ArqadeHow can I track the games I play?
[+13] [4] Ren the Unclean
[2011-06-02 20:59:38]
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Is there a way I can track games I have played, am playing, or plan on playing?

For an example of an optimal solution (for books only), see: [1]

                             List creation -+
                   Achievement tracking -+  |
          Arbitrary category tagging -+  |  |
     Play status category tagging -+  |  |  |
     Platform category tagging -+  |  |  |  |
 Ability to add to Database -+  |  |  |  |  |
 Built-in Games Database -+  |  |  |  |  |  |
 User cross reference -+  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     Notes/Reviews -+  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    Game Rating -+  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                |GR|NR|CR|GD|AD|PC|PS|AC|AT|LC| comments
 Backloggery    |Y |* |  |  |Y |Y |Y |  |  |  | *coming soon?
 Darkadia       |  |Y |  |Y |Y |  |Y |  |  |  |
 Giant Bomb     |Y |Y |  |Y |Y |  |  |  |  |Y | 
 MobyGames      |Y |Y |  |Y |Y |  |  |  |  |Y | 
 Raptr          |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |  |  |Y |  |

 for reference:   
 Goodreads      |Y |Y |Y |Y |Y |* |* |Y |Y |Y | *done through AC

Acronyms used:

Instead of a game-rec this is like website-rec which has all the same issues. Off topic. - StrixVaria
(1) not exactly, its for a tool that assists in the playing of video games which I can appreciate. Its worded though in a way that makes it sound subjective. - yx.
(2) yx_ has nailed my intention. I was trying to make this not subjective, as I want the features of the site I mentioned, not a list of peoples favorite sites. - Ren the Unclean
(2) It might help to list something more than "track games, like this website you may or may not have heard of". - Raven Dreamer
(2) Plus this is of value to the gaming community - and the answer would be relevant to other members of the site. One of the main problems with game-rec is that you're asking for a game that you like, so the question is useless to pretty much everyone else. - Wipqozn
(1) Meta discussion:… - StrixVaria
AS WORDED this is an off-topic recommendation question and should be closed until it is edited to create a specific problem that we are trying to find a solution for, as per the meta discussion. - StrixVaria
Making your question more specific about the features you want just makes it a more specific recommendation question that should be closed. Please see Grace Note's answer in the linked meta discussion above to understand what the criteria are for questions of this nature. - StrixVaria
I didn't change it to get it reopened, but simply because RD had a good suggestion. Closed questions don't vanish (and show up in searches), so my intention was to make it a higher value resource. I was unaware of the difference in criteria on /gaming (See: SDK recommendations, IDE recommendations, engine recommendations, etc... on stackoverflow), but accept that this is not the type of question you guys want. - Ren the Unclean
I voted to reopen, but this question should be turned into a CW with a list or comparison of all the answers so far so any interested gamers can easily compare and contrast the services to find one that suits their needs. - yx.
See this excellent question as an example. - yx.
@yx_ I blatantly stole the formatting for that question. - Ren the Unclean
[+5] [2011-06-02 21:09:40] tQuarella

I've heard Backloggery [1] is a good one.


[+2] [2011-06-02 21:07:50] Weegee

Moby Games [1] is probably one of the best sites for this. I've been using it in the same capacity you've mentioned for years.


[+1] [2011-06-03 17:31:44] Doozer Blake

Raptr [1] is an option. It tracks gameplay over Xbox, PSN, Steam, PC, Web, and some others I believe.


[0] [2011-06-03 22:54:48] Craig Pilgrim

I recently started using, very pretty interface on the top of it all and the dev is frequently adding new functionality.