Super UserLooking for a training video to teach my mom how to use a computer.?
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[2009-11-23 05:47:01]
[ windows-xp ]

my mom is extremely new to computers. she is a complete newbee. she has no clue on its operation. does anyone know any videos that i can get to show her? i signed her up at a course at a college and it was the most beginning class that i can find. the first day they started talking about microsoft office. she had no clue. she isnt a person that can teach herself and im getting tired of explaining to her. so if someone know where i can look it would be great. thanks

@UK: None of them are useful. - harrymc
[+1] [2009-11-23 07:16:59] harrymc

You can use the Tour Windows program that came with your computer, found under Accessories (called Welcome center in Vista). It's quite good.

Also, go into Windows' Help and Support and enter the query "tour windows".
You'll find lots of materials available, for example:
Demo: Understanding the parts of your computer [1]

See also : Computer Training for Kids [2] (if this doesn't insult your Mom). It might give you some more ideas.

As far as books are concerned, the "For Dummies" books are very good, presuming no technical knowledge from the reader.