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[2010-11-02 04:12:27]
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I just bought a Wii and have a few games. I really wanted it to make exercise more fun. I'm not looking for a computerized personal trainer. I want games that will make me get a good workout without getting really bored. So far, I found Wii Sports Boxing to be good and Baseball practice is alright too.

What other games can give me a really good workout? Also, which games sound like they would give a workout but are just old-school, sit on your bottom and press buttons type of games?

(3) +1 for the boxing, thats what I was thinking, always did work up a sweat playing a few rounds of that. - Jakub
Playing Dragon Quest Swords got one of my arms really sore. :p - Ullallulloo
Added the game-rec tag is all. - Blake
There are various games that fall into this category, but most of them are just simulations of real-word exercising activities. From your question, it seems to me that you are more interested in the exercise elements than the game itself. Based on that (this might sound crass, but) my suggestion is to go out for a jog. - GnomeSlice
(1) Actually, I find running very boring and subject to good weather conditions. Sure, I could run in place in my home (or use a cycling machine), but I'm not a gerbil and need some mental activity too. Video games offer a good compromise between mental and physical activity and make me more likely to actually want to "work-out". - User1
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[+9] [2010-11-02 04:48:25] Kevin Y

There are two main exercise games right now: Wii Fit Plus [1], and EA Sports Active [2]. They are computerized personal trainers, however most of the activities are a good workout. As they are "personal trainer games", they give you incentives to complete the activities (playing more unlocks new activities), so hopefully you won't get bored.

Here are some specs on how much of a work out you get:

  • Advanced Step -> For 30 minutes of play, you would burn about 108 calories.
  • Super Hula Hoop -> If you can keep your hoops up and going for 30 minutes, you would burn around 111 calories.
  • Rhythm Boxing -> On average, you expend 3.8 calories per minute, or about 114 calories for 30 minutes of playing time.
  • Island Run -> For 30 minutes of continuous play time, this will add up to about 165 calories.

For comparison a 30 minute run at 6 mph for a man weighing 180lb is 404 calories


(1) Is there anything you can provide of the nature of calories per hour consumed? I realize its not a great metric, but any data would be helpful - tzenes
(3) This website apparently calculates how many calories burnt (go to the bottom of the list of activities; there's Wii Fit activities). However, I can't say how accurate it is. Also, Wii Fit Plus itself tracks how many calories you've burnt. This website has a few estimates of calories burnt per activity as well. Don't know about EA Sports Active though. - Kevin Y
As for Wii Fit, it's not really a "personal trainer" because, as far as I've seen, it never actually directs you to perform specific exercises. It just tracks how well you do at the ones you try on your own volition. - StrixVaria
@Kevin I took the liberty of adding some of that into your answer. Feel free to revert if you think I was out of line - tzenes
@tzenes Thanks. :) - Kevin Y
[+6] [2010-11-02 10:10:02] Jamie Schembri

Seeing as you're not after full-blown exercise and want some fun thrown in there, definitely try Punch-Out [1]. Played with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, you'll get a similar level of exercise as that of Wii Sports' boxing game. It's also a very highly rated game.

Your best bet, though, is to go with Kevin on Wii Fit (Plus). It's not dull or dry, so it's very easy to keep up with and have fun doing so.


[+2] [2010-11-03 16:38:06] Daniel Lew

I would imagine that DDR is still probably one of the best ways to work up a sweat. I used to play DDR a lot, and Wii Fit never tired me nearly as much when I was playing with it. There are multiple DDR games for Wii you could find, just make sure you're not living above someone. :)

[+1] [2010-11-02 12:41:15] Blake

I have no personal experience with them, but I've heard from others that the Just Dance [1] series of games are pretty fun with a group and definitely get you off the couch.