Super User"Must-Have" Firefox Addons?
[+135] [173] Jonathan Sampson
[2009-07-15 09:30:01]
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Only one addon per answer, please.

What are some of the best addons when it comes to Firefox? My current favorites include:

What am I missing?

(12) "must have" for.... web developers? regular casual users? - icelava
(11) Only one add-on per answer should be given... this way, the community can vote the best add-ons to the top. - fretje
@icelava "Must have" is relative to whoever is responding. This isn't specific to anybody in particular. - Jonathan Sampson
(16) Here lies SuperUser's glaring flaw. It hopes to cater to such a large audience that the same basic questions are going to get asked 5,000 times. - TheTXI
I think there should be a must-have tag for these sorts of questions - scheibk
@TheTXI Are you sure that dupe wasn't "Firebug Addons"? It was confusing people earlier. I see that Jeff merged something with this question, but I don't know what it was. - Jonathan Sampson
@TheTXI I think the flaw lies within the "aspiring" goals set, since SU can be much more resource specific instead of making the Mozilla Addons by themselves. - Thor K.H
(8) ummm ... am I missing something or is Nikhil saying this question is a dupe of itself? - Zac Thompson
(1) @Zac: apparently the questions are "merged" or something... - fretje
This question has become a big mess... a lot of duplicate answers, answers with multiple plug-ins... very hard to make anything of it... - fretje
@fretje, I disagree; the list of top addons is emerging quite clearly. Just vote down duplicates / answers with multiple addons, with a helpful comment. Besides, it doesn't really matter if there are lots of duplicates & other crap at the bottom - that happens with any sufficiently popular question. - Jonik
@TheTXI is right but the issue has more implications. Over time the best addons for Firefox will change. To keep this question updated (which is supposed to be the goal of a wiki) we'd also have to change the ordering of the answers to match the new "best" addon list. is not built for this usecase. - Kelly French
@Kelly. The ordering changes along with the votes; I don't see why this couldn't stay reasonably up-to-date. For example, if a really great, extremely popular new add-on came up, I'm certain it would climb up near the top of the list pretty soon. - Jonik
Great question to have as reference when setting up a new machine, btw. =) - Jonik
[+289] [2009-07-15 09:32:08] Bryson [ACCEPTED]

Adblock Plus [1] is one of my essential add-ons. It does an excellent job at blocking annoying advertisements.


(15) It pains me whenever I have to use a computer without Adblock Plus. I don't realize how many sites have obnoxious ads until I'm forced to browse them without it. - Joshua Nurczyk
(9) The sooner Chome gets an extensions API and AdBlock Plus gets ported over, the sooner I will consider using it. - Richard Gadsden
(32) I stopped using Adblock -- it works great, but since I like my internet paid for not out of my own pocket, I leave the ads up, and click them every now and then. - Michael Paulukonis
(5) There's an alternative to AdBlock, blocking ads via the hosts file. Works for all browsers, too: - Rytmis
I'm a fan of the hosts file option + flashblock + right-click and block on any remaining banners. AdBlock was too slow and buggy for me. - travis
(6) What bugs me is that they're on another server, requiring time for a separate DNS lookup, and time required for a download from what is usually a slower server. If you hosted the ad yourself("you" being the webmaster"), I wouldn't have a problem, and would click on any I felt offered my life something of significance. But linking to it on another server, and a slower one at that, well they're what keeps adblock+ a requirement on any computer I use. - Kevin M
(2) The chrome plugins have the ability to block out content now (it's complete). The next part is the list. Considering most sites (like this one) rely on adverts to stay alive, I think Adblock is evil. - Chris S
For me AdBlock rarely works for flash ads, which makes it practically useless. The little "block" thingy simply doesn't show up. - shoosh
It's not so likely that Chrome will get a decent adblocker, since google's revenue depends largely on advertisement. - hasen j
(3) I'm no fan of adblock. My brain already blocks ads for me... I don't even notice them. - TM
@OtherMichael: Personally I'd gladly fork out some cash to get rid of the ads. Until I'm given that option, I'm using AdBlock with a clear conscience. - Lars Haugseth
@TM: Before adblock I used to click on ads masquerading as error messages. Most sites look better without the completely different colored ads. It also makes the load times shorter. - stribika
Stop using ad block and start visiting sites that advertise responsibly. - MrChrister
(4) @OtherMichael. I don't buy that reasoning. Clicking on the occasional (uninteresting) ad, and leaving it at that, isn't really going to help anything in the long run, or keep internet services free. IMO, the sooner advertisers and site owners learn to make their ads (or other monetising schemes) truly relevant and interesting, the better. Personally I only block ads on sites where they are obnoxious and get in the way; e.g. on SO family sites I don't block anything. - Jonik
Follow-up to my previous comment: check this discussion on meta - Pesto's comment there perfectly sums up the issue:… - Jonik
if everybody using this ads-on in Firefox, how can publisher survive with no other alternative income for the work they've put on the articles? As publisher myself, I think this ads on is great, but have negative impact for small publisher or start up. - Jonathan
Another reason to NOT use this ads-on is it will destroy the page layout. Often you will find lots of blank space in the middle of the page. - Jonathan
(1) For me, NoScript completely replaced AdBlock. - Joel Coehoorn
And a good position on ads is here:… - Joel Coehoorn
[+181] [2009-07-15 13:29:50] Marshall

Firebug [1]

This is a great add-on that allows you to see behind-the-scenes on how a website is built. It also gives you a console to be able to run custom Javascript to enhance your favorite websites.

Firebug itself has some great addons that enhance how it works. See this related question: "Must Have" Firebug Add-ons [2]


(2) For anyone in web development, FireBug is so ridiculously beyond useful that I find trying to develop without it now to be a pain. - Nathan Ridley
(1) I understand that Firebug is a must-have for anyone doing any kind of web development. But for a simple user (and non web developer) like me, is there any use of Firebug? - Nikhil
Firebug is indispensable. - Josh K
I think firebug is awesome, but I won't vote for it here because it's not really targeted at a general audience. - Joel Coehoorn
[+132] [2009-07-15 10:24:47] chrish

I haven't seen IE Tab [1] mentioned. I love using Firefox, but there are certain sites (a lot of them are intranet or corporate SaaS [2] web applications) that require IE. IE Tab runs the internet explorer rendering engine inside a tab of Firefox. With IE Tab, you can specify Site Filter which will automatically switch to IE when you visit that URL.

alt text


(7) Unfortunately IE Tab is a 'must-have' because there are still some few need websites that doesn't work well with Firefox. Sorry to the developers of IE Tab, but I really hope we will not need it anymore in the near future. - Drake
Windows Update doesn't need IE anymore. - DisgruntledGoat
(3) If the site needs IE, don't use it! And IE-Tab only works on Windows, what sucks too... - Tim Büthe
(8) @Tim Büthe: Sorry, sometimes, you just don't have a choice. IE Tab is godsend in many corporate intranet environments. - arathorn
Too bad this doesn't work except on Windows :( - Diablomarcus
[+112] [2009-07-15 10:27:32] Spedge

For me, Xmarks [1] (originally Foxmarks) is a superb plug-in that allows me to access my bookmarks from anywhere - very useful if I'm attempting to debug a problem on someone's machine.


I completely agree with this. Combining this with Firefoxes keyworded bookmarks feature gives me a set of text based bookmarks on every browser. - Nick Haddad
(4) Absolutely, it's the first I install after firefox/ O.S. itself - Roalt
Woah, this is the first answer I've ever had voted up like this on all the sites...shame it's a community wiki! Thanks guys and gals! - Spedge
Yes, I have so many computers, Xmarks is indispensable! - DoxaLogos
(4) Mozilla Weave does that too, but it only works in 3.5 - Bart van Heukelom
xmarks is good but for passwords I prefer the lastpass addon ... - zillion
@Bart van Heukelom: XMarks keeps bookmarks in sync across Safari and IE also! - Josh
Xmarks rocks. Syncs across Firefox, Internet Exploder, Chrome & there's an iPhone app AND ahs version control. If you do break it you can go back to a version you liked. All of them can open tabs from the other (apart from new tabs in the iPhone ... duh). - CAD bloke
Firefox Sync (former Mozilla Weave) syncrhonizes formularies and passwords too. And it's all encrypted on your computer, Mozilla can't acess your data. You can save bank passwords, credit card numbers, everything. - user39559
[+91] [2009-07-15 09:52:14] redsquare

Delicious [1] tagging/bookmarking


Yes - totally a must-have for me. Managing local bookmarks on the multitude of computers I nowadays use would be a pain, but luckily Delicious solves the problem pretty well, especially when integrated into Firefox with this. - Jonik
[+90] [2009-07-15 09:36:10] Andrija

First thing to install is TabMixPlus [1].


  • Much better Session management, it has crash recovery.
  • Go to previous active tab.
  • Total customization of tab behavior: Opening, Focus, Closing, Merge.
  • Adds new tab button in tab row on the left.
  • Mouse gesture
  • Total customization of menus: tab menus, main context menu, tools menu.
  • Auto reload tab (in specific time frame) feature.
  • Duplicate Tab (with all history)

and so on. This is must-have Firefox feature and it should be included in Firefox by default, because it adds all the little pieces that are missing.


(4) The only thing I didn't like about it is that it seemed to make Firefox less stable and slower the last time I tried it. - travis
(2) This is a must-have. Adblock and TabMix are the only addons that I have to install every time I install FF. - JS Bangs
(4) I don't even know how to use Firefox without it installed. - Robin Robinson
(1) Not only does TMP's session management significantly improve over that built in to FF, it also works seamlessly with Session Manager if you need something even more powerful. - Ben Blank
(1) The very first thing i add onto a new installation of Firefox; the stock tab management features are sorely lacking. - icelava
Now you added the why section, I'm looking forward to trying the addin in FF3.5. - mackenir
(1) Yes! I can't live without this add-on, but it pisses me off that it breaks with every significant Firefox upgrade. I just got FF 3.5 and guess what? It broke TabMixPlus! - raven
(1) TMP is also gives much more control in setting when new tabs should be created instead of new windows. - arathorn
(1) @Raven: The beta build (from seems to work fine. - Richard
[+89] [2009-07-15 09:34:11] hmemcpy

There is a great add-on for Firefox called Locationbar² [1]. One of its main features is to break the URL into breadcrumbs.

In the options dialog you can specify what protocols you'd like to hide:

Locationbar² Options

Here is what mine looks like:



(9) That's nice, thanks for the pointer. - Alistair Knock
(1) It's also interesting to notice that this can be a great tool for preventing bad URLs (like from giving you problems. - Jonas
That looks pretty awesome. I'll check it out. - EndangeredMassa
I had a lot of issues with memory leakage and this plugin. While I had it enabled Firefox's memory usage would creep up over 1gb in the course of 3-4 hours. - tj111
Linkifying segments only seems to work intermittently. Graying out sub-domains etc. doesn't seem to work at all. (I'm on firefox 3.0.11) Thumbs down. - wcoenen
@wcoenen you need to tweak it a little bit so it will look like mine (the screenshot is of my current settings) - hmemcpy
What font is that for the domain? - Factor Mystic
I've personally found this extension to be better in theory than in practice. Just looking at it, I think it's great and very useful, but after installing it I think I only used it maybe once or twice. 90% of websites have this functionality built-in, and for those that don't, it's not so hard to click, drag, press Backspace, and press Enter. - musicfreak
@musicfreak, Ctrl+Backspace will erase it without dragging. - LiraNuna
I have been waiting for such an addon. Nice. - Alan Haggai Alavi
@LiraNuna: Yes I know, but sometimes dragging and deleting is faster, depending on the URL. :) - musicfreak
(1) Now that is just plain awesome, we use rather deep svn repositories at work and have to navigate them both by multiple methods, this means that in Firefox I can quickly navigate up the tree without fuss. Thanks for the addon and for sharing your config, looks great! - Mokubai
[+87] [2009-07-15 15:19:17] Kells

Download Statusbar:

Much better than the default annoying download manager.

And if you really want to use the default download manager for some reason, you still can. It's in the Tools menu. Or press ctrl+j - MatrixFrog
(2) Firefox 3.5 got rid of the download window. - DisgruntledGoat
(3) No ffox 3.5 still has it, at least when I tried it last time (couple of days ago) - hasen j
[+73] [2009-07-15 13:31:25] Ólafur Waage

Greasemonkey [1]

Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript


[+73] [2009-07-15 14:03:50] Page Brooks

Web Developer [1] - I use this every single day.


Why not firebug? - 01
Why not both (firebug and WebDev Toolbar)? But I won't vote for this here as it's more intended for developers than a "general" audience. - Joel Coehoorn
[+71] [2009-07-15 09:32:13] Mark

Flashblock [1] to stop flash ads sucking up all the CPU cycles.


I have too many times ended up on a site with an auto play flash ad while listening to some good music. No more does my music get interrupted. - Rhythmic Algorithm
(1) It's better to just install NoScript. - M4dRefluX
(16) NoScript makes Firefox a lot more work to use - Flashblock is less hassle. - Richard Gadsden
+1 on the NoScript thing. It's really nice, but I'd like to see it come with a small whitelist out of the box. - Joel Coehoorn
[+60] [2009-07-15 14:27:51] travis

DownThemAll! [1] is a great download manager that is much more reliable and performant that the native Firefox download manager.


Lets you download multiple files at once from a page. For example, *.mp3. - Don Kirkby
(1) and resumes broken downloads - travis
Does it also grab .flv videos like from Youtube? I thought it did, but can't recall. - romandas
Hmm, not sure, I just tried it on a youtube page and it didn't pick up and .flv's but it might be able to be tweaked to pick them up, it has a lot of options. - travis
Ok, I just did a newbie move. I independently added an 'Answer' that said DownThemAll is Sweeeeet. Next time I'll search before I post. - Rolnik
[+53] [2009-07-15 11:36:21] Peter Mortensen

"Best" depends on your requirements.

But for security reasons you should always have NoScript [1] installed in Firefox. It allows you to block JavaScript for all sites except for the sites you allow.

Most virus infections these days happen due to dynamic/active content: JavaScript, Flash, Java, ActiveX, etc.

The latest vulnerability example confirms the requirement to block JavaScript, from

"Secunia reports of a new, unpatched, and highly critical security hole in Firefox 3.5 (possibly in other versions, too) that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on the victim’s computer. The vulnerability is caused due to an error when processing JavaScript code handling; for example, one could use simple HTML “font” tags to cause a memory corruption and then run arbitrary code."

In contrast to Opera it allows you to temporarily (for the current Firefox session) allow JavaScript from a site. This is useful for one-time visits to a site.


(34) As a web developer, I want this extension to die. :) Also, I think it's extremely annoying as a user, but maybe that's just me. I've never had JavaScript problems so I don't see the point of this addon, unless you look at a lot of porn. - musicfreak
(9) +1 for NoScript - bandi
(8) It's extremely annoying to /me/ as a user when sites require JavaScript without good reason. As Peter said, JS is involved in a vast number of browser vulnerabilities. White-listing is the safest bet. - Matthew Flaschen
(2) +1 - On the Internet, noscript is a must. You never know what some dirty site is feeding your browser in the background. And with third-party infected sites, it's almost always not from the site you're looking for, so just enable the primary site ( and away you go. - romandas
(12) I'm going to say again that I have never, ever had a problem with websites abusing JavaScript (except those "joke" websites, but that's forgivable, and most browsers detect things like infinite loops anyway). If you have these kinds of problems often, you should consider re-evaluating your browsing habits instead of ruining your browsing experience for several websites. Get an antivirus and call it good. - musicfreak
(5) @musicfreak: Once there was a javascript bug in firefox which allowed sites to read stored passwords. I am using noscript ever since. It never ruined my browsing experience because it takes 2 clicks to whitelist a site. It only gives you the choice. - stribika
(5) @musicfreak: The kind of "problems" that this prevents are not things you would necessarily notice. The analogy of this would be like saying that "I use a 4 digit password and I've never had any password problems, I wish the practice of using long passwords would die, it's extremely annoying as a user". You're not necessarily going to know that someone has brute forced your password and has been logging in and reading your webmail after you. You are the perfect target for a javascript exploit, because you are so oblivious and trusting of the sites you visit. - AaronLS
(2) @aaronls: Well, I'm not going to argue with you, but calling me oblivious because I don't want to install an add-on that's useless to me is unnecessary. Instead of using software to cover up my mistakes, I use common sense to prevent them. I don't store passwords, I don't go to websites I don't trust, I keep Firefox up-to-date, etc. To me, installing NoScript would be like spending money on an antivirus and firewall for a computer that isn't connected to the internet. But hey, that's just me; if NoScript doesn't bug the hell out of you, please, continue using it. :) - musicfreak
(2) I worry about the JS exploits in the ads on sites I use. If I use NoScript, then I don't have to. - Richard Gadsden
(2) that extension was reported as adware sender by adding an unwanted list in adblock without telling you ... I wasn't fan of them before, now even less ... - zillion
@zillion: The NoScript author (Giorgio) has apologized and changed it, see e.g., near "Not just with Adblock Plus users, but with the Mozilla community at large.". This was approx. 2009-05-15. - Peter Mortensen
(1) @ALL: I didn't realise use of NoScript is such a touchy issue, but it is good to hear both sides. - Peter Mortensen
@Richard: AdBlock Plus? :) - musicfreak
@musicfreak ABP blocks ads by blacklist, NS blocks JS by whitelist. One is much more secure than the other. Also, the NS interface to whitelist is easy to use. As for the "re-evaluate your browsing habits" I have to look at black-hat sites for work, so that's not really an option. - Richard Gadsden
(1) NoScript completely replaces AdBlock for me. Sure, I see a few more ads, but it's only static ads you can tune out if you want anyway. - Joel Coehoorn
@Richard: Yeah but that's different. If I had to look at potentially dangerous sites for my job, I'd use NoScript too. But I don't, so I don't worry about it. :) I just find it too much of a hassle to use. - musicfreak
I love NoScript, and don't have a problem with white-listing sites that need JS, but the muggles around me (Dad, SWMBO) find it a pain (they also resent using anti-malware for the same reason). - njd
[+41] [2009-07-15 12:58:18] Bastien Léonard

Read it later [1]

Read It Later allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It eliminates cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest.


thought it's not for Firefox only +1 for mentioning such an awesome service. - Galilyou
Oops! Apparently I'v mistaken! - Galilyou
(2) the iPhone version is awesome as well. - Mark Struzinski
But I like my bookmarks cluttered! - Randell
Also Instapaper (my preference) - CAD bloke
[+33] [2009-07-15 11:26:41] rjmunro

Bugmenot [1] - Right click on a pointless login form (e.g. where a newspaper want's you to log in to just read an article) and use an account that someone else has created already.


This is brilliant! I absolutely hate how many sites "force" you to provide personal information. This is perfect revenge. If you force users to enter data, you will get lots of garbage data. - Michael La Voie
(2) I've found that this doesn't work in many places at all. I think out of all the times I've tried it, it has only worked about 20% of the time. - musicfreak
Yeah, it hardly ever works - Dan
(5) This used to be a really useful addon but has steadily gone downhill in the past years same with its sister site retailmenot - Soldier.moth
It used to work a lot better than it does now. Now I just use for their disposable mail boxes. - Dan
[+27] [2009-07-15 09:39:31] Arcturus

Mouse Gestures Redox [1]

It freaking rules for all those mouse enthusiasts out there. :)


(4) Or FireGestures. - macbirdie
I use FireGestures, except I turned off all the regular gestures and only the "right click + scrollwheel" and "right click + left click" gestures. - DisgruntledGoat
That's the only add-on that I really need (I use FireGestures too). If Google Chrome had that, I would switch. - Crossbrowser
(1) Sir Crossbrowser, you captured my thoughts as well.. I just feel handycapped when I cant draw crap all over the place :) - Arcturus
What makes FireGestures better than Redox? (That's not a smartass question, I'm genuinely curious, not having used it.) - musicfreak
All-in-One Gestures works better for me. Dragging up on a new link opens the link in a new tab plus it works with 3.6.3. - NitroxDM
[+25] [2009-07-15 09:52:21] Vagnerr

Tree Style Tab [1]: Very useful if like me you tend to have dozens of tabs open.


(1) +1 for Treestyle. Immeasurably help ful. - Kent Fredric
Flashblock is already mentioned higher up ( Could you dedicate this to just Tree Style Tab? - Jonik
@Jonik: Done. - musicfreak
thanks didn't know about this. still evaluating it but it looks tres cool - Yar
(1) +1 for Treestyle. Incredibly useful. Don't want to go back to normal tabs any more ;) - lx
[+25] [2009-07-15 14:11:03] Michael Paulukonis

It's All Text [1] - gives you an "edit" button (also a keyboard shortcut) that sends the text-area to you favorite editor, where you can use all your well-known shortcuts, macros, etc.


(1) I would have expected SO/SU users to have ranked this higher. I find this essential for editing code that I'm providing in a SO response. - Ether
[+24] [2009-07-15 17:07:03] Hamish Downer

Vimperator [1] is an awesome add-on that allows you to control Firefox by keyboard alone. I love it. It is really powerful and has a configuration file that allows you to use mini scripts.

Highly recommended.

For those wanting to use Vim [2] keybindings everywhere, checkout my Making Vim ubiquitous [3] question on Stack Overflow.


(3) +1 Vimperator is great, couldn't live without it - chmeee
Now, if I could my entire OS to respond to VIM commands.. - DoxaLogos
@chmee: check out this question: - Hamish Downer
Your initial link is dead. - Diablomarcus
[+23] [2009-07-15 16:00:43] user1509

Ubiquity [1]. Definitely. Hit Ctrl-Space and you've got a wealth of commands at your fingertips.


(1) version 0.5 still has some flaws and bugs, but the concept is really nice - Drake
Agree with @marco. The concept is nice but it really needs some work. Not to mention the default commands are pathetic. (Close window? I can do that with the mouse in half the time!) - musicfreak
I use this app to send emails soooo great and easy, just use the hot key and type 'mail' you are off and done emailing this web page - Jonathan
[+19] [2009-07-15 17:21:18] user1663

StumbleUpon [1]. Absolutely a must-have.


(1) Yeah, you can find tons and tons of good software and websites with it! - raspi
(4) It's like TV Zapping with endless channels... I love it! - Tim Büthe
(1) Absolutely, without StumbleUpon Firefox is not complete, or even without the stumbleupon toolbar, any browser is not complete. I am waiting for StumbleU toolbar for Chrome :D - Prashant
(3) Absolutely kills your productivity as well - Spidey
[+19] [2009-07-15 16:49:29] Ivo Flipse

Febe [1]: for backing up Firefox when you have to migrate or just want your addons, favorites, passwords and settings backed up savely.


(1) I just love this one. Saved me so much trouble already. - Bruce Connor
This really should be part of firefox rather than an addon. - Idiomatic
[+17] [2009-07-15 09:32:56] splattne

Fireshot [1] for Screen Shots is a must-have.

It captures, edits, annotates, organizes, exports and prints screenshots of web pages.



(1) Impossible to read that image, link to larger version? - Stefan Thyberg
Follow the link, Stefan. - John Smithers
(1) Seems strange someone make a tool that only "captures, edits, annotates, organizes, exports and prints screenshots **of your web pages**" if they could just make a tool that does the same for screenshots of any application or even your entire desktop. What's so special about web pages? - wcoenen
(1) @wcoenen: for web pages which don't fit on the screen for example. - splattne
(9) It's not crossplatform. Windows only trial version of the commercial product. Screengrab! is free and works everywhere. - jetxee
I agree Windows only is a drag. As for 'trial version' the extra features of the 'pro' version are not compelling for most users: And the free version does not have any sort of expiration. Screengrab! is nice but it does not do annotations, which is what makes Fireshot useful. The only advantage screengrab! has over "print screen" is that it will get the portions of the page outside the viewport -- I still have to annotate with MS Paint or something! - beggs
[+16] [2009-07-15 09:41:44] second

For academics, zotero [1] is great for keeping track of online articles.


This is a fantastic add-on, not just for academics. The snapshots it stores are excellent! My kids have used it to comply with the obnoxious "MLA format" requirement in school - saved a huge amount of time! - Argalatyr
[+15] [2009-07-15 09:50:26] random

FoxClocks [1] - Useful if you have clients in different countries and/or timezones.


[+15] [2009-07-15 13:20:45] Joseph

AutoPager [1]

AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo.. It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.

This add-on is a major time saver if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse. It works even better if you have a Logitech MX Revolution [2] or similar with the super fast scroll wheel. It has some quirks, but they are worth it.


It also has a wizard to generate paging rules for web sites that it doesn't already know. - Don Kirkby
This one is really great! Makes browsing so much easier! - Jonas
[+14] [2009-07-15 13:34:54] Daniel Moura

Screengrab [1] for making screenshots of a webpage without the browser toolbars and not worrying about the scrolls.


cool, i didn't know about this one - Kip
[+14] [2009-07-15 14:14:47] Michael Paulukonis

Colorful Tabs [1] - makes the multitude of tabs ever-so-slightly different. Can set specific site colors, or random (I usually keep it at random).


[+14] [2009-07-15 12:28:37] EndangeredMassa

FireFTP [1] is another good one. It's a decent FTP client that opens in a tab in Firefox.


IE has had this for years, and I often miss it in in FF. - Joel Coehoorn
IE actually broke their FTP stuff in IE8, though. - EndangeredMassa
[+12] [2009-07-15 10:33:01] Jonas

NoSquint [1] is really nice for people who have problems with reading small text. I've recently begun to have problems with my eyes from working in front of a computer all day. One way to make this less of a problem is to increase font sizes. NoSquint helps by letting you zoom the whole page or the text. It differs from vanilla Firefox in that NoSquint lets you have different settings for different web sites and remembers this setting.


If you want to enlarge text without downloading a bunch of stuff (more addons = slower browser, at least to some extent) keep the ctrl++ and ctrl+- keyboard shortcuts in mind. (For enlarging and shrinking text, respectively) - MatrixFrog
You can also hold Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel. - AaronLS
(1) NoSquint is great for people who use high dpi screens. I don't like full page zoom so I've set NoSquint to zoom text on all pages 115%. NoSquint is basically the reason I don't use Chrome. - nagnatron
Excellent, My screen resolution is 1920*1200 and I'm using it with 130% zoom. - Mohammad
The great thing about NoSquint is that it saves the zoom-level for each site, so you don't have to keep re-adjusting the size. - njd
[+10] [2009-07-15 10:29:47] fretje

All-in-One Sidebar [1]:

alt text


[+8] [2009-07-15 19:43:34] Stephen Pace

ColorZilla [1] if you do a lot of web design (It is an eyedropper tool for firefox, useful for borrowing colour schemes). That said, I voted for Xmarks. :-)


Yes, ColorZilla is must to have icons. - Prashant
(2) Can you describe it for those who are unaware of it? - JohnFx
ColorZilla give you an Eyedropper and Zoom tool for pulling colors from anywhere on the page, it then lets you copy that color value in a variety of formats: all of which are useful for designers/front-end programmers. - Zack
[+7] [2009-07-15 11:35:42] Yuval

As a Google user, I can hardly manage without my Gmail Notifier [1] and Google Reader Notifier [2].


Question: does this fix "mailto:" links to send you to gmail? - Joel Coehoorn
Not to my knowledge. I know that the Google toolbar does this, if you want it. - Yuval
[+6] [2009-07-15 10:07:22] kender

I'm a real fan of not wasting too much space on the screen for useless stuff (especially on my 9" Aspire One [1]). So here are some of my favourites:

Tiny Menu [2] - allows to move all menus to a single "Menu" button, put it in same line as the toolbar buttons - saving some screen estate.

Also, there's autoHideStatusbar [3]. It hides the status bar when it's not needed (like the Chrome web browser does). Shows when you point an URL or something like this.


[+6] [2009-07-15 09:41:12] x3ja

FoxyProxy [1] - allows me to easily switch between work, home and other proxy settings.


(15) Please only put one plugin per answer so that people can vote on the best plugins. - rjmunro
FoxyProxy is CRITICAL for my use on VPN all day... I only need work-related sites to be proxied and the rest to go direct to the internet. Why netscape never thought of 'whitelist' proxies astounds me to this day! - ericslaw
[+6] [2009-07-15 12:29:16] chills42

If you use twitter... TwitterFox [1] is a great way to keep watch while busy with other things, it stays out of the way, but notifies you of updates.


Update: TwitterFox is now called Echofon, and is available for iPhone too. - njd
[+6] [2009-07-15 13:08:26] Joseph

Tree Style Tab [1]

This provides tree-style tab bar, like a folder tree of Windows Explorer. New tabs opened from links (or etc.) are automatically attached to the current tab. If you often use many many tabs, it will help your web browsing because you can understand relations of tabs.

I'm a person that like to have 50 tabs open at once and this is has changed my life.


(1) If I could give this one 5 votes I would. It has similarly radically changed my browsing. - Michael E
[+6] [2009-08-11 07:16:38] Randell

FaviconizeTab [1]

This extension adds a new "FaviconizeTab" option to the context menu of the tab. When it is clicked, The width of the tab becomes small up to the size of favicon. It returns to the former size when "FaviconizeTab" is clicked again.


+1 for easily managing to have far-too many tabs open. - CAD bloke
[+5] [2009-07-15 22:44:29] Nifle

Most of my favorites have already been mentioned.

If you work with sqlite this is really great: SQLite Manager [1]


really? I'll have to try this, I use Mike's sqlite manager thinger. - Yar
[+5] [2009-07-15 11:23:18] Kirill

Google Toolbar [1] — Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web.


Google Toolbar is so 2001. - Joel Coehoorn
[+5] [2009-07-15 11:25:05] Simon Lieschke

Hide Menubar [1]: hides the menubar, which is only displayed when Alt is pressed. Great when vertical real estate is at a premium on systems like netbooks.


[+5] [2009-07-15 09:40:31] Steve Bosman

LeechBlock [1] Good if, like me, you want a reminder to restrict the use of sites like facebook and youtube (all too easy for a couple of minutes to turn into an hour).


(3) Maybe I should try this for and - Don Kirkby
(1) I think I will try this for awhile (I guess this means I have felled at self discipline and self control?) - AaronLS
[+5] [2009-07-15 10:09:59] BenA

Most of the extensions I "must have" have already been mentioned, but one that hasn't is Prism [1]. It adds the "convert website to application" functionality that has become popular in Chrome.


Is there/will there be something like it for Linux, or KDE/Kubuntu to be specific? - Bart van Heukelom
@Bar van Heukelom: Prism works for me under Ubuntu 9.04 - Zifre
[+4] [2009-07-15 14:31:00] travis

ImageZoom [1] is great for zooming in on individual images by right-clicking


[+4] [2009-07-15 14:39:54] community_owned

Personal Menu [1] if your screen space is precious, especially on a widescreen laptop. It collapses the entire Menus Toolbar into a single button.


+1 Can't live without this. I need my screen space. :) - musicfreak
[+4] [2009-07-15 22:05:49] Ben Blank

For web development, I've grown quite fond of Pixel Perfect [1], a plugin for FireBug which allows you to overlay comps on pages as you're creating them. The number of "font should be 1px larger"-type complaints I get from the design department has dropped sharply since installing this addon. :-)


screenshot of Pixel Perfect in action


Wow. I've always had to use 3rd party utilities like Glass2K (on Windows) for things like this. I'll take a closer look. - njd
[+3] [2009-07-19 11:40:44] Andreas Bonini

Ctrl-Tab [1] :)


[+3] [2009-07-18 01:48:57] facepalmd

Just one extension?

HttpFox [1] - It is one of the more recent extensions I've used and it has of late seen more use than LiveHTTPHeaders. It's like Ethereal or Wireshark but for browser headers. It's got neat coloured lines in distinctive fields, and best of all, it can filter your results. It needs a bit more work, but it really is quite awesome! Can't wait to see how it improves.


[+3] [2009-07-17 08:23:19] Radruler

Although still in beta, I find that Mozilla Weave [1] (needs to be installed as an addon) helps TONS when syncing between multiple computers or dual/*boot systems, as it archives most everything and does a pretty good job of keeping everything synced at the same time. Definitely at the top of my addon list.


I have had far-more success with Xmarks. Weave seemed to break with every 2nd release. I gave up after a few months of random frustration. - CAD bloke
[+3] [2009-07-15 15:07:44] pgs

FireGestures [1]. I must have my mouse gestures.


[+3] [2009-07-15 14:11:31] Matt Dawdy

Quickdrag [1]

No one else in the world uses this but me and the developer, I guess. It's fantastic. Search on a term in your normal search engine, and click and drag links to an empty part of your screen and they open in other tabs. I do this all the time. When I have to use other browsers, it's just plain annoying.

Of course it's not only for dragging search results, but on pretty much any link on any page, just drag it a bit and it opens in a new tab and you can continue reading the original.


(4) I use a handy little thing called the Middle Click. Does the same thing! - RCIX
my laptop trackpad don't have a middle click so it's worth for some peoples ... - zillion
Middle Click, Ctrl-Click, or tab to + ctrl-enter also does this. - Macha
I hate middle clicking. Always ends up scrolling. using control means I have to use a key, too, and when I'm holding my son with 1 arm and trying to look stuff up with the other, doing a key and mouse combo doesn't work... - Matt Dawdy
[+3] [2009-07-15 13:02:52] Jonathan Sampson

Readability Bookmarklet [1]:

READABILITY is a simple tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you’re reading.


That is really cool! +1 - musicfreak
[+2] [2009-07-15 10:03:00] nik

You can lookup addon collections [1] and even maintain your own these days!

Start with the Addon Collector [2] extension to maintain your collections
and, make them accessible at all new systems you setup.
The extensions FEBE [3] and CLEO [4] used to help here, but collections is much better.

Since you restrict to one plugin -- I refer the above one.
Which might let you point to my collection here.

Some favorites.


+1 for DownThemAll - mgroves
(14) Original question was to put only one plugin per answer. - SitWalkStand
+1 For No script, I'd +1 one more time for downthemall but... I'm sorry I can't - Andrea Ambu
@SitWalkStand, that one plugin might be the Addon Collector, the others are the collection :-) -- but, no, i like the others more actually. - nik
nice list man ... - zillion
[+2] [2009-07-15 13:49:07] Ricky

FireFTP [1]

A very convenient, cross-platform FTP client within your browser.


[+2] [2009-07-15 13:30:52] Al Everett

Since we're only allowed one suggestion, and most of the others I use have been mentioned, I'll limit myself to CoLT [1] or "Copy Link Text". Allows you right-click and copy not just a link location, but also the text, or both in multiple formats including HTML, BBCODE, and Wikipedia.


[+2] [2009-07-15 16:26:38] Ivo Flipse

Morning Coffee [1]: you can set up different homepages for each day and let them launch for you each day when you start. It's nice when your drinking coffee and want to follow some of the news sites or your favorite blog.


[+2] [2009-07-16 14:54:08] Chris Shaffer

I really like Tamper Data [1] - lets you see and edit all of the requests you make.


(1) This is a must-have if you're a tester for a web app. (or a web developer, in which case you should be testing!) - Zac Thompson
[+2] [2009-07-16 13:05:37] Axxmasterr

The ImageZoom add on is the one I find most useful throughout the day.

[+2] [2009-07-15 21:09:15] ralexandru

I just love the product from Mozilla Labs "Weave "( should definitely give it a try!

[+2] [2009-07-28 02:10:40] Robert Cartaino

MileWideBack [1] - One of those simple utilities that has totally spoiled me. Definitely one of the most underused add-ons made.

Based on the idea that "controls" on the edge of the screen have "infinite width." [2] - Coding Horror

alt text

  • Quickly navigate back by left-clicking on the left border of the window.
  • Navigate forward by right-clicking on the left border.
  • Cycle through all tabs by rotating mouse wheel.
  • Close the current tab by middle-clicking on the left border.

Brilliant! Download it and try it. I would hate to work without MileWideBack, now that I use it.


+1 That's pretty cool. Not sure if I would use it more than mouse gestures for much the same thing, but gonna try it out. - Evan
[+2] [2009-08-09 02:28:28] esc1729

Aardvark [1] - this extension lets you remove selected parts of the page which is very handy for printing. It also helps with pages which have no CSS for printing and are either to small (wasting paper) or even worse, too wide, so that the text gets cut at the right border.


[+2] [2009-07-22 16:44:59] Guy C

Gmail Notifier [1] - Alerts you to new emails, with a toast like popup


I prefer - it can check many different types of email accounts - CAD bloke
[+2] [2009-07-23 02:15:51] andrew.n

For example, here is what I see in google reader:

alt text

after using this CSS in Stylish to get rid of all the links to other google properties, chartjunk, navigation and starring on the left-hand side, and all the buttons to email, share, upvote, downvote, poke, superpoke, and throw an electric sheep at this post.

@-moz-document url(""),
    #ogspacer, #gbar, #gbh,
    .home-header-box td.c, .home-header-box td.s,
    #entries .entry-actions,
    #lhn-add-subscription-section, #gbh,
    #gbar, #search, #viewer-top-controls, #viewer-footer,
    #chrome-header, .entry-likers
        display: none !important;

    #main { top: 0px !important }
    #nav { margin-top: 0px !important; }

[+2] [2009-09-14 10:51:25] Donald Burr

If you're on a Mac, Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X [1] is an absolute must-have.

It brings sane handling for PDF files within Firefox. Instead of sticking them into the Downloads folder or opening Preview or Acrobat Reader or whatever, this plugin renders the PDF within the browser window using the OS's native PDFKit API. Beautiful handling of flipping back/forth between pages, and you have the option of saving or printing the PDF if you really want to.

Also if you have any Bonjour (also known as Zero Conf) devices on your network, the Bonjourfoxy [2] plugin adds a handy menu that auto-discovers any web servers that these devices exports, making it easy to browse to them. (for example, a network laser printer that has a Web-based configuration/status utility). This one is available for both Mac and Windows.


[+2] [2009-10-19 08:53:05] Mehper C. Palavuzlar

WebMail Notifier [1]

WebMail Notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails. You can use multiple accounts in a same host.

Currently supports
- (Gmail & Google Apps)
- (,,,
- (,,
- (hanmail)
- (,


+1 for this being the only way to reliably open the right Google Mail account with the new Google single-multiple-oh-hell-signon - CAD bloke
[+1] [2009-10-31 20:51:32] ricbax

Gmail Manager [1]


[+1] [2010-05-12 20:30:27] NitroxDM

All-in-One Gestures

It just rocks more then the other gesture addons!

[+1] [2010-05-12 20:37:54] Shiki

How could you possibly leave out Peers [1] ?! :)
"Instant Search Add-on for Firefox' Locationbar and Searchbar."

One of the essentials in my opinion. (After using Opera for a long time and Chrome for a while, I feel really lost without this addon.)


[+1] [2010-06-30 13:37:03] pete

Memory Fox [1] Keeps Firefox from chewing up all your ram. I use it at work and at home. As a web dev I often have way too much stuff open and spend my whole day using Firefox. This keeps me from having to restart Firefox every hour (even with 8gb's at home).

BarTab [2] When you restart Firefox and have lots of tabs open and you maintain your session, BarTab turns all the tabs into "anchor tabs" if you will. They're slightly grayed out until you switch to that tab, then it loads it. This makes restarting Firefox a lot less painful when you have a lot of tabs.

Clear Cache Button [3] Adds a feature to clear cache for a specific page. You can edit your toolbar and drag their icon too. Practical as a dev if you're testing stuff, and want to clear the cache almost instantly and just for that page.


[+1] [2009-07-27 15:31:25] robertc

I'm a big fan of several Add-ons which have already received a lot of votes, but one I like which I've not seen put forward is Fetch Text URL [1]


[+1] [2009-09-24 09:18:03] phq

I am using Request Policy [1] which is the most aggressive advertisement blocker and therefore the most successful one.

It blocks all third party content, images and scripts. It also includes access from scripts.

The result is a heavy privacy control where no third party can get your surfing habits without you giving it permissions.

As an advertisements blocker this is perfect on sites such as where the advertisements within the Flash get blocked by default.

The drawback with the power is that you must usually be a superuser to surf the web. Many pages may look broken when the external CSS is blocked.

As an example for to work you must allow and


[+1] [2009-08-29 06:29:27] Phobia

Personas for Firefox [1]


[+1] [2009-08-18 12:44:06] community_owned

Flagfox This puts a "flag" icon in the address bar. The flag will show the country of origin of the website you visit. When you mouse over it, it will tell you the IP address and country of the server the site is hosted on. You'll also get a drop down menu when you right click the flag and the choices are a geotool which is great - it shows a map of the server's location, WHOIS which is a very useful too for identifying the site and it's domains and lots more info. All in all a very useful and interesting tool.

[+1] [2009-08-18 18:36:48] Gray

I find Session Manager [1] to be a must. It allows you to restore your browsing session in the event of FireFox crashing, as well as enable you to restore a tab that's been closed. Very helpful.


Hasn't Firefox been able to do this without any add-ons for the last few versions? I definitely haven't got any add-ons like this installed and my Firefox saves tabs, positions and tab history every time I close the browser and in crashes. Also there's an option to re-open recently closed tabs in the History menu (and by right-clicking on any tab). - GAThrawn
[+1] [2009-08-18 20:21:55] Jhonny D. Cano -Leftware-

Oh, I love ScribeFire [1] for blogging, simple but full-featured, useful, and easy, with multiple blog options from Blogger to Wordpress


[+1] [2009-08-19 01:07:51] Damian

ContextSearch [1]

Simply useful :)


[+1] [2009-07-23 21:08:27] Steve Tranby

TabKit [1]

Now that we all have widescreen monitors, I love this extension which allows you to put the tabs on the Left or Right, as well as group tabs into groups, among other features.

  • Group tabs, by domain or opener (parent) tab, manually or automatically
  • Vertical tab tree (with splitter), like Tree Style Tab
  • Multi-row tabs
  • Sort tabs, by address, last loaded, last viewed, order of creation, origin or title
  • Control new tab position and close order
  • Easily duplicate tabs and groups and copy/move them between windows by dragging
  • Scrollwheel tab switch
  • 'Mouse rocker' to go back/forward in history
  • Highlight unread tabs (and emphasise current tab)
  • Scrollbar instead of scroll arrows in over-long Bookmarks and All Tabs popups
  • Open Selected Links feature
  • Switch tabs on hover
  • Options for urls, searches and/or bookmarks to open in new tabs by default

[+1] [2009-07-30 07:00:44] swamplord

SkipScreen [1] makes downloading from Rapidshare, Mediafire and the like easy.


[+1] [2009-08-18 09:35:03] James Rodgers

There's only one I like that no-one has mentioned: BetterPrivacy [1]. It's the only easy way I know of to get rid of flash cookies, which is the new favoured way to track users.


Gets rid of LSO flash cookies that would normally resurrect themselves - Tog
[+1] [2009-07-16 14:50:06] Patrick Farrell

Wizz News Reader [1]. It's everything I want in an RSS reader and has been getting better and better with every release. I use it more times per day than I should ;).


[+1] [2009-07-16 05:51:33] Clifford the Red

Better Gmail 2 [1] - From Gina Trapani, the founder of LifeHacker, Better Gmail 2 compiles the best Greasemonkey user scripts for Gmail into a single package. All scripts copyright their original authors. Click on the script homepage in the About tab for help and more information. Only compatible with the new Gmail interface.


[+1] [2009-07-16 15:17:36] Leigh Riffel

FastDial [1] is my new favorite extension. New tabs open to a configurable array of thumbnails for the sites I use most. Quick, simple, and much easier than creating my own home page to do the same thing.


[+1] [2009-07-17 09:45:49] greggannicott

Tree Style Tab [1] for me. It's the one extension that probably prevents me from switching browsers.

If I had to pick one for potential, I'd have to say Weave. Life will become that much easier once it gets into full swing...


[+1] [2009-07-18 11:39:21] therefromhere

PasswordMaker [1]

Extremely useful as a means of generating passwords for non-critical sites, so you don't end up using one password for everything.

You give it master password and from that and the current site's domain name it generates a site-specific password.


[+1] [2009-07-17 12:36:53] Oliver Giesen

Tab Scope [1] - displays a (navigateable!) preview of a page when hovering over a tab


[+1] [2009-07-17 11:03:29] community_owned

Not sure if I can answer more than once, so I'll start with one of the lesser known ones but absolutely was essential for testing security holes in my system recently.

Modify Headers [1] / Live HTTP Headers

So yes, these are TWO addons, but they are really just two things that go together, so I'm counting it as one.

Both of these allow you to analyze and actually modify the HTTP request in more detail than you can get with just Firebug or Web Developer. Most importantly, they do so in real-time, so you can actually WATCH your request as it's happening, and/or interact with it in real time as you browse multiple pages.


[+1] [2009-07-20 07:04:32] Lance Roberts

ReloadEvery [1]

It can be set to refresh each page on it's own timing with a right-click context menu.


+1. We've used it at work, in the context of "information radiator" public displays. - Jonik
-1 firefox already does this - RCIX
No, it doesn't. - Lance Roberts
[+1] [2009-07-21 19:23:59] Mark van Lent

By using Greasefire [1] (in combination with Greasemonkey [2] obviously) you can easily see which Greasemonkey scripts on [3] are applicable for the site you are currently visiting.


[+1] [2009-07-20 21:18:18] jacobsee

keyconfig [1] for remapping firefox keyboard shortcuts


[+1] [2009-07-15 16:31:27] Nathan Peretic

S3Fox [1]

For web developers using Amazon it's a must have.


[+1] [2009-07-15 16:35:29] Nathan Peretic

MeasureIt [1]

I use this extension constantly to check distances in my layouts.


love it, and I can't live without it :) - balexandre
[+1] [2009-07-15 15:12:06] travis

Launchy [1] can be useful for opening pages and links in other apps.


[+1] [2009-07-15 14:10:54] Jason S

CacheViewer [1]


[+1] [2009-07-15 16:45:54] Drew Stephens

Tab History [1] lets tabs inherit history from their parent when you middle-click on links.


[+1] [2009-07-15 13:40:33] Jin

I highly recommend Phoenix, a live css/js editor addon for Firebox. I used to use web developer toolbar for the job, but it's buggy, even for FF 3.5.

[+1] [2009-07-15 14:13:14] Michael Paulukonis

Quick Restart [1] -- adds menu-entry and shortcut to restart FireFox. Not a big deal -- but a nice time-saver in those niche moments.


[+1] [2009-07-15 13:08:31] Marcelo Santos

I love Read It Later [1], the best is that it also works on my iPhone so I can mark articles to read on the run and come back to them later. Its integration with Google Reader is very good too.


(2) Duplicate of Could you vote that up instead, and perhaps leave a comment? (Also note that deleting this would earn you a badge :) - Jonik
[+1] [2009-07-15 11:27:50] Zaagmans

AutoCopy [1]: Select text on any web page and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.


+1 for Autocopy, not for Linkification - BrianH
AutoCopy: For people who wish they were using X11, but for some reason don't just use X11 :-D [X11 has two clipboards, one is the currently-selected text, and is pasted with middle-click; the other is used for Control-C/Control-V] - derobert
Could you split these in separate answers (unless they already have ones...) so that voting works better? - Jonik
@Jonik: I've removed linkification and created a new answer - Zaagmans
linux specialist tool is now for windows firefox ... woot !!! - zillion
[+1] [2009-07-15 11:54:22] rjmunro

I use chatzilla [1] all the time as my IRC client. My only complaint is that it is an addon and not a separate app, so if firefox breaks, my chats break too.

It's probably fairly easy to get it to run as a stanadlone XULrunner app, but I haven't investigated.


[+1] [2009-07-15 12:18:50] UncleZeiv

snap links [1]: open multiple links by using a rectangular selector; I use it all the time!


[0] [2009-07-15 12:26:13] codeLes

If I could only have 1 addon it would have to be: Search Load Options [1], I use many more, but I find that if I don't have that one I get very cranky with the search bar defaults. :)


[0] [2009-07-15 11:15:27] Brann

If you often end up with hundreds of tabs, TabGroup Manager [1] is a must-have !

It allows you to group your tabs together in "supertabs".

When you start a new research on say "a good hotel in NYC", you'll probably end up with 10 open tabs in a matter of seconds. You can easily group those in a "NYC hotel" tab, so that they don't mix with your 17 "what laser printer should I buy" tabs.

New tabs are opened in the current supertab, and creating a new supertab is a one click operation.


[0] [2009-07-15 13:12:14] Joseph

FoxTab [1]

FoxTab is a 3D tabbed browsing extension. With 6 attractive layouts to choose from, flipping between opened tabs becomes both easy and fun.

Sometimes when I have 50 tabs open, I need to find one quickly but I only remember what it looks like. This add-on makes finding that tab very easy. It's like Cover Flow [2] for Firefox tabs.


[0] [2009-07-15 10:29:19] Jonas

I use easyGestures [1]. It works like many other mouse gesture plugins, with the difference that you don't use gestures, but simply move the mouse in a direction. It also a bit more graphical and simple to use (in my opinion) than mouse gestures.


[0] [2009-07-15 09:53:04] macbirdie

Yet Another Smooth Scrolling is pretty cool too.

[0] [2009-07-15 14:23:10] travis

For web development the DOM inspector [1] is extremely useful, and much more light-weight than Firebug.


[0] [2009-07-15 13:53:50] Doug Harris

I like Digger -- provides right-click menu to with menu items to navigate "up" in a URL by truncating the trailing parts. Also provides links to Google cache and Internet Archive for the current site.

[0] [2009-07-15 14:02:59] Evan

For useful bling:

PageStyle2Tab [1]: Set the current page style to the page tab.

Fission [2]


[0] [2009-07-15 14:04:07] Evan

Searchbar Autosizer [1]


[0] [2009-07-15 13:31:47] Kip

CoLT [1] is a good one.


[0] [2009-07-15 15:27:33] tim

NewTabURL [1] - control-T (new tab) starts with URL in clipboard.


I found this to be a little too slow on my firefox, but the idea was nice - ericslaw
worth a try ... - zillion
[0] [2009-07-15 15:42:46] Etore Marcari Jr.

I think that a good addon is Reveal. That allows me to see thumbnails related to my displayed websites.

The website is here [1]


[0] [2009-07-15 17:47:59] AndyMcKenna

Leet Key:

Transforms typed or static text to L337, ROT13, BASE64, HEX, URL, BIN, DES, AES, Morse code, DVORAK keyboard layout and to lower/to upper case functionality, Leet Font

Great for people that use ROT13 to hide spoilers in forum posts.

[0] [2009-07-15 19:33:06] nemof

I find it essential. I have a row of my most visited sites on the bookmark toolbar, and remove the text on each one, leaving just the icon. Each icon is easily recognised, except in those cases where a site doesn't use a .favicon.


[0] [2009-07-15 14:34:07] travis

InfoLister [1] is handy for listing all your add-ons, plug-ins, and themes.


[0] [2009-07-15 16:40:49] user1596

Readability [1], for when all those trashy ads distract you from the text.


[0] [2009-07-21 19:15:54] Mark van Lent

ShowIP [1]: it shows the IP address(es) of the page you are looking at in the status bar. Really helpful if you've edited your hosts file [2] to e.g. test an Apache configuration before the DNS changes.


[0] [2009-07-21 19:18:49] Mark van Lent

Tomfox [1]: to easily create Tomboy [2] notes by selecting text from a webpage.


[0] [2009-07-20 08:15:57] community_owned

Tabs Open Relative [1]

This is one of the first fews add-on I always have, because I prefer the new tab open next to the current tab. IMHO, this should even be a default behavior.


[0] [2009-07-19 15:46:27] Mutewinter

GooglePreview [1] adds thumbnails to Google results. Eases recognizing familiar websites.


[0] [2009-07-17 11:23:50] community_owned

Interclue [1]

So this basically does a "pre-caching" query of any link you hover over, but rather than just grab you a screenshot or use an existing api like Snap Shots, it gives you stats (how many words, images, etc.), allows for easy bookmarking, and does a text dump of all the content, so you can read and view the images before ever going to the link.


[0] [2009-07-17 12:30:32] Oliver Giesen

Radial Context [1] - couldn't live without it - essentially mouse gestures with training wheels (for guys like me with a memory like a sieve)


[0] [2009-07-17 12:31:58] Oliver Giesen

Haven't seen this one mentioned yet:

All-In-One Sidebar [1]


[0] [2009-07-17 12:34:40] Oliver Giesen

MR Tech Toolkit [1] - allows you to keep ahead of extension developers when new Firefox (point) releases come out.


[0] [2009-07-17 12:39:02] Oliver Giesen

Update Scanner [1] - notifies you about changes to pages you're interested in - perfect for anything that doesn't have RSS feeds


[0] [2009-07-17 13:18:02] Molex

Foxy Tunes, gotta have a variety of music to play!

[0] [2009-07-18 11:50:38] therefromhere

Show Anchors [1]

alt text

This optionally adds visual markers of html page anchors (<a id="section1"> or <a name="section1">), which makes linking to subsections of long pages much easier.


[0] [2009-07-17 10:05:08] Phil.Wheeler [1] has an excellent screen grab extension called Talon [2], which you can use to hook into their online image editing software, save to your desktop or copy it to the clipboard. It's very versatile and a really useful addition to a web developer's or designer's toolbox.


[0] [2009-07-16 05:59:01] Clifford the Red

Better Amazon [1] - Another from Gina Trapani, the founder of Lifehacker, Better Amazon helps with some website annoyances: Highlight Amazon listings with free shipping, automatically enlarge product images, clean up book pages, shorten those crazy long URLs and more.


[0] [2009-07-15 19:52:51] pkaeding

RetailMeNot [1] is great. It pops up a small notification at the top of the page if there are coupon codes available for the site you're on. I've saved a bunch of many thanks to this little guy!


[0] [2009-07-15 22:47:37] Don Kirkby

Mouseless browsing [1] lets you navigate links using your keyboard. It assigns a number to every link on the page. Type in the number, and hit enter to follow the link. It also lets you jump directly to form fields and other tabs.

Personally, I prefer to only display the link numbers on demand, not by default.

This add on goes well with AutoPager [2], mentioned elsewhere in this list.


[0] [2009-07-15 23:45:22] adamvs

HyperWords [1] - puts a load of unbelievably useful stuff under the right-click menu - instant Google, Wikipedia (and customisable with any search tool you like to add)... also language translations, share price lookups for any company name you highlight, unit and currency conversions... multiple Copy formats (plain or with link, direct to text file or to printer) the list goes on and on... completely free - check it out.


[0] [2009-07-16 03:04:30] RCIX

Only one i haven't seen so far is Remove It Permanently. Pesky ads that Adblock Plus didn't catch tiring you? gone! Dont want to see forum avatars or signatures? Poof! it can remove almost anything from almost any page...

[0] [2009-07-16 04:40:07] htw

User Agent Switcher [1] will allow you to switch Firefox's user agent, effectively tricking sites into thinking you're actually on Internet Explorer, or on Safari via an iPhone, etc. etc. It's pretty cool, and especially useful if you develop websites that have mobile/cellphone interfaces.


[0] [2009-07-16 05:48:13] Clifford the Red

Add-on Collector [1] - Allows you to make a collection of your Add-ons or multiple collections which has the unique ability to let you sync up your collection of add-ons to a new computer or when you reinstall so between this and X-marks you'll have your beloved Firefox setup available to you effortlessly.


[0] [2009-08-18 12:00:20] community_owned


Emulates layout of UZBL browser.


[0] [2009-08-11 07:17:41] Randell

Scrapbook [1]

Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection.


[0] [2009-08-11 14:10:26] Lars Haugseth

Tab Kit [1]

A must if you often end up with lots and lots of tabs in your browser window, this addon allows you arrange tabs vertically on the side (left or right), and it will also use indentation and colouring to group related tabs together.


[0] [2009-08-10 21:53:29] Boldewyn

Seems that noone mentioned POW [1] so far, what a shame! Especially now, that everyone goes crazy with Opera Unite.

POW is a web server from within Firefox. It uses server-side JavaScript for dynamic pages.

Together with the mentioned SQLiteManager, POW, JS and FF is like LAMP, just the acronym FPSJ is not that cool.



[0] [2009-08-11 07:15:53] Randell

Dummy Lipsum [1]

Generate "Lorem Ipsum" dummy text


[0] [2009-07-29 23:38:11] Tanj

Firemacs [1] Brings emacs key bindings to the browser.


[0] [2009-07-30 06:50:29] TeeOh

I like having my bookmarks on my bookmarks toolbar without taking up too much space in the window. I use Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar [1]


[0] [2009-07-31 18:36:01] ericslaw

FishTabs [1] lets me keep dozens and dozens of tabs open in firefox but still be able to scan them.


[0] [2009-08-04 23:46:00] Jonathan Kushner [1] is amazing!


[0] [2009-08-06 09:30:18] nos

oldbar [1] ,to get back a sane address bar


[0] [2009-08-06 12:17:40] Antonio Louro

Speed Dial [1]

It mimics the default behavior in Opera, where in a new tab you've got some of your favorite sites:)
It is the first one I install.


[0] [2009-08-06 13:50:32] Jacob Church

Homeland Security Threat Level [1]


[0] [2009-08-09 01:06:03] craigmoliver Creator [1], for the ole' Twitter post.


[0] [2009-07-24 02:19:18] community_owned
  1. Feedly [1]
    • The best RSS aggregator

[0] [2009-07-25 17:53:29] bAN

Personas [1] can easily change skin of your Firefox. I like it.


[0] [2009-08-19 09:27:04] Am1rr3zA

I love the Phzilla (formerly PhProxy - InBasic) [1] add-on.


[0] [2009-08-19 10:01:40] Spidey
  • +1 for DownloadThemAll!
  • +1 for Download status bar.

Also I can't live without the Undo Closed Tabs Button [1].


[0] [2009-08-19 10:05:34] joe

Screenshot Pimp [1]. An add-on to easily save images of web pages with multiple options for selection, output destination, and image type.

alt text


[0] [2009-08-19 14:40:04] Zaagmans

As requested in the comments of my previous answer [1] I've created a separate answer.

Linkification [2]: Converts text links into genuine, clickable links.


[0] [2009-08-19 16:52:55] Yar

OpenBook [1] to customize bookmarking from here [2]. Not amazing, but definitely should be part of Firefox.


[0] [2009-08-18 22:01:56] community_owned

A combination of DownloadThemAll! [1] and Linkification [2] is great for downloading a long list of text links at once. Including coded links.


[0] [2009-08-18 22:32:29] iffi

Secure Login [1]

  • Login with one click or a keyboard shortcut (automatically submitting the login forms).
  • Easy and convenient selection for multiple logins (multiple users)
  • Provides direct login to any site from the bookmarks (using the "Secure Login Bookmarks").
  • Integrates with Mozilla Firefox password manager.
  • Provides easy access to the saved passwords.
  • Prevents malicious JavaScript code to automatically steal your login data.
  • Provides an option to protect your login data from all JavaScript code during login.
  • Websites requiring JavaScript for the login process can be added to an exception list.
  • Can prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks to steal your passwords without having to deactivate JavaScript.

[0] [2009-08-18 20:15:35] community_owned

I've gone through the entire list and did not see CoolPreviews!? O course AdBlock Plus is the first add-on that everyone should download. I also like SmoothScrolling and Clipmarks. I have over 20 add-ons right now and haven't noticed any slow down or lack of performance. Add-ons are what Firefox is all about!

[0] [2009-08-31 00:35:04] Beachwalker

Firefox Showcase [1] is great for when you're lost in 20 tabs. You get a quick rendering of all open tabs and you can click the one you want.


[0] [2009-08-31 00:38:38] Beachwalker [1] is a great add-on for automatically creating a temporary email address for registration when you don't want any chance of spam. Select time to live up to one month for free. Longer if you pay.


[0] [2009-09-01 10:02:32] zillion

I can recommend these two:

  • LastPass [1]. Password manager (better than Firefox defaults and Xmarks [2] - autolog in my websites)

  • InstaClick [3]. Behold the right click power to open new tabs (for multitaskers obviously. I can't live without it anymore, addicting like drugs. Take care with this one.)


"Only one addon per answer, please." - Jonik
[0] [2009-09-09 05:06:56] NT

My favourite is the AddThis [1] add-on to share all data into lots of platforms: Facebook [2], Twitter [3], etc.


[0] [2009-09-11 12:02:59] Joe Casadonte

Text Link [1]

Allows you to double-click on any plain-text URL and visit it in a new tab.


[0] [2009-09-11 12:05:40] Joe Casadonte

Lazarus Form Recovery [1]

Ever hit submit on a form only to have an error page come up, and then when you hit the "Back" button you're presented with a blank form again? Never again!


[0] [2009-09-20 10:03:38] therefromhere

Drag Drop Upload [1] allows you to drag and drop a file (or group of files) into an upload dialogue box or a GMail attachment instead of having to browse to it.

alt text

So fantastically useful and logical, you wonder why it's not part of the core functionality.

As recommended by Lifehacker [2].


[0] [2010-07-01 02:59:16] Jason

Dta One Click, A download manager + accelerator. It helps you to download stuff in different parts, thus speeding up the procedure.

[0] [2010-05-20 01:57:08] Jeremy Simon

Mozilla Weave to sync all your settings, browser history, tabs, saved passwords and bookmarks across Firefox on different computers. Means I can move from work to home without having to touch a thing.

[0] [2010-05-23 00:27:28] systempuntoout

Fastyub! [1] Try it and you will be instantly addicted !


[0] [2009-11-18 22:09:36] Sasha

ScrapBook [1] - Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection!


[0] [2009-11-18 22:13:50] Broam

If you have Firebug, you definitely need FireCookie [1] to go along with it (it's an add-on that adds on to an add-on...) Firebug has its own ecosystem of extensions.


[0] [2009-12-19 01:57:29] fluxtendu

Add to Search Bar [1] and Organize Search Engines [2]

With these two, I can easily "bookmark" how many search engine I want, with a fast & easy access and without the hassle of remembering a keyword for each one.

(Sorry if i have two addons in my answer but they work really well together and they are from the same author)


[0] [2009-12-29 07:02:44] retornam

Skipscreen [1] A firefox addon- that skips the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Megaupload etc


[0] [2010-01-07 15:50:15] Morten Bergfall

It's a plug-in to a plug-in, I guess it's pretty plugged in at least, and since it's been saving me at least 15-30 minutes per day, I recon that FireDiff need a mention.

Simple explanation : let's you keep your nifty firebug tinkerings, without having to re-type (not to mention the awful re-re-re-type heart-attack inducing kind...). And has a pretty smooth implementation, smooth enough.

Here [1] is a link to the developer (don't be disparaged by first appearance, mayhap just as well head straight over to the Mozilla Add-On repository [2] .