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[2010-09-14 03:05:03]
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Similar to this question [1], are there any popular games that are written in Java? Please post links and only 1 answer per post. Include logos/images if you can.

(4) Great question and I hope it will become a great list. Yay Java! :) - Ricket
Thanks. I was always wondering how competent Java can be when it comes to game development. - Terence Ponce
(4) I highly recommend it. Java as a language has a huge userbase and many great tools (Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs, JUnit for unit testing, the Javadoc standard for documentation, etc.) which gives you a great foundation. There are a few good libraries out there for game development too (LWJGL, JOGL, jMonkeyEngine, Java2D, Java3D, JGame, ...). But most of all, applets. And of course I love the challenge of writing games in a language which most people see as inferior (especially to C++ and such). - Ricket
+1 for "I love the challenge of writing games in a language which most people see as inferior (especially to C++ and such)" :) - Mr_Qqn
(2) Pretty much anything written for Android? - roe
I was thinking of learning C#/XNA to introduce myself to game development. Because of Ricket's post, I think I'm gonna stick with Java since I'm already comfortable with it. - Terence Ponce
[+62] [2010-09-14 03:07:21] Riley Adams


Minecraft [1]

Description ( wikipedia [2]):

Minecraft is a sandbox game which allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. It is currently in development by Markus Persson, aka "Notch". The gameplay is inspired by Dwarf Fortress, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Dungeon Keeper, and especially Infiniminer. 1 [3] The game is split into two variants, Alpha and Classic; Classic is both single- and multiplayer and includes only the building aspects of the game with unlimited blocks, and Alpha also has a single- and- multiplayer mode and includes monsters and a much greater variety of crafting available, as well as requiring players to mine their own blocks. Alpha is currently the latest release of Minecraft, and will move into beta sometime in September 2010. Minecraft was developed for about a week before its public release on May 17, 2009 on the TIGSource forums, where it gained a considerable level of popularity. It has been continually updated since then.


Came here to post this. It's been gaining a lot of momentum lately, despite its simple visuals. +1 - Jānis Kiršteins
(9) Can't be more of a poster child. This game has single handedly made a single programmer MILLIONS of dollars in sales. - community_owned
(2) Ctrl-F "minecraft" there it is... - wkerslake
(1) @Sergio The language chosen has nothing to do with Minecraft's success - bobobobo
[+26] [2010-09-14 03:06:45] Ricket


RuneScape [1]!

Straight out of ye old Wikipedia [2]:

RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in January 2001 by Andrew and Paul Gower, and developed by Jagex Ltd. It is a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering. The game has approximately 10 million active accounts, over 130 million registered accounts, and is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world's most popular free MMORPG.


way better than Minecraft. - Alon
Apples and oranges. I enjoy both of them. :) - Ricket
[+11] [2010-09-14 03:25:38] ZorbaTHut

Puzzle Pirates logo

Puzzle Pirates [1] is written entirely in Java. Gives it some nice crossplatformability, and as it's not a particularly cpu-intensive or ram-intensive game, it runs without noticeable hitches.

From Wikipedia [2]:

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Three Rings Design. The player takes the role of a pirate, adventuring on the high seas and pillaging money ("pieces of eight") from roaming enemy ships (human or computer-controlled). The mechanics of Puzzle Pirates are driven by puzzles. For example, to effectively sail a ship, players must play puzzle games representing work at the sails for speed, pumping bilge water to remove it from the ship, and carpentry to fix any damage the ship may take



Could you provide a link for this? - Terence Ponce
Done. And added logo as I did to the rest of them. :) - Ricket
Unrelated to the question but, I like Puzzle Pirates because the PvP part is rather hardcore with high stakes - and effective crews require a lot of cooperation, not to mention that an effective ship needs multiple players unlike many recent pirate MMOs ^^ - Oskar Duveborn
Also note that a lot of the code used to make Puzzle Pirates is open sourced at - samskivert
[+7] [2010-09-14 03:10:04] Ricket

FunOrb logo

All of the games at FunOrb [1] (by Jagex, the makers of RuneScape) are written in Java and presented very similar to other Flash game portal sites.


[+6] [2010-09-14 12:12:24] community_owned

Tribal Trouble [1] is a real-time strategy video game for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The game pits natives of tropical islands against invading Vikings. The game was developed by independent studio Oddlabs, and has won several awards, including four top 5 positions in indie game review site GameTunnel's 2005 awards in the categories of best multiplayer game, best graphics, best strategy game and best game overall. The game also spawned a sequel, Tribal Trouble 2. (source Wikipedia)

Cover image from the game 'Tribal Trouble'


[+6] [2010-10-22 19:37:04] vshade
Ah, based on the great Falling Sand game! ( ) - Ricket
[+5] [2010-09-14 03:13:47] Ricket logo

It's not a game, but the [1] forum hosts a lot of discussion and development of indie Java games and discussions on the technologies (libraries, etc.) that they use (e.g. LWJGL, JOGL). You can find indie Java games there!


(1) Thanks for this link. I'm gonna check this out. - Terence Ponce
Very nice forum :-) - Serhiy
[+5] [2010-10-25 23:04:18] Stringer Bell

alt text

... and a videogame: Facade [1]

Interactive drama, AI-based, Java + OpenGL. 500,000+ downloads since 2005.


[+4] [2010-10-23 13:34:27] Hendrik Brummermann

Hm, I am not sure if it is okay to post a game to which I have contributed. But it was Sourceforge project of the month [1] in March.

Stendhal [2] is a multiplayer online adventures game (MORPG) developed using the Arianne game system. It is completely open source (client, server, graphics, everything). While it is still heavily developed, it is fully playable.

Stendhal Screenshot with GUI. It shows the NPC postman and 12 players in plains north of Semos City

Stendhal features a rich and expanding world in which you can explore towns, buildings, plains, caves and dungeons. There are many NPCs with tasks and quests for valuable experience and cold hard cash. With the money new items can be bought and armour and weapons can be improved. And for the blood thirsty ones of you; satisfy your killing desires by roaming the world in search of evil monsters!


(1) Looks cool. I'll try this out some time. - Terence Ponce
[+4] [2010-10-23 09:26:34] community_owned

Night Squad 2 [1] is a First Person Shooter written in Java.


[+3] [2010-09-14 06:24:27] Mr_Qqn

Altitude [1] is a multiplayer plane arena shooter.

I don't know if it's written in Java or in another JVM language but in run in JVM.


[+2] [2010-09-14 08:53:23] gray

iirc Puppy Games are written in Java.

[+2] [2010-10-15 17:20:59] BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft

Well, everything on [1] and [2]

Also, most games for older smart-phones.


[+2] [2010-10-23 12:59:16] community_owned

I have 9 java games. They have been played millions of times over the last 8 years.

Zepto Towers MiniSpaceWar ZeptoRacer MiniSpaceWar Vector SantasWorldWar Obama Stimulus Don’t Lose Your Balls! Zepto Wars

I am working on my first multiplayer java game now.

(13) Wow, blue on red, are you sure the site is only 8 years old? I HIGHLY recommend a redesign, as I literally can't look at that site for more than a few seconds. - Ricket
[+1] [2010-10-19 07:07:10] MatthewD

Wyvern [1] is written in Java (and also some Jython, which is Python on the JVM).


[+1] [2010-10-22 19:41:27] community_owned

Smallball [1], is all written in Java. It used to be very popular but it seems to have trailed off because of lack of updates in recent years.