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[-5] [3] Coder123
[2009-11-18 19:46:07]
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Do you know where I can get a free database on major cities of the world?

Something along the lines of but $400 cheaper.

This is not even a proper question and goes offtopic. Reformulate and repost. Btw - because there is no standardised pricing for javascript. - Dmitri Farkov
i dont think the price is really about the dropdown itself ... its about getting a full list of country/(province/state)/town takes time and require money - Lil'Monkey
Taking the rant away, there is a valid question here (in the last paragraph) - David Rabinowitz
(1) If you don't like the price, don't pay it. You could make your own list, with an up-to-date atlas and some manual data entry. - FrustratedWithFormsDesigner
I'm not sure if my edits are going to help you out or not. If you end up having to build this as an employee of some company, consider how much it would cost to develop (hourly wage * time) and compare it to the $400. In the grand scheme of things, $400 might now be that much. - Austin Salonen
I could have sworn that I've seen this question recently. - monksy
Also, mark your questions as accepted, otherwise people will become reluctant to answer your questions. - monksy
[+1] [2009-11-28 01:47:19] monksy

One can be found from the people that made GeoIP. [1]


[0] [2009-11-20 19:32:30] Austin Salonen

GeoDataSource has a free version (; if you want the control, it will cost you.

[0] [2011-06-29 07:55:49] Tony

Have a look at WorldCitiesDatabase.Info [1] It's $395.01 cheaper :) And if you are looking for the database to populate a location selector script, it's better because of its reasonable size.