Stack OverflowWhat is your favorite automatic class diagram generator for Eclipse?
[+91] [10] user128807
[2009-07-13 15:09:30]
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I am looking for an automatic class diagram generator in Eclipse. It will look at a project and automatically create a class diagram without needing to run the code.

What is your favorite class diagram generator for Eclipse?

[+52] [2009-07-13 15:23:15] Bostone [ACCEPTED]

Take a look at ObjectAid [1] - it has nice set of features

Please note that free version is limited to Class diagrams only, otherwise you need to purchase a license [2]. You can get a free evaluation licence for limited time.


(21) You have to pay 19 US-$ if you want to get ObjectAid. It would have been nice if you added this piece of information to your answer. - moose
(9) Actually, the class diagram generator appears to be free. The licence is required for the sequence diagram generator. - Nerdfest
i guess it just lets you draw the diagram, it does not "generate" it from the existing code, does it? - Bhushan
(1) The class diagram shows you existing code, you just have to drag the classes (source or library) you want onto the diagram. - FelixM
@moose - as Nerdfest mentioned - class diagrams are free. Said that - I'm adding link to the commercial version as well - Bostone
[+24] [2010-10-30 12:50:30] kajo

I have the best experiences with very simple Ess Model [1]. Very intuitive and user-friendly applicable for any JAVA code. I strongly recommend. No installation.


(5) Wow, after having downloaded the software I think I can second that recommendation! Drag in class files for instant diagram. Very very nice (thanks)! - Fiarr
@Fiarr you are welcome :) this tool is very simple and even usefull.! - kajo
Awesome tool! Thanks a ton! - Anand S
(4) Am I the only one experiencing bugs with ESS? It recognizes some brackets as members etc. Also some inheritances don't appear. My project is compiling and working no problem there. - Gene Marin
(4) Unfortunately this is for Windows only. - Sandro L
[+8] [2009-07-13 15:14:12] Macarse

For java I've been using AgileJ [1].


[+8] [2009-07-13 15:18:39] Dean Povey

I have used the UML generator from I have been very happy with it. It generates nice diagrams that you can reorder and move around.

[+5] [2009-07-13 17:35:18] Rich Seller

Try the Eclipse UML tools project [1]. It is a core project of Eclipse, but not included in the standard package by default. Here [2] is a comparison of the components available in different Eclipse packages.


(3) That page was a usability mess. I was unable to recognize anything resembling a uml generator from the descriptions. Not very user centric ... - oligofren
[+3] [2009-07-13 15:15:04] Chris

I have to admit that I use Netbeans for that (although I code in Eclipse). In my opinion there's no better tool than the Netbeans-UML Extension.

And the import / export of Netbeans / Eclipse projects works perfect.

(3) This is a little sick. The fact that Eclipse does not have a built-in class diagram generator is ridiculous. - user128807
(3) @unknown, Eclipse does have standard UML tools (see my answer). Not all projects are included in all packages because different users want different thing, See for a comparison of the standard packages. - Rich Seller
(1) Since Netbeans 6.8 or so the UML Plug-in has been scrapped for a full rewrite. I really used to like it however it appears to be a dead plug-in. - LordFire
[+2] [2010-06-17 13:51:38] ipuppyp

ObjectAid is very useful to visualize your existing code, but not has capabilities to design UML models.

[0] [2009-07-14 04:17:20] zvikico

Check out nWire [1]. It is an Eclipse plugin for code exploration and visualization. It can produce such diagrams (although not in the formal form of UML) in a matter of a few clicks.


[0] [2010-08-24 00:30:59] amitc

I would suggest something outside Eclipse, particularly to quickly see class diagram of existing codebase. Try BOUML [1], it is free, supports multiple languages and nice once you get the hang of it.


[0] [2010-10-30 12:42:38] HeadLess

There are number of projects: Amateras [1], StarUml

and others.