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[2008-09-26 14:02:15]
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It would be good to compile a new inventory here of Delphi FOSS components that are very useful, also with rare and difficult to find functionality and still maintained for the latest Delphi versions. Examples of rare components are for instance "TWAIN" scanning components, raw printing etc. Your answers will make for a very valuable searchable resource that is up to date.

Please add download URL(s) in your answer.

[+24] [2008-09-26 14:10:57] JosephStyons

Project Jedi [1] has an enormous number of components, and they are still actively developed. Here's a link to the sourceforge download site. [2]


link to their homepage was already there.... added another to the sourceforge site. - JosephStyons
Sorry - wasn't all that visible because of the brief entry - thank you for expanding. - private
Is there much in the way of documentation for JEDI? e.g. API docs or just an introduction to what's available in and where to find it? - MB.
(5) Documentation is a bit scarce - You have to figure it out yourself largely although Google is often a help. - private
(3) The Jedi components largely suck. They are dated and belong in the 90's. The Jedi class libraries however are excellent and well worth having a look at. - Jon Lennart Aasenden
[+24] [2008-09-28 16:35:03] Gerhard Wessels

Virtual Treeview, probably THE BEST visual control I have used. It may appear to be dead but that is only because it is so stable/mature! [1]

Virtual Shell Tools, Windows shell components based on Virtual Treeview.

SpTBXLib, very nice skin components.


(2) VirtrualTreeView is not dead -- it is quite alive, and even ready for Delphi 2009. We use it in Delphi itself. Nick Hodges Delphi Product Manager - Nick Hodges
[+16] [2008-09-26 14:12:12] PatrickvL

I just started the HTMLViewer project on sourceforge [1], to support the future development of the HTML viewer components, originally sold by PBear [2] (which are now put in the public domain by it's author, David Baldwin). We plan on porting it to Delphi 2009 (and possibly FPC). Cheers!


Great! And thanks! - gabr
This is a really great component. - Leonardo Herrera
[+14] [2008-10-11 18:31:03] marius

DUnit ( is THE unit testing framework for Delphi. It is updated for Delphi 2009 too, in the latest branch.

Completely agree -- critical technology here at CodeGear/Embarcadero. - Nick Hodges
(1) Also DUnit2 is available. - Erwin
Fastforward to 2012. It's dead now. - Wouter van Nifterick
Which library you mean it is dead? DUnit or DUnit2? Please clarify. - marius
[+14] [2008-11-29 10:47:34] Stephan Eggermont

FreePascal and Lazarus. the tools if you need to support 64 bits or a different platform.

[edit] Hmm, I'm getting negative marks for suggesting the most important pieces of OSS for the Delphi market. That is shortsighted. The past few years it has been difficult getting management support for developing in Delphi, especially new products. Having a fall-back strategy is crucial.

I've been waiting for 64-bit support in Delphi since 2001.

[+11] [2008-10-01 23:42:27] George Shen

CnPack [1] multilang InterNet Graphics NonVisual, Visual ...


[+10] [2008-09-26 14:16:35] PatrickvL

For those interested : Sebastian Zierer keeps a repository of components ported to Delphi 2009 [1]. (Most are open-source, but not all.)


Sebastian has been working hard to get the TurboPower changes upload to the SourceForge project pages. Check there first and you may be pleasantly surprised! - David Taylor
[+10] [2008-09-26 14:31:14] mliesen

Graphics32 - FAST bitmap manipulation

Graphics32 is a graphics library for Delphi and Kylix/CLX. Optimized for 32-bit pixel formats, it provides fast operations with pixels and graphic primitives. In most cases Graphics32 considerably outperforms the standard TBitmap/TCanvas methods.

does graphics32 really support delphi 2009? last release date: March 4 2007 - ulrichb
Port of Graphics32 to Delphi 2009/2010 is available. See post in CodeGear forums: - David Taylor
[+9] [2008-10-02 18:44:53] Mohammed Nasman


Delphi Twain

Synapse (network communication Library)

[+7] [2008-09-26 14:27:40] mliesen

AsyncPro (former Turbo Power) is still running fine and keept updated. Perfect for all serial communication (RS232)

[+6] [2008-09-27 01:44:10] Jim McKeeth

From what I can tell Indy 10 has been ported, but Indy 9 is not completely ported. I did a diff on Indy 9 and there were only a few changes between Delphi 2007 and 2009.

Has anybody managed to get Indy 9 to work in D2009? - mliesen
[+6] [2008-10-01 12:48:54] Mike Sutton

ICS - Internet Component Suite [1]

A fully featured set of internet tools: HTTP, NNTP, SMTP etc.


[+6] [2008-10-20 17:18:09] skamradt

Synapse [1], a blocking TCP/IP library has been recently updated to support Delphi 2009. Extremely useful when you are performing TCP/IP communication in a background thread.


Has Synapse really been updated for Delphi 2009 and above? I'm adding this comment almost two years after you posted, but the current stable release (39) generates tons of compiler warnings about implicit string cast with potential data loss. - moodforaday
Yes, but you will want the latest development version from SVN. The library is still being maintained and has a fairly active listsrv feed. - skamradt
[+6] [2008-11-26 05:07:17] lukeck

tiOPF Free, Open Source Object Persistence Framework forFree Pascal & Delphi

The learning curve can be a little steep but there is an active community and the framework is very well suited to CRUD applications. Data can be persisted to xml or most of the major DBs. Except for very complicated object relationships, you do not need to write any SQL.

[+6] [2008-12-03 18:12:30] KeithR

Most of my major projects include user scripting via RemObjects' PascalScript, available from

It can be easily (relatively) integrated with your code. The main downside is that formal documentation is poor, although support forum is quite active.

Code has been recently updated to support unicode/D2009 although not yet sure how well this has been implemented. Although not perfect, it allows my users to customise features in ways that are difficult to achieve any other way. Bravo.

[+5] [2008-09-26 19:28:21] user16120

Zeoslib [1] provides native database access through BDE-alike components and also through ZDBC, a JDBC API ported to Delphi [2]. It supports several databases, such as postgresql, mysql, sqlite, firebird and others.


[+5] [2008-10-06 16:27:58] GuyWithDogs

There's a web browser extension component called TWebBrowser available from [1] that is pretty good. Their web site just suffered a bit fo a setback and the message base is getting repaired. The available version worked well with versions up to 2007. Someone is working on a Delphi 2009 version right now.


(2) The 2009 version is now complete ( - skamradt
[+5] [2009-07-08 10:34:32] Charles Faiga

Delphi VNC [1]

Delphi components to support VNC application development.


[+3] [2008-09-26 14:25:09] mliesen

TDBF - dBASE III+, dBase IV and dBase 2k

A freeware native data access component for Borland Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix, and for FreePascal. It allows you to create very compact database programs that don't need any special installer programs. In fact the code to access your database is compiled in your project executable file. It takes only a few kilobytes in your executable and doesn't need any other external files to run. File format 100% compatible with dBASE III+, dBase IV and dBase 2k.

I use it to read/write a very old database and it works like charm.

I use it too and works just fine, but it looks like it isn't maintained anymore. - Eder Gusatto
[+3] [2008-10-03 17:03:46] GuyWithDogs

DSPack (a DirectShow library for media playback) has been ported. Info is available at

[+3] [2008-12-01 21:21:38] eKek0

Scalabium [1] has a suite of free components. Their TSMDBGrid [2] is one of the best open source non obtrusive grids.


[+3] [2009-01-29 03:50:35] SeanX

ti Object Persistence Framework

tiOPF is an Open Source framework for Delphi & Free Pascal that simplifies the mapping of an object oriented business model into a relational database.

[+3] [2009-06-10 17:35:54] mjn

OmniXML [1] - XML parser which can also be used to serialize / deserialize Delphi objects using RTTI.

SuperObject [2] - JSON library, JSON to XML parser, Validator


[+3] [2009-07-08 10:30:40] Charles Faiga

Mutis [1] is a Delphi port of the Lucene Search Engine. Provide a flexible API for index, catalog and search text-based information with great performance. Excelent for implement custom search engines, researching, text retrieval, data mining and more.


[+3] [2010-02-05 20:34:45] tz.

Spring4D – Delphi code library:

[+3] [2010-11-16 04:54:23] Sean B. Durkin

TurboPower LockBox 3 is a FOSS delphi cryptographic library under active maintenance. ; and

[+3] [2011-03-14 21:11:33] Arnaud Bouchez

We provide a lot of Open Source content for Delphi 6 up to XE:

  • Client/Server ORM based on SQLite
  • PDF writting library, supporting a TCanvas and Unicode
  • GDI+ rendering from a normal TCanvas
  • low level RTTI access
  • SynBigTable which is a fast NoSQL local database engine
  • Task Dialog unit working even before Vista/Seven
  • fast (asm) cryptographic units
  • a full source code versioning and documentation tool named SynProject
  • and a lot of other stuff (http.sys fast Web server, Windows service handling, VCL light replacement...)

Our site is very active:

[+2] [2008-10-03 15:07:30] JohnJCES

Max Components has some nice Excel and export components that are free, plus others: [1]


[+2] [2009-05-01 21:30:06] Marco van de Voort

Most are named already.

I also borrow a lot of (modified LGPL so safe) code from Lazarus/FPC for my delphi work, but I also use their image loaders as the basis for my own image format (to load png's, bmp's etc)


For math stuff:

[+2] [2009-07-24 07:29:20] Remko

The JEDI API Library & Security Code Library [1]: The JWA library aims to provide a conversion from C to Delphi of as many headers as possible from the PSDK etc. The JWSCL (security library) is an advanced object-oriented framework for programming with the Windows security features (ACL, Tokens, etc.)

The team members (I'm one of them ;-) also keep a blog [2].


[+1] [2008-09-26 19:16:59] user16120

Report Manager [1] is a complete reporting solution avilable under the Mozilla Public License.

It has a designer, a (optional) server and can be compiled inside your .exe by Delphi.


[+1] [2008-10-22 20:00:48] PA.

The Delphi Cryptography Page DCP cryptographic components Written by David Barton ( very comprehensive, free to export, symmetric key cryptographic components

[+1] [2009-06-10 14:50:55] Marcelo Rocha

Open XML [1] is a collection of XML and Unicode tools and components.


[+1] [2009-09-04 02:15:08] David Taylor

InstantObjects Persistence Framework

InstantObjects [1]

InstantObjects is an Open Source Object Persistence Framework with integrated IDE modeling tools and support for many databases. The project was originally a commercial product of Seleqt.

The web site is out of date, but there is work happening on the developers forums. The framework now compiles are runs under on Delphi 2010 and 2009 with more enhancements on the way. Please check the SVN repository trunk for the latest code.


[+1] [2011-11-11 15:26:53] Arioch 'The - OmniThreadLibrary seems to be very ambitious. Mitov's OpenWire is strong in using visual editor it provides. And is probably next to perfect for data streams. However sometimes visual editor is not so needed, and more generic less specialized library is wished for. Unified Interbase - very lightweight and fast Data Access controls for Firebird and Interbase SQL servers. It is not so GUI-rich as FIBC+, and stable version was quite ago, but SVN versios work nice. It's design is a bit different from TTable/TQuery patterns and it is generally more SQLish and less ISAMic (for example, no TUpdateSQL-like helper). And need a bit of $IfDef configuring (it can be reduced to support only subset of database featurees/versions). So, maybe not for newcomer. But it is very slim OTOH.

[0] [2009-11-10 17:23:11] Mihaela

Mitov Software [1] has some great free Delphi and CPP Builder components and experts. My favorites are:

  • Image Debugger Visualizer
  • Great threading components with ability to group threads and control the group of threads as a whole. Each thread is a visual component with OnStart and OnTerminate events (and of course, OnExecute). That makes code organization neater.

Neither of these is open-source. - OnTheFly