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[+24] [36] Michael Pryor
[2009-08-13 15:55:42]
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What type of Stack Overflow schwag would you like to see?

Suggested answers:

I'm going to try to have this stuff ready for Dev Days, hopefully.

This is a poll question. One suggestion per answer please. Vote up suggestions you like.

(4) schwag or shwag? Schwing! - random
(2) 16 answers and no good null-pointer jokes? - mmyers
[+45] [2009-08-13 16:15:16] Shog9

A custom Magic 8-Ball containing the 20 most common SO one-liner answers. "Use jQuery", "Don't optimize", "Use Reg Exp", "Don't use Reg Exp", ...

(11) Don't forget..."This should be Community Wiki" :) - Dusty
(6) Or "Belongs on ServerFault..." - squillman
it will always show my favorite..lmgtfy - Miyagi Coder
(3) Nice, but it will take 6-8 weeks to make. - Mehrdad
[+27] [2009-08-13 17:12:42] Kyle Cronin

A deck of cards with the 52 highest-rep users as the card faces, with Joel and Jeff as the deck's Jokers.

(11) runs off to check Aww, MAN, I'm #55! - mmyers
... Not that my identicon would be that recognizable anyway, I suppose. - mmyers
(2) Cool, I'd get to be a face card :) - Joel Coehoorn
(1) @mmyers And who'd then go in the suit of diamonds? ;) - badp's sockpuppet
(3) as much as I think this is a very clever idea, I can foresee it only selling 52 units. - Spudley
[+21] [2009-08-13 16:32:04] gnostradamus

OK, how about a serious one...

A coffee mug with the SO logo on one side and this on the other:

if (owner.isCoding() && mug.isEmpty()){

Bonus Points if it is functional. - Chacha102
@Chacha102: Absolutely - it should be a function that takes an empty mug and returns a mug filled with coffee. - Kyle Cronin
Is the mug immutable? - mmyers
(11) I like the Cup<T> mug. - Joel Coehoorn
I like mugs, but most of the decent jokes are taken. - Rob Allen
These would be worth hundreds of $$. - squillman
I'd buy that :) - Sophia
Please makes these! - stephen776
We could do several mugs with “in-jokes” in different languages, a la Cup<T>. I fear the Lisp one. - Matt Sherman
[+16] [2009-08-13 16:11:19] Kyle Cronin

I like this shirt that Jonathan Sampson [1] designed [2]. Maybe you can work with him on manufacture and distribution at DevDays?


You only like it because your picture is on it...multiple times. It would be better if it dumped the duplicate pictures, perhaps..and had the SO logo where it says "stackoverflow". - Thomas Owens
The multiple pictures was a result of me wanting to get the idea across quickly. No logo was used because I wasn't sure if I would be permitted to use the logo. This shirt could be much better - if I had a clear understanding of what I'm permitted to use, and what I'm not :) - Jonathan Sampson
Yeah, I got the feeling that Jonathan didn't know if he could get the rights to use the logo so he just used the text as a placeholder. As a side note, I like the shirt's design, but I suppose it didn't hurt that I'm up there 4 times :-) - Kyle Cronin
If I didn't feature you repeatedly, I may not have won your support so easily ;) - Jonathan Sampson
@Jonathan: Just make sure I'm in a prominent spot when you finally do make this shirt! :-D - Kyle Cronin
I'm going to buy this shirt and glue my own picture over one of the duplicates. - John MacIntyre
(2) Is that last line supposed to be recursive? I'm calling you out on that. - Moshe
[+15] [2009-08-13 15:57:16] Michael Pryor

StackOverflow embroidered logo polos

Similar to alt text

way too much angst. This is just an example.. I am confident Michael will update the image when he has a real live Stack Overflow shirt to share.. - Jeff Atwood
Confident, but wrong - Richard Gadsden
@richard no one wanted them, so they didn't get made yet :( - Michael Pryor
[+15] [2009-08-13 21:32:55] retracile

Clay pigeons with Jon Skeet's gravatar.

For skeet shooting [1], of course.


[+13] [2009-08-13 16:03:04] Shog9

A stack of pancakes, overflowing with butter and maple syrup. None of that crappy maple-flavored corn syrup, mind you - gotta be the good stuff, grade B dark, served in pint jars!

(9) +1 FOR PANCAKES OH MAN I LOVE PANCAKES - Plain Old Welbog Object
(1) I'm so hungry right now - Juan Manuel
(2) I'd like a side of sausage links with that. Sausage + pure maple syrup = Heaven. - Eric
(1) Oh, heeeaahhlll yeah! A stack o' cakes, overflowing w/ butter, syrup, and sausages! - Shog9
It always used to bother my mom when I dipped my sausage into the leftover syrup. Anyone else ever try that? - mmyers
Naw, i pour the syrup over the sausages and use the pancakes to sop up what's left over. - Shog9
Ever had a deep-fried Snickers bar? - mmyers
(1) @mmyers: Ever have a bypass? - GEOCHET
@Rich B: No. Nor a deep-fried Snickers bar, coincidentally. - mmyers
@mmyers: Somehow I don't believe that is a coincidence. - GEOCHET
Ever been to the Texas State Fair? I haven't, but from what I've heard of it, chocolate-covered bacon on a stick would not be out of place there. - mmyers
Well, I'll be... Now I'm sure it's at the Texas fair, because they hate being outdone by anyone. - mmyers
Choco Covered Bacon on a Stick just has to be deep fried. - GoogleUser
[+13] [2009-08-13 16:44:20] Rob Allen

Rather than a joke mug, just give me a big (16-20oz) ceramic coffee mug with the logo on it.

(2) I'm down with mugs. - Paul Nathan
[+12] [2009-08-13 17:15:36] Shog9

A boat-programming sailor hat

Is there still a cache'd copy of that question around somewhere? - Michael Pryor
(2) - Kyle Cronin
(1) We're on a boat ... programming! - Jeff Atwood
[+11] [2009-08-13 17:16:39] Shog9

An autographed Jon Skeet Facts [1] wallposter


Turning the question CW, eh? - mmyers
(1) @mmyers: how DARE you! I'm sharing my awesome schwag suggestions with the world, a noble, selfless gesture. - Shog9
(2) As I've said elsewhere: you bring it along, I'll sign it. - Jon Skeet
[+10] [2009-08-13 17:16:43] Tom Ritter

Wooden Block Badges, ala

Little rectangular blocks with the more popular/interesting badges printed on them (preferably ones that are funny-sounding) for cubicle-stacking.

  • Pundit
  • Necromancer
  • Enlightened
  • Guru

Yes, people could get badge blocks of badges they haven't earned - who cares, if it makes them feel better, whatever.

Actually, I think the coolest badge is "oracle". - mmyers
Oooooooh that would be a cool badge! - Tom Ritter
(3) I was thinking dog tags, but blocks seem cooler because you can stack them in a huge pile on your desk. - Michael Pryor
This is awesome. +1 because I really, really want some. - Justin Morgan
[+9] [2009-09-04 14:19:01] Rob Allen

This ascii art on t-shirt from the blog post on 9/4/09:

I heart SO

[+9] [2009-08-13 15:56:29] Michael Pryor

StackOverflow visors

alt text

Nice, I like the visor! Did you make SF/SU/Meta ones as well? - Kyle Cronin
Now, that's an answer I can get behind! - jjnguy
(3) I like this, but I would prefer a fitted ball-cap :) I'm a hat-guy. - Jonathan Sampson
(2) Ditto on the hat - my head doesn't have any "natural covering" anymore. - AnonJr
[+8] [2009-08-13 17:01:39] Nathan Koop

Socks with the Stackoverflow logo.

I love socks

Socks rocks! - Shog9
[+7] [2009-08-13 16:45:38] Rob Allen

Separate from a regular mug, get a big travel mug 16oz or better travel mug with a glass lining and just the logo on the outside. Maybe stainless steel on the outside.

[+6] [2009-08-13 16:42:28] Joel Coehoorn

Window clings

I like the stickers, but I want it for my car and I'd rather have a cling for that than a sticker.

(2) Cool idea - I hate bumper stickers, too. - Kyle Cronin
[+5] [2009-08-13 16:01:06] Shog9

An autographed 8 weeks. 6, if you're cheap.

[+4] [2009-08-13 17:15:15] Shog9

A "Fastest Gun in the West" loaded gun

(2) with 1 bullet - Rob Allen
[+3] [2009-08-13 17:15:05] Shog9

A "Fastest Gun in the West" belt holster

[+3] [2009-08-13 17:13:54] Shog9

A copy of Code Complete (on fire)

[+3] [2011-03-23 17:09:40] Al Everett

A bottle opener, suitably logo'd.

[+2] [2009-08-13 17:13:31] Shog9

A SO drinking game [1] reference card


[+2] [2009-09-11 15:49:21] GoogleUser

Travel mug with stackoverflow dev days with the year. The year is important, so a tradition is built to get a mug for each year to be proudly displayed/spilled in my cube. After 5 years/mugs, I'll dedicate a shelf to them.

(2) After 5 mugs, you'll get an internal memo telling you about the bronze badge you've just earned. - random
[+2] [2009-09-02 20:27:21] Shog9

Waffles [1].


[+2] [2009-08-13 16:04:33] Shog9

A DVD with the latest data dump, preferably a SQLite import.

[+2] [2009-08-13 16:50:10] Paul Tomblin

A real-life StackOverflow flair badge that you can update.

I need at least 15 of these. - Bill the Lizard
A whiteboard and a trained monkey? - mmyers
My trained monkey doesn't like it when I wear a whiteboard on my shirt. - Paul Tomblin
[+1] [2009-08-13 16:47:06] Rob Allen

License Plate frame that says "I'd rather be debugging" on top and has the SO logo on the bottom

(2) To put on your VW Bug! - Paul Tomblin
(2) @Paul - clearly. Although if you debug the bug you're driving it will thrown an exception. - Rob Allen
[+1] [2009-08-13 17:14:45] Shog9

A "League of Justice Overflowage" wall poster

[+1] [2009-08-13 17:16:27] Shog9

A solution to the halting problem

[0] [2009-08-13 17:14:18] Shog9

An autographed Bob "Uncle" Martin SOLID ping-pong paddle

[0] [2011-03-23 15:54:46] wonea

Cycling jersey? Perferrably long sleeved with taking in the stackoverflow colours and logo.

[0] [2009-09-11 13:46:18] community_owned

All the other stuff people have mentioned here, but also a small sticker to adorn to a computer.

(1) They already exist:… - Kyle Cronin
[0] [2011-03-23 17:26:22] Spudley

A memory stick with the site's logo/slogan/in-joke printed on it, and containing a basic searchable archive of the best questions and answers from the site.

Bonus points if it's actually bootable and brings up its own customised linux desktop with browser open at the forementioned archive.

[0] [2011-03-23 17:34:45] PPC-Coder

A StackOverflow schticker [1].


[-4] [2009-08-13 16:44:38] TheTXI

A pony named Francesca

[-4] [2009-08-13 17:13:00] Shog9

A burning book ("people don't read books")