Meta Stack OverflowGreasemonkey script to show user reputation in hexadecimal
[+8] [0] Kip
[2010-02-10 15:21:01]
[ discussion reputation greasemonkey ]

Edit: This script now lives on StackApps [1].

(1) It don't work in Opera. But then barely any of these Greasemonkey scripts ever do until you play by the right window. - random
(4) Now you just need to modify it to feed the hex number into the unicorn generator, and simply display a unicorn image in place of the reputation. - Adam Davis
(4) Request for display in binary, octal, vigesimal, sexagesimal, ROT13, Roman numerals, ASCII art, bubble babble, Braille, Morse code, semaphore, Hindu-Arabic, tally stick, Quipu, and Klingon. - Robert Cartaino
(1) I'd like to see a unicorn with a golden crown for 10K users, silver crown for 3k... - Ether