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[+2493] [1] Karan
[2008-10-11 23:17:53]
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I'm trying to amass a list of programming books that are freely available on the Internet. The books can be about a particular programming language or about computers in general.

What are some freely available programming books on the Internet?

[+2484] [2008-12-25 16:20:07] George Stocker

As of October 2013, this list is now maintained on GitHub [1] by Victor Felder (and you).


[+4] [2009-09-29 22:38:28] Xander

This one is a must-have for any Perl web programmer:

Perl & LWP [1].

For offline reading: Direct download URL [2] (632 KB, ZIP file with the set of HTML documents.)

It explains everything that has to do with web automation, tokenizing, HTML processing, automated POSTing, GETing, etc. using the Perl module LWP.

Great question, BTW.


[+4] [2010-06-21 22:13:49] bobobobo

CG tutorial [1]


[+4] [2010-06-26 15:54:46] Paul Richter

If the book is in PDF format and is consistently formatted, it's not too difficult to bind it and make a real dead-tree book. All you need is a laser printer, some basic office equipment and supplies, and a way to build a general-purpose jig. You can find instructions here and there on the Internet, or just figure it out from scratch, which is what I did.

I made a perfect-bound copy of Siebel's "Practical Common Lisp" (500 pages) that I've been using heavily for three years now; rebound it once (it was my first try). Bound with white glue, medium stock cover. I also made a copy of "Linux Device Drivers" (600 pages) which currently just takes up space on the shelf ;)

Actually you may have better luck printing it at a print shop, here it is $30 to print a 500 page book (make sure to select B&W!) ( May be able to find better prices, but at least this won't exhaust your own printer. - bobobobo
Well, my unstated assumption is that you use the laser printer at the office ;) - Paul Richter
[+4] [2010-12-01 06:00:52] G. Qyy

C# 3.0 Language Specification [1] is very instructive IMHO.


[+3] [2008-11-05 17:53:13] Zoredache

Python Bibliotheca [1] Includes books like 'How to Think Like a Computer Scientist'.


[+3] [2008-09-15 11:47:53] Andrei Savu

If you don't feel like reading take a look at You can find a large collection of tech video on a large number of subjects.