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[2009-07-15 08:15:24]
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What are some good screenshot programs for Windows, preferably free? Obviously I know I can hit the Print Screen key and paste that into Paint and save it, but I'm looking for something that makes it simple. Bonus points if it can automatically upload to an image host.

I didn't realise there were so many apps! Nearly as many as there are text editors. - Umber Ferrule
If anyone knows of a screenshot tool that also includes the mouse cursor in its shots, I'd greatly appreciate it. Most leave the cursor out; some allow you to paste a stock cursor image in, but that doesn't match the default cursor on newer Windowses. - Thomas
@Thomas - SnagIt has an option that allows you to include the mouse cursor in shots. It's about $50 for the software, but it's an excellent product. - Ben McCormack
Not specifically a duplicate. Krishna asks for Screenshot Taking Tools, not Screenshot Utilities for Windows. Yesterday I was looking for the Mac OS 9 keys (command-shift 3 or 4) or a utility to capture a screen from an old Mac (i had forgotten). A couple of the answers to this question cover that. Same would apply for Linux, etc. This question is NOT a duplicate of the Windows screenshot question. - bill weaver
[+95] [2008-08-25 15:08:06] Michael Pryor



  • On any version of Windows, you can hit Alt+PrtScr (capture the current window) or just PrtScr (capture the entire screen). This will copy that image to the clipboard, after which you can paste it into any image program like Photoshop or even Paint.

  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can use the included [1] Snipping Tool [2]. It allows you to select a single window, the full screen, a rectangular area, or a free-form snip. You can draw on the screenshot, then copy to clipboard or save to file.

    snipping tool

  • Windows 7 also provides [3] Problem Steps Recorder [4], which records a screenshot every time the mouse is clicked. When stopped it creates a zipped MHTML [5] document (mainly supported only by MS Word, Internet Explorer and Opera) with all the screenshots inside.

Special features (video, web-upload, etc.)

  • PrtScr [6] can also capture overlay windows, which Snipping Tool cannot.

  • Cropper [7], is a free open source .NET screen capture tool written in C#. It also has some support for vector graphics in programs like Adobe Fireworks.


  • TechSmith Jing [8] (by the same company that makes the commercial screenshot software SnagIt), works on Mac and Windows and will also capture video. Jing can also upload to their screenshot sharing site or your own FTP server.


  • There are several Firefox add-ons for taking screenshots of webpages. Screengrab [9], Fireshot [10], and Abduction [11] are a few. These add-ons have the advantage over regular screenshot software in that they can capture a whole long webpage as one image.

  • MWSnap [12] is older, but has a fairly nice array of features, such as being able to select a specific window, control, or menu, zooming, and a color picker.


  • SnagIt [13] from TechSmith is $50, and is a good choice for Windows.

    • It has an image editor so it's nice if you need to annotate / mark the screen grabs that you take.
    • It measures the area you're grabbing in pixels - a lot of web developers in our group use it as a measuring tool, not just a screen shot tool.
    • It does delayed capture which is useful for getting context menus etc as a part of your screen grabs.
    • It can screen grab scrolling windows which is very handy.
    • It has outputs [14] so you can send images to Flickr, Blogger, MSExcel, Skype, FogBugz, etc.
  • WindowClippings [15] is $18 and will grab a shot of a window with the proper Aero window border without any background and can also add your own watermark. There is also a free unlimited trial that ads a mandatory watermark. It also has add-ons to do things like send images directly to Paint.NET or MS OneNote.

  • WinSnap [16] is ~$25 and allows you to simultaneously select and capture multiple objects (e.g. windows, dialogs, buttons and controls).

  • FastStone Capture [17] is ~$20 and has a few nice image editing tools.

  • FreshLog [18] is ~$15 and will import to almost any issue tracker.

For more detailed info, you can also reference the Wikipedia article on screenshots [19].


Great tips and tricks for the vista snipping tool here:… 1) Define a keyboard shortcut to open the snipping tool 2) use ctrl+print screen to "freeze" the screen before snipping. - Ian Robinson
For Macs, Command-Shift-3 screenshots the whole screen, and Command-Shift-4, Space screenshots a window. Most flavors of Linux also support the PrintScreen button. - Adam Rosenfield
I installed Jing but it kept nagging me about setting up an account in their website. How annoying for an otherwise seemingly nice product! Why do I need to create an account to take snapshots of my own desktop? - Chetan Sastry
Great edits @nhinkle! - Ivo Flipse
Winsnap is a solid tool, well worth the money. - Shane
[+46] [2009-07-15 08:27:51] Sam Saffron [ACCEPTED]

The built-in Vista / Windows 7 Snipping Tool [1] does a fantastic job. Not sure if you can get it to work on earlier versions of Windows.


(3) wow, I had no idea about this tool, thanks :) - Andrija
(1) This is also available on XP Tablet Edition through the Windows Experience Pack, but it refuses to install on XP Home or Pro. - Stephen Jennings
C'mon, this doesn't really count, you can't just up and install it on a non-7 system - bobobobo
If only it supported hotkeys... - bdwakefield
If you can't find it, try under Start/All Programs/Accessories or C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe or even adding it on Control Panel > Programs and Features > Optional Components - Cawas
@bobobobo - This tool exists on all operating systems past Windows Vista. This is a perfectly valid answer. Furthmore who cares about Windows XP? - Ramhound
[+34] [2009-07-15 08:19:34] Stephen Jennings

I really like Greenshot [1]. You can take a screenshot of a selected area or a single window, and you can configure it to either copy to the clipboard, save to a file, open in a simple editor, or any combination of the three. The only problem with it is that I have very occasionally had it crash, but restarting the program fixes it.

I've also used Cropper [2] which I also like, but it runs a little slower and has less configurability than Greenshot.


Both Greenshot and Cropper are too limited. Not many features. Also, I think we should remove Cropper from this answer and move it to an answer of its own (keeping one app per answer). - Denilson Sá
[+21] [2008-08-26 17:10:56] Simucal

+1 for Cropper [1]. Free, Lightweight, Open Source, Written in C#.

alt text

It also has a strong plugin community! Here is a list of some of the free plugins for Cropper:

  1. AnimatedGif - Captures to an animated GIF image.
  2. AviFormat - Captures to an AVI movie.
  3. CountdownPng - Gives you a countdown before taking the shot to allow you to set it up.
  4. SendToEmail - Sends the image via the default e-mail client.
  5. SendToFlickr - Sends captures to one's Flickr account
  6. SendToOneNote - Sends captures to a page in OneNote
  7. SendToS3 - Sends captures to one's Amazon S3 account
  8. SendToTinyPic - Sends captures to TinyPic
  9. TFSWorkItem - Creates a Team Foundation Server work item with the captures image as an attachment.

[+11] [2009-07-15 08:16:53] ChrisF

Take a look at [1]. I think it should do all you need.


love how it can auto post to Flickr. great convenience. - icelava
+1. Also good for screencasts. Lets you annotate the screenshots in the program, automatically publish, etc. - pc1oad1etter
Jing feels terribly sluggish. - Sridhar Ratnakumar
[+8] [2008-08-25 15:08:39] bdukes

Per Scott Hanselman [1]:

WinSnap and Window Clippings - I'm torn between two of the finest screenshot utilities I've ever found. Free, clean, fast and tight, WinSnap has as many (or as few) options as you'd like. Also does wonders with rounded corners and transparency. It includes a 32-bit and 64-bit version, as well as a portable no-install version. However, Window Clippings also has no install, includes 32 and 64-bit and is only $10. It's a tough one. I use Window Clippings at least daily, and I use WinSnap a few times a week. Kenny Kerr of Window Clippings is actively adding new features and has a nice clean add-in model on his Developers site. Both these apps are worth your download.

I don't think either of them are free anymore, but they're both nice. Also don't forget the clipping tool in Vista.


[+8] [2008-08-25 15:10:17] Zack Peterson

I use the Print Screen key and Adobe Photoshop.

Alt+Print Screen captures only the active window.

[+7] [2009-07-15 08:22:26] Svish

Cropper [1] is pretty nice.


I use cropper and a plugin that automatically uploads the screenshot to Very simple. - Cheeso
+1 I've been using Cropper for years, and still do really like the interface and output options - however it is not socially-powered (requires plugins for that I guess? - see above). - jmsmcfrlnd
cropper is perfect and simple to use - balalakshmi
[+6] [2009-07-15 09:06:11] Daan

On Windows, I now use Screenshot Captor [1]. It may not be the best looking tool, but it has a nice set of options for selecting exactly which part of the screen to grab (entire screen, current window, a custom selection, etc.).

For the bonus points: Screenshot Captor can be configured to easily upload the picture to an FTP server, or send it via e-mail.


Very powerful, lots of features. I mean, LOTS of features and settings. It also has a scrolling window capture. - Denilson Sá
[+6] [2008-09-05 12:42:38] David Mohundro

I've recently become a fan of Greenshot [1]. It is open source and written on the .NET Framework. I usually configure mine to just put the screenshot on the clipboard, but it also has a built-in image viewer when the screenshot is taken.


+1 for Greenshot, because of something it supports that even Windows' printscreen doesn't: Enormous screen resolutions. My old dual-2048x1536 monitor setup was too large to take screenshots of using several 3rd party tools, often resulting in corrupted or nonexistent images. - Dylan B.
[+6] [2009-01-23 01:11:45] Mun

Another good one for Windows is FastStone Screen Capture [1]. It's not free, but inexpensive at $20.


[+5] [2009-07-15 08:19:16] Seh Hui Leong

Personally I used IrfanView [1], though admittedly the screen capturing capability is sort of a "hidden feature" as it was snuck away in the "Option" menu (find it under "Option > Capture/Screenshot..."; alternatively the shortcut key is "C").


I use IrfanView in combination with ClipX (clipboard history). I can press Print Screen several times in a row, then open Irfan, paste the captured screens and save. ClipX also has a "save bitmaps from clipboard" plugin I think. - TomA
I used IrfanView because it could include the mouse cursor in the screenshot. It also captured what I was dragging. - Gfy
[+5] [2009-07-16 07:11:00] Peter Štibraný

FastStone capture. Version 5.3 is free: :-) Latest version is free for non-commercial use, but I think its lifetime license is worth few bucks.

It can take a screenshot of entire window (even parts which are non-visible, and needs scrolling).

It also has nice simple editor for adding highlights, texts, ... It has cropping, various edges, ...

Latest versions even have screen recording tool included for making simple videos.

This one is good because of small and simple interface, and the Scrolling window capture mode. - Denilson Sá
[+5] [2008-08-25 15:09:58] akmad

If you're running Vista, use the included Snipping Tool. It's free and, for simple usages, works great.

[+5] [2008-08-25 15:29:10] ila

There is a good clipping utility in Office OneNote. It grabs the portion of screen that you select with your mouse and inserts right below the captured image some info related to the operation. Useful if you use Office, because of the integration of the various tools.

Yep just hit Windows+S. Use it all the time. - Allethrin
[+4] [2009-07-15 08:56:10] Maniac13

I like snagit [1], not free but worth the money. You can tell it to just take a shot of the selction, or the whole page, it even scroll a page for you if it is longer than your screen. it also has ftp upload functions and other useful stuff.


I think greenshot has everything snagit has, and it's free! - fretje
[+4] [2009-07-15 09:28:19] Marek Grzenkowicz

I use Bug Shooting [1].

It can send screenshots to:

  • FogBugz
  • Gemini Project Issue Tracking
  • OnTime 2009
  • BugTracker.NET
  • SharpForge
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • DoneDone
  • JIRA
  • SpiraTest
  • Elementool
  • Skype
  • Default E-Mail client
  • Any application (by command line)

[+4] [2009-07-15 10:49:49] chrish

When looking for utilities, I will often check Scott Hanselman's tool list [1] first. He suggests WinSnap [2] or Window Clippings [3].


[+4] [2008-08-25 15:09:11] sparkes

I've found myself using ScreenGrab! a firefox plugin [1] a load just recently although generally I use Print Screen/Sys Req under Windows and X and edit the result.


[+4] [2008-08-25 15:18:42] Daniel

Kenny Kerr's Window Clippings [1] for grabbing an entire window, without a background. or Windows Vista's Snipping Tool [2] for quick grabs.


[+4] [2008-08-25 15:29:36] Mark Biek

I've always liked the FogBugz Screenshot Tool [1], mainly for the ability to feed screenshots straight into FogBugz cases.

It also allows saving a screenshot to a file.

For a more full featured tool, Snagit seems to be one of the better choices.


(1) I developed a plugin for Greenshot which supports uploading annotated screenshots directly to FogBugz:… - Rohland
[+3] [2008-09-05 13:18:17] dbr

I never understood why people need anything but the built-in screenshot functionality in Windows/OS X/Gnome/KDE (although I've never actually used KDE for any length of time)

Well, on Windows perhaps it skips the prnt-screen/switch-to-image-editor/paste/save steps.. but OS X's screenshot shortcuts are great. Cmd+shift+3 grabs the entire screen. Cmd+Shift+4 lets you screenshot an area (or my favourite feature, press space and it lets you select a specific window, or the dock/menubar etc). It saves it to your desktop.

With "Deeper" or "Onyx" or any of the countless system-setting-tweaking-tools, you can change the location of the screenshots (I put min in ~/Pictures/Screenshots/), the format it saves in (I don't recall the default, but I have it set to save PNG)

In Gnome, you hit prnt-scrn, it asks you where to save the file. That's about it..

On Windows, I just pressed prnt-scrn, loaded up Paint Shop Pro 6 (v7 started to load really slowly, PSP6 loads in a second or two), or Paint, paste, then save..

To this point, I cannot fathom why people pay money for this functionality.. What do these applications achieve over the boring little button already on your keyboard?

(1) SnagIt is what Windows should have as the default screen capture. 3 reasons: 1. Scrolling screen captures for pages captures than the screen. 2. Region captures. I usually want a portion of the screen. 3. Outputs immediately to SnagIt editor where I highlight, annotate, draw lines, etc. - user15695
[+3] [2009-07-30 23:59:45] mqbt

Check out Gadwin PrintScreen [1]. It's feature rich and free. It's the only tool I've used for capturing screen shots for a long time.


[+2] [2009-07-15 08:57:54] Sam152

If you just want to capture web pages the add on " Screengrab! [1]" will take the entire websites length and width in one screenshot for you.


[+2] [2009-07-15 09:20:08] Nikos Steiakakis

I use Gadwin PrintScreen [1]. It is small, it is easy to use and it's free.


I like this one (the freeware edition). Simple to use, clean interface and direct to the point. - Denilson Sá
[+2] [2009-07-15 09:23:09] user503

Did you know you can press ALT + PRTSCRN to copy just the current window to the clipboard? I use this all the time in combination with Paint.Net [1].


I used to do this but cropper does most of what I need automatically. - Cheeso
[+2] [2009-07-15 11:01:39] Richard

OneNote [1] will do this very simply.


[+2] [2009-07-15 16:24:30] p5ycho_p3nguin

I've been using MWSnap [1] for a while. Not sure if it's the best but it has many good features like only grabbing a section of the screen or grabbing the selected window/toolbar.


[+2] [2008-08-25 15:17:33] David in Dakota

Just to add a few more notes on Snagit, which is already mentioned but which has features that propel it far beyond the ALT + PrintScreen:

  1. It has an image editor so it's nice if you need to annotate / mark the screen grabs that you take.

  2. It measures the area you're grabbing in pixels - a lot of web developers in our group use it as a measuring tool, not just a screen shot tool.

  3. It does delayed capture which is useful for getting context menus etc as a part of your screen grabs.

  4. It can screen grab scrolling windows which is very handy.

[+2] [2008-08-25 15:27:48] Mike Deck

On Windows I always use Cropper [1], it's free and has a great interface that allows you to select exactly what part of the screen you want to capture and then save it off to a number of different formats.


[+2] [2008-08-25 15:38:50] Titanous

I use ScreenShot Captor [1] (free donationware) on Windows and Skitch [2] on OS X (free public beta).

Screenshot Captor Features:

  • Optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention.
  • Smart autonaming of files, and ability to embed textual comments in files.
  • Good multi-monitor support.
  • Highly configurable to make it work the way you want it to; stays out of your way in the system tray.
  • Lots of capture modes: Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object. Each mode has a hotkey for quick access.
  • Unique Cool Effects, including automatic active window enhancement (see pictures below).
  • Unsurpassed support for 3rd party user configurable tools, including file browsers and image editors; extend the program to do whatever you need by interfacing it with other programs.
  • Slimline sidebar file browser provides full shell operations.
  • Optional automatic image file versioning.
  • Automatically finds boundaries of non-rectangular/themed windows.
  • Autoscroll capture for windows too big for screen.
  • Deluxe thumbnail maker.
  • Quick PostCapture PopUp Dialog.
  • Quick Screenshot Emailer Menu.

Couldn't get the autoscroll feature to work in Windows 7 (tried IE8, FF 3.5 and Chrome 2) - pelms
[+2] [2008-08-26 05:49:25] Chris B-C

On a Mac they're all built in:

alt text

At work I use Hypersnap, which provides pretty much the same features (along with some more advanced ones) for Windows - A free trial [1] is available, but the full version costs about $35.


[+2] [2011-01-30 21:49:47] Notitze

Picpick [1] is terrific!

systray menu


@Notize, thanks for adding another useful tool to this list! As the question has been marked community-wiki and you have over 100 rep, you can edit any of the existing posts on this page. Rather than adding another separate post, you may want to consider adding your suggestion to the main post above, along with a short blurb about why it's terrific. No rep points are earned or gained from community wikis, so you won't lost out by removing your answer and adding to the existing one. - nhinkle
[+1] [2009-07-15 10:18:22] SWB

Window Clippings [1] is the best screenshot utility I've found – especially for Vista and Windows 7. It can capture individual windows as PNG [2]s, preserving the transparent window chrome and window shadow. It has a lot of other cool/useful features, too. It's not free, but it's well worth the $18 registration fee.


[+1] [2009-07-15 10:25:40] Drake

PrtScr [1] take a look at this, I tried many before but when I met this small application, I falled in love with it

it's free, simple and stylish


Features Accessable through Ptr Scr, Ctrl+Prt Scr, or custom hotkey Captures full screen, rectangle selection, freehand selection, or active window Can capture mouse cursor Supports multiple monitors Allows annotation over capture, with smooth, natural mouse drawing Saves capture straight to desktop or to any file, sends it as email, edits, prints or sends to clipboard Exports as JPG, BMP, or PNG (transparent or opaque) Can re-scale capture before exporting Can pre-fill capture title & comments with window title & browser URL - Pat
[+1] [2009-07-15 11:09:15] kender

On Windows XP I use HoverSnap [1]. It's simple, binds to PrintScreen keypress (with optional ctrl / alt - alt+PrintScreen 'shots' current, active window) and puts .png (or .jpg) images into specified folder. Nothing too fancy but does it's job.

Also, when I was trying to find some Win tool for this, this one was one of few that worked well with multi-screen setup I have.


[+1] [2008-08-25 15:15:26] Bill the Lizard

What are your needs? If I need a quick one-off of my screen to include in a document I just use Print Screen (Alt-Print Screen to get only the active window) and paste into GIMP to get what I need.

If you need something a little more sophisticated (automated screenshots at set intervals), I've used SnagIt [1] in the past. It works pretty well, but the free version only gives you a limited number of trials (30 if I remember right).


[+1] [2008-08-25 15:27:57] Ross

Abduction! [1] is a useful tool for capturing web pages.


[+1] [2008-08-25 15:28:05] Will

I like Cropper [1]. Its got some decent plugins, and is an open source .NET app, which I like to support.


[+1] [2008-08-26 06:33:04] Henrik Paul

For the Mac, aside from the usual [meta-]shift-cmd-3/4 keyboard shortcuts, there's a bundled utility called Grab that can help. Grab might be easier to remember and find (just press cmd-space and write "grab" into Spotlight) and it also has timed screenshots, which you can't achieve with the shortcuts.

[+1] [2008-08-27 00:46:53] Ian Robinson

I've found that using the snipping tool in Vista combined with Outlook/Word is incredibly fast and easy. I habitually take screenshots for clients and add a drop shadow and resize in Outlook.

I can't tell you how many times a day I do this:

winkey -> "snip" -> [enter] -> choose snipping area -> alt+tab to email -->
ctrl+v -> apply drop shadow -> resize -> done!

[+1] [2009-05-14 17:37:28] Peter

Use GrabUp. It's amazing tool. It's available in both windows and mac.

[+1] [2009-08-22 09:22:54] Ola

I like Lightscreen [1]. An open source windows tool.

Screenshots + descriptions of many of the tools mentioned here available: LifeHacker - Five Best Screen Capture Tool [2].


Good find. Open source and doesn't get in your way when all you want to do is take several screenshots and save them in a specified folder. - MiseryIndex
[+1] [2010-06-14 23:16:42] HelpOutGuy
[+1] [2010-06-15 00:58:23] mjrider

Snagit is your Powerhouse program. it can do just about anything you can think to do with a screen capture.

but on the free end I like

[0] [2009-07-15 08:17:22] jtbandes

ImageShack QuickShot [1] is a pretty good one, with automatic uploading.


"Quickshot has been discontinued." - Denilson Sá
[0] [2009-07-15 08:20:45] TravisPUK

ZScreen [1] is quite nice. Allows you to FTP screenshots automatically as well.


[0] [2009-07-15 08:24:40] redsquare

Gyazowin [1] is a great screen grab tool that uploads it within an instant.


[0] [2009-07-15 09:33:12] Charlie Somerville

AnyHub Uploader [1] is nice. It is primarily a file upload tool, although there is a 'Take Screenshot and Upload' feature in the tray icon's menu.


[0] [2009-07-15 10:33:11] Pauk

Personally I use ClipMate [1], which is very good. It is commercial, starting at $34.95, but you can take full screen, active window and selected screen area captures. Plus it's not just for taking screen shots, it can manage your clipboard too.

I tend to use it for writing documentation. You can create folders within it and do screen captures to them and store various bits of related text, which you can then refer to later.


[0] [2009-07-15 11:04:46] BrianH

I really like Lightscreen Portable [1]. It can sit quietly in your tray until you activate the hotkeys, it can do a timed capture so you have a chance to get the screen how you want it, and best of all, it's portable (and free) so you can run it on computers where you aren't allowed to install anything.


[0] [2009-07-26 22:00:19] scunliffe

Surprised no one has mentioned xNview [1]? Its great for screenshots as well as converting images to any one of a zillion formats.


[0] [2009-07-27 04:52:50] markus9191

Yeah, xNview is nice for screenshots if the build in snipping tool isn't enough.

[0] [2008-08-25 15:11:22] Josh Miller

If you want simple and free give Snippy a shot. You can select either a box or a lasso to capture. You can optionally have it give your Screenshot a boarder. Makes it a bit more clean if you are going to put it in an email or word doc.

[0] [2008-08-25 15:18:07] jmfsg

I'm using PrtScr [1]... it works fine for my needs... can capture square and free-hand portions of the screen... also, it pop ups automatically when you press Print Screen in the keyboard...


(If I had Vista at work, I'd use its snipping tool, which is great)


[0] [2008-08-25 15:20:03] John Sheehan

Jing [1] is made by the Snag It people, but is just the bare essentials. It has capture of images and short video, easy saving and sharing and basic editing/markup tools. And it's free. It's a really great product.


[0] [2008-08-25 15:31:00] Dillie-O

I've been using QLiner Hotkeys [1] Screen shot tool/plugin. It allows you to quickly vary the size, gives you a nice grid to get the proper dimensions you're looking at. In addition, you have a great quick launch tool to boot!


[0] [2008-08-25 16:32:17] csmba

FREE WinSnap is the best.

It is true (as people pointed) winSnap is not free anymore, but you can stil (leagaly) use the free version, you simply don't get updates and it is frozen in time. Just search for winSnap v1.1 (notice not all Google hits are truly 1.1, pay attention).

second runner up is Cropper

[0] [2008-08-25 18:49:43] Pandincus

I'm a huge fan of Jing [1]. Although it doesn't offer very many features, it makes sharing screenshots extremely easy. As soon as you grab a screen capture, it uploads the image to, and then copies a link to your clipboard so that you can paste it into an email or instant message.

Alternatively, you can copy the image directly to your clipboard, or you can upload it to an FTP server.

Best of all, its free :-D


[0] [2008-08-26 01:05:33] mayan

I use regularly ScreenHunter free [1]. The only nuisance is the lack of PNG support. Apart from that it's great - offers great capturing tool with zoom and visually different borders, supports auto-naming of the created files, custom key shortcuts.


[0] [2008-08-26 01:27:56] Kibbee

I'll go with Ross and recommend Abduction [1]. It lets you capture an entire web page, no matter how long it is, as a single image.


[0] [2008-08-26 09:35:00] JonnyGold

The free version of Evernote [1] has a built-in screen capture tool. Also, you could get a free version of Snagit 7. You just had to download it and register for a license. I'm not sure this is still available.


[0] [2008-08-26 17:08:18] Damien B

I havent's seen this one mentionned, so here we go: MWSnap [1] (old, but very reliable) free, but not open source. PrtScr is gorgeous but tend to crash very often on my primary computer.


[0] [2008-08-27 01:18:07] qwertyuu

I am also using Screenshot Captor [1]. It is light, fast, have plenty of options to configure the screenshot you want and the image quality is very good. One nice feature I don't see in other screenshot app is the ability to capture one whole, long web page in a single grab. No need to use photoshop to stitch different grab.

The only thing I don't like about it is the not so beautiful interface, like the snazzy looking Cropper [2].

On Firefox, I will just use Screengrab [3].


[0] [2008-08-30 22:21:01] unknown (google)

If you're using Windows and have OneNote installed, Windows Key + S allows you to take/crop a screenshot. I've found it incredibly useful.

[0] [2008-08-30 22:24:43] Alison

SnagIt is fantastic. The scrolling window option is amazing.

[0] [2008-10-17 17:29:52] Pauk

If you're using Windows, ClipMate [1] is very good. It is commercial, starting at $34.95, but you can take full screen, active window and selected screen area captures. Plus it's not just for taking screen shots, it can manage your clipboard too.

I tend to use it for writing documentation. You can create folders within it and do screen captures to them and store various bits of related text, which you can then refer to later.


[0] [2008-11-15 00:37:25] wakingrufus

if you are using GNOME in linux, and the built-in screen grabber isn't doing it for you, try gtk-recordmydesktop

[0] [2008-11-15 00:49:34] Svante

I use gimp which has a screenshot grabber built in.

[0] [2009-01-13 17:34:18] hornysax

I've tried many different tools, and SnagIt was by far the best. Here's another vote for SnagIt!

[0] [2009-01-23 01:02:07] galets

Try VVCap [1]. It can be used as old school grab-into-clipboard, but it also lets you instantly post screenshot to web. The latter feature is great if you are using instant messaging of any kind and want to illustrate your messages with some sort of screenshots, since you can instantly post and send URL


[0] [2009-01-23 01:25:12] namenlos

HyperSnap ($35) is my favorite

[0] [2009-05-12 12:02:44] Ola Eldøy

If you use PaintShop Pro, its screenshot taking capabilities are just fine.

[0] [2009-06-23 02:55:50] Highland

DemoCreator [1] is a screen recording application. It records the onscreen activity but also enable users to export any frame of the recording as an image.


[0] [2009-08-03 14:53:37] RAGNO

I have come to love GADWIN PrintScreen 4.4 its unintrusive, free and has many nice little features. Gadwin Printscreen Link [1]

Really everything you could want...


[0] [2009-10-20 01:31:52] Adeline

u could use prntscr key on ur keyboard, press the prntscr or CTRL+prntscr, the screenshot goes to your PAM automatically. then goto MS Paint,MS word or any other graphic editors and paste it immediately, and then save the screenshot as ur wish… if u wanna capture anything on the screen, perhaps this key can't help u. Im using PCHand Screen Capture, it could help u capture any screenshot on the screen. i think it is pretty good, i know it from my friend, it has a free trial version, u can also try it.Hope it could help.

[0] [2009-10-21 07:14:46] Adeline

recommed PCHand Screen Capture, it could help u capture anything on the screen.

if u wanna some free one, read this article:

[0] [2009-11-01 14:40:17] Demiurg

If you need something that will work well with web browsers, i.e. support scrollbars and work fast, try BrowserSeal [1]


[0] [2009-12-29 02:52:34] metal gear solid

I use Picpick [1] and it is best.

alt text


*  Captures
     - Full Screen (Support for Dual Monitors)
     - Active Window
     - Window Control (Scroll a page automatically)
     - Region, Fixed Region
     - FreeHand
     - Repeat Last Capture
* Image Editor
     - It's very similar to Microsoft Paint, but you can do more.
     - It provides an effect like selection opacity, blur, sharpen, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, flip, rotate and etc.
* Color Picker
* Color Palette
* Magnifier
* Pixel Ruler
* Protractor
* Crosshair
* Whiteboard

[0] [2009-12-29 03:48:18] dag729

If you are running Gnu/Linux I'll suggest you Shutter [1]: easy to use yet full of features. It really worth a try.



[-1] [2008-08-30 21:33:48] yoavf

Fireshot [1] is an amazing add-on for Firefox (and IE).

Among other features:

  • It can capture whole page/area (including flash)
  • It can crop/edit/highlight/add text/annotate
  • It can email capture, or upload directly to an Image host (see example below)