Physical FitnessBest way to train and plan for 1km running race
[+6] [2] Benny
[2011-03-06 04:50:23]
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I am entering my primary schools (I'm 12 years old) 1km race and there are 4 spots up for grabs.

I was wondering what is the best way to run a 1km to 1.8km race. e.g should I go slow at the start, what stages should I speed up etc.

(2) You should avoid asking about what's 'best' and rather ask for tips on a more specific area of the run. This question as is, is IMO tO broad in scope. - KronoS
@Benny: steady pace is the "best" pace for 1km. You have to find what is your maximum sustainable pace during training. - Eelvex
[+3] [2011-03-06 15:12:24] Louis Rhys [ACCEPTED]

A generally good suggestion is to run according to a periodical pattern, where each pattern is divided to 4 section. Only speed up in the 4th section. For example if 1 period = 4 minutes (thus 1 section is 1 minute). Run normally for 3 minutes, then speed up in the fourth minute, back to normal in the next 3 minutes, speed up again for 1 minute, and so on.

[-1] [2011-03-06 16:31:08] Francisco Noriega

While there might be technique and science based advice as to how to run, I personally think that 1 KM is not really that much and it shouldn't really matter (it would at a professional level though), but I guess that the answer would depend on how is your current physical state.

I remember when I was in middle school when we had to run a mile for P.E. class; thin and athletic kids could usually run fast through all of it, finishing it in 4-5 min, while less active kids (like me :P) had to go jogging at slow pace, and usually take over 10 minutes to finish it.

So if you are the athletic kind of kid that plays a lot of sports, then I think you should try to run at a speed that is fast but comfortable, that won't leave you breathless after 100 mts or so, and then on the last 100 mts try to sprint as fast as you can.

If you aren't that sporty, then I would suggest to jog at a calm pace and maybe try to run faster on the last stretch.

Good luck!