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[+62] [2011-09-21 19:04:26] Adam Rackis [ACCEPTED]

Is it worth it to even ask to have these popular questions un-deleted? I can see closing them, but I'd think a question being popular would be a pretty good reason to not delete it at all.

Why let all the 10K+ users have all the fun.

(27) Yes, please bring them back :) - tekknolagi
@AdamRackis -- see here: - amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A
(1) @moguzalp - yeah, that's the rumor. Shog has mentioned many times that an archive is coming. - Adam Rackis
(6) instead of delete, why not filter. it's ok if one doesn't want to see hundreds of old and closed questions at the top but this is not a good reason enough to delete them - naxa
(5) So, almost 2014, where is the archive? - Franck Dernoncourt