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[+41] [8] dp.
[2009-08-11 21:07:12]
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With Jon Skeet approaching 100K of reputation I think we should start publishing reputation in milliskeets (how many thousandths of Jon's reputation you have, of course).

For example, at this moment I have 44.01 mskt. By definition, he will always have 1000 mskt*. Because of the daily reputation cap, it is possible to increase your milliskeet score over time. So if I were to get 200 rep/day for a month I'd be able to increase by rep to over 100 mskt as he gains 200 rep/day. If I were to get only 10 rep/day, I would increase ever so slightly to 44.38 mskt. If I earn no reputation each day for that period of time, I would be reduced to 41.33 mskt.

Every quantity has a base unit of measure -- for SO, why not Jon Skeet.

*Ok, he probably could find a way to exceed 1000 mskt.

Say wha? - Chacha102
(16) Ridiculous, but +1 because it made me laugh out loud :-) - Sander Marechal
nice ;) - bananakata
I haven't compared lately, but I think I am still greater than 1 deciskeet - TheTXI
hahahah - Troggy
(3) To save Jeff's sanity, I've retagged as "discussion"; if this really is a genuine feature-request, retag it and wait for status-declined ;-p - Marc Gravell
(2) This is the most important question of the day. - Troggy
+1 LOL Milliskeets. Love it. - cletus
+1 Believe me or not I like this idea ( with a better name perhaps ) - Oscar Reyes
Best idea ever. - unforgiven3
Am I the only one who is not an undying fanboy of Jon Skeet? - Eric
[+19] [2009-08-11 21:17:03] Marc Gravell

I wonder how long it will be before the greasemonkey script arrives...

(30) I'm guessing 6-8 hours, i.e. around 5.95 milljeffs. - Jon Skeet
(8) Wrong. - Chacha102
Beat me to it, Chacha :) - Jonathan Sampson
(5) Dividing by 100 just isn't the same - Ian Elliott
[+7] [2009-08-11 21:16:54] Timothy Carter

I think this is one of many enjoyable and amusing things that could be done as a one time, "April Fool's Day" kind of thing. Like I said, enjoyable and amusing, but definitely not an all the time thing.

[+4] [2009-08-14 00:54:06] community_owned

Here's a milliskeet calculator for those of you who don't have Firefox/Greasemonkey:

(2) Wow, if I keep clicking calculate, I can see my rep sink slowly in the west - johnc
[+4] [2009-08-14 00:59:08] JP.

The problem is that Jon makes more reputation on a daily basis than anybody else. That means that since his rep. is the unit, everybody else's rep. will go to zero over time. We will be in nanoskeets before long! So, what we should actually measure it in is skeetshift (tm). That is, the speed at which Jon is pulling away from you. :)

This is wrong. If Jon Skeet earned rep 100 times faster than you, your rep would approach 10 mskt. - Tim
[+4] [2009-08-11 21:13:40] Eric

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.

There are only 5 (count 'em) users on StackOverflow who are greater than a semi-Skeet. Therefore, a Skeet is not a viable measurement. A Skeet is an anomaly. A glorious, wondrous anomaly.

(1) That's why he's talking milliskeets... - TheTXI
(1) If you want to feel better about yourself you could measure your rep in MegaRichBs (j/k Rich) - bananakata
I count 9 including Jon (the measure, as presented, is as a portion of Jon's rep; not 100k) - Marc Gravell
We should measure them in "Ragin' Geniuses". See here: - Chacha102
[+2] [2009-08-11 21:10:55] TheTXI

This is likely to be very possible if/when a public API is released, then you will be able to query anybody's reputation, Jon Skeet's reputation, and then figure out the milliskeet value.

I think we should measure reputation using a different method, where Jon Skeet is a Kilo-something. - Chacha102
That means someone could actually reach the base unit. - Chacha102
(4) You can query skeet's flair json for this right now, along with everybody else's. - Jonathan Sampson
[+1] [2009-08-24 03:19:05] LRE

Inevitably this means that we can also measure in microskeets and nanoskeets (yes that day will come!)

[0] [2009-08-11 21:37:11] Chacha102

Measure Reputation in Miliskeets. (Based off 100,000 reputation = 1 Skeet)

You can see here [1] that Jon Skeet will have 1,000 miliskeets, or 1 Skeet.


He doesn't actually have 100k yet... (yet) - Zifre
I said will. - Chacha102