Arqade90's PC futuristic game about hover cars with guns running around city streets from top-down perspective
[+11] [1] johnjon
[2012-02-15 17:03:54]
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I'm trying to identify a PC game I used to play in the 90's. Here's what I can remember:

Here's a sweet sketch I made:


Any ideas? Thanks, guys!

Did the screen rotate with you - meaning, your vehicle always pointed "up" - or did the map alignment remained the same and only your vehicle rotated? - Oak
I'm pretty sure the map retained its orientation, but I could be wrong. - johnjon
[+8] [2012-02-16 03:05:06] ItsPete [ACCEPTED]

I'm almost 100% sure you described Traffic Department 2192. Great game & involved cloning & truck bombs.


The only thing that differs is the ability to pick the vehicle before the mission. I can remember it having missions where you drove a lot of different vehicles, but I don't think it let you pick them.

The game featured a large amount of dialogue (which could be turned on to child-friendly mode), a story about revenge & terrorism!, & a robot bartender. Lots of dark environments in the "cut-scenes" with blacks, browns, blues, & purple.

That's it! Thanks a lot. Yeah, you're right about the choosing your vehicles difference. I'm playing it again after all these years and you do just get assigned different vehicles for different missions. - johnjon