Meta Stack Overflow"Recent responses" shows random comments on deleted questions
[+4] [1] balpha
[2010-03-24 08:09:43]
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Possible Duplicate:
Comments for deleted answers still visible [1]

This comment [2] still shows up in my "recent responses" even after the corresponding question has been deleted for more than 45 minutes, so I can't even get to the comment anymore.

alt text

(1) Nooooo! That's a feature! And a dupe as wel... searching... - fretje
May be related to this bug (plug):… - Kobi
(2) That's a better error message than the one currently showing. - random
Yep, that's a dupe. Voted to close. BTW, @Kobi: I always thought that the "recent-activity" tag is for issues with the "recent activity" tab, which has nothing to do with this bug report. - balpha
I could be wrong here, but isn't "Recent Activity" the title of that page? - Kobi
(1) @Kobi: No, it's "User XY - Recent". "Recent activity" is the name of a tab on the (public) user profile. - balpha
Well, it is displayed in your screenshot in bold big letters :P, I forgot about the other "Recent activity". Ok, lets move on to important things. - Kobi
(1) @Kobi: No, we need to discuss this in depth. Let's set up a dedicated Stack Exchange instance for that. This is important ;-) - balpha
Obviously +1 for the brilliant error text. Extra points for the sad trombone. - Eat more Twisters
I request this error message be set up on April 1st. - Eat more Twisters
[0] [2010-03-24 08:14:13] Kobi

I always saw comments for deleted posts on the Recent page, but I assumed that was because I had 10K+ reputation.
Now it's just a bug.