ArqadeAny Dungeon Design Games out there?
[+13] [5] alexanderpas
[2010-08-22 20:49:41]
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I'm looking for games where you design your own dungeon for your minions to live in.

Good examples are

It is important that the minions should do the tedious work, while you can focus on the global picture, and be able to respond to unexpected situations.

(3) This is a great question. I'd love more of these games! Especially if there was a non-micro transaction browser version. - Robb
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[+5] [2010-08-23 11:10:32] AZA

Not exactly "dungeon" themed but you might wanna give Majesty and Majesty 2 a try.

alt text

In the Majesty series, you don't control directly your units. You choose what to build, what to research. Your heroes are then buying stuff from your marketplace, your forge.

The only control you have over them is by placing "quests", to attack enemy lairs, or defend your own buildings. But most of the time, they will just act on their own, go for exploration, or fight enemies on their own.

The villagers, guards, and tax collectors are completely autonomous, and care about your buildings, without you giving an order.

Thanks for recommending this! I quite enjoyed Majesty (the first game). Do you know of any commmunity forums for discussion of the Majesty game series? - galacticninja
Majesty2 forums at . For the first one i don't know. It's quite old - AZA
[+4] [2010-08-23 13:05:32] Gnoupi [ACCEPTED]

Recently has been announced the game Dungeons [1] (no official site for now, to be edited later).

It is meant to be the spiritual child of the Dungeon Keeper series, only without the license.

alt text

You can read more about it on the Rock Paper Shotgun article [2].


[+3] [2010-08-23 13:20:08] Gnoupi

Startopia [1] could answer the need as well, though it's not placed in a "medieval dungeon" setting.

alt text

Made by former Bullfrog employees (makers of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper), this game puts you in command of a donut-shaped space station, in charge of building and arranging it so that your alien visitors can have a nice time. You can hire some of them to work at your facilities, but that's almost all the control you have over them.

It plays in a similar way to Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper.


+1. that's a modified mouse cursor, no? - Tobias Kienzler
[+1] [2010-08-23 13:10:20] Gnoupi

Goblin Camp [1] is a game inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, in which you have a camp of goblins and orcs to manage.

alt text

It is close graphically to Dwarf Fortress, with the difference that it proposes a mouse interface instead of keyboard shortcuts. You can check this video [2], to get an idea.


Goblin Camp is also focused on macromanagement, rather than DFs micromanagement. The bulk of work is controlled through a stock manager, and your orcs and goblins will figure out how to make it happen. - Alex Larzelere
[-2] [2010-08-23 12:46:00] Ardman - This contains source code, but I believe there is a level editor too. It is written in C# and XNA.

-1 leads to where you can find a created in four days GDC Dungeon Quest RPG, with the full version over at which brings it back to the start. - alexanderpas