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[2010-07-01 01:05:39]
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I used to use " [1]" which created a humorous effect by translating from English to Japanese and back again via Google Translate, until it reached equilibrium. What other humorous web applications do you know of?

(Websites of jokes, funny youtube videos, etc. are off-topic for this question; it must be an actual application which is humorous. Question is Community Wiki.)

Unfortunately, this question could be viewed as off-topic and too subjective by some people, but I think it should stay. It's a nice and fun question and as it's community wiki, it's fine. - Maxim Zaslavsky
Shouldn't this be tagged "humor"? On the rest of the network, tag spellings have been standardized to American English. - mmyers
[+13] [2010-07-07 23:38:58] Vortico

Unicornify -

The Dialectizer -

Is It Christmas? -

Let Me Google That For You -

O'Reilly Maker -

Destroy Sites -

(3) +1 for lmgtfy ... I love that site. - Zac Thompson
+1 for Unicornify! - Rowan
On OReillyMaker. Why is it, when I enter anything with .NET in the title the picture suddenly changes to a goofy fat guy with a heinous looking neck beard? - Evan Plaice
Dialectizer definitely needs an entry for Engrish. It just feels incomplete without it. - Evan Plaice
[+8] [2010-07-01 02:48:57] Henri Watson

Six to Eight weeks [1]


It should be called "" - Evan Plaice
[+5] [2010-07-08 15:55:57] spoulson [ACCEPTED] [1] - You can do anything!


Hmm, it is actually quite funny. Tempted to accept this. - community_owned
Hmm, it's more of a flash animation embedded on a page than an actual web app. - Vortico
(1) But you can do anything! - spoulson
[+4] [2010-07-08 23:14:13] Joe

Geocities-izer [1]


+1 that's awesome - adamcodes
[+1] [2010-07-08 16:24:46] HoLyVieR

[+1] [2010-07-08 16:41:38] xanadont
[0] [2010-07-08 19:39:28] eds

Easy way to open four independent frames in your current tab; feel free to browse to this app again within one of the frames to get four more frames within that one.

I've tried this twice on two different days & both times it didn't work. - community_owned
Sorry, apparently this is the correct URL now. - eds
[0] [2010-07-08 16:13:55] Aaron