Physical FitnessDo sugar-free drinks really cause MS or other side effects?
[-1] [1] Mohsen
[2011-09-30 20:56:04]
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I just read an e-mail about aspartame in diet soda and how it poisons your system, resulting in MS like symptoms. They claim hundreds have been mis-diagnosed as having MS when really they consumed too much aspartame.

Is this real? Does anybody have a link to actual research or not? Also, I am curious to know if Diet Coke or other sugar-free drinks have other bad side effects.

As a computer programmer that sits all day, I'm trying to eat and drink fewer calories by drinking sugar-free drinks. If the drawbacks are more than the benefits then we need to stop drinking those drinks.

This is more of a Skeptics.SE question. - Dave Liepmann
(2) I'm sorry. This isn't really a question about nutrition as it relates to physical fitness. It's a medical claim which, based on the the pseudo-scientific nature, might possibly be be a candidate for Skeptics. Either way, your question is really off topic for this site. - Robert Cartaino
(1) One of the main reason for not drinking diet sodas to lose weight is that you don't lose weight accd'g to a 2005 study reported in WebMD. For less calories try water instead. Here's info on artificial sweeteners from the Mayo Clinic. Here's Diet Coke ingredients. Phenylalanine. MS-email, see - BackInShapeBuddy
Is there any way to "move" this question to skeptics? - Mohsen
[+1] [2011-09-30 21:18:02] Dave Liepmann

I'm going to answer your question-hidden-in-your-question.

Regardless of whether or not sugar-free sodas cause MS or cancer or dead kittens...

All Soda is Liquid Candy

Soda is not a drink, it is a treat made of carbonated sugar water. It is literally concentrated sugar (or sugar replacement) syrup mixed with water, bubbles and advertising. Soda has no place as a daily part of a proper diet.

Stop drinking soda entirely and you'll have taken a real first step towards a better diet. Going from soda to "diet" soda just means you're buying their marketing gimmicks.

+1 Agree with Liquid Candy thing but still I like to know that research happened or not. Thanks - Mohsen