Super UserWhat does your super-awesome desktop look like? (Screenshots)
[+34] [60] Jeffrey
[2009-07-15 13:34:55]
[ desktop fun ]

Time to show off that desktop of yours - paste in your screenshots of your customized Windows, Mac, and *nix desktops. Bonus points for visual effects that don't hurt the eyes.

Also, explain how you did what you did.

EDIT:) Bounty. I want to see some cool desktops, darn it.

(1) @Jeffrey - As CW do not have reputation gain, I am not sure if the bounty will have any effect. This is being discussed on MO at the moment here:… - Diago
(1) As per Jeff at the above post Bounty on CW can be allocated. - Diago
(3) As an aside, if people could include links to their desktop wallpaper as well, it would be appreciated by future readers. Some of the ones posted so far are pretty neat. - Brant Bobby
(1) Is this really the kind of question we want on this site? It really it no question at all. I like the fact he put a bounty on the question but I dont see the point. Next we are going to have "Post your real piX" threads ... just my 2 cents - Mike Fielden
(1) As I understand Jeff from the podcasts - a limited number of "fun" questions of interest to the community are allowed. See "What's your favorite Programmer Cartoon" on Stack Overflow:… - Jeffrey
But a bounty? WTF? - AnonJr
If bounty points subtract from your rep, shouldn't you be able to do what you want with them, CW or not? Looks like it's already being discussed on MO, as Diago pointed out. - Bratch
[+109] [2009-07-17 21:53:46] Sam152 [ACCEPTED]

My Desktop

My Desktop

(13) 1024x768... damn I can't work on that anymore... - bLee
Apart from the "SKS" or something icon, it suprisingly looks like mine :-) - ldigas
(1) Oh, yeah, and it's missing those 60 icons in there :-) - ldigas
(38) best. desktop. EVER. - Jeff Atwood
(12) I'm glad I'm not the only one with clean dekstop. I made it black though. - Adrian Godong
(1) Almost exactly like mine, but mine's grey. - banjollity
(4) I put my taskbar on autohide so it's even cleaner. - person-b
(1) Ironically taken at 5:50am. - Sam152
(15) If the background were black THEN I would have said it's the best. ;) - Isxek
(1) I use #617188, a more gray-ish blue. - Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski
(2) Much like mine, except that I use the other XP theme - the one that looks like Windows 98. I've never liked the shade of that taskbar. - user3203
Mines solid black with the desktop icons hidden, but I do have the advantage of 3760x1600 :D - 280Z28
(2) This screen says "I'm sterile". - Peon
stardock fences has a feature that lets you instantly blank your desktop of all of its icons and then bring them back on demand. - djangofan
Right click on desktop > Arrange > Show Desktop Icons - Sam152
[+90] [2009-07-17 21:18:15] Clinton Blackmore

Desktop? With over a dozen applications running, most of them maximised, I hardly ever see my desktop.

[I know that this isn't the sort of answer you wanted, but I would be interested to know how many people feel the same way.]

(30) +1, I'm the same. :) Only time I really get to see my desktop is at startup. - musicfreak
(2) I do :( 15chars - mark
I do! And I practice with them for ten hours a day! - Kevin M
+1, same here, I very rarely see it (startup and shutdown mostly) and its just a solid colour of black anyway, so not worth looking at. - Pauk
(11) Dude, you need more monitors. - tsilb
@ mfn - a_m0d
(3) That's what transparent windows are for! :-D - docgnome
WIN+D FTW! 15chars... - prestomation
It's a shame, too. I have lots of pretty wallpapers cycling in the background. :( - musicfreak
@tslib and you think those monitors won't be filled with windows either? - iconiK
[+29] [2009-07-20 05:49:25] bvmou

Or you can keep it old school with the monitor and the manual calculator.

alt text

(6) OK, I want to know how you did that. Photoshop? Anything skin on the computer screen and a carefully placed sweater? - Kevin M
(2) You got it, this is actually someone else, more like it here: - bvmou
(1) I am scared - joshhunt
[+26] [2009-07-18 00:46:40] Oscar Reyes

I took an screenshot of my whole desktop featuring a lot of windows opened and some of them displaying a progress bar, broswers, editors, code, consoles etc. etc.

Set it as background picture and then removed my desktop icons and hide the task bar.

Then I pressed Windows+D and walk away to the snack.

Everybody always thought I was ver very very busy all the time compiling the project.


+1 Clever and funny. - Clinton Blackmore
(2) +1: absolutely fantastic! - Stefano Borini
You walk away with the computer unlocked? We're required to lock the workstation if we step away from it. I'd need to make that screenshot my screen saver, which people would see for 15 minutes, and then the screens go black. - Bratch
(13) The trick is to rotate the sceenshot you took, put it on the desktop, and then rotate your entire desktop from the display settings. Actually, the trick is to do it all to someone else - he will never understand why the mouse moves funny, and the icons don't work. - Noam Gal
Darn, I can only up vote this answer once - Larry
@Bratch. No I actually locket and move the unlock screen to the bottom. Unfortunately it gets restored when the user grab the mouse. :P - Oscar Reyes
[+21] [2009-07-20 05:07:29] Isaac Waller

I... I... I'm sorry.alt textSee the big pile in the top-right corner? It has ~1000 items in it.

(24) Make a folder called 'Stuff' and just dump everything in there. - Sam152
(4) You poor soul ~~~ - hasen j
I took Sam152's advice: - Isaac Waller
(2) Dude. Get yourself a copy of Quicksilver and start purging your dock. How many times have you started iPhoto when you really meant to launch cyberduck (or whatever that is ... I can barely see it). Wait ... what are those googly icons in the menu bar? Are you already using Google Desktop / Quick Search? You have no excuse! - Zac Thompson
I use a Tidy folder ... maybe it should be untidy though - Bruce McLeod
(3) I seem to remember reading that icons on the OS X desktop actually affect system performance. - Jared Harley
@Zac - I do use QSB, but having so many dock icons is... convenient. - Isaac Waller
So, what happens if someone clicks "Order by name"? :D - Bobby
This is a mess. I wonder what he's room looks like. :D - Reigel
[+20] [2009-07-18 00:10:42] TomA

LEGO! Let's build something...


(22) Ouch! My eyes! ;) - person-b
(4) Now you need a lego-icon-set. That would be pretty nifty. - Jonathan Sampson
Broken Linky :-( - Bruce McLeod
How did you get the start-button orange? - Stijn Sanders
More color variations at Orange Start button: courtesy of the Zune XP Desktop theme from - TomA
I like it, but why does it have to be solid color? - Kyralessa
Is that trashcan really so useful? - Ivan
[+18] [2009-07-18 06:14:58] Soldier.moth

alt text Michaelangelo's Creation of Man on the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

(2) Nice - very clever! - ChristianLinnell
(13) Not sure I'd want to stare at a tool all day long, though, even if it is Adam's tool. - Michael Todd
Hey that tool was hand-crafted out of mud by God himself, painted here by the great Renaissance painter/sculptor Michaelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni himself. A more beautiful tool could never be imagined! - Soldier.moth
[+18] [2009-07-23 08:41:06] Martin

An oldish one.

alt text Have changed the monitors now, but haven't had a chance to find a decent wallpaper.

Deifnitely one of the nicest multimonitor wallpaper setups I've ever seen. - Stefan Thyberg
holy shiiiiiiiiiiit. nice ! - cometbill
[+16] [2009-07-17 20:30:04] JosephStyons

Usually one of these. [1] Currently this one:

alt text


(5) Love Vladstudio wallpapers! - Eduardo Molteni
Damn memes. I see stuff like this and all I can think of is it being a potential rick-roll. - RJFalconer
[+15] [2009-07-17 20:42:56] Andrew Moore

There you go, my laptop's desktop:


I'm not at fan of icons... But I like having useful information. I used to have a calendar, but I store everything on my phone now.

I have my IP (don't worry, that one isn't mine anymore), System Information, Weather, SO Reputation, Important contacts, email, all on one screen!

I want that background. :O - Annath
It's available on the NASA KSC website. It's a picture of the STS-126 mission's shuttle on the pad. - Andrew Moore
+1 for SO/SF/SU reps along the top - Nathan Koop
(2) It looks like you're using my BatteryBar app! Sweet. - Chris Thompson
Yes, I'm the one doing your French Canadian translations. - Andrew Moore
Woah, that's a sweet desktop. - Bobby
(1) Is the upper bar (SO etc.) a widget or something? - Bobby
@Tobias: Oh, thank you very much! - Bobby
[+15] [2009-07-18 06:38:02] becomingGuru

I love my system setup. Peek into it!

alt text alt text

(2) Dude, I totally have an awesome idea... toke we wrap the desktop around a cylinder... toke it'll be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. - Will
Love the look - but that black on white text background would kill me. - Jeffrey
The code looks nice. How did you make it spherical-ish like that? - Click Upvote
(2) Click Upvote: Its a compiz setting called as "Cube Deformation" in that choose "Cylinder" as an option. Then there are some more configurations on making it visible outside than the default inside - becomingGuru
+1 for django love - Doug Harris
[+13] [2009-07-18 00:32:36] bvmou

My favorite, and I think a strong contender for most beautiful: a full screen, dark-background terminal with a touch of transparency.

alt text

(8) +1 simply because you're using Python. - Jason Baker
(15) -1 simply because you're using Python. (Joking) - grawity
[+12] [2009-07-17 23:47:21] Dillie-O

alt text

2560 x 1024 (dual monitor setup - gotta love tile setting)

Now you're thinking... he's playing the sympathy card to try and win votes but hey, my kids keep me going during the day. Plus we go on hikes and I get to make a new collage every week or so. Oh yeah, and the sunset picture I took the same day when we got back home.

[+12] [2009-07-15 13:39:42] Bastien Léonard
(8) + 1 for transport tycoon :) - idursun
(3) @idursun: +1 for same reason. OpenTTD made me go and dig out my old TTDX for DOS CD. Oh, the memories - such a complicated but interesting game. (Disclaimer: I know a relative of the author!) - person-b
(1) I think it's deviant art preventing hot linking - hasen j
(2) TT is awesome. I helped port the original TT to the Mac back in '94, and did a very memory intensive 3D version of the PS1 (i.e. it needed the 8Mb development system to run). - Skizz
[+10] [2009-07-17 20:36:48] Jonathan Sampson

alt text

How did you add your SO profile? - Dror Helper
(1) @Dror -… - Jonathan Sampson
Where dit you get it/How did you make it? - Stijn Sanders
[+10] [2009-07-17 23:34:03] Stefano Borini

My top desktop


My bottom desktop


On second thought, I should probably swap them for spatial correctness

(5) +1 for the accuracy comment. - tsilb
[+10] [2009-07-18 09:00:53] Sander Versluys

I usually love a dark desktop, or a least with not to many colors.

For some time now, i'm using a selfmade wallpaper with a lovely dark pattern and some reminder tips on it. These tips change in time...

So now... when i do get to see my desktop, which is not very often, it tells me:

  1. Do not 'crack' your fingers (bad habit, my doctors says)
  2. Play Czerny, Bach, Brahms and Beethoven on my piano (when i do, i keep improving my piano playing)
  3. Finish those websites! (for the procrastinator in me)
  4. Go for a run!
  5. Enjoy! (please do not forget to enjoy life)


alt text

Dikke zever. Als ik mijn vingers niet krak blijven ze steken of kraken ze van hunzelf eens. - Stijn Sanders
Ja heel tegenstrijdig... ik weet het, de één zegt dit en de ander dat. Feit blijft dat je het kraken alsmaar makkelijker gaat dus dat hoeft dan ook niet. Als het vanzelf gaat kan het natuurlijk geen kwaad, maar je hoeft het zeker niet te trainen denk ik zo. En beter voorkomen dan genezen é (ik speel piano hé, te belangrijk...) ;-) - Sander Versluys
English, please. - Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski
@stijn sanders: recent research in which they cracked a guys fingers from the same hand for thirty years, showed no difference with his other hand, so okay you're right i guess! i'll have to change my background then... :) - Sander Versluys
[+10] [2009-07-18 09:21:39] Michal M

My current desktop [1]:

"Rain on the window" [2]
Previous desktop 1

"Slogans" [3]
Previous desktop 2

"Ferrari" [4]
Previous desktop 3

All images/photos (except the top one) I've done myself.


Where do you find the top one? Me want :p - Svish
@Svish: - Michal M
Thanks - I like Stream-of-Light too! - Michelle
[+10] [2009-07-20 03:15:25] glasnt

work desktop Work desktop.

alt text Home desktop.

[+9] [2009-07-23 07:57:50] Maniac13

Living the dream

[+8] [2009-07-18 14:56:57] jrcs3

There was a them for Windows 98 Plus! called "The 60's USA (256 color)" that featured peace signs for icons and a tie dye wall paper.

It was Far Out Man!

alt text

(21) That's worse than "Hot Dog Stand". - grawity
[+8] [2009-07-18 08:08:05] Bruce McLeod

Here's mine. Macbook 15" running Windows 7 in parallels coherence mode. The boat on the desktop is me sailing the International Moth Hydrofoiler that I built myself.

My desktop

A vain mac user? - Will
(9) Not vain, I just thought people would ask .. 'What the hell is that?' - Bruce McLeod
I certainly did, about the desktop. That's....weird. - Christian Mann
[+6] [2009-07-18 05:54:39] Ivo Flipse

I downloaded some extra Nature wallpapers to go with the Windows 7 theme. I then have the folder of like 60 wallpapers run as a slideshow, changing every minute or so. Very relaxing if your reading something (though perhaps also distracting...)

alt text

I do this too, but use DisplayFusion to cycle the wallpapers (since I'm on XP). Too bad I never get to see it though. - tj111
[+4] [2009-07-18 06:18:16] Kevin M

I check Digital Blasphemy [1] somewhat regularly, as he adds new desktop images to his free collection. The guy makes a living doing nothing but making desktop images; they're all really good.

Right now his members-site has hundreds of images and his free sample collection has about 30 or so. I don't consider desktops enough of a draw for me to pay for it, but if I did, he's the first place I'd go.


[+4] [2009-07-18 12:17:52] Stefano Borini

An interesting choice is "transparent". Some cool examples [1].


[+3] [2009-07-20 04:46:29] jasonh

A whole collection of awesome desktops:

[+3] [2009-07-20 06:02:26] dlamblin

I really dig some of the windows 7 ones.

Acid Freaky Mesc

It rotates through these and more images. They're from 72 and Sunny [1].


How delightful! I'd love to have something like this on my desktop for someone looking at it to go, "what the heck?!" - Joey Adams
[+3] [2009-07-17 23:59:50] Ross

The desktop icons are hidden (I generally use it as a dumping ground when I rarely see it) for cleanliness, and I included Trillian Astra on the screenshot simply because it's the sexiest app I've seen :) Teeny tiny preview links to 1024+1440 res image:

alt text

Wallpaper [1]

P.S. If anyone knows how to get components working in foobar2000 (specifically foo_winamp_spam) I'd appreciate tips :)


awesome wallpaper. where did you get it from? - Michal M
I grab a lot of my wallpapers from 4chan's /wg/ (sometimes nsfw) - I'll post the source in the question though. - Ross
[+3] [2009-07-17 20:31:50] MiffTheFox

Hooray for minimalisim!

alt text

The wallpaper I made myself [1].


(1) its boobs!!!!!!! - Nick Kavadias
[+3] [2009-07-22 16:57:42] Chris S

I'll make you all jealous (?!!) with the fact I'm using Windows 7 to work on in a corporate environment.

I'm on dual monitors, but as mentioned above, I also only ever see 1 desktop most of the time. If I had owl-like eyes I'd use them both simultaneously.

alt text

How did you do this transparency trick? Ah okay, I see. It's in the background image :) nice. - Martin
(2) He is using StarDock Fences :) - TuxGeek
That's fences that is transparent, not the white cliffs of dover - Chris S
+1 for StarDock Fences. - Christian Mann
[+3] [2009-07-20 17:13:17] Charles Roper

I'm using Fences [1] to organise desktop icons. It's pretty handy.

alt text

Hint: click to enlarge


[+3] [2009-07-21 00:18:32] Soldier.moth

my other desktop option Rafael's "School of Athens"

[+2] [2009-07-21 23:31:35] docgnome

The one on the right is Saturn eclipsing the Sun as taken from the Cassini-Huygens probe [1]. If you look closely you can see a tiny dot just above the rings on the left side. That tiny dot is Earth.

The left side is the Earth and Moon from Mars orbit captured by HiRISE [2].


[+2] [2009-08-12 19:33:57] Johan

It is a clean xfce desktop with a background from a vacation last year.

screenshoot xfce

[+2] [2009-11-05 10:14:21] presario

alt text

(2) Is that archlinux configured to look like windows, or windows configured to look like archlinux ? ;) - ldigas
[+2] [2009-11-16 14:49:30] mrucci

It seems that none of you understand the essence of simplicity.

alt text

Is that a taskbar? Clutter, who needs to know what they're running ALL the time? Alt-tab's enough for me, ain't no longer 1995. - Phoshi
Take a look at . - mrucci
[+2] [2009-11-26 12:00:13] lorenzog

My desktop is a boring black screen, which I won't screenshot for you. Icons are covered anyways. However (and thus the screenshot), the only thing I have is a monitor for cpu usage, memory and network traffic. It's called bubblefishymon. And it's very cute.

a boring screenshot

[+2] [2010-07-21 08:07:02] Cornelius

I'm using Desktop Earth [1] for my desktop, so what I see is actual day/night globe representation. I can easily check who's awake, and who's not. (It refreshes every 5 minutes - this value could be changed.)


[+2] [2009-07-18 00:39:42] fretje

Here's mine.

Nothing specially custimized (it's my just-installed wind7 rc1 desktop).
I'm very fond of the background picture... took it myself almost 2 years ago, and haven't found a better one since...

First thing I always customize after a fresh install...

my desktop

My terrible wifi connection weeps at the size of that image... - Christian Mann
[+2] [2009-07-18 16:26:28] grawity

My laptop:


No flashy effects - the laptop is kinda low on resources.


Yeah, that's Xfwm4 on GNOME.

[+2] [2009-07-18 18:37:54] tsilb

Six monitors being slowly migrated to 22" widescreens in Portrait mode.

alt text

Bigger version [1]


Edit: Fixed broken links. The desktop is actually black, I made it grey to show where the monitors are.


(1) Whoa. That's one very wide screen. - grawity
(1) Effectively, yes... The six screens are a combined 7 feet wide. - tsilb
I'm only counting five...three in landscape and two in portrait mode...where's the sixth one? - Bobby
The middle and right ones are both two. Here's a more current pic: - tsilb
[+2] [2009-07-20 03:01:16] Bratch

In Windows XP I have a few web cam images on the desktop. They change whenever I login or when I press Ctrl-F5 to refresh them. Sometimes there are deer [1], snow [2], sunsets [3], fires [4], small explosions [5], fog [6], rain [7], and bugs [8]. Most of these are from Spring Valley, CA [9], Hubert, NC [10], and Golden, CO [11]. You should be able to find even more interesting web cam images for a desktop that's not too boring, if you ever have time to look at it.

{broke image removed}

This will be my new (real) desktop around October 2009. According to the screen shot this is a beta version, like the fish, which is not present in the final release.

{broke image removed}


[+1] [2009-07-20 06:23:54] Noam Gal

This is what I have at work:

alt text

Just a sunflower I shot outside of Calzadilla de la Cueza in north Spain. I like the colors.

I was in an A34 service's restroom with photos like this on the walls and birdsong audio being played. Surreal. - Skizz
That's the A34 road in the UK, Winchester-Oxford. - Skizz
[+1] [2009-07-18 14:44:26] GameFreak

I don't remember how but on a Mac you can use screen savers as a desk top image.

You can pass a flag to the ScreenSaverEngine executable through the terminal, but it's probably better to just grab an app that will handle it for you, eg: It's too distracting and CPU-hungry for my tastes though. - jtb
BackLight 2 can do this. Its official website seems to have evaporated, but you can still use Google and find it on various download sites. - Brant Bobby
[+1] [2009-07-17 20:50:41] JP

Mine's got the Windows 7 beta fish [1] on it.


[+1] [2009-11-26 11:26:30] NoCanDo

My Desktop

In case you're wondering where the icons are, I don't need them. I'm working with memorized keyboard shortcuts and a logitech g11 with 18 extra buttons.

Awesome background, where did you get it? - Console - NoCanDo
[+1] [2009-11-16 15:14:17] community_owned

alt text

3840x1200 [1]

nothing fancy here, i like to keep it simple.


[+1] [2009-11-16 15:26:49] Jonno_FTW

My desktop

I always have loads of crap open. And yes that is the hello kitty theme for Notepad++, I like to use it for the readability it provides

(1) "Hello Kitty" for readability? you, Jonno-FTW, need some serious help!!! oh, and +1 for making my day. :) - community_owned
It really is all that you would ever need in text editor theme - Jonno_FTW
[+1] [2009-11-16 16:07:38] RamyenHead

Somebody changed my desktop background to a rotating snake picture [1].

Hosted by


(1) I actually deliberately set my desktop to that on an old laptop after I lost a load of work doing some very stupid editing and deleting whilst drunk. Setting a desktop like that meant I avoided the laptop like the plague when I was feeling a bit queasy! - GAThrawn
[+1] [2009-11-05 08:24:35] ianfuture

If you want all of the images your ever need on your desktop that automatically switch then try this: John's BackgroundSwitcher [1] . Can't believe no one has mentioned it yet. Allows you to get different images from many sources that periodically change.

John’s Background Switcher Make your wallpaper interesting!With John's Background Switcher! I can’t stand plain, boring backgrounds. John’s Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting. You can specify which pictures to choose from:

* Individual pictures on your computer.
* Folders containing pictures on your computer such as ‘My Pictures’.
* Flickr photo sharing – selecting pictures by person, tags, sets or just plain random. You never know what you’re going to get next!
* Facebook – your friends photos on your desktop!
* Any Media RSS feed – choose pictures from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket, LOLCats and Zooomr amongst many others!
* Phanfare web albums – keep up to date with your friends and family.
* smugmug photo galleries – yours, your friends, anybody’s!
* Picasa Web Albums – choose from specific albums or any search text.
* Webshots – if you’re a Webshots user, you can choose from your photos.
* Google Image Search – get pictures from anywhere across the internet.
* Bing Image Search – not a Google fanboy? Then Bing is for you!
* Yahoo! image search – the internet is your oyster!

Enjoy! :)


[+1] [2009-07-21 00:54:24] hasen j

Not that I look at it much ...

alt text

Yay, Linux Mint! - Christian Mann
hehe yea well, that was quite a while ago, now I'm on ubuntu ;) - hasen j
[+1] [2009-07-23 10:53:41] Stefan Thyberg

alt text

1680x1050 laptop screen + 1920x1200 monitor.

[0] [2009-07-22 15:44:18] kpoehls

yes, my friends, that is silly putty sitting there under my monitor :Dalt text

[0] [2009-08-26 05:31:50] Igoru

I use my main screen on 1280x1024 (17") and my secondary (right) one on 1024x768 (15").

I'm used to see both screens (not at exact same time of course) because I have two main tasks:

  • Develop: I code on the main, and test on the right.
  • Surf the interwebz: browser on the main, emesene on the right.

When I want to watch a video or things that only need one screen, I turn off my right monitor. Keep Green =]

alt text

(using gnome-colors themes package and AWN with personalized themes, and many monitoring applets on the top panel)

[0] [2009-08-26 05:45:49] beggs

alt text

Close up: alt text

[0] [2009-11-16 16:19:01] ToreTrygg

Once our admin has gone to smoke for about 30 minutes and we've accidentally saw that he left opened window with all of the passwords left. We've made screenshot of it and made it as wallpaper. When he came back he tried to close this "window" for about a minnute))))

Unfortunately I've got no this wallpaper.

[0] [2009-11-16 16:51:30] nrhine1

Mac-like Windows 7 taskbar - Rotating Bing's Best backgrounds.


how did you get the icons into the middle of the taskbar? - Jonno_FTW
look at my questions on my profile. it's answered there. - nrhine1
[0] [2010-06-28 03:33:11] Martín Fixman

Good news everyone!

(major spoilers from the new Season)

[0] [2009-07-15 13:37:20] Arcturus

I always choose a desktop of the game I am trying to beat in my spare time :)

Right now its Prototype:

(2) I don't this is just about the backgrounds. - Zifre
[0] [2009-07-18 16:23:41] grawity

Desktop PC:

desktop Still stuck with XP here :(

(RocketDock, MediaDesign icons, the rest is easily recognizable.)

apps With applications. (I have an irssi script that sends hilights from a remote VPS to my laptop and displays them with libnotify - even using X11-over-ssh.)

flurry And of course, the best screensaver ever.