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[2009-08-18 12:31:14]
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I need to create a small custom live system (for teaching a programming class). What would be the best way to do it?

[+3] [2009-08-18 12:38:16] sudesh

If you want to build your own distribution, Try Linux From Scratch (LFS). It is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own custom Linux system, entirely from source code.

There are a lot of lightweight linux distributions available. Most of these can boot from LiveCD.

[+2] [2009-08-18 12:56:08] Gren [ACCEPTED]

You can use Remastersys [1] to build an Ubuntu or Debian distro of your own. For a fast live cd, I would install XUbuntu [2] into a virtualbox vm and install the necessary programs and set it up to your liking. Then you can run remastersys backup and burn the resulting ISO to CDs for your students.


Wouldn't Xubuntu with additional software be too big to fit on a CD? - hmp
Basic xubuntu ~617 megs cd-r ~700 megs. Besides an IDE and compilers I'm not sure how much more one would need for a programming class. Live DVD may be necessary. - Gren
What applications do you need? - Gren
[+1] [2009-08-18 13:44:44] gaudette.michael [1]

This website is a list of all the Live CD distros with a ranking given by the users

I suggest you go with XUbuntu for programming purposes

If you are looking to use it for server tests try open SUSE


[0] [2009-08-21 07:38:11] Robert Brook

How about Morphix? - includes a page on "Building a new LiveCD in two commands"!

[0] [2010-03-01 15:17:25] Alon Swartz

You might want to take a look at TKLPatch [1], a simple (but powerful) appliance customization mechanism.

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