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[+98] [5] gath
[2009-04-14 04:14:27]
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Are there C++ frameworks out there which resemble Django [1] / Python [2], Symfony [3] / PHP [4], or Spring [5] / Java [6]?

Those are web frameworks... what are you trying to do? - Mark
While Wt is GPL + commerical license, cppCMS is LGPL. Is there a C++ web framework with a non-GPL / more proprietary-friendly license? - phaedrus
As far as I know, CppCMS offers a commercial license as well. - Pavel Radzivilovsky
(2) It's closed as it is asking for opinion, rather than factual answers. - Jharwood
(1) There is something incredibly wrong to close such question, either you delete it, or keep it open, the answer will forever point to the 2009 reality. - user457015
The question is asking if such frameworks exist, not which is best. So it is, in fact, asking for factual answers. It's funny, though. Even though the question is closed, it's still answered. And I personally found the answer quite useful. - user1043793
[+54] [2009-05-10 11:28:45] Artyom

CppCMS [1]

It is an MVC [2] framework that had taken many ideas from Django [3].


(2) It looks more promising than Wt because it obeys separation of concerns principle of django. - hamdiakoguz
(8) +1 CppCMS is more of a web framework then Wt. - jpyllman
[+50] [2009-04-14 07:48:43] Jesus Fernandez [ACCEPTED]

The best solution avaliable for you is Wt [1] (Web Toolkit) that allows you to create high performance Ajax [2] applications and is inspired on Nokia's Qt [3].

Anyway, I want you to know that C++ applications won't work on all web servers, because they have dependencies and require an extra Apache [4] module or a custom httpd [5] (web server).


(5) You can use nginx as a web server through CGI. - user142019
Wt's built in server works very well as well, and you can easily reverse proxy to a Wt app using Nginx (I'm not Apache savvy, so I don't know how easy it is in Apache). - Tom Thorogood
@TomThorogood In Apache, it takes two simple lines of config code and a restart to reverse proxy. :) - halfnibble
You can make your own server, but just takes a lot of effort tomake it stable and scalable - texasbruce
[+19] [2009-04-14 07:18:46] yesraaj

Here is one web toolkit in C++ Wt [1] (pronounced 'witty') is a C++ library and application server for developing and deploying web applications. It is not a 'framework', which enforces a way of programming, but a library.


[+13] [2011-04-13 16:13:40] Gandalf

TreeFrog Framework is a high-speed and full-stack C++ framework for developing Web applications. You can see it here:

[+12] [2010-07-28 08:35:15] Sumeet

Check out the ffead [1] C++ application framework. It's developed on the lines of Spring [2] for Java.