Web ApplicationsWhat is your most-used web application?
[+71] [103] nevster
[2010-07-08 04:00:21]
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What is your most-used web application? Fairly straightforward question. It shouldn't be too hard to guess what will come out on top, but I'm interested to see what else gets high votes.

ONE entry per post and NO duplicates.
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Use the following search query inquestion:2050 "example name"

Why do you use this one more than anything else and what does it actually do? Should I use it too?

[+293] [2010-07-08 04:05:14] Bara [ACCEPTED]

Gmail [1]


(16) I'm on the internet = Gmail is open - ilhan
(2) I even use it for my office mails, instead of using outlook, I pull all my mails into gmail and keep it open always - JayaprakashReddy
(2) Gmail = Breathing! even open when I'm off to bed. - KMan
[+212] [2010-07-08 05:21:22] OscarRyz

Stack Overflow [1]

...of course!


(1) +... I'd vote this up but I've been on so long that I ran out of votes. Nuff said. - Evan Plaice
The ultimate procrastination! - Aiden Bell
(11) I'm surprised this in #3 currently. Hopefully the day will come when the typical WebApps user has no interest in SO. - Eric Wilson
Definitely my most used. - Andy E
(11) I would say that Stack Overflow was not a WebApp, but rather a web site - DoNotInstall
(3) @Ian I disagree. Stack Overflow provides a rich, user interactive experience; tracks personal state/profile information; and provides a personalized experience. Just because it isn't presented as a make-a-webapp-look-near-identical-to-its-desktop-counterpart format doesn't mean it isn't a webapp. - Evan Plaice
(1) I agree with Evan Plaice. A web site is just a site for providing information, like a company web site. A web application contains advanced functionality where the user can actively change the displayed content. SO indeed provides that. - awe
@FarmBoy currently this is a newly launched site and many of us got to know it from stackexchange. If this question were asked in 6 months SO probably wouldnt rate so high, and Facebook would be much higher. You can notice other things pointing to a more pro user base. Look where wikipedia is compared to YouTube. - Sruly
Nowadays, what is the difference between an interactive website and a webapp anyway ? SO is a webapp. - redben
@DoNotInstall - isn't the definition of a "web app" a website that you interact with? The definition of a "good web app" is a web app that you think of as just a website (e.g. Google). Stack Overflow is very much a web app. - orokusaki
[+208] [2010-07-08 04:08:06] mbillard

Google Reader [1]

Sadly, Google Reader [2]. I waste way too much time reading feeds.


(2) yeah - me too. It's shocking how much time I waste on Reader. - seanyboy
(2) Time-sink indeed, I always have Gmail open, but I USE Google Reader way more. - Ivo Flipse
Me too! I never seem to visit any actual websites anymore for updates... - Jessie
This is easily my time sink. - Grant Palin
Me as well. I have way too many feeds and never have any unread posts lasting more than a couple of hours - Vaibhav Garg
Yeah, I recently had 10 days away from any computer, I don't want to tell you how many unread posts were stacked up waiting for me :( - Benjol
I spend much time on Google Reader, but I'd never call it a time waste. - tomp
Mine too. When I'm bored all I do is sit and refresh Google Reader, hoping for an update. - Mark Szymanski
me too, but actually I use feedly as an interface… - don el ka nal
[+152] [2010-07-08 09:37:32] Galwegian

Google [1]

Search is probably number one of mine, to be honest.


(5) Same here, which raises the question of how do we define web apps? - Liam
@liam I was going with "Apps, that are on the Web." Google search is deceptively simple looking, but surely it still counts. - Satanicpuppy
(2) @Liam: [sarcasm] Web apps suck away your time and magically refill with new content. [/sarcasm] Google search is much less sticky than, say Facebook. - Jared Updike is my homepage, using the iGoogle interface. It has pretty much everything, including links to launch all of my StackExchange sites :P - glasnt
[+93] [2010-07-08 18:15:43] Zach L

Wikipedia [1]

Aren't all wiki's web-apps?


Well, not compared to the google stack - Zach L
(10) Not sure I'd call that a Web App, more a bunch of pages with a CMS attached. The CMS itself IS a web app (maybe), but I don't think wikipedia is. - Bobby Jack
I agree, is this really a web app? - Wil
User edited content, discussion pages... er... yes, it's a web app. - Slomojo
That's a really broad definition of web app, slomojo. Are all blogs and message boards web apps as well? - James
[+81] [2010-07-13 07:46:38] WooYek

Localhost [1]

Definitely: http://localhost:8080/ :D

[1] http://localhost/

(10) Ha. Funny. +1 for your sweet - Glycerine
Port 8080? Why use that port? (I freely admit that I forward incomming HTTP traffic to that port myself, but I'm curious to know your reason.) - George Edison
(1) @George Edison On UNIX-y systems, you need elevated (or root) rights to open a port lower than 1024. Therefore, your average local application will often use a port >=1024, and 8080 happens to be http-alt. Also, people won't have to change the port if they already run a web server. - phihag
[+78] [2010-07-16 13:30:54] Wil

Dropbox [1]

is so good for personal syncing between my laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Also great on collaboration projects being able to easily share files between users. Simple and super easy to use.


(2) I threw away all my usb memory sticks because of Dropbox.. - Lipis
(2) I threw away my personal web server because of Dropbox. It's amazing the number of different ways the public folder can be used (as long as you don't need server side support). - Evan Plaice
From @adambox: Of all the apps I've used with syncing, it is the most flawless and continuous. I use the autosave plugin with Notepad++ at work for a scratchpad. I have every tiny change I've made to that file. I love the security :) - phwd
[+70] [2010-07-08 04:32:00] nic

Facebook [1]



(1) Though it would be eclipsed by the Google Mail/Calendar/Docs/Search/Groups/Reader combination. - nic
I still don't understand what there is to like about Facebook... - TM.
(3) Boooo - Ha. I gave up facebook a long time ago now. I thought I'd miss it - but I really don't just cold turkey like. The only limitation is people 'expect' you to have a facebook account. For example when I go to a new contract... "What you mean when you say 'no facebook'?" - Glycerine
(4) @T M: This question is not about your favorite webapp but about the one you use the most. - miloshadzic
Unfortunately I use it. I wish I didn't. It is a natural monopoly. Unfortunately the company believes it is a democratic service and you can just use another if you don't like its juvenile anti-privacy policy. - PP.
I wish I could give up Facebook. - Kit
[+55] [2010-07-08 17:30:19] Joe Philllips

Twitter [1]

... lets you tweet.


[+42] [2010-07-17 13:32:54] Lipis

Google Docs [1]

Because you don't have to install any special software for editing and viewing your documents. Multiple users can edit documents in real time also!


(1) I migrated to using this on a daily basis for work. The built-in scripting features are pretty amazing just search for 'Google Apps Scripting' (not to be confused with Google App Engine). - Evan Plaice
[+39] [2010-08-05 07:18:52] Webrsk

Google Maps [1]

Brilliant feature of google maps [2] is to find a direction from one place to another which details the route , distance , time takes to travel using car,public transport...And almost my favorite in this app is it also gives " Suggested routes [3]".

Hope its been useful by many travellers and path finders :)


[+38] [2010-07-13 19:01:32] Suspi

YouTube [1]

Destroyer of free time and disseminator of memes.


[+37] [2010-07-08 05:31:40] George Edison

RegExr [1]

As a programmer, I find myself using RegExr [2] a lot.


(3) Nice! I'm always thinking "man, if only I could test this RegEx out really quick to see if I have it right..." - Sharpie
(2) +1 Thanks, I didn't knew this. - iSid
I use this one, which is quite nice too : - Benjol
This can also be downloaded and used as an Air app. - George Edison
I loves me some - Slomojo
[+37] [2010-07-19 02:03:11] Sharpie

GitHub [1]

I'm a coder- I'm either browsing logs on my projects, tweaking and contributing builds to the Homebrew Package Manager [2] or browsing around to see what neat software projects other people are working on.

I daresay even Gmail takes a backseat to GitHub [3] in my case.


Nice answer... needs a link though: - Avalanchis
Would this include too? - Slomojo
[+35] [2010-07-08 09:47:58] Aaron

Delicious [1]

I use Delicious [2] a lot (specially for searching) and [3].


This is going to die soon... - Lipis
@lipis: I don't think so! Was sold to another compagny. From wikipedia : On April 27, 2011, Delicious announced the site was sold to Avos Systems, a company created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. - Black Horus
[+34] [2010-07-17 18:48:28] Lipis

Grooveshark [1]

Grooveshark [2] to listen your favorite music wherever you are.


[+32] [2010-07-19 15:54:59] Glycerine [1]

It's constantly on in my house. I know there are alternatives but it has great range and a fun API.


(1) I've seen some of the alternatives, but what can I say, I just like - Wayne Werner
[+30] [2010-07-08 18:53:01] Evan Plaice

Pandora [1]

It really comes in handy when you're hanging out with friends. Just fire it up on the Android and you've got music. No pesky CDs, music libraries, stereo systems, etc...


(8) I wish it was available outside of USA, I had enjoyed it. - nimcap
(1) @nimcap: You can use pianobar ( to listen to Pandora outside the US. - Mark Szymanski
[+26] [2010-07-08 19:39:02] gaoshan88

Reddit [1]

Reddit [2]. Too much.


I cannot believe This only has 25 up-votes. Where are all the redditers? - Glycerine
@Glycerine Busy perpetuating the latest memes over on reddit. I dipped my toes in and lost a week on reddit. Never again... - Evan Plaice
[+23] [2010-07-19 12:14:34] Christian

Evernote [1]


[+20] [2010-07-08 21:42:18] EndangeredMassa

jsFiddle [1]

I use jsFiddle [2] all the time. It's great for prototyping a simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript page and sharing it.


[+19] [2010-07-13 16:23:41] Marc

Remember the Milk [1]

Remember the Milk [2] - It's awesome. Easy to use, I can email tasks & lists to my RTM account, repeating, everything is better! Used to use todoist, but RTM is WAY better.


(2) I spent literally entire days looking for the perfect todo-app. I ended up settling on - it's not perfect (though even without the premium features it comes close), but IMHO it's significantly better than RTM. - BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft
I used Remember the Milk for a while, but then I found Todoist ( and I think its interface is smoother, at least for what I do. - Alex - Aotea Studios
[+14] [2010-07-20 08:20:36] pramodc84

Flickr [1]

Share your photos. Watch the world


[+14] [2010-07-20 08:28:52] pramodc84

WordPress [1]

  • The most used blogging platform
  • Open source CMS

[+13] [2010-07-08 13:11:02] Rob Stevenson-Leggett

Pivotal Tracker [1]

I use Pivotal Tracker [2] a lot.


[+12] [2010-07-12 11:55:51] adambox
[+12] [2010-07-14 20:18:39] Milner

iGoogle [1]

Gives me Gmail, Reader, etc. on one page.

From there I too often click links to Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Web Apps, Pro Webmaster. Sigh, maybe I should go do work.


[+11] [2010-07-08 05:31:24] Olivier Lalonde

NetVibes [1] (it's my home page)


Love Netvibes, but only for RSS feeds... 8^D - Dillie-O
This web app is amazing, I've been looking for something as easy to use as this for a long time :) - Crackerjack
[+11] [2010-07-08 19:01:03] Arlen Beiler

Google Wave

Google Wave [1] ( soon to be removed [2])


(4) what do you use wave for? - plod
(2) Communication, task tracking, collaboration, and so forth. - Arlen Beiler
Project notes, Class notes... It makes them really easy to share. - Evan Plaice
(1) It's very useful for team project. You don't have to worry about not everyone having the right version of a document. - HoLyVieR
Not anymore, Google pulled the plug on this today! - ing0
I know, super sadness! I wrote about it here: - Wayne Werner
@Evan - I'm quite surprised that you can use it for class notes. It's quite laggy in the browser, and when not considering that, I cannot think how someone can use it to take notes in class. I think Evernote / Word 2011 would be better for taking notes instead. - JFW
[+9] [2010-07-15 13:24:11] Andy E

JSBin [1]

I hang around the JavaScript tag a lot over on Stack Overflow [2], this comes in handy (and its editor is a little less buggy than jsFiddle's).


Wow. This is amazing! - Jonn
[+9] [2010-07-19 16:50:16] nateify


Can't tell you how much time I spend on deviantART [1]. I'm not sure if it's a web app, but some parts of it could be.


[+6] [2010-07-08 05:20:31] Fajar


To get this data I signed up with Wakoopa [1] tracker. They track my app usage time and trends. By the data I see in Wakoopa [2], I spend most of my time in Google Reader. Sad facts.


[+6] [2010-07-08 18:29:22] Dillie-O


I got in on the beta of Threadsy [1] and absolutely love it. Does all my e-mail and social networking together in a single page, and it does it well.


+1 hadn't heard to Threadsy before. Now using it for the second day and loving it. Fewer tabs to keep open :) - fencliff
One of the many reasons I like it too! The context sensitive nature when pulling up contacts is quite nice too. 8^D - Dillie-O
Cool app indeed! - grokus
[+6] [2010-07-22 11:01:01] Epaga


Great bug tracking / wiki / source code management tool. Albeit it needs to be self-hosted.

[+5] [2010-07-26 10:13:18] iSid




[+5] [2010-08-05 13:23:33] Covar

Mint [1] It keeps track of all my Bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, paypal account (my roommate uses paypal to pay his share of the rent).


[+5] [2010-10-13 04:31:48] jerebear

Google Talk [1]

Wow, I am really surprised no one has mentioned this one already. I have this turned on literally all-day long.

I know there's Google Chat as part of Gmail, I'm referring to the stand-alone application.


How a stand-alone application is a web-application? Re-read the topic's question. - Saxtus
(1) I guess I'm thinking how it's only purpose is to connect you via your Gmail account to other users, it's a web-centric app but not run in the browser. Kind of a grey-area to me as we start to see more web-enabled apps delivered through things like Adobe Air. - jerebear
[+4] [2010-07-08 04:08:02] Justin Gallagher

Google Reader [1]

Both through the web app and apps like Net News Wire and Reeder.


@eagle: your entry was earlier than Justin Gallagher's entry (…), but only by 4 seconds. His entry got all the votes, though. Consider merging or deleting. - Peter Mortensen
@Peter it's actually @Justin's post, I just modified it. - Senseful
This question is about your most used Web App. NNW is a desktop app. - Mark Szymanski
[+4] [2010-07-08 10:58:15] scrrr


Deezer [1] is a free music streaming service based in France.


one site per answer please. no duplicates either. - Senseful
I hope nobody will mind to change this to only deezer :) - Lipis
[+4] [2010-07-17 20:16:07] Lipis

Google News

Google News [1] is the main source about what is happening around the globe. After removing the uninteresting sections and adding your own, there is no need of visiting any local news services.


If this can count as a WebApp :) - Lipis
[+4] [2010-08-04 19:43:47] Franci Penov

Office Live



[+4] [2010-08-05 17:13:11] Brett Ryan
[+4] [2010-08-06 09:54:27] aalvaradoh


After some of those nice apps, I also use Ohloh [1] a lot.


[+3] [2010-07-08 07:44:07] Stephen


Well the one I keep up-to-date is librarything [1] for my books. I don't use it every week, but I do keep it current.

I don't count: - Gmail or Reader because they are my mail and feed clients, in the same way as I don't count Firefox. - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter because I use the iPhone apps. - Amazon - app again.


[+3] [2010-07-08 09:19:35] chethong

Nirvana [1]

I find myself using Nirvana for my GTD tracking.


[+3] [2010-07-08 17:35:57] Joe Philllips


HootSuite is the Social Media Dashboard! Rather than being a social network, HootSuite allows you to connect to multiple social networks from one website. (source: HootSuite Help Desk [1])


(6) some annotation would be useful. - Peter Mortensen
[+3] [2010-07-08 21:52:19] Pablo Santa Cruz


Cowboy Neal's Slashdot [1], of course.


I used to read it quite a bit, but I have to be honest, I don't think I've even looked at it more than twice in the last 6 months. - PP.
[+3] [2010-07-09 19:56:43] Mark Stahler


Redmine [1] Project Management Software and Bug Tracker


[+3] [2010-07-09 20:31:47] Nick Gotch


Instant Messenger

one site per answer please. no duplicates either. - Senseful
Kindof unfair to get downvoted when I answered this question BEFORE the question was explictly reworded to only allow a single answer. - Nick Gotch
Not sure why it irritates you. It's a community wiki so the downvote doesn't hurt your rep. Why don't you add new answers for Meebo and Basecamp and get rid of this answer. Neither hav been presented in 'one example per answer' form yet and they're both great/commonly-used webapps. - Evan Plaice
[+3] [2010-07-12 10:18:58] jonezy

Basecamp [1]


[+3] [2010-07-17 16:47:57] Book 'em Danno [1] is an independent music radio/social gathering place. Is recently had a total overhaul. When I remember to open it, this runs basically all day and I interact/hear songs/comment throughout the day.


[+3] [2010-08-04 08:29:56] awe


I created it just for having a mail account to use for registering with different user accounts, but it has also been my personal mail box.

The spam filter is quite good.

I heard that HTML was named after Hotmail, when they still owned the internet. - Slomojo
I wouldn't put Hotmail and Good-spam-filter in the same sentence (except in this one and others like it) - Joe the Person
Well, I have good experience with it. I can't remember the last time I got a garbage/ spam mail in my Hotmail that wasn't put automatically in the garbage mail. - awe
[+3] [2010-08-04 09:05:53] Codler




[+3] [2010-08-06 08:11:02] Bayonian
[+3] [2010-10-08 20:57:24] sebagomez

xKcd [1]

A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.


(3) Not really a web app. It doesn't let the user perform any tasks. - James
[+2] [2010-07-08 05:43:04] HRJ



Disclaimer: While this may suspiciously sound like my own trumpet, allow me to explain.

Google Reader was my best source of news and information. Read item, press SPACEBAR, jump to the next unread item. Rinse and repeat.

Until Twitter happened. And then I created tDash to relive the Goog-Reader experience, with the personal touch that Twitter affords.


(1) With a focus on... productivity???? ha! :) - Vinko Vrsalovic
Upvote for the honesty! - mike the mike
@Vinko I know Twitter tends to suck away productivity. Is there anything else that I missed and is funny. - HRJ
(3) @HRJ: Probably you didn't miss anything. It's just that a webapp that promotes itself as a "twitter client with a focus on productivity" is something like a casino promoting itself as a "easy money generator for your retirement plan and savings" - Vinko Vrsalovic
@Vinko LoL. I had never seriously thought about that tag line. It was a weekend job. You made me think about it again. +1 - HRJ
@Vinko "a browser based twitter client that doesn't get between you and your tweets" Howzzat? - HRJ
Better :) 54321 - Vinko Vrsalovic
[+2] [2010-07-08 07:17:42] Col

Mindmeister [1]

Web-based collaborative mind mapping tool for brainstorming and project management.


one site per answer please - Senseful
[+2] [2010-07-08 10:59:17] Alex


I might switch from TaDa to Dddone [1] (that I found via this question [2]).


[+2] [2010-07-08 22:23:05] Craig


Feedly [1] - based on Google Reader but has a better interface.


[+2] [2010-07-08 23:48:35] Andrea [1]

I use Zoho for work.


[+2] [2010-07-14 19:43:51] Leigh Riffel


I always have SlimTimer [1] open for time tracking.


[+2] [2010-07-22 02:33:42] GBackMania
[+2] [2010-07-26 10:08:24] iSid

Google NoteBook

It was deprecated by Google a long time ago. - Adam Byrtek
Yes. Now it doesn't allow any new users but it still works for the users who were using it then. I still use and like it very much. - iSid
[+2] [2010-07-27 12:25:33] pmu

DuckDuckGo [1]

A privacy oriented search engine with features like providing previews of the top result pages and making it easy to search specific websites.


why the down vote ? - pmu
most likely the downvoter was looking for this - Why do you use this one more than anything else and what is it actually, should I use it too? - phwd
[+2] [2010-08-03 10:44:07] Frozenskys


PostmarkApp [1] - I use this for all the web applications I develop for clients.


[+2] [2010-08-03 14:24:34] Tim Büthe

StumbleUpon [1]


Love the service - Hate the time I waste on it - scunliffe
[+2] [2010-08-03 19:04:20] RR G [1]


[+2] [2010-08-05 08:20:27] musicfreak

30 Boxes

30 Boxes [1] is a dead-simple online calendar app. I use it because it takes fewer clicks to add an event than Google Calendar. :)


[+2] [2010-08-05 12:07:56] ing0

Turbo Guid

Turbo Guid [1] - Excellent for quickly accessing mass amount of GUID's for developmental needs!


I'm glad you find it useful =) - NickGPS
Yea it's great. I used to use another similar site but it had too many ads in there! - ing0
Is there anything I can do to improve the site for you? - NickGPS
[+2] [2010-10-08 03:41:39] Jonathan Day

Assembla [1]

Fantastic collaboration tool, especially for development teams.


[+1] [2010-07-08 04:56:15] naren

TeuxDeux [1]

love the UI


one site per answer and no duplicates please. - Senseful
[+1] [2010-07-09 00:47:44] Pipermac


It is not a web app on its own, but it allows you to create a web app out of any page you want.

one site per answer please. no duplicates either. - Senseful
[+1] [2010-07-09 19:07:38] altCognito


Moodle [1] isn't half bad.


[+1] [2010-07-09 22:19:00] Liz Pearce

LiquidPlanner [1]


one site per answer please. no duplicates either. - Senseful
[+1] [2010-07-12 15:59:58] Kenneth LeFebvre


powerful GTD application.

-1 You missed the "ONE entry per post and NO duplicate", why don't you make new answers for both Toodledo and Feedly? I don't think they've been mentioned yet. - Evan Plaice
[+1] [2010-07-13 15:36:55] Nathan Chase


Flickchart [1] is a social network centered around the rating and discussion of movies.


[+1] [2010-07-16 15:49:44] happy_soil

Brizzly (yep, yet another twitter client).

I've had enough of installing various desktop clients that consume questionable amounts of system resources.

[+1] [2010-07-18 06:21:53] Shalin

HelpDesk Pilot

I use HelpDesk Pilot [1] more than I use Gmail email. In other words I manage company emails more than my own personal emails.


[+1] [2010-07-18 07:33:15] Rebol Tutorial

AskBlogAutomation [1] because I now manage several blogs.


[+1] [2010-07-21 21:44:46] Xaraz


Because I'm working from my home and need to show people I'm talking to on Skype what I'm talking about sometimes, I use GrabOut [1]. It's just a simple tool to quickly grab a piece of your screen and share it in IM, skype, whatever.


[+1] [2010-07-26 10:09:00] iSid

Google Bookmarks

[+1] [2010-08-05 14:54:12] Donny V. [1]

Helps you organize and track information about your comic books.


[+1] [2010-08-06 09:33:52] dinhhai

I browse [1] every day


[+1] [2010-08-06 09:41:19] JayaprakashReddy


I always use it for the services I want locally in India.

[+1] [2010-10-08 08:08:33] JFW

Pinboard [1]

Just like Delicious, but with a better interface and more focused on storing and categorising bookmarks instead of being another social bookmarker.


[+1] [2010-10-16 09:35:08] Nimbuz


ProCSSor [1] is the prettiest and most advanced CSS prettifier/formatter/beautifier/organizer. Tons of options to format CSS the way you want.


[+1] [2010-11-11 09:14:41] PanosJee


The best bookmarking [1] solution


[+1] [2011-03-22 11:40:09] enchiladasuiza

Spotify [1]


[0] [2010-07-08 04:42:10] San

Glogster [1]

From Wikipedia: a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters.


Why down vote?? :S - San
[0] [2010-07-08 22:20:22] asaavedra

ProcessMaker [1]


[0] [2010-07-10 16:51:25] Colin [1]

From Wikipedia: a Chinese social networking site with an interface similar to that of Facebook.


[0] [2010-07-23 13:17:02] Postagulous

Symbaloo [1]

Symbaloo is my website launcher though I hate how bloated it's gotten.


[0] [2010-10-08 07:46:45] Graham Clark

Discogs [1]

Keep track of your record collection, and find almost any release from any artist.


[0] [2010-10-17 13:50:41] pablito


Very nice to create flush apps

[0] [2010-10-27 07:11:56] VxJasonxV


Look up artist/album release details, add your own, manage your library (with downloaded desktop apps). Absolutely invaluable for a music-heavy individual like myself.

[0] [2010-12-11 13:02:22] Janusz

Google Calendar [1] because it nicely syncs to my phone and I can't remember a single appointment without it.


[0] [2011-01-04 02:11:32] studiohack

Super User! [1]


[0] [2011-01-04 09:25:40] S.gfx



Because there you have all the main web applications, easy to install (natively, in the cloud, virtually..). When you need to install server software and avoid hassle, that's a great place to go. :)


[0] [2011-03-22 11:36:25] enchiladasuiza

Salesforce [1]

Salesforce is our CRM. I login everyday. Its great if everyone in your group is committed to using it and use is engrained in your culture...if not as in my case, it is really a challenge.

Things like offline, outlook plugins, search, document management, and requirements of using your mouse make it a painful tool though better than lexis-nexis, siebel, or sugarcrm.


[0] [2011-03-22 12:55:58] Ciryon

Rubular [1]

Awesome for tweaking regular expressions.


[0] [2011-03-22 13:12:33] AlasdairCM [1]

Use it for multiple to-do lists and it's quick and easy when running in Chrome.


[0] [2011-03-22 14:24:39] Alex

Lumadis Regex Tester [1]

1/ Why do you use this one more than anything else and ... ?
It permits me testing my regular expressions in PHP.

1bis/... what does it actually do?
Rapidly testing of regular expressions against various PHP functions (prge_match_all,preg_match etc)

2/ Should I use it too?
If you don't have a php install ready or don't want to fire your up your favorite php editor for simply test a little regexp with some test data.


[0] [2011-03-22 21:44:38] David

Diagramly [1]

Diagramly [2] is online diagraming app, very simple and fast because no login required.