Drupal AnswersFatal error Unsupported operand types in field module?
[-3] [0] zerocoolhotone
[2012-05-23 05:25:54]
[ 7 modules ]

i want to configure drupal in wamp server but i have found error

Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in C:\wamp\www\motal\modules\field\ on line 263 please help me

(1) Please post some information about what you've done to get there. - Letharion
i have download drupal site from live server and database also and i am trying to configure in local server, i changed only in setting.php for database - zerocoolhotone
(1) You have a missing or somehow corrupt field type, but this is still no way near enough information to give you any meaningful help. - Letharion
As stated by Letharion please add more details to describe your problem. What is your current URL when you encountered that error? - ninjascorner