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[+99] [14] Jader Dias
[2009-01-26 03:08:05]
[ java python django google-app-engine content-management-system ]

Is it possible to deploy any CMS (Content Management System) using Google App Engine? Wikipedia lists 4 Python CMSes [1] and one of them is Django based. [2]

Do you know any way to make any of them to work on App Engine?

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(1) GAECupboard has a huge selection of CMS for GAE. - systempuntoout
[+25] [2009-09-10 19:57:36] Alex
Have you used it? - Jader Dias
(21) Intensively. Actually I am an author. :) - Alex
(1) Vosao is no longer active. - Chensformers
[+10] [2013-05-28 23:23:10] Bijan [ACCEPTED]

Wordpress: Since App Engine offers PHP support you can now run Wordpress.

[+8] [2009-01-27 00:00:12] realgt

theres also gutecms

edit: after trying out several options i chose

(1) +1 for - jmort253
[+5] [2010-01-22 02:49:01] Steven Veltema

I currently use Vosao and while it's a bit rough around the edges, it works very well and is under active development. My site runs on Vosao and I recently wrote up a post on upgrading from version 0.0.4 to 0.1 [1] if your interested in how to get it running.


Having been checking the Vosao project and I definitely think it's a CMS with a very promising future. - Damon Oehlman
[+4] [2011-08-23 13:57:16] Yeo

Check out this Django Nonrel site: "Allbuttonspressed" [1]

This project is one of the Django Framework on App Engine. It has simplecms application installed by default, but for me its more then enough. Here is the short description [2]

Source can be downloaded here:

This project support some other features, such as

  • blog
  • disqus [3] (for blog comments),
  • simplesocial (to share to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter)
  • and many more, check out their source code

And of course the special things for me is that, this project using modified version of Django Framework [4] so you can still take the advantage of django admin site [5], which is awesome. You can take advantage of the admin site to modify certain part of your website. For more information you can read up the Django-nonrel docs [6] or djangoappengine Docs [7]. The latter docs will highlight some of the limitation using django nonrel on appengine.

Good luck :)

FYI, I've just successfully deployed my appengine site using their simplecms application.


Oh wow, I just visited Allbutonspressed and it was blisteringly fast! - Keldon Alleyne
[+3] [2009-01-26 03:15:30] Jader Dias

Google returned the following options:

App Engine Site Creator [1]

Magazine Life (e-magazine CMS) [2]

Those seems to be new (testing versions). I would feel more confortable with more famous CMS.


[+3] [2009-06-21 08:59:56] Kariem

I am not a django developer, but, during the research for a very similar question [1] I came across django-cms [2], which looks very promising.

It seems, as if there is a high interest in having a CMS running on google-app-engine. It is possible that with the Django 1.0 support in GAE ( release notes version 1.2.3 [3]), there will soon be a working version. Recent questions related to supporting django-cms on GAE on either of the two communities' discussion lists have not resulted in a definite answer yet. Here the references:


(1) django-cms works but has too low performance (4-6 seconds per request). It makes too many queries to the remote DB to perform well. - cat
[+3] [2009-07-24 07:55:25] gaecms
(2) It's a bit Chinese :) - Alex Bolotov
[+2] [2009-05-26 12:19:30] Jerzy

There is web2py framework and KPAX CMS [1] based on it.


(2) Could anybody give a link to KPAX CMS. btw "крах" means fail in russian :( - Alex Bolotov
(1) @Bolotov link added - Jader Dias
link invalid returns Invalid request - Ib33X
[+2] [2010-09-07 10:22:37] sastanin A very simple site management system for AppEngine.

[+1] [2011-02-10 16:22:01] Phil

there's also Gapp CMS, rather basic but looks promising:

[+1] [2011-02-13 19:37:52] ronky

This is a list of projects labelled by appengine python cms:

[+1] [2011-02-21 08:31:55] qliq

A cool CMS build upon Web2py and thus works on GAE out of the box is InstantPress [1], Watch this demo [2] on how it work


[+1] [2011-07-03 23:14:10] tomvon

Another Python CMS for AppEngine: