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[+387] [29] Dan
[2008-09-12 19:19:43]
[ svn free ]

What good free online SVN repository can be recommended?

I found [1], but the message in red is a bit scary.

Do you need to host Open Source code? - Martín Marconcini
(1) See also… - Martin Beckett
(1) See also… - Philibert Perusse
(1) And again… - Philibert Perusse
(5) is discontinued since 2010/05/15 - I noticed this when I tried to SVN commit today :/ - Laurent
meanwhile offline - endo.anaconda offers Free private subversion hosting. - Jonathan Rioux
(1) For being such a nonconstructive question and answer, it sure is popular and quite helpful. Using unfuddle now thanks. - dyslexicanaboko
[+242] [2008-09-12 19:27:38] NerdFury [ACCEPTED]

I like Assembla [1]. It has svn hosting as well as Trac for wiki documentation and bug tracking. The free workspace is good for most projects, but you can pay for more space if you need.

Update: Assembla now offers free private repositories for 1 month

Update: As of February 2012, Assembla now offers free private repositories with a limit of 1gb and unlimited users.

Update: As of April 2013, Assembla's cheapest plan is $9/month which limits you to 1 project and 3 repositories. You can try it for 30 days free. But then you must pay for it. 1 month free trial doesn't mean that it is free. Generally projects lasts longer than 1 month.


(13) I have used Assembla with great success for real world projects for my clients - the projects are small enough that I don't have to pay and Assembla does not require you to allow anyone else to see your code. I also use it for personal projects and absolutely love it. +1 - Jason Bunting
This looks like an interesting site. I have signed up to check it out. - Mike Wills
(1) I agree, with Mike, thanks for the link - elmarco
(1) However the free private repos come without Trac or any other goodies. - Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin
I use Assembla for all of my personal projects. Great to have version control on code & documentation +1 - Jeremy
Assembla is great! The amount of space and unlimited users/repositories you get with the free version is amazing. I have searched all over, no other service gives you as much as assembla for free. - Alex Ford
(2) However, as of 21/Jun/2011, it's no longer free. Your links led me to pages where I did signup successfuly, only to receive notice that I am now in a 30-day trial. - dimitko
@dimitko - I just went and looked. There are free svn/git hosting options. Check this url - NerdFury
(1) Just set up a free Assembla project and i can affirm it's still free for private projects. - Maciej Swic
Note that Assembla free (2011) gives you 1 gb of free space for svn or git, Beanstalk gives you 100 mb. - keyle
Its free for a month, which has just caught me out - NimChimpsky
(6) The Assembla reposity is free. When you signup to the free repository you get a 30 days no cost trial about the Assembla Management Tools. If you want to keep the tools (there are good tools), you have to pay for it after the trial, but the repository itself still free until you upgrade it. - user989818
In my opinion Assembla is not reliable. I can't check-in for 4 days. They ack the bug but no progress has been made so far. - ruslan
It is not free! - Pinchy
Just to add another solution, Sourceforge now supports private repositories. Just remove the permissions of user Anonymous in your beta 2.0 admin panel. - Veehmot
[+82] [2008-09-12 19:35:35] kamens

I personally have no complaints with Beanstalk [1]. Simple and free.

Beanstalk also has deployment now.


(2) I've had good luck with Beanstalk as well... - Dscoduc
BeanStalk is cool and you get 100MB for free - A9S6
is there any other service that offers all beanstalkapp functionalities with more storage space? - CuriousTiger
BeanStalk also gives private svn repository. Thanks - Firstthumb
BeanStalk is very nice, i am using its free version, and it works more than perfect. - Amr ElGarhy
(11) They no longer offer free plans. I've moved to Bitbucket. - brianegge
Assembla offers free (again apparently) and it has been a great substitute for beanstalk. - Alex Ford
(2) @Chevex Should we return to a woman who once left us and now return when some nice ladies give love to us? - Nam G. VU
I love beanstalk since they provide free account for 1 user & 1 project. Anyone can try it! - Nam G. VU
(8) That was a bizarre analogy. - Alex Ford
Beanstalk is amazing - i using a free account & with good features! - Karthikeyan
(7) As of 21/Jun/2011, I am not seeing free accounts anymore. Only free trials. - dimitko
[+70] [2008-10-09 21:19:22] Johan

Unfuddle has a free plan and if you want more, you can pay ;-)

(1) I recently switched from to I have a pay account on both, but Unfuddle has a free plan and some great tools in addition to Subversion and Git repositories. - Brian Kelly
(1) unfuddle looks very good - Derek
Thanks so much exactly what I was looking for. - Paul Whelan
very cool I sign up and start the repository in less than 2 minutes - rob.alarcon
I usually get connection corrupted when committing at - silentbang
svn repo tools are not very comprehensive, couldn't find a gui for branching and tagging a repo - Netismine
[+68] [2010-12-15 21:03:10] Felix [1] is now offering unlimited public and private repositories for all its plans. And that is awesome.


(15) It must be added, this is for mercurial (hg) source control only. - David Freitas
(11) it has support for git now too - gion_13
(9) Unfortunately they have removed support for SVN I guess. I could only see Git and Mercurial as repository types - Mohib Sheth
[+28] [2009-01-22 12:59:50] Evan

XP-Dev [1]. It looks kind of nice and a good alternative to Assembla, now that it makes your code public if you don't pay.

The guy that made it talks about it in Free Subversion Hosting [2].


(2) Yes I've used it - and had no problems at all with it. - robintw
(2) Just to add to this... I used XP-Dev to actually do a full blown project including the SVN feature and it worked a treat! +1 - James
been using XP-Dev for a long time and love it - Sam
no problems with it but only 10M! - Ouadie
[+23] [2009-03-06 22:29:12] runako

ProjectLocker [1] has free Subversion hosting, with unlimited repositories and a 300 MB quota. You can also use Git if you prefer, and all repositories come with Trac.

Disclaimer: I work for ProjectLocker.


Seams nice, will give a try. - Amr ElGarhy
(2) I'm just checking out the various suggestions on this page and ProjectLocker, in my opinion, has the least attractive looking webpage. I know it's shallow but it did make me check out unfuddle first.. - TomA
(1) Same here, the website looks pretty bad and the web interface for managing repos is just as bad. I still use it, though, they give a lot of space for free. - Rafael Vega
(1) Can't recommend ProjectLocker. I paid for a repo with PL for about a year, switched to unfuddle (a FREE private svn service) and never looked back as unfuddle turned out to be faster and I've yet to have ANY problems creating/deleting/re-creating repositories whenever I want. I recall having quite a few issues with PL. - Crusader
Can you have someone add a login link to the homepage please ? - RN.
BTW- besides having to find the login link every now and then, I am quite a satisfied user - RN.
[+21] [2010-11-14 22:54:59] Thomas Stoll

I'll have to agree - RiouxSVN is a kinda awesome service. It's free but you'll want to donate cash anyway.

To stay on topic. Yes it is free, it seems to intend to always stay free and yes - free private repos.

(4) I just found this service and love it. Prefect for people new to SVN as well! Donated within the first hour of using it. - Jesse
RiouxSVN only provides 50MB per repo. You can buy more for $1 per 10MB - Netismine
[+10] [2009-03-06 22:09:30] M4N

You might want to check out origo [1]. They offer a subversion repository, a wiki and an issue tracker.

It is free for both open source and closed source (private) projects.


Origo is closing as of May 31, 2012 - maddoxej
[+9] [2010-09-13 18:26:19] Konstantin [1] provides Mercurial hosting (a distributed [2] alternative to SVN). Now it provides 1 private project and many public for free (may be space limitation is present).


Looks like a really good deal. At the time of this comment, it provides unlimited storage, unlimited public and private projects, issue tracking, wiki, api support, custom domains, & downloads. Projects of free accounts are limited to 5 users. - Chadwick
(2) This is not SVN but it's really nice website - Dragouf
bitbucket : Yes! Sign up for the 5 users free plan and you can have unlimited public and private repositories. - hB0
[+9] [2010-10-28 16:39:38] Jonathan Rioux

RiouxSVN [1] is totally FREE and private.


Only 20 mb storage? - DMan
Actually upgraded to 50MB. - Jonathan Rioux
(5) RiouxSVN is always down, I think that is subject of continuos DDoS attacks... I vote for Assembla - Andrea Turri
Just started using RiouxSVN and its pretty easy to setup and use. Loving it!! - Mohib Sheth
(1) They are offline till the 3nd quarter of 2013 >:-( - fret
[+7] [2009-07-23 03:30:06] Jay Walker

I've been using the pay-level service at ProjectLocker [1] for a year and have been very satisfied. They also offer a free level that includes SSL, up to 3 users, and 300MB of storage. Git, and Trac are also included.


Just to clarify, the free level includes 500mb, not 500gb. I got pretty excited when I first read this. - cmptrgeekken
I've seen free services more reliable, unfortunately (ex. unfuddle). The only catch is 200mb vs 500mb, but I'm only at about 10-15% storage use with over 10 repositories... - Crusader
[+5] [2008-09-12 20:17:29] Sameer Alibhai

How about CodePlex [1] - Open Source Project Hosting


codeplex isn't technically subversion hosting. It uses Team Foundation Server for version control. It does use SvnBridge to allow you to use subversion clients to access the repository, but it isn't incredibly straight forward. - NerdFury
[+5] [2008-10-31 02:31:03] nandos

I've been very happy with Unfuddle. There's also CVSDude (CVS or SVN).

[+5] [2009-12-04 19:21:43] Marty McGee

I tried and did not enjoy the experience. I then went through some of the aforementioned SVN hosting providers (private, and preferrably free of charge), and found that Unfuddle is now my free, private, reliable, and easy-to-use SVN hosting solution. Thank you to Johan who made the suggestion of trying [1]. Finally, an off-site solution to my small development team needs.

I also hear that is a great bang for your buck, especially for more advanced and/or larger development teams.


I started using xp-dev and its working like a charm. I don't wanna spend anything to begin with for now 10 MB free space works fine. - Wali
[+5] [2010-02-25 10:28:58] max

I use freepository [1]. There are 300 MB for free use. If you want more, you can pay for it ... usage is not so easy (but free :)


[+5] [2011-08-19 15:59:01] Hafiz

Bitbucket [1] provides free SVN and I think also Git hosting for private projects and unlimited repositories and I think five users. I was also searching for it some days ago and was previously using Unfuddle [2]; it also have all this but two users only. And I personally think that for SVN and Git hosting for private projects for free, Bitbucket is the better choice.

The URL for Bitbucket is


(5) Unfortunately they have removed support for SVN I guess. I could only see Git and Mercurial as repository types - Mohib Sheth
@MohibSheth I will need to look if they have really remove svn but it doesn't make sense to remove svn, not sure so I probably need to look into it again - Hafiz
[+4] [2009-09-05 12:24:36] Ahmed Khalaf [1].

  • Free
  • Unlimited users
  • Private or public Subversion repository

Update: XP-Dev has a free account but offers only 10MB of basic Subversion & Trac space.


[+3] [2009-01-22 13:06:07] panschk

I tried both, and I prefer Beanstalk to OpenSVN, as I experienced it as much faster.

[+3] [2010-04-15 17:53:09] BigAll now offers free, privately permissioned, encryption enabled, unlimited user, full gigabyte, commercial quality subversion and git repositories. Check it out.

(2) NOT free for private as of when I checked, 12/15/2010. The free account is public and viewable by anyone. - Michael
(1) I just created a free account and I cant seem to view it without a login so I think you missed a security setting there... - ROAR
[+3] [2011-08-27 18:13:51] Raphael

Kenai [1] offers unlimited private Git, SVN and Mercurial repositories.


[+2] [2011-02-02 00:12:58] Big-G has a basic package for free hosting. Also does FTP uploads to your webserver on commit

[+1] [2008-09-12 19:24:24] epatel

I think Berlios [1] has been around for a while


(1) is it private ? - xxxxxxx
(1) Think it's for Open Source projects. I wouldn't recommend placing any private code on a free service. - epatel
[+1] [2008-09-12 19:43:13] Kasprzol

Good old [1] seems to have SVN (beside CVS).


[+1] [2008-09-12 19:46:14] Patrick Veverka is really nice as well.

(2) As of November 2nd, devjavu has closed their free plan. - Dan Walker
[+1] [2009-03-26 23:22:12] Mun

I've been using for a while. Not free, but pricing is very reasonable (starts at $7/month), it's got a decent amount of space, and support emails are always answered very quickly. I've been very happy with them and had no problems at all.

(I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just a happy customer)

[+1] [2011-06-13 12:11:50] Ferry de Boer

If you're looking for free project hosting with integrated issue tracking I think Unfuddle is the best option. Because for private hosting Assembla only offers a one tool option. So only source control or the management tooling but not both.

I wasn't neccesarily looking for free hosting. So in the end I decided to go for Assembla's $9 Starter plan. Main reason is that I liked their agile stand up tooling and the ability to link to tickets in commits. I could not find that capabilities with Unfuddle. Their management tooling is a bit more rudimentary.

I did consider Bitbucket as one of the first though. But I could only find a premature and abandoned Mylyn connector for Bitbuckets issuetracker. After checking most of the suggestions here I signed up for trials at:

  • XP-Dev
  • Assembla
  • Unfuddle

At first look I liked what XP Dev claimed. So that's where I signed up first. But the awfully slow response times of the webinterface was quite frustrating. It took seconds for pages to respond. With that I probably understand what Marty McGee means with 'the experience'. This was enough reason for me to abandon the XP Dev option as well.

[+1] [2012-03-01 06:13:48] crazycrv

I like the It has some nice features like -

Store all of your Git and Mercurial source code in one place with unlimited private repositories. Includes issue tracking, wiki, and pull requests.

[0] [2011-08-18 19:11:49] Ruslan ReleaseComplete [1] (also known as [2]) - a reliable SVN / Git and issue tracking hosting for small money. Some time ago I chose them because they provide all-in-one solution with Redmine [3] - the best free alternative to JIRA [4]. There were no serious outage the last two years, and the support is also OK.

All hosting plans include:


  • SVN
  • Git
  • Mercurial

Issue tracking:

  • Redmine
  • Trac

[-1] [2008-09-12 19:22:44] Simon Johnson

Google Code [1] has SVN support.

Of course, all code checked-in can be viewed by the world, so forget doing closed source projects.

That said, if your project is open-source, it's the business; I've found it to be a very high quality project management system.


Can't beat Google Code. +1 - dgw
(36) I agree that Google Code is a good service, but the title specifically says "private." - Steve Johnson
(7) But not private. - Pete Montgomery
(3) Also not accessible if you live in or are likely to work from Syria, Cuba and a bunch of other places. - detly
(4) Free online PRIVATE svn, what part didn't you understand? - davidnr
(2) I don't understand why you posted when you had nothing to add. - xxxxxxx
(2) the OP asked for a private svn - xxxxxxx