.

Assassins Creed [2] (also for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) lets you do parkour as well.


Both of these games are actually known for their "Parkour," I can't speak for Mirror's Edge (I didn't like first person), but assassins creed was a TON of fun. (after a few months once they released enough patches to make the game playable. - GruffTech
(9) +1 for Mirror's Edge. Bedsides playing through the main plot you can play speed runs where you look for alternatives routes to get to your destination as fast as possible. - Piaskal
(2) ME is very cheap now and well worth the money. It's less fun nearer the end but the first half is excellent. - monorailkitty
[+10] [2010-07-08 17:20:37] Fabio Gomes

inFamous [1] - The main character is inspired by Parkour.


+1 for 1000x better than Assassin's Creed - BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft
[+10] [2010-07-08 21:06:40] Aubergine

Prototype [1] (which can easily be considered a rival game to inFamous) made a rather big deal of emphasizing the fact that you get to do parkour. Personally, when you can fly around and run up the side of buildings, I am not entirely sure it counts as parkour.


Nice someone mentioned Prototype. It's way underrated when talking about parkour games! Technically it isn't parkour, or lets say it is parkour on a big size (jumping from sky scraper to sky scraper). But the ubber thing is, that one has total control over the characters movement in opposite to AC, where one basically only has to press a button and the character advances the course automatically. - Dave
[+9] [2010-07-09 15:35:12] Digid3vil

Mirrors Edge - First Person Parkour based game. PS3, PC, Xbox360
Prototype - Third Person Adventure game. PS3, PC, Xbox360
Infamous - Third Person Adventure game. PS3
Free running for PSP - Can be bought on PSP store, i know nothing else about it. PSP,PS2
Assassins creed I and II - Third Person Adventure game. Xbox360, PC, PS3
Uncharted - Third Person Adventure series. PS3
Prince of Persia - Third Person adventure series. PS3, PC, Xbox360
Those are the good ones, Im sure there are tonnes more. As a side note I would take a look at Brink, its not out yet but it looks promising, very fluid parkour movements and good gunplay.

If you are looking for a straightforward Parkour experience nothing beats Mirrors edge (Although personally I found the game frustrating and abit repetitive). Brink seems to combine Shooting and Parkour very well from the videos ive seen but I think its scheduled for later this year.

(4) I'd suggest cutting your list down to just Uncharted I/II - all of the others have been listed already. - Grace Note
@Grace Note - I was under the impression that it's considered perfectly valid to aggregate answers. To quote Joel, "Find a question somewhere with several good, but incomplete, answers. Steal all the answers and write one long, complete, detailed answer which is better than the incomplete ones." Perhaps this idea has become unpopular while I wasn't paying attention? - sjohnston
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[+8] [2010-07-08 15:05:07] monorailkitty

Prince of Persia Sands of Time is an older game that includes some parkour. I think the latest in the series may do as well, but I've never played them.

(1) All of them since Sands of time include running on walls, etc. - Gnoupi
[+4] [2010-07-09 09:22:03] Oak

I know it's been already mentioned here, but I just want to stress that in my opinion, Mirror's Edge is on another league compared to games like Prince of Persia or Assassin's Creed.

It's not necessarily better than other games, but

  • The first-person view
  • The modern, urban setting
  • The protagonist's grunts and heavy breathes
  • The feeling of speed and momentum

All really give it a "more realistic" sense of parkour, and if you got curious based on a real-life demonstration, it will probably be the best choice for you.

[+2] [2010-07-09 10:31:54] HenryHey

There's a game called Free Running from some years ago, it's a parkour simulator and it plays like a skateboard game. I think it was released on PSP and PS2.

I saw this announced a long time ago but never saw it in the shops. I assumed it had been canned. - Neil Aitken
[0] [2010-11-26 18:05:00] Pascal

Not exactly parkour, but Urban Terror [1] (Open Source) has a really nice jump-mode which might appeal you [2].