ProgrammersWhat is your favorite “programmer” cartoon?
[+36] [30] kiamlaluno
[2010-09-01 20:52:11]
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Turing test

(1) Please convert it to a community wiki! - Lorenzo
(9) Is a community wiki really necessary? There's no reason for others to edit each other's answers to make them better. - Mark Trapp
Wouldn't that mean all questions should be wiki here? - Simon Brown
(3) "You are the first human to fail the Turing test".... I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!!! - Lorenzo
(2) I created a discussion about the merits of Community Wiki on Programmers: Community Wiki on Programmers - Mark Trapp
(7) The reason to have a community wiki is to avoid to ask a question just for reputation harvesting. - Lorenzo
(4) This is just going to become a copy of the same question on stack overflow... - kkaploon
Free SAT online practice tests! - muntoo
[+44] [2010-09-01 20:56:28] Simon Brown

The cartoon

Cannot... upvote... enough. - Yevgeniy Brikman
[+40] [2010-09-02 00:58:03] Paddyslacker

alt text

(2) +1 - Hahaha, so true. - community_owned
(2) I love this one! Even funnier when I'm "WTF'ing" on my own code. :) - MetalMikester
[+30] [2010-09-01 20:58:13] Josip Medved


(3) Spookily accurate. - Todd Williamson
This one is pinned up in the cubicle next to mine. - mmyers
[+29] [2010-09-01 21:43:08] Noah Goodrich

So many great ones from xkcd, but this is still my favorite:

alt text

(1) I don’t get why this is so popular. It is not funny, and it doesn’t teach anyone who doesn’t already know about the problem. - Timwi
(8) @Timwi - Do you really surf stackexchange sites looking for ways to ruin everyone else's party? Its funny to people who do web development and love working with databases. And since when was the point of a cartoon educational? - Noah Goodrich
(1) o.O — Oh dear, I’m sorry I ruffled some feathers here! I only said I don’t understand why this cartoon is so popular. Sorry if that offends you! - Timwi
(5) It's funny because they call him Little Bobby Tables - LoganGoesPlaces
(6) I worked for a school board and sometime, after after a version update from our software provider, names like O'Brien made some jobs to crash. So, yes it's funny, because it's true. - DavRob60
(3) It's also appeals because of the "serves you right stupid programmer for not sanitizing your input". - talonx
(1) I have used this to teach people about SQL injection. - TRiG
(2) This comic spawned of a guide on how to prevent SQL injection. - Bobby
(1) Thanks, Bobby. Trig, I hope you taught them the right way (which I just learned about from the guide). - Mark C
very true. my friend was the sales guy for a software that stores student internals and send them to parents. 1 guy sql injected it and it spread like wildfire ruining the products goodwill. the point is, there are so many bad products with prominent market. - yetanothercoder
[+29] [2010-09-01 20:54:43] Mark Trapp

To get it out of the way up front:

'Are you stealing those LCDs?' 'Yeah, but I'm doing it while my code compiles.'

Alt text: Are you stealing those LCDs?' 'Yeah, but I'm doing it while my code compiles.'

That's a joke? I really do that in office everyday! - Lorenzo
(2) As a .NET developer I never really understood this joke. Does code really take THAT long to compile that you can afford to goof off like this or am I totally wooshing the joke? Thanks. - community_owned
(1) @Sergio: I'm working on a project where I have to compile my code, build an image and flash it to a device (and then boot it). This process can take up to 5 minutes. Then at least once a week I do a fresh build of the entire system from a clean tree, it takes up to 30 minutes (usually done unattended in the launch time) but I need a lot of time to unpack the clean tree, checkout from SVN and launch the build system (for a number of reason, we can't automate that part). - Lorenzo
(2) A large(ish) C++ project where I used to work took 2 hours to compile. - finnw
Unfortunately 5 to 10 minutes is pretty much normal for the Flex 3 compiler. - Carlos
I'm PHP developer. We just refresh the page :(. - notJim
.NET Developer here as well, depending on the size of the project I normally see rebuild times between two to three minutes under Visual Studio 2010. The age of my computer definitely is a factor though. - Rob Z
@Lorenzo, why can't you automate the build? - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen
[+25] [2010-09-03 11:57:42] pramodc84


(9) And don't forget the random tab order between all the widgets! - Lorenzo
(1) Tab order is for the weak. - Ryan Hayes
(3) @Ryan Hayes: As is the correct ordering of tabs ;-) - Baelnorn
@Baelnorn: - Ryan Hayes
(3) @Ryan Hayes: Hehe. ^^ The Interface Hall of Shame is full of absolutely absurd examples of user abuse through horrible dialogs and UIs. But there's one quite funny thing in the gallery: the great-grandfather of Microsoft's Ribbon UI - Baelnorn
(6) Hey, where did they get a screenshot of our... er.. Never mind. :) - MetalMikester
[+21] [2010-09-09 02:53:54] bigown

alt text

This is my favorite. I LOL every time I see it.

That is really awesome :D - Braveyard
This should be Titled Tester Vs Developer - AdityaGameProgrammer
[+21] [2010-09-18 17:12:17] TheLQ [ACCEPTED]

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Source [1]


But web site design is generally not programming! - Mark C
[+19] [2010-09-09 20:43:47] googletorp

Who says programming doesn't pay off?

(6) +1 excellent use of DRY. - Talvi Watia
(1) Wait till the SO guys find this and start complaining if it's valid C code or not... - Josh K
(1) @JoshK What would make that cartoon even funnier is the teacher explaining that he's not off the hook yet because she found a bug in his code. - Mark C
@Mark Change int main to void main and there would be :) - Michael
[+16] [2010-09-01 20:55:23] Chinmay Kanchi

alt text

(1) +1 I had this taped to my desk when I started learning Python. - talonx
[+15] [2010-09-18 15:52:52] Billy ONeal

I've always liked this one [1]


The (potential) nightmare of designing for clients. Here, have a badge. - Mark C
[+14] [2010-09-02 02:59:00] Fishtoaster

I've put this to the test on many late college nights.

(7) Coding while drunk is easy. Coding while tired is hard. - finnw
(2) @finnw: weird things do happen though. A few years ago I had an idea for an application I was working on and I stood up until late night (3 AM) to work on it. It works, but I'm still not sure how. :) - ShdNx
[+13] [2010-09-18 15:11:50] richeym

alt text

+1 - By far the funniest one on this page. - George Edison
[+12] [2010-09-09 02:58:44] bigown

alt text

+1 This is one of my all time favorite XKCD comics. - muntoo
A link to the comic. The alt text: "RFC 1149.5 specifies 4 as the standard IEEE-vetted random number." - muntoo
[+12] [2010-09-30 08:07:31] Zayenz

This is how I explain computer problems to my cat. My cat usually seems happier than me.

While it is not specifically about programming, it is good for perspective.

[+12] [2010-10-06 09:46:18] Chendur Pandian

I personally like this one

alt text

[+8] [2010-09-24 19:38:26] Jay

One of my favorites from long ago. I think I lived this at least 3 times during the late 90s before the .com implosion:

[+8] [2010-09-18 15:49:44] Rook

alt text

(1) That is so how it works. - BCS
@BCS: No one understands... Wait, where have I heard that before? - Josh K
[+7] [2010-09-09 02:41:01] bigown

alt text

[+6] [2010-09-03 10:57:36] Gordon

(2) actually mergesort is only n log n, whereas insertsort is n^2. I'd quit, since there is only 5 fish in the sea. - Talvi Watia
@TalviWatia Those are "order of" expressions, so for a data set this small, the actual number of operations could be smaller, right? Let's see how many there actually are... - Mark C
(1) Damn those geeks, microoptimizing everything again. For sorting five elements, one time, you could even use the frikkin bogosort (10^x times slower than bubble sort) and be done with it. - Piskvor
Bah, she's just getting the max anyhow--sorting is overkill! - Tikhon Jelvis
[+6] [2010-09-28 17:49:06] imgx64

I find that I can interpret many non-programming cartoons as programming-related. Here's one from Peanuts from 1984(!).

[+5] [2010-09-30 08:40:42] Skizz


This was exactly what was happening on a game I was working on many years ago, the schedule was tied to the date of the E3 trade show and all the tasks required to complete the project were scaled to fit.

I've had the 'scale the timelines to fit an end date' problems a few times. How I hate Microsoft Project and those meddlesome Gantt Charts.

[+3] [2010-09-28 02:10:02] Mark C

There was a sad one on Dilbert a few days ago:


Oh, and for KKaploon, the SO question hasn't been posted on since December of 2009, and only a couple of the cartoons already posted are duplicates. - Mark C
you can edit now. - bigown
[+3] [2010-11-06 00:24:51] Yevgeniy Brikman

alt text

XKCD 538 [1]


(1) Alt text: Actual actual reality: nobody cares about his secrets. (Also, I would be hard-pressed to find that wrench for $5.) - Piskvor
[+3] [2010-09-03 12:09:57] Michael K

alt text

[+2] [2010-09-10 18:50:39] Mawg

Sorry, I looked everywhere, but can't find the image. It stood on my desk at many conpanies for over a decade ....

Pointy headed boss: “You’ve been a good contract employee. We'd like to make you regular employee"

Dilbert: "You mean you want to pay me less?

Pointy headed boss: "We want you to be motivated by something other than money"

Dilbert: "Like stupidity?”

update: Thanks, here it is:

alt text

That's weird. In Italy contract employees are payed less than regular employees... no one would refuse a permanent job... - Lorenzo
(4) The new text search on is wonderful, first hit:… - Jay
(2) @Jay that is one heck of a url - GSto
(1) @GSto It's long because he linked to the image, not the dated page. Here's the shorter version: - Mark C
[+2] [2010-11-06 00:23:45] Yevgeniy Brikman

alt text.

XKCD 208 [1].


[+2] [2010-09-28 17:30:14] DavRob60

board chow

(1) Marginally related: - Christian Mann
[+1] [2010-09-28 17:19:08] Dave

Way back in the dark ages there was a Foxtrot toon that was so exceptional that I scanned it in. Waiting for it to appear on the internet was not acceptable because it would be too easy to forget. :(

[+1] [2010-11-05 22:49:35] Mark C

Reminded of this cartoon by Tuhin's answer [1] to the "Favorite Pr. Joke" question.

Here is Wally's take:

Wally Explains His Purpose in Life