Stack OverflowWhat is the best commit message you have ever encountered?
[+52] [49] Can Berk Güder
[2008-10-19 19:51:30]
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Following this topic [1], what is the best (as in witty and/or funny) commit message you have ever encountered?

For example, here's the message for a commit I made a few minutes ago:

This change should have never been made. It kills little children.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't do everything [the boss] tells you immediately.

Lol, I can just imagine the reaction when the email about the change goes out to the team... :-) - Franci Penov
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(3) @Princess and SinneR: you're both right. I've been meaning to wikify this question. - Can Berk Güder
[+131] [2009-06-10 14:54:01] Joe White

We had a class that had been around forever, and that was central to a lot of the work our application did. But the class name was pretty much incomprehensible (and always had been).

One day while I was pairing with a consultant, he convinced me to refactor and give it a sensible, readable name. Here's the commit comment:

Joe & Don -- TBS_Coll is dead. Long live TProjection.

                  /          \
                 /    REST    \
                /      IN      \
               /     PEACE      \
              /                  \
              |     TBS_Coll     |
              |  33809 revisions |
              |    killed by a   |
              |     Level 26     |
              |    consultant    |
              |    wielding a    |
              |     blessed      |
              |  +3 refactoring  |
              |                  |
              |       2006       |
             *|     *  *  *      | *

(35) Oh God, my soda is all over the monitor... - Sorin Comanescu
The consultant shouldn't be spending his time/your money with ASCII art ;) - Aardvark
(11) Given how much it's improved our code, it's worth the time spent on the ASCII art. - Joe White
That's ace. :) - Mark Simpson
Is this a Castle of the Winds reference? :-) - corsiKa
This is a Nethack gameover message: - whitequark
[+128] [2008-11-01 18:02:27] SquareCog
Rev 53571: "This is a basic implementation that works."
Rev 53572: "By works, I meant 'doesnt work'.  Works now.."
Rev 53573: "Last time I said it works? I was kidding.  Try this."
Rev 53574: "Just stop reading these for a while, ok.. "
Rev 53575: "Give me a break, it's 2am.  But it works now."
Rev 53576: "Make that it works in 90% of the cases.  3:30."
Rev 53577: "Ok, 5am, it works.  For real.  
            Back when I said basic implementation? Scratch that."

(1) These are pretty much paraphrases of a sequence of emails I sent out to a webdev team a few weeks ago when I was struggling with a form input encoding problem... ugh. - Andrew Heath
(2) There's always at least one string of these on pretty much every project I work on. - namuol
I hate it when I commit just to check later that the code has a very stupid mistake, and having to excuse myself in the commit message. - Camilo Martin
[+60] [2008-10-20 01:02:39] GameFreak

I don't know what these changes are supposed to accomplish but somebody told me to make them.

(5) cringe. grudging +1 - TokenMacGuy
oh....there are tears in my eyes. I was a victim too. - Suraj Chandran
[+55] [2009-07-07 12:46:55] Robert Munteanu

Tyop fix.

Yes, just like that.

[+52] [2008-11-02 10:24:24] Terence Lewis

To those I leave behind, good luck!

Committed by an ex-employee on his last day of work - the code didn't even compile.

(55) You shouldn't be allowed to commit code on your last day. - Bill the Lizard
Sounds like a good time to revert... - David Zaslavsky
(3) <vcs of choice> diff - Chris Kaminski
[+45] [2008-11-02 10:16:21] danimajo

"No changes made"

(1) I've had to do that. It's usually best to comment why the checkin was necessary anyway. - Joshua
(26) which is usually followed by a list of 10 files all with changes. - Ray Booysen
I typically do "interim checkin" in my local SVK branch 10-20 times, before I push a major feature update back to the main repo. My merge commit message is usually pretty thorough, tho. - Chris Kaminski
[+39] [2010-08-21 10:26:44] Roberto Aloi

Look at your commit message, now back to mine. Now back at your message. Now back to mine. Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stopped writing non meaningful commit messages, it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're browsing revisions, looking at changes your changes could look like. Did you break the build? Back at my commit message, it's a message saying something you want to hear. Look again at the source code. The source code is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you post meaningful commit messages. I'm on a horse.

Inspired by:

Lol, but is this a real one? - bobobobo
I love this one! +1 - Jack Humphries
[+26] [2009-04-19 20:45:40] a c

MSVC6 pain:

"COMP: Day 8 of our attempt to compile vtkUnicodeString on MSVC 6. I am increasingly concerned about the expedition's morale -- our cook, Johnson has begun to alternate between sullenness bordering on insubordination and fits of increasing anger. I fear that extreme measures may need to be taken to enforce good order and discipline among the men ..." [1]


(6) This has simply got to be a literary reference, but I don't know from what...anyone? - Beska
It reminds me of R.A. Heinlein's "Orphans of the Sky", but i have to check if it is indeed from there ... - Emil D
Really reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein on his expedition north. - Ben Lee
[+25] [2009-07-07 12:44:45] Simon Pascal Klein
I guess patience must truly be a virtue. - Michael Foukarakis
I like the # Let's just assume that it all works after this point. comment in the tests. - Cory
[+24] [2008-11-02 22:51:56] Henrik Gustafsson

The best public one i've encountered is probably this [1] xkcd reference [2] in the OpenBSD tree resulting in a man-page for msleep(9):

Log message:
<oga> art write me a manpage
<art> What? Write it yourself.
<oga> sudo art write me a manpage.
<art> ok

Document msleep(9).

[+23] [2009-06-10 14:33:56] gridzbi

"Changed tabs to 4 spaces."

(2) Haha, I've collaborated with a friend on something and I use 2 spaces for indentation, and he uses tabs. Each time the files were passed back and forth they were reindented by each of us. - Robert K
(16) I would flip out of I saw this commit message. If you really want to treat the indents as spaces, configure your editor to do that with tabs behind the scenes. don't change every line in the file... - rmeador
[+18] [2008-10-28 20:42:05] levhita

just one commit after big commit with a long list coupled changes...

"Sorry I forgot to add the files"

I do that all the time :) - Andrei Taranchenko
(7) Im glad git allows me to fix commits I get wrong like this. Other scms should follow this pattern. - TokenMacGuy
Mercurial allows you to do that too.Had to do this just yesterday :-) - Johannes Rudolph
[+18] [2009-04-23 21:51:14] Mark Simpson

I got rickrolled by a colleague's changelist :/

Another one was "Tell me if you read this". When my friend asked the guy why he'd written it, he got a free mars bar for his efforts.

(14) Never going to give you up...Never let you down...Never gonna run around and desert you. - Michael Kniskern
It was actually a can of coke. - meatvest
[+17] [2009-04-23 22:01:14] Andrei Krotkov

"I'm sorry."

[+16] [2009-06-10 14:24:17] NascarEd

I once worked with a guy who loved to write code, reams and reams of code. Even if it wasn't necessary, more code was always better. He would crank out a few hundred lines a day or a couple of thousand over a weekend and his commit message was always the same:


what it's mean "MISC" - Nishant
Short for "miscellaneous" - NascarEd
[+16] [2009-07-07 13:39:25] Ryu

Removed curse words from the code

+1 I've seen the exact same one from my old system architect (i think he changed "fucked up" to "screwed up" in a comment - Viktor Sehr
[+15] [2009-01-11 15:12:48] Andomar

I like "Friday 5pm"

[+13] [2009-05-27 17:04:37] tghw

From the StackOverflow repository:

changeset 2089:df87fd7fa064
date: Jan 10 2009
author: jdixon
| penis

(3) I'll assume the names were changed to protect the innocent? - Kieveli
(2) - Jarrod Dixon
it would take jeff 20 secs to browse the repo and find the guilty - Suraj Chandran
name and shame! - Dashu
[+12] [2009-04-23 21:33:39] aname

"Going skydiving this weekend."

i bet that commit would have broken the build - Suraj Chandran
[+12] [2009-06-10 15:00:40] littlegeek

I commit they to the land of the free but alas not that free of bugs.

Commit "murder"

Commit-ted to this code I am not but you asked me so there.

I am so Committed!

Commit-ee designed - dont blame me.

The commit-ee made me do it

So long and thanks for the save

Source Code Control to Major Tom

Damn didnt mean to save - but hey at least its in

Its not full of stars Dave... Its not full of stars..

** cries**

the shiney mice made me do it.

[+12] [2010-10-05 08:00:09] tsps

Revision: 329109 Author: borgman Date: 10/5/2010 12:40:52 PM Message:

changed the old code to new code

[+11] [2008-11-01 17:02:14] Maxam

"If you're reading this, I'm screwed..."

[+10] [2009-09-07 15:40:27] San Jacinto

My organization puts pre-commit hooks that must be satisfied. You have to specify a bug number to match it up with the bug repo.

One dev., upon reaching bug number 409, put:

She's so fine, my bug #409

[+9] [2008-11-02 22:22:21] Joshua

My own: Fixed an error in the time space continuum.

The darn thing was behaving as if we had a cache-coherency problem, only there was no cache. Thankfully, I found the bug.

[+8] [2008-10-20 08:54:45] Scott Porad

Bug 1920 -- Embarassing Lack of Thorough Testing

[+8] [2008-11-02 22:55:39] Gunnar Steinn

The best I've seen is a single space which came very popular at my workplace after the architect put a rule in TFS that you could not check in unless you wrote a comment.

You mean you had spacey workers? <G> - Loren Pechtel
The smartass version of this being, svn ci -m "\\0" - ojrac
[+8] [2009-04-16 06:20:56] harto

Most annoying (and frequent) one on a recent project:


(4) You'd probably be even more annoyed when I commit a change commented by "Refactored Mercilessly!" - TokenMacGuy
[+7] [2009-01-11 15:46:36] Paulius

"Now <insert feature> sorta kinda works."

I just love this one, because it doesn't suggest, that the feature is fully completed. I use it all the time. :)

[+7] [2009-06-10 15:03:17] David Brown

There was a bug in the desktop module of our software that would do some funky things to phone numbers, so the web module always choked on the data. I wasn't in charge of the desktop module, which meant that my web module wouldn't work correctly until the desktop guy got around to my bug report.

This is my commit message on the web module after waiting for a week or two:

I... I... I didn't receive my bug fix this week. I could set the module on fire...

A couple of days later:

And then the boss told me to talk to development and development told me to talk to the boss and I still haven't received my bug fix and he took my stapler and he never brought it back...

The next day:

Well, Ok. But... that's the last straw.

Can you tell that I'm a major "Office Space" fan?

(10) +1 for the office space references. -1 for pointing them out. - Oorang
(1) The question was sarcasm, because I knew I wouldn't need to point the references out. :P - David Brown
[+6] [2009-01-10 23:03:58] Matthias van der Vlies

"Will this work?"

[+5] [2009-01-10 23:05:55] Andrew Hare

This is my favorite: ""

(1) The .NET port of this commit message is string.Empty - mmsmatt
[+4] [2008-11-01 16:58:06] Vijay Dev

"This will fix the bug"

[+4] [2010-09-21 12:42:09] dagofly

WTF!! i know you're committing but you're committing what changes exactly ??

[+3] [2008-11-02 22:32:44] IAdapter

"my comp is crashing, HELP!!!!!"

[+3] [2009-07-07 13:29:11] Adam Rosenfield

Regarding some comments in the source code:

Removed fuck. [Project name] is now a 2-f project!

[+3] [2009-09-07 15:27:55] Roberto Aloi

I will compile the code before committing. I will compile the code before committing. I will...

[+2] [2008-11-02 23:43:25] Orion Edwards

I've seen my share of the ever-popular:

r123: F#$@

[+2] [2009-01-11 15:33:38] Jason Baker

I've decided to stop posting commit messages saying "x is finished." Why? Because it never really is finished and I don't notice that one stupid little change I forgot to make until after I've committed.

This applies also if I make another change that says "ok, now x is really finished."

[+2] [2009-09-07 16:05:46] Michael Foukarakis

Seen, and believed:

my code for handling checksum of odd sized packets was rubbish. Fixed.

[+2] [2010-03-14 06:23:12] Tikhon Jelvis

I remember seeing a whole series of commits where the comments all--in addition to useful information--told a story about squirrels.

[+2] [2010-11-02 01:07:02] ThiefMaster

Commit messages coming from

And for those who'd like to be lazy and use SVN:

svn ci -m "`curl -s '' | grep '<p>' | cut -c4-`"

[+1] [2010-05-28 17:59:43] Julio Montoya
//This is wrong. This is so wrong...

[+1] [2011-01-12 10:16:04] BWRic

This is in the SAGEPAY .php example files. It really instilled confidence that their payment service is secure!

The SimpleXor encryption algorithm NOTE: This is a placeholder really. Future releases of VSP Form will use AES or TwoFish. Proper encryption This simple function and the Base64 will deter script kiddies and prevent the "View Source" type tampering It won't stop a half decent hacker though, but the most they could do is change the amount field to something else, so provided the vendor checks the reports and compares amounts, there is no harm done. It's still more secure than the other PSPs who don't both encrypting their forms at all

[+1] [2011-01-12 10:21:48] Rimian

One of my staff entered all his commit messages simply as "edit website" for about a week before I noticed him doing it.

[+1] [2011-07-29 22:06:02] cwallenpoole

When all hope was lost and I had prayed that this would be the last commit to fix the problem I made this comment (in Greek):

Κύριε Ἰησοῦ Χριστέ, Υἱὲ τοῦ Θεοῦ, ἐλέησόν με τὸν ἁμαρτωλόν.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. An equivalent of, "DEAR GOD, PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK... PLEEEEAASE"

[0] [2009-04-16 06:23:52] Bhushan

I found these -

Another version

More code

Final version

[0] [2009-06-10 14:42:00] Wyatt Barnett

Just saw this gem: Re-adding stuff to SVN after SVNFart.

I've completely forgot what SVNFart was . . . .

[0] [2011-07-29 21:59:04] iensen

I'm a newbie at git (just learnt it few days ago). One of the most frequent commit messages was Compile errors fixed! before i understood that it was something wrong and read this thread after googling "funny commit messages".Fortunately i used local private git-server :)

[0] [2011-08-16 11:44:07] Roberto Aloi