ArqadeWhat other games exist similar in format to Uplink?
[+15] [3] Ed Gonzalez
[2010-07-17 11:46:46]
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I loved the high-pressure panic'd feel I got while attempting a hack knowing I was moments from being busted. Introversion did a fabulous job here and I'd like to play another game in the same mold.

For those not familiar with Uplink:

(2) +1, Starred, Serious, Uplink is a great game, and I haven't found a game yet that is just as good, so I'm also interested in the answer! - alexanderpas
+1 as well! I really really enjoyed this game too, and I'd love to find another like it. - FallenAngelEyes
(1) +1 thx for reminding me of uplink. I've tried a few similar fashioned games and no one was as good. - Dave
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[+3] [2010-07-17 14:13:41] Matthew Ruston

I've purchased and played through Hacker Evolution [1]. I enjoyed it. The game could be played mostly using the keyboard through in-game command-line interface, which I thought was pretty cool.

However, I doubt anything will ever trump my love and nostalga for Uplink.


This is a very good and kind of more realistic alternative to Uplink. - Arda Xi
That's it! I was trying my darned hardest to remember that one. It's good. - Mechko
[+1] [2010-07-17 13:17:31] Mechko

There are some games/challenges at and more at

There is a flash game called hacker 2 (and hacker I presume)

best bet is Cypher though.

It's - sippa
Those challenges are more realistic than Uplink, not sure that's what OP is looking for. - Arda Xi
@sippa thank you. - Mechko
[0] [2010-07-17 12:18:41] fail badp

How about Subversion [1]? :)


Isn't out, is it? - Arda Xi
(1) Your comment is too localized, @Arda. :P - fail badp
(1) Your answer is just futuristic. - Arda Xi