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[+50] [11] tbreffni
[2009-07-15 21:03:43]
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There seem to be quite a few free applications out there that can mount an ISO in Windows. What is currently the most recommended one?

(2) As a side note: Windows 8 will have built-in support for ISO and VHD formats.… - Gani Simsek
[+68] [2009-07-15 21:07:45] Chris Thompson [ACCEPTED]

I suggest Virtual CloneDrive [1] by SlySoft. It works perfectly on Windows 7 x86 and x64, unlike Daemon Tools. It's simple and free.


(3) +1 For noting that Daemon Tools is not free. If you are using Daemon Tools at work without a license, you are violating the license agreement. - cowgod
(3) @cowgod: I think Chris meant Daemon Tools doesn't work on Windows 7. ;) - Sasha Chedygov
The latest version of Daemon Tool, v4.30.0305, should work on Windows 7 as well according to the release notes. I haven't tested it though. - Jonas Pegerfalk
(2) Daemon Tools Lite works for free and on both versions :) - RCIX
+1 CloneDrive is solid. - Will Bickford
(1) Is there any spyware or adware installed with Virtual CloneDrive? - jmsmcfrlnd
Sweet, I'd been looking to ditch daemon tools for a while. Works great under win7 64bit, seems to have signed drivers and everything. Great find. - Nicholas Flynt
@arrocharGeek: Nope, totally clean. - Sasha Chedygov
Simple, clean, and does the job. Love VCD. - Johnny W
There is Daemon Tools Lite which is free for personal use. However, it is bloated (even though it is called Lite) and Virtual CloneDrive is simply more elegant. - Corporate Geek
[+15] [2009-10-30 16:03:52] Molly7244

WinCDEmu [1] is an open-source software that allows mounting CD/DVD images by clicking at the image files in Windows Explorer (right click > eject to unmount).

Works with XP/Vista/7 x86 & x64

WinCDEmu is freeware.


(2) WinCDEmu is awesome! No ridiculous UI; it just works -- double-click the image and it mounts. - adrian
(3) Not just freeware, open source! - benzado
[+13] [2009-07-15 21:10:17] John T

I like to keep things basic. There is a small tool from Microsoft that's never failed me called "Virtual CD Control Panel". It was made for Windows XP but works fine under vista for me as well, and I assume 7.

Here [1] is a link.


(1) Just don't forget to read the README file - you need to install drivers before mounting - Just launching the .exe won't work. Got me frustrated for some minutes. - Adam Matan
(4) Does't work under 64 bit Windows 7 though (or, I believe, 64 bit Vista or XP). - me_and
[+9] [2009-07-15 21:05:03] JP Alioto

Daemon Tools [1] is great, but I like MagicISO [2] too.


(1) There are different versions, some coming with an annoying toolbar and other junk, so make sure you get the stripped down version. - Will
I tried to find that stripped down version but I failed... Could you provide a pointer? - R. Martinho Fernandes
(4) +1 MagicISO, -1 Daemon Tools. I found Daemon Tools to be full of spyware (don't know if that's changed more recently), and it didn't work on Win7. - alastairs
MagicDisc is the actual mounting software, MagicISO is a commercial ISO editing program. - Breakthrough
[+7] [2009-07-15 21:09:40] SitWalkStand

Virtual CloneDrive [1]


Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel from Microsoft - download link [2]


[+6] [2009-08-07 17:41:03] Jeff Leonard

MagicISO [1] works best for me.

It's free and is currently maintained.

It allows me to have multiple virtual CD drives and mount each from an ISO image.


[+5] [2009-07-15 21:07:45] jhayes

Depends on the version of windows, but for XP you can use this [1] free tool from MS.

Daemon Tools [2] is also a great free image mounting tool and it works for just about any version of windows. You have to dig around a bit, but there is a version that works on Win7 64bit.


[+5] [2009-07-15 21:09:05] ianix

Virtual Clone Drive [1], very simple and does the job.


[+5] [2010-02-11 13:19:13] ObligatoryMoniker

By far the best free ISO mounting tool out there is Pismo file mount [1].

Some highlights:

  • Works great on Windows Vista/7 x64 (not natively x64 but completely compatible)
  • Drives only exist when an ISO is mounted and are removed when there is no ISO mounted
  • Small memory footprint
  • Has simple minimalist right click shell integration
  • Unattended installation
  • No Branding or silly logos to speak of (very clean professional feeling program)
  • Fully featured command line control that is automatically working right after unattended install
  • Plus all the normal features you would expect from an ISO mounting tool
  • Free for corporate use

Some things you will want to pay attention to though is that by default it will not mount the ISO to a drive letter but instead mount it to a UNC path which can cause some software installers to fail when installing from the mounted path. Just make sure you specify that you want Pismo to mount to a drive letter when you are doing the mount and it will work fine.

Here is the unattended install of SQL to demonstrate my real world use of Pismo.

SET MSDNIsoPath=\\itapp\ISO Library\MSDN
SET ScriptPath=%~dp0
SET ScriptPath=%ScriptPath:~0,-1%
SET MountPath=m:
SET pfmMount=pfm mount -m %MountPath%
SET pfmUnMount=pfm unmount

echo -Installing Pismo File Mount
"%ResourcePath%\pfmap-051.exe" /q

echo Install and configure Microsoft SQL Server 2005 
echo -Installing Standard Edition
%pfmMount% "%MSDNIsoPath%\en_sql_2005_std_x86_dvd.iso"
%MountPath%\Servers\setup.exe /settings "%ScriptPath%\Configuration\Microsoft SQL Server 2005.ini" /qb /norestart

[+1] [2012-04-05 12:30:08] lang2

Try OSFMount. It's free and lightweight.

[0] [2009-07-22 17:26:04] NighTerrorX

Gizmo Drive [1]
When I first went to Windows 7 - Gizmo Drive was the first one I found and I fell in love with it and all the little gadgets you can add on to it.