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[+55] [58] aku
[2008-09-09 23:26:19]
[ hardware productivity mouse ergonomics peripherals ]

We have discussed [1] keyboards. But take a look at the small piece of plastic to the right (or left :) ) of your beloved keyboard! This humble creature helps you to draw nice forms, and click all around the web. A real programmers mouse must be precise and comfortable, so which mouse would you make a companion to your keyboard?

Currently I'm in love with this fat member of mice family:
Natural wireless laser mouse 6000

That's the best mouse I ever used! - kolrie
(1) How does this get 1000 views? ridiculous. - hop
I thought it sounded like a good trade. - Kieveli
How does this mouse compare to the non-natural 6000? I use a 6000 natural but what is apparently a standard or just older 6000. - Uri
(39) The best mouse is a good set of keyboard shortcuts... - Erik Forbes
I like the 6000 as well. Still deciding which to get though the 6000 or the evolutent. - MaxGeek
This has as much to do with programming as the question you closed here:… Wow. - user25211
This has little to do with programming (unless somebody wants to bring up one that has vim installed), and applies to every heavy computer user. Voting to migrate to SuperUser. - David Thornley
[+113] [2008-09-10 10:25:48] Jakub Šturc

Real Programmers Don't Use Mice

So real programmers never edit images/icons? ;) - VVS
(23) - Jakub Šturc
(9) Except when they are out of buttlerflies... - levhita
(1) They use IBM trackpoint keyboard - 1.01pm
(12) They edit images & icons with a hex editor! :-) - Ferruccio
(25) real programmers vote down your post :P - jcollum
(5) jcollum: then I'm not a real programmer ;) - Kawa
[+73] [2008-09-10 01:24:19] Brian Boatright

Logitech MX Revolution

(1) You got my vote! I love it gyroscopic wheel. - aku
Yep. Nice mouse, although the wheel on mine stuffed up for awhile, it still worked, but wouldn't spin as freely. it seems to have come good again though. - Matthew Watson
(4) Great mouse, but I had to install uberOptions ( ) to get the most out of it. I also changed the button behind the wheel to be the middle button and don't use the wheel as a button as I found it very stiff (It's still got one more usable button than the MX 1000) - Sam Hasler
It's so good I had to buy a second one to use at home - and it works great on the Mac OSX too :o) - Andrew
@Sam Hasler - wow, hadn't heard about uberOptions... very cool. Thanks! (wish I could upvote that comment) - David Mohundro
I have two of these one for workstation at home and one for the laptop. I like having consistancy of the keywoard (MSFT Ergo 4000) and the mouse. Also I turn off the clicking wheel and it's smooth now, awesome! - Brian Boatright
@Sam Hasler: I used uberOptions when I first got it but they have since released updates and the logitech software is good enough to handle the middle mouse click. @Andrew: That is great to know. I'm getting a Macbook pro as soon as they release the new version in Oct. - Brian Boatright
Anybody have any experience using one of these with a Mac? - Kyle Cronin
Yes, nobody, I do. It works very well - all the buttons can be remapped using Logitech's control panel so it's very versatile. The freestanding scroll wheel is very nice - something I didn't know before buying it is that you can nudge it left and right for horizontal scrolling. - Kyle Cronin
The gyroscopic wheel is addictive. I always miss it when using someone else's computer. - Joseph
I've been using it on a mac, no problems whatsoever. The wheel is great. Got these for like 35$ a couple weeks ago at CC. - Uri
i just started using one about half an hour ago; the first time I clicked the wheel and toggled free fly vs. clicking wheel my mouth dropped open; this one's an A++; 44 on Amazon as a refurb - jcollum
I hate the clicking so I turned it off completely via the Logitech Mouse control panel. It's great to just free ball it ;-) - Brian Boatright
I've used this mouse for a month or so now. The only drawback is that it is incredibly picky about the surface it is used on. You absolutely cannot use this on a dark mousepad or dark surface. Other than that, nice mouse. - jcollum
(1) I have just bought this mouse based on this answer, and have consigned my Intillimouse Optical to the draw. Thus far, I'm delighted that I did so. - Kramii
I withdraw my earlier comment: the placement of the receiver was what was causing my issues. I plugged it into my keyboards usb port and it works great now. - jcollum
(2) uberOptions has moved to: - jcollum
@Kramii I did the same. So far happy with it, it is heavier than my usual wired one (I guess that goes for all wireless) and it's extra buttons aern't compatible with my KVM (not the mouse's fault). The scroll wheel is a little stiff to click, but I think I may get used to it. - alex
My scroll wheel has became stuck on the mouse, and it seems like a common issue:… - alex
For me they are to heavy I prefer a lighter mouse. Also switching lefthand righthand isn't ideal. - Bas Jansen
They have replaced it since with Logitech Performance Mouse M950. I had to jump through a few hurdles to get them to accept my proof of purchase, but they came through in the end and I am very happy :) - alex
[+42] [2008-09-09 23:33:09] moobaa

The Microsoft Intellimouse Optical.

I've bought about half-a-dozen of these critters over the years, and I just love 'em to death. Five well-placed buttons, a perfectly weighted scroll wheel, and a lovely ambidextrous shape.

This is an amazing mouse. I usually by the cheaper version without the extra side buttons, but they still rock. - icco
Bah! I got one when it first came out, and the optical sensor went crazy! Nothing worse than a trembling mouse cursor. - Kieveli
Mine died the same way. - Uri
(1) This mouse has sides that slope inwards slightly, which means your hands have to work harder to hold it. It also has a huge BACK button the left side that is easy to bump in to, losing your current web page. Sucks. - Jay Bazuzi
(1) Great mouse -- chunky and robust, with the most tactile wheel I've used. The side buttons are nicely placed for web surfing. - Tim Robinson
I have two of them but the left-click sensors go out and cause single-clicks to be interpreted as double-clicks which is infuriating. - MikeJerome
I've had 4 of these. Love them on windows and won't use anything else when gaming (familiarity is a factor there). But don't really like them for coding specifically. - ima747
[+32] [2008-09-10 09:32:12] Lukas Šalkauskas

I use Logitech MX510:

enter image description here

Mine are gray but I agree.. this was a really good mouse. The Microsoft mouse felt wrong, this felt right. - Bjorn Reppen
Im using this one and loving it - Ólafur Waage
(2) I use it's cousin G5 which is purple and has some grip on it - they're both nice critters. - Ross
I miss my 510 :( The 518 has been a terrible replacement for me, what with two of its buttons being hard wired. - eyelidlessness
I have two of these - the red one pictured and also a gray one. Agreed, a really good mouse. - J c
I love my red one. I would die for it. - Joe Philllips
I've had a blue one for several years now that's been used so much the sides and the logo part of the palmrest are showing signs of wear. It's been dropped a lot yet still works great. I've considered getting a nice wireless replacement for it but can't bring myself to let go. Best mouse ever. - mandaleeka
+1 I love this one, too. - Turing Complete
[+28] [2008-09-28 15:29:32] jk.

While programming I love my Trackpoint. The advantage is, that I don't have to move my hand to reach the mouse. My finger tips can remain on the keyboard.

IBM Trackpoint - The best mouse for programmers

The red point in the picture above is a little joystick to move the courser.

When I still had a thinkpad, I loved that little trackpoint. :D - epochwolf
(37) ah, those things drive me nuts. - nickf
I miss these dearly. I have never gotten used the the trackpads on my apple and all later computers. Bring back the trackpoint! - Uri
(1) I really wonder when Microsoft will add this to their Natural Ergonomic 4000 model and save us all the pain! - utku_karatas
(7) Those things make it easy to point to the corners and that's about it. - Lance Fisher
(5) @Lance -- That's been my experience too :-) After a few hours of forced trackpoint use I felt like my upper pointer-finger tendon was going to jump out and run away. Never again! - David Citron
(12) I call this the G-spot mouse. (Because it's located next to the G-key). - GvS
You can use it? You should be a superman. I always turn off it at driver level because when I type I just slightly hit this point, pointer moves and I lost focus on textfield... I hate this thing. - Artem Ice
[+22] [2008-09-09 23:37:34] theorbtwo

For some years now, I've been using one of these [1] TrackMen -- yes, it's a trackball, not a mouse. After a very short time getting used to it, I find it much less annoying then a mouse -- I don't need to find space on my desk to move it!


Handy if you can't move your arm too - I broke my shoulder a few years back, and the wireless version of that made computer use possible, even from in a sling. - Cebjyre
(1) Best mouse (er... trackball) ever! I absolutely love them and got one on each of the 3 pcs at home. :) - LorenzCK
I have one of these. It isn't very good for RTS games which require a lot of random movement, but good for FPS games which call for good aim. As for programming, the trackball mouse is ergonomic for modest use. One thing that's sometimes handy is that you can easily use your thumb to strike the Enter key when your hand is on the mouse. For instance, when I type Ctrl+Insert (with my left hand) to copy something and Shift+Insert to paste, I can thumb in extra return characters as needed. - Joey Adams
[+19] [2008-09-10 00:51:26] Kyralessa

I have a Logitech MX 1000 which continues to serve me well. It tracks brilliantly, and never does sudden jumps like optical mice do. Plus, I really like the "cruising" buttons above and below the scroll wheel, which make it very easy to zip to the top or bottom of a web page.

Logitech MX 1000

(3) Why oh why did they discontinue this mouse :( - ctrlShiftBryan
That's what I'm using right now, though I have issues with the middle click button. - alexp206
I tried three different MX 1000's and I ended up getting a refund. Even lifting it up slightly while moving it would cause the cursor to jump around - it was almost too sensitive in that respect, and apparently I tended to apply enough pressure on the edges of my hand movement range to cause this. - J c
(4) The "jumping" is generally caused by your mousepad, not mouse - Joe Philllips
[+18] [2008-09-09 23:30:58] David Citron

I love my Razer DeathAdder [1].

Razer DeathAdder picture


I love my DeathAdder, too! It's much less shiny in real life (compared to many pictures online), which is great for me (it already glows; don't need glaring as well). - strager
(1) It's also much more comfortable and better built than it looks on pictures. And you can turn of the LEDs through the software. - Vasil
Yes, true--the surface is a kind of rubberized plastic: very comfortable. A+: Would buy again :-) - David Citron
+1 for the DeathAdder. Even though it's not used to add any frags to my scores anymore. : ( - pmr
+1 As i recall the grip took a bit of getting used to at first and the buttons are a bit touchy when resting my hand, but i love this mouse! - RCIX
+1 it could be a lil bit bigger - lukas
[+18] [2008-09-17 03:11:08] antik

Simple as it gets: Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical

  • Not quite as old as my IBM Model M keyboard
  • Feels solid
  • Doesn't have any extra buttons to accidentally press

Weird, I just searched for this very thread because the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical gives me a lot of pain... - Tobias
(1) I hate how there's a red light at the base of it! Completely superfluous and not even attractive. I used to have one of these on the PC in my bedroom and it drove me nuts. - nickf
I've used three of these for almost ten years now, it's what a basic mouse should be, and about as cheap as anyone should go. - Karl
@nickf -- precision scissors + black electrical tape did it for me (the black Sharpie wore off over time :-) - execNext
@execNext, surely that's a sign of bad hardware... - nickf
@nickf -- no doubt! But ergo shape + 2 thumb buttons + cheap == good enough until (maybe,hopefully) someone like Leopold will make a quality mouse. - execNext
[+17] [2008-09-09 23:33:15] Blorgbeard

I like my Evoluent VerticalMouse [1]:



(1) Heh, one of my coworkers has one of these. I think I'm the only person who ever has to use her machine who can cope with it! - Rich
+1 I've been using one of these for about 3 year now. Weird, but awesome. Totally helped with the RSI I (used to) get in my wrists. However the 3rd button, the one closest to the mouse pad, has broken, but no big deal as I wasn't using it. - David HAust
[+16] [2008-11-22 02:13:24] Andrew Queisser

The Genius Mouse, of course. It came with a mouse pad that doubled as a Xacto cutting board.

alt text

Whatever happened to genius? I used to have a genius trackball. - James McMahon
(9) Some genius sold the company. - Randolpho
Randolpho and James McM: at this moment, Pabloide86's answer is just below this one, and guess what? - Kawa
LOL, I LOVE OLD TECH - Daniel Haro
[+12] [2008-09-10 10:18:59] Lars Mæhlum

Logitech M-UV96
Logitech M-UV96

As simple as they come :)
Best of all, it's really comfortable and precise.

I have to agree. The Logitech basic optical mouse is great. I really like the symmetrical ones like this. - Grant Johnson
have them all over my school and my workplace :) I feel pure love for this device although I would love the one with the vibrating mouse so you can get hapticfeedback aswell.. - Thomaschaaf
I have same mouse at home and really love it. Using it feels really comfortable. - Dmitris
[+11] [2008-09-20 17:44:57] Eugene Yokota

Microsoft Trackball Explorer

Microsoft® Trackball Explorer

This is one of the best trackballs, but Microsoft has pulled it out of the market.

  • Trackballs are better than mice because you are moving your finger around instead of your entire arm. Finger muscle moves accurately while your arm is in rested position.
  • Trackballs are better than touchpads or TrackPoints. Trackballs can move the cursor from one end of the screen to the other end in one motion. Aiming specific pixel is easier too. (One advantage of touchpad/TrackPoint is that they tend to be closer to keyboard, but who likes laptop keyboards).

Are all trackballs the same? Not quite.

  • Trackball Explorer is tracked using fingers, not the thumb. Thumb doesn't have much range in motion, and not so good at pointing things, unless you happen to go see gladiators on Sundays.
  • Trackball Explorer has a scroll wheel.
  • Trackball Explorer has big buttons that are programmable. Logitech's Cordless TrackMan Optical [1] meets the above criteria, but the buttuns are too small.

(1) Mine's about 7 years old now and still going. Hope it never breaks. - Nicholas Riley
I've had 2 (one for home, one for work) since 2002, and swear by them. Nothing else works as well for me. I don't know what I'll do if they fail. - Jason Sundram
(1) My girlfriend broke mine. I had it for almost 7 years :( - Brandon Bertelsen
Mine broke recently and I am using Kensington SlimBlade Trackball. The top two buttons of SlimBlade don't seem to work without Trackball Works running, but the software adds so much latency it makes it unusable. - Eugene Yokota
[+10] [2008-09-20 16:45:39] Patrick Desjardins

Blue Track from Microsoft.

No laser!

alt text

You can see detail here [1].


(17) I always wanted to use my mouse on a unfinished park bench! - James McMahon
(1) I dont think it works on fur. Because my cat would make an excellent CatPad. - Valamas - AUS
cat and mouse dont go together well anyways.. - nawfal
[+9] [2008-09-10 10:04:24] macbirdie

Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser

Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser - very comfortable and precise, great battery life so far. It's my first wireless mouse and I'm surprised how great it works.

[+9] [2008-09-17 03:22:01] Matt Mitchell

The Logitech G7 - Awesome sensitivity (in multiple modes depending on the situation's need for precision or speed) and two batteries for quick swapping and no downtime.


(1) But it's super expensive :( - Egor Pavlikhin
(1) ohh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude that looks so hot i think i need some quiet time to reflect on the new love of my life :P - anon271334
Pretty sure they're not made anymore, but they used to be around $120 AUD new on ebay (guessing left over stock). I'll probably pick up another one just in case, as my first one had the USB receiver bend a bit after heavy and careless use over a couple of years and I'd hate for it to happen again and leave me stuck without a mouse I like. Before this it was the MX1000, but I'd consider this an upgrade, particularly with hotswap batteries. - Matt Mitchell
The G700 is a new replacement for this (it's what I'm using now) that uses cable charging (and allows you to use and charge, so when your battery runs out you're just stuck with a "normal" mouse). - Matt Mitchell
(1) It looks totally like my G5. - RocketR
[+9] [2008-09-26 11:58:40] Keith

Lifehacker covered this recently:

I quite like the idea of a vertical mouse:

Evolent mouse

That one is already an answer, but thanks for the link.. - nawfal
@nawfal It wasn't back when I answered this 5 years ago. - Keith
See this answered at Sep 9 '08 at 23:33 - nawfal
@nawfal I was talking about the lifehacker link, but never mind, it's a old answer to a long closed question. - Keith
[+8] [2008-09-12 03:56:49] Chris Karcher

I've always used an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 [1], ever since my Counter-Strike days. Just the right amount of buttons for me and fits my hand nicely.

Intellimouse Image


I haven't used mine for a full year yet, and it's already worn down. The left button randomly clicks once or twice extra when I press it once, releases itself during drags, and sometimes it makes spurious scroll wheel events. - jfs
+1, My Exp 3.0 has outlasted all of my Exp 4.0's, which are utter junk. @jfs, MS will replace any defective mouse gratis, I had 2x Exp 4.0's die, all replaced without any receipts or questions. - sixlettervariables
I use Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 and it fits perfect for my needs. - David The Man
This is definitely "THE" mouse for any kind of needs. El perfecto for gaming and programming. Although programming doesn't really need a lot of mouse usage. But for gaming, it's either this or the Razer Death Adder. - MT.
[+8] [2008-09-19 12:24:50] Daniel

The Logitech VX Nano [1], the younger brother of the MX Revolution [2]. vx nano


(1) Looks like that receiver could be a PITA to remove once plugged in! - alex
I have one of these, for my notebook and it is generally good. But it is not very comfortable for longer periods of use, because it is small. Also after 2 years my left button started to get funky. - Kugel
I have had three of these - all got problem with left button clicks after one-two years of intense use. - Muleskinner
[+8] [2009-01-16 19:50:44] TarkaDaal

The Kensington Expert Mouse [1], which is (rather confusingly) actually a trackball.

A picture of said trackball

I used to get pains in my right index finger from mouse clicking, so I switched the mouse buttons to left-handed. That worked for a while, until I got pains in my right middle finger as well. Despite trying, I can't get on with a mouse in my left hand. So I decided to go with an amidextrous trackball, on the grounds that since I couldn't use a trackball with either hand, I'd be learning from scratch either way. The Expert Mouse was the first trackball I found that:

  1. Could be used in either hand
  2. Had a scroll wheel

It turned out to be a great decision - After a week, I was just as quick as I was with a mouse, and after 18 months neither hand gives me any problems. I love it, and don't really see any room for improvement.


I'm on my forth Expert Mouse, they really are the best pointing device available. I first moved from a basic mouse because I was getting tight tendons in my upper arm as a result of small mouse movement. Arms are designed for big movements not small ones, so I did some research and found the KEM. I've bough a new one every two years or so since. They also have an excellent warranty, which I have used once. - Rich
Is it just me or does it really look like Simon? - configurator
Where's the scroll wheel? - configurator
@configurator: See the ring around the trackball? That's the scroll wheel. Sounds odd, but it feels completely natural when you're using it. And yes, if the buttons were primary colours it would look exactly like Simon. :) - TarkaDaal
[+7] [2008-09-09 23:38:55] Dillie-O

I love my Microsoft Trackball Optical...

alt text

The key factor here, reprogramming those small buttons to copy and paste respectively. Increased my productivity 3 fold.

(1) Re copy/paste: for years innumerable, the X Window System has been supporting clipping by merely selecting text and pasting it with the middle mouse button. - Roman Odaisky
I had one of these for a long time. Sadly, somewhat recently it broke and i had to get a logitech one... :( - RCIX
[+6] [2008-09-10 01:17:52] Terry Lorber

Kensington Orbit® Optical Trackball

alt text

Symmetrical so you can swap sides every couple months to fight RSS (that's Repetitive Stress Syndrome). Not sure it's a drawback: Just two buttons... so you'll need to use the Ctrl key, too.

I used a Kensington trackball many moons ago, and it was wonderful. It's so liberating not to need a clear surface with certain properties just to compute! By the way, as I recall you could hold both buttons and "wheel" up or down. - harpo
[+6] [2009-01-28 01:22:12] Evan

I really want to try one of these [1], but I don't think they are in mass production yet.



+1 for sheer novelty. - RCIX
(5) Having a hard time picturing how I'd use it... - MarkPowell
I dont see the point.. 2>1 so this is better? :P - Ram Bhat
(3) The point is you dont have to move your right hand between mouse and keyboard. - Kugel
But where are the mouse buttons? - configurator
(1) @configurator Some of the keyboard keys double as the mouse keys. See - Evan
Hmm. You still have to mouse your hand to reach a typing position, unlike the trackpoint. - configurator
[+6] [2009-11-21 11:09:45] Mikael S

My preference is to not use the mouse. But when neeeded, I prefer to use a tablet from Wacom (currently the previous generation Intuos3 A5) or a good trackball.

Wacom Intuos3 A5

[+5] [2008-09-09 23:45:33] seanb

Absolutely love my Logitech G9 [1].

The free wheeling scroll has helped a lot with the little niggling pains I used to get in my index finger.

Fully customisable X and Y speeds, adjustable on the fly, so can switch from high speed text editor mousing to ultra slow precision for image editing in a matter of seconds.

Not too many buttons, weight adjustable, and it rocks for gaming too.


a picture would have been welcome - nawfal
[+5] [2008-09-17 02:57:57] drfloob

For what little mousing I actually have to do, this [1] has suited me perfectly.

alt text


Like real programmers do :P - OscarRyz
It defies gravity... - alex
[+5] [2010-08-24 02:18:51] Robert

Apple's Magic Trackpad.

I got used to using the trackpad in my Macbook. This is just like it but bigger, external, and Bluetooth. Scroll with two fingers, drag with three fingers, squeeze and stretch just like on your iPhone. The whole surface works as a button and it has support for a separate action for two-finger click. Magic Trackpad

(1) How is it for Windows (via VM or Bootcamp?) - Nicolas Webb
@NicolasWebb Also, there are (Wacom) tablets w/ touch-only or touch-pen mode. The former are like trackpads. - Artem Ice
[+4] [2009-01-09 16:30:58] Colin Pickard

Intellimouse 4.0

Intellimouse 4.0. Very comfy mouse, works very well on almost any surface. scrollwheel very good for normal use, but very bad for changing weapons - I bound the side buttons on mine.

Intellimouse 4.0 FTW! I picked up 3 of em on theEgg for like $15/per; gotta have Big-thumb := dbl-click; would be nice to have a few more thumb buttons and a couple of buttons on the right-hand-side. - execNext
[+3] [2008-09-09 23:32:21] Darren Kopp

I like my logitech mx518. Basically, i like high resolution mice so i don't have to move my hand very much.

[+3] [2008-09-10 01:40:57] Swish


Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

I have been using the same mouse for about 4 months and love it. Was a little odd at first, but great as soon as I got used to it.

alt text

Agree. It takes some time to get used to. I've been using it for 8 months and wouldn't switch back to low-profile mouse. - aku
The wireless still lag a bit right? I can't handle it, even though it's probably just a frame or two behind. - Bjorn Reppen
Bjorn, I didn't notice any lags so far. Maybe it's no so fast as my Logitech MX Revolution, but still it's enough for my programming tasks. - aku
I second aku on that. No lags at all and both the grip and the position of your hand is way better than MX Revo. And I currently have both on my desk :) - kolrie
I have one of these, and it's pretty good, but a bit heavy, and it's a little to easy to hit the BACK button. - Jay Bazuzi
I like this one a lot. Takes a week or two to get used to but after that normal mice feel nowhere near as comfortable. - Simucal
[+3] [2008-10-07 15:03:34] Dana

I tend to get a lot of tightness in my forearms when I mouse, so I use 2 mice...

For the right hand, I use the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

For the left hand, I use the Logitech Marble Mouse

yes! few people are aware of the benefits of the trackball/mouse combo. personally i have two trackballs. - Peter S Magnusson
[+3] [2009-11-11 13:01:39] Gnark

this might be worth a try for those button addicts out there...

alt text

- 18 programmable mouse buttons with double-click functionality
- Three different button modes: Key, Keypress, and Macro
- Analog Xbox 360-style joystick with optional 4, 8, and 16-key command modes
- Clickable scroll wheel
- 512k of flash memory
- 63 on-mouse application profiles with hardware, software, and autoswitching capability
- 1024-character macro support.
- Open source support software for creating, managing, and customizing application profiles
- Import and export of custom profiles in XML format
- Optional audio notification of profile switching with customizable wave files
- PDF export of profile button assignments
- Adjustable resolution from 400 to 1,600 CPI
- 20 default profiles for popular games and applications, including 3.1, Adobe Photoshop, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, World of Warcraft, and the Call of Duty series.
link text [1]


gulp the button from the makers of the 1000-Key Keyboard. ;) - RCIX
You forgot the punchline: that it's the openoffice mouse. Really! - Ken
[+3] [2010-06-10 10:58:11] Aistina

Logitech G5 alt text

(3) I suppose the black button on the lower-left is for starting Portal? - Joey Adams
[+2] [2008-09-30 14:06:39] epochwolf

I personally love trackpads. It took alot of getting used to but I've found a properly configured trackpad to be much faster than a mouse. (I set the acceleration and speed much higher than the default. I can scroll entire pages just but rolling my index finger on the side of the pad.)

On my desktop I use a Logitech V450 Wireless laser mouse. alt text

[+2] [2008-11-22 02:24:28] pabloide86

This helps me when i have to do a lot of graphic work...

alt text

[+1] [2008-09-09 23:39:10] Kyle Cronin

I have the wireless Apple Mighty Mouse [1] and it's... ok. It has Bluetooth connectivity, three "buttons" and a 2D scroll ball. It's not particularly ergonomic, but I spend most of my time at the keyboard or on my laptop trackpad so it's not a big deal for me.

alt text

After a few months of use the trackball tends to stick. While flipping it upside down and aggressively rolling the ball around works in the short-term, this tends to get annoying after a while.

update: I decided to go with a Logitech MX Revolution as Best Buy has them for $85 ($15 off). The mighty mouse is currently sitting in my drawer.


I'm really in love with the 2D scroll ball on this mouse. As well as the two-finger 2D scrolling on the trackpad. It's frustrating to use a trackpad that doesn't support this. - Tom Lokhorst
(3) Classic Apple... it's not particularly usable, nor useful, but it's pretty. ...if you like that sort of stuff. - nickf
The one thing that it does have going for it is the Bluetooth connectivity. When I was looking at wireless mice before I bought the mighty mouse there was only one other Bluetooth mouse that I saw and it was a small notebook mouse. - Kyle Cronin
(2) I have problem hitting the right button, hate it for that. - pmlarocque
you can vacuum clean teh trackball with a brush attachment, that seems to dislodge stuff in there. I've had to throw a couple away, they were beyond vacuuming. Main thing is to not be eating cheeseburgers and scrolling too. - Gene T
(1) "It's not particularly ergonomic but..." - isn't ergonomics the whole point of a good mouse? - OJW
I guess what I'm saying is that it's not a particularly good mouse. Not bad, but it's nothing special. - Kyle Cronin
I had 2 of these. The scroll errr... ball got disfunctional on both after 3 months of use. - Vasil
Fixed my scroll ball with this: Essentially, vigorously rub the ball while the mouse is upside down. I really like the weight of this mouse - Dan McClain
(2) I really can't stand Apple mice - the "nipple", the "buttonless buttons", the shape...everything about them simply feels wrong. - thekidder
The mouse ball just feels like someone is screching on a blackboard juck! - Thomaschaaf
This is the worst apple product ever. As I have 2 iMacs, I have 4 of these, 2 wired and 2 wireless. The trackballs on all four got stuck. Cleaning them is not very easy (involves knives). Trackballs aside it's not a very pleasant mouse. Any logitech laser mouse is far better than this. - Vasil
I agree with @pmlarocque, hate the right click it also doesn't move well. - kenny
On the one I played with, I had to lift my left finger to right click. Otherwise it wouldn't register. That alone steered me far, far away from this mouse. - alex
[+1] [2008-09-10 09:22:17] onnodb

The ergonomic HandShoe Mouse [1].

enter image description here


+1, nobody knows this is the best designed one out there, as far as ergonomics goes. - nawfal
[+1] [2008-09-17 03:14:24] dbrien

I use the Habu Razer by Microsoft:

alt text

I like the high resolution and controls for changing the speed.

I loved this mouse while it worked, but after about 1 year it began to double and triple-click when I single-click. - Lance Fisher
[+1] [2008-09-28 15:47:53] brijwhiz

I love the Targus mini-mouse that I bought with my laptop. I rarely use the mouse (generally while reading) and I have got so used to the lightness of being with this mouse that I find using other mouses (mice?!) quite painful:) Of course I use my trackpad a lot too - as far as possible I hate leaving the keyboard.It has got a lot of buttons but I just use the right and the left in combination with the scroll button.

alt text

[+1] [2008-09-28 16:09:41] Michael Stum

Logitech G9 for me, after an advice on Coding Horror [1]. The ability to add extra weight does not sound interesting at first, but it makes a HUGE difference.


this is a seriously good mouse. I have the MX Revolution at home, but it just doesn't compare to the quality of the G9. - lomaxx
Anyone use this mouse on Ubuntu / [insert Linux distro]? - Joe Holloway
[+1] [2008-09-30 14:00:41] nickf

The Puck Mouse

I love it, hehe. - Abyss Knight
(1) Are you kidding? I hated that mouse! :) - Kyle Cronin
(1) of course i'm kidding! seriously, who the hell designed that piece of crap? Apple's motto: Style over Substance, Form over Function. - nickf
A yes, the puck. I like apple but this was possible the worst mouse ever made. - James McMahon
@nickf Read a few Apple bashing comments on answers here :P I have to agree with you though here, I have never like an Apple mouse. - alex
[+1] [2008-09-30 14:21:30] Sprogz

Spare a thought for us left-handed developers. Any mouse that has a slight "banana" curve, extra "thumb" buttons on the LEFT hand side or odd "flanges" that stick out to aid the right-hander are all an absolute nightmare for a left-handed operator.

Imagine trying to hold this in your left hand. It wouldn't be long before you'd have a matching red blister the same size as that trackball in the palm of your left hand caused by the rubbing!


Great question and answers though with some really good hand-agnostic mice to take a look at :)

I"m right handed and have no problem using a mouse in either my left or right hand. It doesn't take that long to train both hands, and you can ward of RSI by switching hands every so often. - Kibbee
If the asymmetry is what makes a mouse better or more ergonomic to use then symmetry shouldn't be enforced. What manufacturers should do is to make the left version as well. The problem is that some companies don't bother to release products for small market segments. - blizpasta
[+1] [2008-10-08 12:33:48] akalenuk

Actually the best mouse ever shoud only have two buttons: "get all work done" and "get all work done now!" Well, still no such mouse on market.

[+1] [2008-10-23 23:02:31] Guvante

Mouse Picture Cordless TrackMan® Optical [1]

I found that not having to move my entire arm around while using my mouse is helpful. And I found that the finger style trackball is easier to use. Not a good choice for 2D graphic design, but other than that it is useful.


[+1] [2009-02-27 21:35:55] codekaizen

brain mouse - RCIX
[+1] [2009-11-11 13:09:45] Yassir

I don't use mice. they just slow me down !

[0] [2008-09-09 23:57:53] David Crow

I use several different mice, but my favorite has always been the Logitech V270 Optical Bluetooth Mouse [1]. It's durable, portable and works seamlessly with my Windows desktop and Mac laptop. I've used it for several years now with no problems or hand cramps.

alt text


This mouse is okay. I love that it's an optical bluetooth mouse, but it is a little to small for my average-sized hands. - Lance Fisher
As far a portable (i.e. undersized) mice go this one has been good to me, but being smaller than usual it only comes out when I'm desperate. - ima747
[0] [2008-09-10 01:13:19] Shawn

I have the Logitech mx518 as well, I think its a great mouse. I hate the scroll wheel on all the Microsoft mice I've used.

[0] [2008-09-10 01:57:43] cpuguru

Scope out the new Microsoft ArcMouse and Explorer Mouse:

[0] [2008-09-10 10:33:12] Armadillo

I've changed from a Genius NetScroll to Apple Mighty Mouse due to the scroll wheel. The scroll ball in the apple mouse is so comfortable, because it is very small, and you can do a lot of scrolling with less movement, when compared to a regular scroll wheel. I was getting in pain in my finger due to massive code reading+scrolling, when I was using the Genius NetScroll.

But, the Apple mouse could be fatter and higher, but just like Kyle said "It's ok"

Does anybody knows another mouse with a tiny scroll wheel/ball?

I think you should try something from Logitech MX/VX series. Actually they have scroll wheels of typical size, but allows you to spin this wheel. I find this feature to be extremely useful. I can scroll 100+ pages with one movement of my finger. - aku
[0] [2008-09-28 16:06:57] akauppi

I've been totally pleased with Logitech wireless mouse (with little dongle that fits in a 'garage' within the mouse itself).

  • small since it's a laptop-like model
  • precise (optical)
  • touch sensitive slider bar for scrolling

Having a dongle is actually a good feature; allows switching the mouse on the fly between two computers, just by moving the dongle. alt text

[0] [2008-09-28 16:12:46] Danny Whitt

My favorite is the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth [1]. I use it with both PCs and Macs. (Oh, the humanity!)
alt text


[0] [2008-09-30 14:07:47] Abyss Knight

I use the Dell mouse that came with my company issued laptop. Really, I love the stock Dell keyboard and mouse, it just works.

[0] [2008-11-22 02:07:43] Brad Gilbert

Am I the only one who just uses an old Logitech FirstMouse+?

alt text

There were two people, but then I got an optical mouse. Still a Logitech! - gbarry
That was the first mouse I have ever bought. - Brad Gilbert
Why would you, if you had a choice? - korona
I actually don't use it anymore, though I did when I posted this. - Brad Gilbert
[0] [2009-01-28 00:31:56] Ronny Brendel

Mouseman Dual Optical. Since it's still (after 7 years+) perfectly working I never bothered purchasing a new one.

Mouseman Dual Optical

[0] [2009-01-28 18:56:55] Oskar Duveborn

The Sidewinder series of mice has struck something positive in my heart. They look like futuristic plastic tanks and the construction is sturdy and the two metal thumb buttons are awesome - as is the metal wheel which feels just right. And of course, the Sidewinder brand induces a lot of nostalgia ^^

alt text

Is that a tape measure? - UpTheCreek
[0] [2009-02-27 21:43:15] BoltBait

My hands are fairly small so most of the mice on this list are too big for me.

My favorite is the classic Logitech wheel mouse. It is just the right size for me.

The one I use is called iFeel. It has a driver that includes "force feedback", sort of...


How exactly do you provide force feedback on a mouse? - RCIX
You'd be surprised. As your mouse crosses over window borders, you feel a slight "click" in the mouse. - BoltBait
Wow, force feedback - that is amazing! Never heard of it before on a mouse. Did anyone make any more of these later? - drozzy
[0] [2010-03-09 01:59:22] Adam

For all you programmers .. I use the a mouse with supports hyper scrolling AND I reprogram the scroll-left and scroll-right pushes on the mouse to do cut and paste .. far more useful that left and right scroll ... e.g. any Logitech mouse that supports hyper scrolling can do this.

Hyperscrolling is the best advance on mice to come out since laser mice.