ArqadeIs there a game like Little Big Planet for PC?
[+11] [6] Drake
[2010-07-10 10:58:20]
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Is there a platform game like Little Big Planet for PC, where the users can create, share, vote and play different game levels?

Why has been voted to close? I think that the question is clear, but please, let me know if I had to specify more details. - Drake
clicking on close shows "not a real question" as reason, but I can't understand why (no I did not try to close, but you can click close yourself to see the reasons so far and then click on cancel) - Tobias Kienzler
I just found a possibility, see my answer for details. - RCIX
Is the multiplayer aspect essential, or just the level sharing aspect? - JamesGecko
@JamesGecko Multiplayer is not essential, but would be a plus. Co-op on the same machine would be also nice. - Drake
I would say, for great user-generated content abilities, your best bet is Starcraft II; but that's not a side-scroller (though you can make a side-scroller with it!) - BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft
There has been a change in our policy - game recommendations are now off-topic, which is now added to our FAQ. - Grace Note
[+8] [2010-07-10 12:55:36] Macha

Garry's Mod [1]. The editing is far more complicated, but the social aspect is far less developed also. It's certainly not as casual as LittleBigPlanet.

Also, there is far more emphasis on the creating of vehicles etc. than of levels. But it's the closest you will get.


(3) @Macha I own Garry's Mod but as you said, it cannot be called casual at all. :) I am looking for something more simple, that can be played in relax and by children too - Drake
(1) AFAIK, it's the closest you are going to get, sadly. - Macha
[+8] [2010-07-10 17:25:41] John Gietzen

MineCraft [1] Is very casual. You build Pixel-art style buildings and levels out of blocks.


[+5] [2010-07-26 01:43:55] RCIX [ACCEPTED]

Atmosphir [1] has recently come out of beta, and it looks to be in many ways similar to LBP. It needs Unity, and its a browser game, but looks pretty full featured.


Never header before, really interesting! It already have many users and hundreds of levels. Thank you. - Drake
[+2] [2010-08-04 12:41:42] morfu

Create [1] from EA looks quite similar, but has not been released yet.


yes, that seems very nice, we will see in some months - Drake
[+2] [2010-07-10 19:27:18] Oak

The Powder Game [1].

Technically it's a Java applet, not a PC game, but you can play it on the PC so I would say it qualifies.

The game itself is a physical simulation where you create particles from various materials, let them interact with each other (and with gravity) and also apply wind. Don't expect any fancy graphics, it's as basic as it can get - just colored pixels as particles and lines for air currents.

There's an impressive variety of materials, from stone and water, through gunpowder and rubber balls, to C4 that can explode and seeds that can grow trees if they have soil and water (and the trees create seeds of their own, and you can burn them, and fire creates upward air streams, etc. etc... you get the picture).

You can save your creation for everyone else to see, and there are weekly and monthly rankings. The game seems to be pretty active, and some of the creations are simply awesome.

A word of warning, though: the author's grasp of English is very poor, so don't rely on any decent instructions there. But it's easy to get the hang of things, and it's fun to experiment (e.g. will birds pop soap bubbles? And yes, there are bird particles and soap bubbles).


Interesting thing. It's one of the games where you sit in front and actually don't know what you're really dealing with, but it looks fun. - Turrican
I love the powder game. - JohannesH
[+2] [2010-07-22 19:02:38] McKay

Kodu [1] It's available for the XBox and PC, and you can create your own levels and games.


It is interesting, but at the moment it seems to much "programming" :) - Drake