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[2020-06-05 21:14:04]
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Does anybody here know whatever happened to the StackPrinter site? It seems to me that it is not working anymore. Do you know of a currently working version/link of the site?

Please let me thank you in advance for your attentive replies.

It seems to be working now. What exactly was the problem at the time of the post? For people unfamiliar with StackPrinter, I'll add that this website is mentioned here: Printer-friendly versions? For example, this is what I get for this question:… - Martin Sleziak
As a site not, (export) seems like a suitable tag here. But since all five spotes are already used, I was not sure which of the used tags to replace (if any). - Martin Sleziak
(1) Maybe somebody else can can confirm whether they can access the site. I have also checked Down for Everyone or Just Me, which says that StackPrinter is up. - Martin Sleziak
(1) @MartinSleziak: I suppose there is something wrong with my connection... I can't still access the site: Chrome is my default browser and I get an "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" message after any attempt I make to enter it. Thanks a lot for your comments. - José Hdz. Stgo.
@MartinSleziak: It seems to be working fine today! - José Hdz. Stgo.