Physical FitnessIs Angel Dust (PCP) good for weight lifting?
[+1] [3] Merritt
[2011-05-20 15:27:14]
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I heard it gives you super human strength, so I was wondering if it could actually be used in a weight training regimen. Furthermore, would cocaine be beneficial?

Let me clarify if I may: this is a theoretical question and I am not concerned with practical issues like controlling the hallucinations or the negative side effects or anything else.

Post-Accepted Answer Clarification

I don't advocate the usage of drugs, and I myself refuse to even take supplements (even Creatine), but nevertheless I am curious and sometimes find myself asking questions that can be somewhat silly like the one I posted here.

What is Angel Dust and care to explain how it is claimed to increase your strength? Because we're not here to debunk every snake-oil claim. - Ivo Flipse
Angel Dust = PCP is a recreational, dissociative drug formerly used as an anesthetic agent, exhibiting hallucinogenic and neurotoxic effects. (wikipedia) - Merritt
That doesn't explain me what physiological effects it will have on my muscles, giving me super human strength. I highly recommend you add that, because else this is not really a question. - Ivo Flipse
Best answered with a quote: " In general, the few times I was arrested while under the influence of PCP , it was normally 6 cops needed to subdue me . It's not so much that you have super human strength , it's the inability to have any pain signals reach your brain ." - Merritt
(1) And this: "CP interferes with the "censoring" funtion of the brain that controls how much contraction goes into a muscle movement. It also stimulates your endocrine system including your adrenal glands. As a result , during the psychosis that PCP often creates, a person has greater than average strength, often to the point of tearing their muscles through overexertion" - Merritt
(1) "...during the psychosis that PCP often creates, a person has greater than average strength, often to the point of tearing their muscles through overexertion"... I think this answers your question. - wdypdx22
(1) @Merritt @wdypdx22 Your comments seem to be heading towards what I would consider compelling answers. Consider writing them up as such? - Greg
(3) Meta discussion at - Greg
[+8] [2011-05-20 23:33:21] Tangurena [ACCEPTED]

No. PCP suppresses pain receptors. Much of the reason you stop lifting heavy things, or doing extremely strenuous activity is that the pain receptors in your body are telling you to stop. When you don't feel that feedback, you do damaging things to your body. Leprosy doesn't cause your fingers and toes to fall off, it damages the nerve endings so that you can't feel the tiny pain signals that you normally feel when you walk and touch things - without those signals, you end up doing things to damage your extremities to the point that you lose them.

Plus, PCP is highly illegal (in most countries), and very bad for you.

(2) Best answer, sans the preaching at the end. - Merritt
[+4] [2011-05-20 16:48:28] YYY

Even from a purely theoretical standpoint, the way you improve your overall performance in weightlifting is to push yourself to the point of muscle failure without injuring yourself, then providing the proper nutrition to respond to the need to be stronger.

Cocaine would screw up both of these goals. You would not hit your failure point properly, and the ruinous nutritional effects from its use would mean you'd fail to bounce back properly.

Let's never have this discussion again.

(1) The question was not about cocaine. Cocaine is deffinately not PCP, or even similar. - rmx
[+2] [2011-05-20 15:32:11] Chris Pietschmann

I think the negative side effects of those drugs would definitely outweigh any possible "benefit".

Remember, No drug will turn you into superman.