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[2009-07-22 02:03:13]
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It is not exactly the programming question, per se, but I couldn't find a more appropriate stackoverflow family site to post the following:

I am sick and tired of writing (and reading, as I regularly interview candidates) a generic thank you letter indicating,

I literally see this format in almost every single thank you letter I get, just worded differently. I understand that the letter pales in comparison with other aspects of the interview, and more of a courtesy. However, I want to see a human being behind the letter, and not juts a "standard."

What do you guys look for in the thank you letter as well as write in it?

Tell us about the best thank you letters you have received.

@someone who recommended a close, please suggest where it is the best place to repost. - community_owned
Not entirely sure this has an answer. What you write is a personal choice; there is no right answer. - Mitch Wheat
(2) There really isn't a place to post these. See the faq. It requires discussion and opinion. - John Saunders
I would say my thank you's at the end of the interview. If you haven't got the job by then, and not sure it matters what you write in a post-interview thank you letter. - Mitch Wheat
I wouldn't bother sending thank you letters or notes or candies or chocolates. If they really like you they'll hire you without any of that formal BS. - community_owned
@Mitch let's see what others recommend: people who have an experience interviewing others, know what they like seeing and what they don't. - community_owned
How do you know that I I'm not " who have an experience interviewing others"? - Mitch Wheat
@puzzlecracker: strangely enough everyone seems to agree! - Mitch Wheat
@Mitch, I've haven't said you're not. If you're, I would really like to hear your opinion on that. thx - community_owned
When I write that letter, if there was a question which I didn't answer (or didn't answer well) during the interview, then I've included the better answer in the letter. - ChrisW
@Chris, I also like seeing it... - community_owned
Guys, let's reopen and wiki this question, as lots of programmers face this during an interview process. And no one, but a fellow gang of programmers can recommend the best in this regard, how to write, why you shouldn't write it, etc... thanks - community_owned
This didn't stop being a discussion question. Discussion questions don't belong here. I'm voting to close it again (despite the fact I've got the only answer, and five upvotes I didn't expect). - John Saunders
@puzzlecracker: Regarding how to write and what to write.. Developers are NOT the best people to ask. The content of those letters have the potential to cause legal action to be taken. They are purposefully generic and must say nothing other than Thank You for applying. Anything more opens the door to lawsuits. This discussion doesn't belong here; it is one you should take up with a legal representative. - Chris Lively
If this is to be moved, perhaps this is the place? - mickeyf
[+5] [2009-07-22 02:07:09] John Saunders [ACCEPTED]

I don't send thank-you letters.

  1. I hope the employer can tell whether it was nice meeting him
  2. I don't know who else he's interviewing. It's possible he's interviewing someone better for the job than I am. Who am I to tell him I'm the best for the job?
  3. You're right, he's already heard that.
  4. He's the Hiring Manager. He or she will take whatever steps they like.

So, what else is there to say?

(1) Agree. The interview is the place - Mitch Wheat
(1) Winner. We'd all be better off if these stupid polite formalities just disappeared. Since no one gets ahead by doing them, let's just end the rat race and stop wasting everyone's time. - Jason
I am not talking about the hiring manager, but about the people in the group, your potential boss,etc. I couldn't care less about hiring manager... - community_owned
(1) @puzzlecracker: "I couldn't care less about hiring manager" perhaps that's why you need to send thank you letters! ;) - Mitch Wheat
When I say "hiring manager", I meant the manager who's going to make the decision on whether or not to hire me, not someone from HR. - John Saunders
Well, yes, but many years ago I interviewed for a (non-programming) job, didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks. Called to 'just check in' and they said, "Oh, yeah. Can you start Monday?". You have nothing to lose if they don't want you anyway, but they may be getting running out of time and your interest may put you over the edge. - mickeyf
[0] [2010-09-15 13:36:45] Kim

I don't understand the purpose of a "thank you letter". I would not have accepted the interview unless I was interested in the role. Sending this letter seems pointless. I find it hard to believe that a manager or recruiter would black list you because you didn't send one out. If anything your resume and and interview should speak for itself. This letter has nothing to do with ediquette or what is the right thing to do. I may be old school but I view this letter as a form desperation which is one of the top things you should never do during an interview.