Stack OverflowWhat is the best Report tool for Delphi?
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[2012-09-14 04:42:50]
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I use the QuickReport for Delphi 2006. But it has many limitations and bugs in the runtime layout generation.

Do you know a better delphi component to generate reports to view and print?

I use also use eDocEngine components to complement. With it I can convert a report from quickreports to pdf without user interference. I need that too in the report engine.

One of the positive points of QR is that we can drop a report inside the form and use the Delphi IDE to edit the report - EASI
Please edit your question to be more specific. "Lists of components that do reports" is too wide. Also, the term "best" is far too subjective. Suggest you find a title that expresses what you want non-subjectively. Maybe "is there a report tool with a conversion from quickreports, that works in delphi 2006 and later, that can help me with this problem..." - Warren P
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This question was closed, but the users thnik different about that. It was very usefull for getting a reference for a better use of programming knowledge. - EASI
Now I know more options for my future applications. Thank you very much guys! - EASI
@EASI It's clearly a "not constructive" question according to the Stack Overflow guidelines. But clearly there's been a large amount of interest in it. Which goes to show that the Stack Overflow users don't always share the same views as the Stack Overflow overlords. I tend to side with the weight of numbers rather than the overlords. What I find somewhat depressing is that other questions, which require very technical insight to answer well, often have few views and magnificent answers with 1 or 2 up-votes. - David Heffernan
I feel that too! - EASI
[+35] [2012-09-14 04:51:42] RRUZ [ACCEPTED]

Try the Fast Reports [1] component, which includes export filters to export the report to PDF.


WHS. Free withe latest Delphi. - Brian Frost
@BrianFrost: WHS? Somehow I don't think you mean WestLake High School or Washington Headquarters Services? - Marjan Venema
@Marjan: I guess it's "what he said". - Uli Gerhardt
I love this tool, BUT its PDF support is completely broken and they don't plan to fix it. Also, they've all over the place announcing the next improved version which may (or not) fix this. - Leonardo Herrera
(1) The included FastScript allows us to make really complex reports. - Daniel Luyo
(2) You can use our Open source SynPdf library to export the report MetaFile content into proper PDF content. See - Arnaud Bouchez
[+8] [2012-09-14 10:41:55] Alexandre

ReportBuilder! We have been using it for almost 10 years now with desktop, DataSnap multi-tier, webservices and IntraWeb applications. Excellent report capabilities and advanced features like end-user report designer. One important side note: It is truly multi-threaded (some report solutions out there are not and you won't be able to use them - easily - in multi-tier and internet applications)

I have use Crystal Report, Rave and ReportBuilder in an application older than 12 year. Support from Delphi5 to Delphi2010 and Repordbuilder is the only how survivre the convertion ovel all these years - Ravaut123
We're using RB for almost 10 years, too, and were always happy with it. - magnoz
[+4] [2012-09-14 07:58:42] Arioch 'The

Rave was reporting engine, bundled with Delphi: And probably bundled with your Delphi 2006 too. Yet: So think if it still is worth learning - interesting article against Rave that enlists a number of alternative reporting engines.

FreeReport is a FLOSS fork (forks?) of early FastReport mentioned above: and

Fortes is a FLOSS re-make of QuickReports:

Report Builder is claiming to be a special engine in targetting large workloads and fine quality (it is claimed other reports render on display (window may be hidden but still) and then copy low-res picture from display to printer. Sometimes you can find topics like for example pictures scaled badly when embedded in FR. are widely used in different business application but dunno if it really offers much comparing to other Delphi engines, except for famous name.

ACE Reporter still alive! Dunno if it's worth its bucks today, but in Delphi2-Delphi4 time it was a damn good replacement for QR junk. And its design allowed rather easy hacking so i could add the feature i lacked. Nostalgy...

Sometimes custom report can be made, using Excel or OpenOffice Calc template and then filling the form in the spreadsheet program via COM API. Usually accountants are more or less familiar with spreadsheets, so they can customize templates or results to their taste.

About PDF, you can save any report into PDF - there are a lot of PDF Virtual Printers available for Windows, both free and commercial. Of course it is easier to do if the reporting engine has PDF target built-in. But really that is not big deal.

Also both OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel, if used for reporting, can save results to PDF format.

(2) Nevrona / Rave is "dead" - Martin
@Martin yeah. looks you're right. Oh, BTW, and what i found! ACE Reporter still alive! Dunno if it's worth tis bucks today, but in Delphi2-Delphi4 time it was a damn good replacement for QR junk. And its design allowed rather easy hacking so i could add the feature i lacked. Nostalgy... - Arioch 'The
Nevrona doesn't even respond to requestions to give them money. That's dead, in my books. - Warren P
[+3] [2012-09-14 04:45:41] MeNoMore

Try List & Label [1], it's not really easy to work with if you need complex PDF structure but it creates good PDFs, you need to create the template up to your needs which you fill then with lists of data, this is very helpful if you work with tables in your reports.

Another one would be TX Text Control [2] which I'm not really familiar with.


[+3] [2012-09-14 13:11:17] deksden

My vote is also goes to Fast Report, because it is cool, powerful, and actively improving. As for Autumn-2012 they have FireMonkey version of FastReport in beta. Also they have versions for .NET and Mono, so you can use same tool for different platforms!

And nobody did not mention DevExpress Printing System - it is useful to get info from their controls!

[+3] [2012-09-15 08:42:32] Arnaud Bouchez

Take a look at our Open Source reporting unit for creating reports from code [1]. It is based on a lightweight reporting component made by Angus Johnson - but our version is much enhanced, and work with XP/Vista/Seven/Eight, from Delphi 6 up to XE3.

It does not use a RAD / band / groups approach, like the others. You can not design it with a mouse, in the IDE form designer. You append your data to your report from code, with some simple methods. Reports are not tied to TDataSet, but can be used very easily with direct data coming e.g. from an ORM or the objects exposing your business code - this is why it is included in our mORMot framework [2] (but can work stand-alone). So it is more n-Tier friendly IMHO.

Some particularities:

  • Create report from code, with automated rendering of the content (no manual design nor need to align columns per-pixel) - it is perfect for a project working with an ORM or Delphi classes, even with a lot of internal computation (avoid the use of a third-party script engine within the report design);
  • Easy methods, including text alignment, tabs, tables creation, richt edits, metafiles and bitmap drawing;
  • Direct access to the report TCanvas: so you can draw anything you want, just anywhere;
  • Headers and footers, bookmarks, outlines;
  • Groups to prevent blocks of text spanning across pages;
  • Handle Unicode text, even before Delphi 2009 (it may be useful in your case);
  • Preview with GDI+ anti-aliaising drawing (using our SynGdiPlus [3] unit) - this can make a huge difference when compared with other report engines;
  • Direct export as PDF (using our SynPDF [4] unit), including PDF/A-1, font embedding, metafile inclusion, Unicode/Uniscribe rendering (and font fallback), bookmarks/outlines/metadata handled;
  • Very fast and light weight.

Creating a report (even a complex one) is very quick with this unit. Using code to define reports does make sense if your data is a bit more complex than a pure translation of some TDataSet.

Updated answer / additional suggestion:

If you are looking for an Open Source band-oriented / RAD-designed report solution, take a look at FortesReport [5]. It has some nice features (including PDF export, even it will work only with WinAnsi charsets - whereas our units will handle any content), and is still maintained.


[+2] [2012-09-14 10:40:11] J__

Personally, the best third-party toolset I have ever purchased is ReportBuilder. In 2010, I wrote an open letter on my blog [1] explaining why.

The biggest point for me is not only is the actual report designer itself very feature-rich, but every aspect of it has been written as objects from which you can descend your own classes in order to customise it, without having to change the original source code. That, and the incredible SQLBuilder, that allows you to change queries with Delphi code, means you can pretty much do anything you want at run-time in order to control what users can see.


[0] [2012-09-15 04:07:32] Yogi Yang 007

Check out Report Manager the freeware and opensource reporting tool.

It is used in quite a few open source projects, one of which that I follow closely and use it like oSF.