Stack OverflowWhat is your favorite colorscheme FOR PROGRAMMING in Vim?
[+67] [0] ThomasGHenry
[2009-02-07 21:06:36]
[ vim syntax-highlighting vi color-scheme ]

I think this is a relevant question for programmers and I'd like to hear other people's answers because some syntax highlighting color schemes are better on the eyes than others. This can affect productivity as much as ergonomic keyboards [1] or anything else on here. It's about comfort and productivity. So, I'm curious.

Do you find some color schemes better adapted for some languages over others? At the other end of the spectrum, I think coding without syntax highlight is awful and slow going. Does anyone work better like this?

This is a poll... community wiki, perhaps? - Zach Scrivena
This should be community wiki - Malfist
You should make this a community wiki or people are likely to shut down this post. - JaredPar
I'm new. All I see on this site are polls. I don't mean to color outside the lines, but what gives? - ThomasGHenry
I know. I linked to it. I wanted the answer. What am I doing wrong here? (curious, not confrontational) - ThomasGHenry
@ThomasGHenry, people like polls to be community WIKI's so that users can't give popular answers purely for the sake of getting reputation points. If you edit your post, there will be a check box that says "Community Wiki". This prevents people from getting points for up votes on this answer - JaredPar
but people can still interact as usual otherwise? the conversation interests me, not the rep so much. - ThomasGHenry
Yes. Nothing changes except people can't get rep points. Plenty of popular threads are community wiki's - JaredPar
ok cool. thx all - ThomasGHenry
It's not just that this isn't a poll. It's simply a non-question. People use "What is your favourite programming colour?" to describe this kind of question and this is only one step away from what is meant to be a joke. - cletus
ah.... even the keyboards thing I linked to is a CW. got it. - ThomasGHenry
@cletus I don't get that at all. It's about viability, usability, and productivity. Why is that a joke? - ThomasGHenry
Because it's completely subjective and other people's answers don't really have any meaning to you. It's like asking a poll "What is your name?" - cletus
Not it's not, it is useful because you're shown what is popular, and have a chance to find new themes that you have never seen before that you may like better. Because of this question I found InkPot and I'm pretty sure I like it :) - Malfist
example:… is there no value in knowing that hundreds of people subjectively prefer "code complete"? maybe it's a good book. maybe someone using red-on-red-lame colorscheme will benefit here. - ThomasGHenry
But what if you'd never heard of Code Complete? You now know that it's highly recommended and if several hundred people think it's a good book, perhaps you should read it? I read it because Jeff Atwood said it was a good book. Same thing. - Malfist
@Malfist. we agree. :) - ThomasGHenry
I actually love community poll type posts cause I can post a ton of different responses, like in this question.. and it is socially acceptable. Anyway, those are all for now. If I find another gem I'll post it. - Simucal
Sigh. This is a duplicate. I wonder when these will be closed? When every editor has its own color scheme question? /me goes to start on Emacs. - George Stocker
@Gortok, A duplicate of what? The post he linked in the main thread is closed which makes this the sole survivor. Ignore the color-scheme tag if you don't like them. - Simucal
@Simucal Amen, non-gender-specific kinsfolk! - ThomasGHenry
someone please open a emacs color scheme question :p - Johannes Schaub - litb
@Simulcal:… Pretty clearcut, isn't it? - George Stocker
How do people get these fancy colors in their terminal? - apphacker
@apphacker the expanded colors? Yoou would need a terminal that supports the expanded selection of colors. - Pharaun