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[+57] [17] Toro
[2009-04-30 21:34:10]
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What is your favorite sysadmin cartoon?

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(2) This should be community wiki - cagcowboy
(1) Community-wiki this and I'll upvote it. - Ben Alpert
@Ben Alpert: ok - Toro
(5) The inevitable has happened. As Jeff has lamented on numerous podcasts, the question gets stuffed into 'what is your favorite [x] as a sysadmin'. He does encourage to have a little fun, but certainly not a question that has a definitive 'answer'. - pcampbell
[+75] [2009-04-30 21:39:43] trent

alt text Sudo make me a sandwich

(3) I have a shirt of this comic. - Ben Alpert
(3) That command works on the linux server at work. Well, almost. "make" was taken so it's, "sudo make_me a sandwich" to which the server will respond, "Okay." - Grant
(13) I've created an alias called plz for sudo. Tend to become humorous when you forget to use sudo and go all like "PLZ DO THIS!" - Spoike
(4) Hey, this made me realise, my other half is clearly the superuser in our relationship. She's so logged in as root. - Charles Roper
(4) @grant - aw, c'mon, a real admin would have replaced 'make' with a script that either echoed "Okay" or exec'd the real make based on whether $1,$2,$3 was "me","a","sandwich" =). - jj33
@jj33 (!debian/ubuntu users will need to roll their own :) - bdonlan
hee hee.. Power of SUDO ;) - Chathuranga Chandrasekara
(1) @jj33: a real admin would create a Makefile. :-) - Maciej Delmanowski
[+64] [2009-04-30 21:36:20] Ben Alpert
Just read this one a couple days ago. - Keith Sirmons
(4) The best part is that this is highly popular with the programmers too. 8^D - Dillie-O
A nice one :).... - Chathuranga Chandrasekara
Good ol' Bobby Tables. - WesleyDavid
[+58] [2009-04-30 22:08:49] Murali Suriar
haaaaaaa that was great. - Sara Chipps
(3) This is mentioned in Neal Stephenson's "In the beginning was the command line" - Richard Gadsden
(2) @Richard: That is in fact where I first saw it. Brilliant essay; still worth a read even if it is a little dated. - Murali Suriar
(1) "You're one of those condescending <BLANK> users!" and "Here's a nickel, get yourself a better <BLANK>" are both common constructions in my place of employment, both directly related to this comic. - jj33
(5) There is some weird thing with UNIX guys and beards though, seriously. What is that all about? - Doug Chase
(1) I love this one! It's on the cover of my Richard Stevens book :) - Xerxes
@Doug Chase: it's not just a beard, it's a way of life. ;) See… for a primer.. :D - Avery Payne
[+46] [2009-05-01 13:31:16] Aaron

alt text

[+39] [2009-04-30 21:51:03] Shard
(13) This reminds me of The IT Crowd's common answer to the phone: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" - Spoike
(2) Nothing relieves support stresses like IT Crowd. - Matt Hanson
[+37] [2009-05-29 23:05:18] Lance Roberts

Dilbert is the best, here's one:


[+28] [2009-05-14 20:26:03] Oskar Duveborn

alt text [1]


(11) Oh wait, that is more a stackoverflow comic... but hey... - Oskar Duveborn
[+26] [2009-05-03 13:41:01] splattne

alt text

[+25] [2009-05-14 20:36:28] l0c0b0x

alt text

[+21] [2009-05-31 20:27:17] Alakdae
(3) I kinda like the IT Consultant one more than the others. - iconiK
[+20] [2010-02-22 07:30:53] Vaibhav Garg

alt text

This is the best sysadmin cartoon! - manojlds
[+19] [2009-05-29 22:34:21] Hamish Downer
[+15] [2009-05-14 18:14:27] Duncan Smart

Doctor Fun's (David Farley) "long flight": The beginning of a very long flight

(7) Note well that the "Windows Fanatic" is the only one without a beard... - Teddy
[+12] [2009-08-26 13:25:23] Joseph Kern

alt text

[+5] [2009-04-30 21:54:21] K. Brian Kelley

UserFriendly [1] (images aren't allowed to be linked directly)


(15) That sounds a bit user unfriendly to me. - Wedge
(3) Illiad isn't nationally syndicated and that's his full time job, so he has been restrictive with the free linking. Also, I think at one point it was really getting abused. - K. Brian Kelley
[+5] [2009-05-03 19:00:41] Colin

Learn to Love the Abstruse Goose [1] comics:

Technical Assistance [2]


(1) Here should have just said FizzBin...… - Even Mien
[0] [2009-06-13 16:36:56] nitins

Dilbert is the best !